Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What beauty products do you only buy at drugstores? What are products that you always go budget-friendly on?

Temptalia's AnswerNecessities like Q-tips, tissues, etc. I’ll personally stick to budget sunscreens for body, too.

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75 thoughts on “What beauty products do you only buy at drugstores?

  1. I usually stick to drugstore mascara, though I did buy a sampler mascara kit from Sephora with a bunch of mini mascaras in it. So far, none are a hit, and I think I’ll stick to my drugstore mascaras.

    I also buy my black eyeliner from the drugstore – no need to go high end for something that simple.

  2. Esther

    I agree with what you said, Christine. I also tend to stick with drugstore face washes/scrubs because my skin is easy enough that those work, and I’m not a big lip gloss wearer, so I mostly get cheaper drugstore brands of those. If I know that I won’t wear them often, there’s no use is spending a lot of money.

  3. Micheala

    Mascaras and facial cleansers! Since I have to replace these so often, I choose to not spend $30+ each, every two months or so.

  4. Stephanie t-p

    Chapsticks, mascara sometimes, I like revlon growlucious plumping, but I always go back to estee lauder. I also buy makeup wipes. But it’s funny you should say drug store because my drug store carries benefit lancome
    Biotherm guerlain and smashbox… Used to carry MUFE until sephora bought it exclusively :(. I work there in the beauty department.

  5. mandi

    Almay eye make up remover, eos lip balm & Essie nail polishes


  6. Aida

    Not many of my beauty item come from the drug store. The reason for that is that I pretty much use only natural, nasty chemicals free make-up and skin care… So except for a couple of things I picked up from Physicians Formula, the rest of my beauty products are not drug store items…

  7. Dinitchka

    Defo mascaras … cotton pads, Q-Tips, and really just about everything else. I will buy high-end, low-end and in between. As long as it works for me cost does not factor in. Seems drug store brands are really getting with it and giving higher-end products a run for their money!

  8. Meiya

    Makeup remover, eyelash glue, sunblock

  9. Here in Norway it is super expensive at the departmentstore, so drugstores are almost the only place were “regular” people shop. It have to be mascara, nailpolishremover and such as cottonsticks, cottonpads etc.

  10. Quinctia

    Mascara, eye makeup remover, nail polish remover, finishing powder. I guess blush, since I own all of two and rarely ever wear it?

    I would say my facial care products fall into this category, if a brand that’s available at mass retailers (Target, etc) and my grocery store counts, even if I haven’t seen it in a literal drug store. Alba Botanica!

  11. Joanna

    Q-tips, cotton pads/balls, and nail polish remover,

  12. Doreen

    Definitely agree with the others here about mascara, and I buy all my skincare at the drugstore as well. And brow pencils.

  13. Malia

    I agree on Q-tips and cotton pads, for sure. But I also only buy Neutrogena makeup removers and emery boards there. I’ve tried other more expensive removers but those are my fave. I also love to try new body washes and deodorants but I buy them from higher end stores too.

  14. Marjolein

    I get tissues, cleansing wipes, lipbalm and often mascara from the drugstore.

  15. Linda

    mascara mostly.

  16. katherine

    I can’t think of anything that I exclusively purchase at the drugstore. However, a large portion (about 80%) of my fingernail polishes I do pick up at the drugstore.

  17. Marieke

    Foundation… May sound weird, but I don’t use a lot and I don’t have problems finding the right color!

  18. Mariella

    Cotton balls and squares, blotting papers, makeup wipes and also nail polish remover – I’ve never bought a high end polish remover.

  19. t_zwiggy

    Not many. The only ones that I can think of are deodorant, toothpaste and q-tips, and I’m not even sure if those qualify as beauty products 😛

  20. Kate

    Mascara- I’ve tried more expensive ones from Sephora but have found none that really take the place of anything from the drugstore.

    Also lip balm and facial cleanser/makeup remover towelettes.

  21. Daria

    The same items are bought at the drugstore every month -Q-Tips, Covergirl Lashblast mascara, Olay face cream, and sunscreen!

  22. Aside from your list (which I do as well), I also only buy cheap hair styling products (like hairspray/mousse) Makeup-wise, though, I tend to bounce between drugstore and high(er)-end for everything.

  23. heidi

    Mascara, I never buy high end, I have a few I got as gifts w/purchase and they are good but not good enough to me to warrant the extra cash. Lip balm(sorry jack black I just can’t), sunscreen, makeup remover(again I have some high end I got as samples but I never would buy that), all hair products excluding tools, q tips, cotton balls, tweezers(my $1 ones do the trick just fine I don’t need tweezerman) eyelash curler(sorry shu uemera) I have a tendency to lose this so I’ll stick with my elf one. Everything else I mix both high end and drugstore. The only thing I won’t buy drugstore is skincare, I’ve used clinique for over 10 yrs minus a minor stint with mary kay and the stuff works for me. I’m faithful. I won’t buy anything else.

  24. Carrie

    Make-up remover, and basics like q-tips, cotton balls, and occasionally acetone if I forgot to pick it up at Sally’s. Target’s generic version of the Neutrogena oil-free make-up remover works fantastically well and is only $4. I just can’t justify using a higher end brand to do that.

  25. Practically none. I don’t stick to drugstore or counters.

    Nowadays, even my cotton pads has to be from Sephora.

  26. megan

    Makeup wipes,mascara,vasaline,and facewash are the usual suspects!

  27. joyce

    Facial cleansers, body lotion and body wash/shower gels.

  28. Leenie

    Nail polish/remover
    Milani eyeliner
    Cotton balls
    Hair conditioners etc.
    I buy a lot of things from the drugstore

  29. Zoey

    I get mascaras, chapsticks, and eyeliner from drugstores. I get eyeliners from other places too because I’m an eyeliner addict and I don’t care where i get my fix from lol. I also will venture out and get drugstore products that get a good rating from blogs, such as the “color tattoo” eyeshadows or the “Comfort Zone” palette.

  30. Lee

    I usually buy my drugstore items at Target. Always buy generic Target brand Cetaphil, Sonia Kashuk Eye Make-up Remover, cotton squares, Q-tips, Weleda Skinfood moisteriser, chapstick (I still lke the old school stuff), body butters.

  31. Eve

    Mascara, makeup remover, lip liners, and pencil eyeliner.

  32. sunny

    black eyeliner and mascara, which I run out of really regularly. And, honestly, cannot justify myself with spending more than 5 bucks for those because I don’t feel that those particular high end items are worth it.

    Also, qtips, cotton balls, cotton pads, etc. And, aside from 2 MAC nail polishes, the rest are from the drug store. Nail polishes are just not my thing, I guess.

    I would definitely be checking out more drugstore products if only they would stop testing on animals. That really bothers me.

  33. Sally

    It’s strange to me you all seem to buy drugstore mascara. But I’m addicted to Benefit’s “They’re Real” but it’s the only one that has ever really done anything for mine besides samples I’ve had from Lancome. I tend to buy blush from drugstores though I’ve recently picked up a Smashbox duo blusher I really like. Also Essie and Sally Hanson products and skincare. Oh! And Maybelline’s new Color Tattoo and Wet n’ Wild’s I Love Greenie palette. Yum!

  34. Lucia

    Oh gosh in the UK we call q-tips cotton buds, I was so intrigued as to what everyone was talking about!

    I’ve only ever bought high street (we also don’t say drugstore in the UK) nail polishes. I’ve also gone back to maybelline mascara for the last two months and it’s not been significantly different to the bare minerals one I usually use.

  35. Renee

    Well, I’d buy my q-tips and cotton pads at the drug store, but I always run out when costco has a sale. FYI: the cotton wipes at costco are really nice and good quality if ever you want to try them out and you get a giant box that lasts forever. Mascara and nail polish I will often get at the drug store and a few staple items I’ve gone to for years like my Revlon color stay liquid liner. I won’t buy my mascara or polish exclusivly at the drug store but more often then not I do. If I didn’t love my Aloe clenser from body shop so much,(and get great deals on it) I would probably buy that at the drug store too.

  36. Kristanna

    mascara, sunscreen under makeup , makeup remover cloths

  37. Allie

    Makeup wipes, mascara, and the basic tools (cotton swabs, puffs, etc).
    For the most part, at least.

  38. Camille

    Mascara and eyeliner.

  39. I only buy brushes (Sonia Kashuk), & mascaras at drugstores. Lately I’ve been getting eyeliner from them too. It such good quality, and there’s no need to buy expensive brand when there’s a perfectly good one for cheaper!

  40. Definitely mascara. Everything else I’m open to high end. Well except skincare I stick to the SUPER basics (Jojoba Oil, Pure Glycerin, etc)

  41. Mascara and Oil of Olay products

  42. Courtney

    Mascara. I don’t see any reason to spend more than $10 on the stuff.

  43. Heather

    My favorite facial moisturiser, kiss my face peaches and cream, is only $7 and I have only been able to find it in drugstores. Also I use Marcelle facial was (canadian brand) and it’s AWSOME and only $11… comparable with mac green get cleanser but without the wierd smell! Let’s see…. nail polish, nail polish remover, and almost all hair care and all sanitary supplies like qtips etc. I recently purchased a maybelline colour tatoo eyeshadow and that was the first drugstore makeup product I have purchased in years! It made me think I should take another look in the mass aisle rather than only in the beauty boutique in my local shoppers!

  44. Veronica

    Other than necessities –

    Mascara, foundation, and the majority of my lip liners (unless it’s a hard to find color I need). Come to think of it, all of my lip glosses are drug store, too, though that’s more because I don’t wear it often. Everything else, I’ll bounce back and forth on.

  45. Xero

    I only buy makeup from the drugstore, lol…I can’t afford department brands. u_u

  46. Kevin

    Mascara and some eyeliners like milani. also makeup removers and lets not forget revlon colorstay foundation! usually i go high end for foundation but colorstay is great and affordable.

  47. Mascara and foundation, plus q-tips, cotton rounds and the like.

  48. Definitely mascara and black eyeliner. I have high end varieties of both I’ve received as samples/gifts, but I will not spend a lot of money on what I consider “basics.” Drugstore brands work just fine for me!

  49. Products I only buy at drugstores are eye pencils, and most of the time also mascara’s 😉

  50. Mascaras. I have tried some high-end ones but so far Maybelline fatty tubes have beaten them hands-down! I also really like the Maybelline gel liner, and I’m skeptical about high-end stuff being even more amazing!

  51. Vern

    Foundation (Revlon Colorstay), Eyeliner, Mascare of course, Bronzer, sometimes lipsticks (Revlon Super Lustrous… love)

  52. Mango the mango

    Oil blotting sheets! Also cotton products and nail polish remover.

  53. Angelina Diaz

    L’Oreal Volumnious Mascara, nail polish,Neutrogena make up remover, lashes and lash glue,some Covergirl Lip perfection lipsticks, and NYX lipglosses

  54. Leah

    Cleansers, Moisturizers, Mascara’s, Black eyeliner

  55. Christy

    Q tips and nail polish remover.

  56. Kara

    Mascara for me.

  57. Christine B.

    mascara, eyeliner, and concealer. basically the products i go through quickly.

  58. Nicole

    Like you Christine, q-tips, tissues, toilettpaper, cottonpads, sometimes shower gel, bubble bath, nail polish remover, liquid soap, hand cream.

  59. Joan

    Typically, staples like cotton balls, Qtips, facial wash, nail polish remover are conveniently purchased at my local drugstore.

  60. Miss J

    Mascara seems to be the one makeup product I always buy at the drugstore anymore. I throw them away too quickly to ever justify spending more than that. I also tend to buy liquid liner at the drugstore just because I don’t use it often. I’ve always bought nail polish remover from the drugstore, but I’d definitely like to try OPI and Zoya polish remover to see if it’s any better. Also, essentials like q-tips, cotton balls, wedge sponges, etc. And lash glue.

  61. Jamie

    Yes To shampoo and conditioner or Organix
    Cotton balls
    Nail polish remover
    Top coat
    Cetaphil or generic face wash
    Hair spray

  62. Stephanie

    Q-tips, cotton pads, eye makeup remover, nail polish, face scrub and I think that’s all.

  63. Em

    All my hair care and hair styling products, mascara and lip balm come from the drugstore, but for the rest of my beauty products, I have a good mix of high end and low end.

  64. Ale

    Eyeshadows, it might sound weird to most people here but honestly with eyeshadows as good as the ones wet n’ wild makes I see no reason to buy high end brands again.

  65. Kat

    Anything that I’m not into and works fine even if it’s cheap. For me that’s body care and mascara, at the moment, as well as some skin care.

  66. I like to buy eyeliners and mascaras at the local drugstores. I do find that the liquid liners are easier to apply. Now in Japan gel liners and pencils are popular so I have no choice but to buy either gel or pencil…too bad.

  67. Ana

    Q-tips, cotton balls, makeup remover, mascara

  68. mascara, i never finish my mascara before they turn into very sticky condition so i found no reason to buy expensive mascara 😀

  69. I don’t exclusively buy anything at a makeup retailer or at a drugstore, it just depends. I usually buy nail polish and makeup remover wipes at drugstores though.

  70. Jazz

    mascara, moisturizer, face wash , eyeliner ( unless its a Stila Smudgepot, or UD ), nail polish. Actually most of my stuff is drugstore, and Im ok with that

  71. Amanda

    everything. lol. I only have one foundation, concealer palette, one blush from higher end brands. All the rest of my makeup stuff is from the drugstore.

  72. Nina Van Jacob

    I only buy skincare products and powders at the drugstore.