Monday, November 19th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What beauty product have you purchased recently that you are most excited about? Why is it more exciting than other products?

Temptalia's AnswerThe Sephora/Disney Cinderella eyeshadow palette (the larger one) – it looked really promising but I didn’t have high expectations, so the excitement came from wanting to find out if it was awesome or a dud.

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59 thoughts on “What beauty product have you purchased recently that you are most excited about?

  1. Ivy Lively

    Cinderella eyeshadow palette! I actually didn’t even look at any of the products because Sephora shadows have such a bad rep with me, until I saw your review! Thank you Christine <3

  2. Barbie

    I didn’t get my order yet but the makeup academy undressed palette because it’s a perfect dupe for the naked palette

    • Aaaa I so want that palette but I’m not through Naked yet. It is such a better option, really (well, I like buck for my eyebrows, but it’s not a dealbreaker to not have that sort of matte really. There are plenty of brow products!)

  3. The LORAC Pro Palette! I am always skeptical when something is SO hyped up, but I can honestly say that thing is 95% worth the hype (that extra 5% is knocked off for a couple of the shadows that are just the slightest bit powdery, but definitely not a deal breaker, obviously).

  4. Quinctia

    UD Vice palette.

    Because more Urban Decay eyeshadow. (I decided I really don’t like the brush, though. But that did not add or detract to the wanting of the palette.)

  5. Im so excited about the Burberry quad I just got today! I can’t wait to try it out and play wit it!

  6. I bought Becca’s Mineral Blush in Sweetpea and the new eye quad in Astro Violet during the VIB sale–so I was really excited about that! Sweetpea did NOT disappoint–I’m hoping Astro Violet won’t either!

  7. @#$%! eyeshadow. I have a strange love of red eyeshadows – so ready to figure out some perfect combinations for it, especially with the holidays coming up (oooh mixing it with silver…) I just wish it had turned up before halloween for a perfect red/black smokey eye.

  8. Aida

    Ooh that’s easy :). I ordered two of the new Burberry quads and I cannot wait to get them. I’ve been hoping they would launch some form of a palette at some point, so when I heard about these (early summer), I couldn’t wait to see them. Now that they are available, i just wish the SA I placed the order with last week would hurry up and give me the tracking number… Burberry is my favorite makeup brand, so it’s really exciting to have brand new products and the quads look amazing.

  9. Veronica

    Tarina Tarantino Spark of Envy eyeliner. It is exciting BECAUSE IT IS SITTING IN MY DRAWER TORMENTING ME WITH IT’S BEAUTIFULNESS. As soon as I have an actual day where I can sit down and do more than the absolute basics, I’m going to use it in a look.

  10. It’s the new Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil!

    While the color selection of three is quite limited, if you can find a color match, it gives SO much product for the price paid! I know that Christine came out with the Excel download price lists, and I’m sure that many of you saw that one of the most popular eyebrow pencils–the MAC Eye Brow, is $15 for 0.003 oz; that’s $5000/oz! While the Hourglass product is $32 for 0.014 oz; that’s $2286/oz, not to mention that since you can get it at Sephora, the annual 20% discount can be applied, cutting the price down to $1829/oz!

    In terms of texture, it’s slightly harder, waxier, and therefore slightly less opaque than the MAC Eye Brow. I have the shade Dark Brunette, and it’s slightly darker than what I use in the MAC Eye Brow line, Spiked. But it works since it’s less opaque.

    I’m absolutely thrilled that Hourglass came out with this product, and did not follow the industry standard of using very thin automatic pencils that contain very little product.

    The only similar product in the entire market is the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor, which contains less product and is more expensive. According to one of my good friends on Youtube, Ms. RAEview, she claims that the Hourglass product is creamier and MORE opaque. She still prefers the Tom Ford one though, which for her, also lasts longer.

    I hope this helps some people! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Mariella

    Bare Escentuals’ The Star Treatment palette. It’s my first purchase of their pressed shadows and the formula is so amazing but the palette itself has such lovely colours that I’ll wear all year ’round.

  12. LJ

    Nails Inc Graffiti polish in Camden Lock – it’s so exciting to look at your nails when you’re wearing this polish! I’d highly recommend the whole range, just so fun to have so much glitter on :)

  13. Rachel

    YSL’s touche eclat foundation!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. vice

    I just purchased Burberry’s Bright Poppy (No. 311) and am so excited to wear it! I’ve made a bunch of lifestyle changes and lost 22 pounds and feel so much more confident so I figured a beautiful lipstick that was outside of my comfort zone was in order.

  15. VickyM

    My most recent purchase was one of my birthday presents :) the Rouge Volupte 9 Caress Pink from Ysl, which has become one of my everyday shades. I was really excited because Iยดm entirely new to the brand and had seen the packaging of the Rouge Voluptes on the Internet and had fallen in love with it. I was really impressed by Ysl and really liked all the products I saw. When I went to swatch the R Voluptes, everyone including the really nice SA agreed that Caress Pink was my shade. I even got a faux cills mini mascara with puchase, a rare present here since they only give you perfume samples, which I also got, Parisienne is a really nice perfume. I have received numerous remarks, all telling me that this shade Caress Pink is my shade, even from people that are against makeup in general! This has become my favorite lipstick, and Ysl started really well with me, I look forward to expand my Ysl collection in the near future ๐Ÿ˜€ .

  16. That a loaded question after IMATS.

    I’m excited for the Temptu Dura products I picked up but I’m not touching those till the spring to preserve them for summer use.

    I also excited to try out the eyelash dye and developer I picked up for $16.50 total at the show (they added tax). I seriously only wear mascara to add color to my still blonde lashes.

  17. Anne

    My Giorgio Armani ETK eyeshadow in #14. I stumbled upon it completely by chance (wasn’t it suppose to be sold out months ago?), so it is quite exciting in itself, but most importantly, it looks truly amazing on. It wears like iron, too. My Chanel Eyeshadow duo in Sable Emouvant is a close second, and it wasn’t planned either (which is very unlike me). It’s just well-executed, and SO flattering on me. But I don’t regret buying those two products at all, they are excellent; I actually have to refrain myself from wearing them everyday! (although I have the Chanel duo on my lids right now, eh)

  18. Angie

    My honey went out of his way so I could have the Marilyn Monroe Lipstick I wanted, he looked and looked and just when I thought he had given up, he actually bought one off amazon, even with the super high price. I really wanted that shade of lipstick, and the fact that he knew how much it meant to me, well that made the product just the more special :) I just sometimes can’t believe the things this man does for me… <3

  19. Fitrah

    Make Up For Ever Pure Pigment in #16, blue. Wet, it’s the perfect cobalt color (which I’ve been hunting for), dark but bright.

  20. The Bobbi Brown BB Cream

  21. Danielle

    I recently bought Urban Defense in the color Halo – and I was surprised that I really wound up loving it. Same with Rimmel’s Match Perfection foundation. I don’t love the smell, but the actual foundation is really good and is a spot on match for my skin tone. I’m REALLY picky with foundations and other face products. These two I risked buying without trying a sample first and they wound up being good purchases. I’d recommend both to others.

  22. Lauren G.

    Vintage Shalimar extrait. Like, 1950’s vintage, and it was a semi-blind buy because I like the LVMH formulation of Shalimar and Shalimar Initial well enough but everyone raves about the original. So, I tracked that sucker down and oh my dear sweet lord. Never have I ever smelled anything that multilayered, and I doubt I will find something that amazing again.
    Second place: Guerlain pressed Meteorites in Voyage, using the old metal case. Best import ever!

    • Anne

      What an incredible find the vintage Shalimar must be!

    • I have a decant and it is truly a timeless fragrance.

    • Kafka

      Lauren, you lucky, lucky, LUCKY dog!!! Not just pre-formulation, vintage Shalimar, but 1950s Shalimar?!?!?! *faints* I have pre-formulation Shalimar from the 80s, but I can’t even begin to imagine what the 1950s version must be like. And it’s the Extrait de Parfum too??! I am so truly envious, you have no idea. :) The depth, complexity and layers must be amazing, esp. as the juice just gets richer and more intense with time. I recently lost a bid for an truly ancient bottle of L’Heure Bleu (my favorite Guerlain), but one day, one day…

    • Leigh

      Lauren, I have a ’60s bottle and it is divine! One of the best things I’ve ever had the pleasure to sniff. I don’t wear it because the bottle still has its original seal, but some leaked out during shipping and I just like to smell the bottle or rub a bit on my wrist now and then. I hope you enjoy yours!

    • VickyM

      It must be amazing that Shalimar from the 50s but I canยดt imagine the cost, must be really expensive since itยดs a collectors item, but owning one of this must be so great ๐Ÿ˜€ , hopefully in the future I will be able to look at and maybe even get one of this expensive and exotic items.

  23. Lauren

    I preordered the Smashbox Halo blush from the QVC website. I absolutely love Smashbox Halo powder and the blush is based off the same formula. The Halo powder lasts forever on me. I really love the blush. It’s INCREDIBLY pigmented – a little goes a long way (first time I tried it, I put too much) – and it really does last. I have it in Blissful, a lovely berry color. I also preordered Warm Glow, but it’s waitlisted (backordered). I was planning to give it to my Mom but I am pretty sure I’m keeping it for myself. oink.

  24. L

    I don’t have it yet, but I am most excited about the NARS 500pt perk from Sephora I decided to get with an order of gifts for Christmas. I’ve never tried NARS orgasm blush before, so I’m excited to try such a cult favorite!

  25. Christianna Dowden

    MAC’s oil control lotion… its really working so great for me.

  26. JoElla

    My UD Smoke Palette. Yes, late to the party on this one, but love it so!

  27. Kristin

    Clarins Odyssey mineral eye shadow palette…oh em gee it’s so gorgeous!! I just ordered it today.

  28. My Clinique set of Mascaras!!!
    They are just the best!

  29. Amber

    Guerlain Rouge G in Gigolo! I am obsessed with this lipstick and have been wearing it since I bought it – it is the perfect deep berry shade for my super fair skin. And the formula is amazing!

  30. Liz

    Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Clove. It’s amazing.

  31. TwirlyGirly

    Does the Tarte Carried Away Holiday 2012 Collection count as “a product”? If so, that’s what I’m excited about! I’ve never had the opportunity to try Tarte cosmetics before, but this collection was such a good value I couldn’t resist. *Now* I understand why everyone raves about the Amazonian Clay Blushes…

    But everything in the collection is good. I’m impressed. I’ll definitely be buying more Tarte in the future.

  32. 18thCenturyFox

    As odd as this might sound- the Sephora fragrance sampler. I’ve gone EXTRA mad for fragrance recently and this was such a great deal during F & F. Somehow I got an extra two sent to me ( Sephora let me keep em) so I’m having a ball. The cosmetic product would be the $OPI It’s Real 18k top coat. Someone mentioned it makes your nails look like dinosaur eggs- never having seen one I can’t attest to that but they do look like lovely speckled birds eggs or starry universes depending on the base color. Love it.

  33. Leenie

    I haven’t purchase cosmetics in awhile maybe two or three months. what I have purchased was a lot of hair care stuff lately. On black Friday I’ll be ordering some things from Eve Pearl.

  34. Kirsten

    Cinderella palette!!! It’s only my 3rd palette, out of the box of BE for me and I’m in love with the 9 colors I’ve tried so far! They are very similar to the Ready shadows in creaminess and pigmentation. I love it so much. it’s also not too big that I don’t get overwhelmed. ๐Ÿ˜‰ During VIB I reread Christines review on it and went out about 20 min later to go gwet

  35. Rachel

    Illamasqua’s cream blush in Rude. It’s my first foray into cream blushes, and so much easier to apply than powder! I always love buying from Illamasqua because the staff at my local counter are amazing and manage to pick the perfect colours for me every time, but this one is extra awesome.

  36. Ao

    I second the Cinderella palette. Thanks to your review, I went and purchased the palette during the VIB sale.
    The shadows are super beautiful and versatile although I hate the packaging.
    I wish it were a plain plastic palette with a mirror.
    Another great product I’m recently obsessed with is Dr. Hauschka Rejuvenating Mask.
    I found it at a local natural pharmacy, and now I’m totally hooked.
    The result was shocking. It’s instant and long lasting.
    So, I went back and bought 3 more tubes.
    It makes my skin look and feel literally flawless like a baby’s butt;)
    I see no pores!! Amazing!!

  37. Jen

    The Smashbox Studio Pop Ultimate Palette from Ulta! I expected it to be good, but everything in it is actually as high quality as their permanent stuff. That’s rare for a holiday palette!

  38. Katzkann

    Shiseido lip lacquer in Nocturne is the purchase I’ve made that I’m the most excited about. It’s red, bright, fun, and doesn’t get into those little lines by my lips. It seem I was looking for the perfect red and Nocturne was it!

  39. Lisa last weekend I wasn’t feeling to good so I stayed in all day Sunday and the majority of Veterans Day. This gave me way too much time on my hands to surf the internet and take part in’s 20% off sale. I purchased 4 NARS Blushes! Torrid, Dolce Vita, Luster and Lovejoy (which is a back up because I hit pan) I ADORE all of the blushes and they each look so different; I’m excited about all of them!

  40. Kafka

    YSL’s Champagne perfume. I have an old bottle whose last 1/8th remnants I hoard like a foodie hoards black truffles, and I’d truly given up on ever being able to get another bottle. First, lawsuits by the champagne industry forced YSL in the early 90s to change the name to Yvresse, then they supposedly reformulated Yvresse itself, and finally, in the final indignity, they totally discontinued the whole thing. It was absolutely one of my favorite perfumes ever and always made me so happy and cheerful, so finding a large-ish bottle of vintage Champagne on eBay (and for a good price) almost made me keel over. I feel like camping out in front of the mail box until it arrives. LOL. Oh, I also just ordered Chanel’s Coco Noir EDP in a small 1.7 oz size. Prior to the Champagne, the Coco Noir would have been the most exciting, thrilling purchase ever but now, with that Champagne…. *happy sigh* If you hear a large shriek in 2 days time coming from my part of the country, that will be me finally getting my hands on it. ๐Ÿ˜€

  41. Not technically a “purchase” bc it was free, but I just did a Back To Mac and got Rebel lipstick. I’ve been wearing it every day since, lol. LOVE IT!

  42. BadgerGirl

    I recently bought Chanel’s Aqua Lumiere foundation and while I love the smell I just haven’t been very impressed with it. I ended up buying Revlon Colorstay Foundation instead and am much more satisfied. I am also loving the free shipping from MAC right now. Stocking up on some great shadows.

  43. Terri

    Giorgio eyes to kill mascara set from Nordstrom. Came with 2 full size mascaras, an eye cream, a black eye liner and a very luxe velvet bag. I am really enjoying this set, as is my daughter!

  44. Jen

    Whisper of Gilt by MAC. Love it.

    Stila’s liquid highlighter – the pearl one.

  45. Geneva

    NARS Jungle Red polish

  46. Diane

    theBalm shady lady vol2 palette. I adore it!

  47. Julie Ann

    Sunday Reilly tinted primer. (Sephora online) It was a touch dark when I first put it on, but it blended beautifully. Those with good skin could use this as a light foundation. One me, it blurred my visible pores, softened lines, hid some imperfections, and made a wonderful base for the BB cream I use. The BB stayed on a lot longer, and it *did not* bother my rosacea. This is the best product I’ve tried in a long time.

  48. Iris

    I recently got the bb cream from l’oreal, and I love it :)

  49. Minnie

    I am most excited about my Smoked Palette from Urban Decay and my Brightening Serum by Nars

  50. Rae

    Yes To Cucumbers shampoo!

  51. Chasity

    My tarte carried away set I absolutely Love it!