Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

What beauty brands do you wish you had access to locally? Share your wishes!

Temptalia's AnswerI’d love to see some of the Asian brands come to the U.S., or at least more readily available!

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242 thoughts on “What beauty brands do you wish you had access to locally?

  1. Fiona

    Brands like Urban Decay, and Covergirl don’t come here (Taiwan) so it’s annoying, what Asian brands do you like Christine?

  2. lawli

    we don’t have nars, bobbi brown, benefit, urban decay here in sweden. sucks :(

    • Svetlana

      NARS has a web shop for Europe and they do shipping to Sweden as well as to other EU countries.

      You can shop Benefit cosmetics from their web site,shipping to Europe is very cheap with them.I bought a bunch of stuff last month and shipping to Denmark was less then $8.

    • Liyana

      That is really bad!!! I hope that they will get there soon.

  3. kurisu

    Definitely more Asian brands! There are places that sell them, but I wish they were more available at larger retailers, rather than small little shops. Larger retailers stock up more, and some provide samples. Most of these little shops I went to didn’t have many samples, so I’m weary of trying them (those BB creams!).

    Also, I heard the Art Deco eye primer is amazing! They have it in Europe, but I have yet to come across it in California/US! In addition, I wish certain hair products were more readily available at B&M (brick and mortar) stores, but I often have to end up buying it online or a exclusive beauty supply stores. For example, TIGI Bed Head’s Hard to Get texturizing paste. I love it, but it really IS hard to get! And it’s quite pricey too ;/ Good thing I have connections *wink wink*

    • Anna

      If you want to, I can get the Art Deco Eye Primer for you (we have it here in Germany).

      • Christina

        Aww thank you for the offer :] I really want to test it in person though -along with other cosmetics in their line!

        I’m really thankful for what I do have access to though. I wish products could have universal pricing, such as all Mac makeup with standard prices across countries! I know there’s shipping costs and all, but damnnnn some of it is ridiculous! I’ll never understand why Mac is more expensive in Canada, or how Shiseido is cheaper in HK than Japan….

    • Svetlana

      Art Deco’s eye primer is great indeed!

  4. trangaxtman

    becca,by terry,dolce&gabana,burberry and ellis can order them online like any other brand but its hard to guess what color you like cause the swatches online are terrible.i am all about texture and finish,gotta look at them in person.

    • ashley

      2nd on Becca and Dolce & Gabbana! i would LOVE to sample the colors/products from these lines in stores. I always want the Becca foundation but don’t dare to guess what color I’d wear to order it!

    • Call your local Dolce and Gabbana counter. They dont give us premade samples but I’ve found a way to make homemade ones. Its not the most beautiful thing ever but its a great way to try a few products.

  5. Le Metier de Beaute! We don’t have that in Canada… sadly.

    Also the Japanese brands! I buy them online but it gets really expensive, and most of the time we have no idea what we’re in for so sometimes it doesn’t turn out well at all.

  6. Madison


  7. Sarah

    illamasqua!! my sephora doesn’t carry it :-(

  8. Jenny

    I live in Southern Ca. and would love to see an Inglot over here :)

  9. Nessabella

    I live in Brisbane, Australia and I wish that I had local access to Urban Decay and MUFE!

    • Jannette

      Living in Australia, I’d love to see Urban Decay (shadows and liners), Cle de Peau (lipstick + Concealer), Jill Stuart (Jelly Eyeshadow N), Caron (for the beautiful perfumes and powders) and SkinFood (Skincare!)…
      Have to stock up whevener I go overseas!!!

    • I’m from Victoria and would love to have local access to Urban Decay and MUFE. I wish Geelong had a MAC counter, myer here sucks.

    • Alison

      I want Cle De Peau, Make Up Forever… Edward Bess, Le Metier de Beaute, Urban Decay… Kate Somerville.

  10. Kaylabella

    Inglot for sure! And I definitely wish I had access to the full Illamasqua line, rather than what is in Sephora.

  11. Rabia

    MAC!!! OMG! i don’t know how i survive!!
    Bobbi Brown
    need i say more…. its every possible brand!!!!

  12. Suqqu, Beaute, the complete line of Illamasqua products (Sephora only carries some), Sleek, Burberry!

  13. Kesalan Partharan – I fell in love with this line when studying abroad in Japan.

    Also Inglot & Barry M

  14. Sonia

    Fyrinnae…The colors look different online.

  15. Janet

    I wish Fyrinnae was sold in stores… I know it’s a really small brand, but I’d love to try it and I hate ordering online. Oh, and I’d love to get my hands on some brands they sell only in England, especially their drugstore brands.

  16. PAOLA

    Barry M I got some dazzle dust and I love them but the shipping was way to pricey

  17. there are a lot of UK based brands that i would love to have access to: illamasqua (not currently sold in canadian sephora stores), no7, barry m, to name a few.

  18. I wish I’d have access to US brands a lot more. Urban Decay, Too Faced for example, or a Sephora store. And brands like GlamourDollEyes, Fyrinnae and m*a*d minerals.

  19. I wish Sephora was in Switzerland, especially Urban Decay :) But there is a whole bunch of brands that you can’t get here!

  20. Quite a thoughtful question indeed..

    Me being in India, would love to see Bobbi Brown, Benefit, Urban Decay, Laura Mercier and many more here in the local market :-)

  21. Diana

    Le Metier de Beaute, Serge Lutens, and Edward Bess.

  22. lush, though it’s worth the trip.

  23. Bina

    Edward Bess! Great products but only available in a few US locations.

  24. chips

    Lunasol, intergate, Suqqu, RMK, Kate, I love japanese makeup, and I stock up mascara from intergate and Fasio whenever I go to Asia.

  25. Rachel

    gosh where do i begin?! ill start with living in australia can be quite frustrating!
    illamasqua…urban deacy…too faced…and there’s probably more that i cant think of… oh and on another note…i wish sephora shipped internationally too 😉 my parents got a card when they went overseas and shopped for me…but now i have no use for it! haha

    • if you live along the east coast illamasqua is available in myer stores!

    • Ryou

      As an Indonesian currently being stuck in Aussie, I’d say I understand how you feel completely! The prices of make-up here is INSANE! Everything DOUBLED at price, at least. A US$26 NARS blush is AU$62 at Myer, while AU$-US$ ratio is generally 8/9. So not funny. o_O;

      I always thought international shipping fees are pricey, but it’s much, MUCH cheaper for me to get my fiance to get me make-up in the US and have him ship them here. >.<

    • Maya

      you can definately get illamasqua and too faced in australia.

    • Jannette

      Illamasqua is coming to Myer ^^

      • Rachel

        oh thats exciting!! i might have to trek to melbourne myer to see if its there! thankyou!! =)

        • Maya

          Sorry they currently only have one in Myer in Sydney. i think are they trying to eventually have them all over Australia.

          • Jannette

            They are opening an illamasqua (saw the giant promo photos in the new city refurbishment in the past couple of months!) in Melbourne, and Too faced is already there :)

  26. Shelley

    Illamasqua, MUFE, Benefit …and sometimes Nars. Oh and Burberry, Chantellica ( I forgot how to spell it), UD and sometimes Stila

  27. I live on Maui and we’re lacking a lot! I’d love to have a Sephora and Ulta on the island, or at least more Counters at our Macy’s.

  28. Marie

    Jill Stuart <3

  29. Melanie

    Well, here in Germany, I’d love to have NARS! You can order it online via the UK and so on, but you still can’t take a look at it, before you buy it…:( So I’m really relying on your swatches here 😉 Thanks so much for your hard work!!!!!!!

  30. Emily

    I wish more Sephora’s had Illamasqua.

  31. trangaxtman

    i forgot inglot too.

  32. CJ

    I wish I had local access to a Sephora!

  33. illamasqua and inglots. Definitely.

  34. NARS, Urban Decay, Illamasqua (did I spell that right?, Burberry… We people in Malaysia only have the *sigh* common ones like MAC, Clinique, Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown etc…

  35. MAC Pro Store. My mac only gets 70% of stock

  36. Meheen

    Illamasqua for sure! I only have a dinky Sephora in JcP in my town so a real one, and an Ulta, would be nice.

  37. Liz

    we just got a MAC counter in our macys…. IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!!!! thank goodness for that. I’d love to see more lush and skII around…

  38. Kasu

    I live in Greece and unfortunately we don’t have here Urban Decay, Illamasqua, Nars, Inglot, Barry M, Benefit, Smashbox. All though we have Sephora and they bring MUFE, Too Faced, By Terry the range is ridiculously poor!!! :(((

  39. ashley

    I wish I had access to European skin care lines that make good sunscreens like Vichy and La Roche Posay. I could order it but wish a store sold it here. I also wish drugstores here would sell ELF and NYX, ordering and paying shipping is a pain! would also be nice to have the full Illamasqua line available in the US, Sephora only has part.

  40. Margie

    i really wish i could by make up forever und urban decay in germany!

  41. Kathylulu

    illamasqua, ysl, sleek, milani and nyx (we do have these 2 lines but the selection is really limited), neutrogena mu line (heard their face stuff is good), Jill Stuart, and definitely Asian mu, they’re pretty awesome, most are sold at lower price point but not at all shy on quality.

  42. nicci

    Skin Food – Korean
    Laniege – Korean
    Vidi Vici – Korean
    Etude – Korean

    Kind of biased though since I’m 1/2 Korean… :)

    Oh and that Chanel would carry some of their products that they only distribute in Korea and Japan in the US :(

    Lastly, some European brands!

  43. Alexis

    Inglot, Sleek, Barry M, and Gosh

  44. Laura

    I’m in the UK and would love to see MUFE and Covergirl here

  45. Miriam

    In Italy we miss every american brand.
    At Sephora we can find italian brands or very expensive brands as Yves S.L….

  46. Jaymie

    I would totally love to have more access to Asian makeup brands especially KATE! They’re part of Shishedo and I love it! There is another branch off of Shishedo that I really like too but it’s more between Shishedo and KATE so a little more pricey. But I would also love to have an ULTA here in Hawaii :)

  47. Katharine

    I think Australia is getting better access to brands – we can now get Illamasqua and Smashbox, but unfortunately MUFE is still hard to come by :(
    I just wish things weren’t so much more expensive in Australia compared to the states. Sure, our market is smaller, but paying 3 or 4 times the US RRP is just too much!

  48. amelia

    DOLCE AND GABBANA! omg so many of their stuff looks so nice and we dont get it in asia- pacific. dam.

  49. daphne

    Majolica Majorca! AMAZING! It’s a part of Shiseido but only available in Asian countries!
    & Menard! I think it’s a Japanese brand, or maybe french! Their lip products are perfectttttttttttt

  50. Giulia

    Let’s see Illamasqua, OPI and Aromaleigh. I love their eyeshadows but they haven’t been shippin to Italy for the last two years.

  51. Dawn

    MAC, for sure! We’re in a town which has an Estee Lauder counter, but not MAC :( It would also be nice to have NARS and Illamasqua

  52. Mojca

    Mac, in Slovenia you can’t find it

  53. Yvonne

    MAC…We don’t have it in my country
    Bobbi Brown, Nars, MUFE

    And prices like in America! Here in Europe, everything is more expensive…

  54. I just wish we had Sephora here 😛 It would be great to have MUFE, Benefit and Urban Decay!
    Oh, and I wish we had Sleek here in Denmark too :)

  55. vinna

    Lunasol and Shiseido Majolica Majorca (asian brands)
    and MUFE since i live in Aus.

  56. Amanda

    I’d love to have NARS, Illamasqua, MAC Pro, Inglot and Barry M here in Singapore. I always end up having to get it online!

  57. Sarah

    Nfu Oh polishes. I could use a few of their holographic polishes that aren’t available online anymore. :(

  58. I’d love me some sleek, gosh, barry m, and the rimmel products they have in the UK but not in the US

  59. Nance

    Illamasqua, Nars, Urban Decay and Shu Uemura

  60. Rena

    Brands like Urban Decay, Covergirl, illamasqua, Sephora ….the list is quite long. We don’t have these brands here in Germany ;o(

  61. NARS, urban decay, too faced, jill stuart, burberry and smashbox are the first to spring to mind! thanks for being so small, south australia!

  62. Natalie

    Majolica Majorca, Lavshuca, Canmake, Dollywink, Candy Doll, Jill Stuart, Lunasol. I know I can order these online, but to be able to have them available locally would be amazing! Then I could see everything in person instead of ordering based off of misleading company swatches! Plus…no shipping costs hehe

  63. Amy

    Hm…nearly every good brand. We have only one counter of MAC which does not even carry pigments, one Sephora that carries way overpriced Too Faced and MUFE; no UD, Illamasqua, Stila at all. Lovely, yes.

  64. Latest would be BURBERRY BEAUTY…My Philadelphia Nordies don;t carry the brand. Also ILLAMASQUA section in my Sephora is welcome!
    Oh yes, EDWARD BESS too…

  65. Lizz M.

    First brand to come to mind is Inglot. Then UK brands like Sleek and Barry M. Then asian cosmetic brands, because they always have something really innovative about thier makeup. Very smart makeup, i’d say.

    And just to add, I’ve got access to Illamasqua products at my local Sephora, but I SO badly want an Illamasqua free-standing store. So badly! Especially with that new, gorgeous Art of Darkness collection coming out. Sigh, it would be so cool to walk into a place like that every once in a while.

  66. Anett

    NARS in Germany

  67. Megan

    I’m in Perth, Australia and I’d love to get Urban Decay. Sephora stores would be awesome too. When I was in the States this year I sephora shopped like crazy!

  68. Maria

    illamasqua in Italy :-(

  69. Asian brands like Banila Co, Etude House, and VOV. I wish Nubar wasn’t only available online ag such a ridiculous price. NYX is available in the US, but I wish it was more readily available in drugstores everywhere!

  70. Ula

    Nearly every possible brand…. We don’t even have Sephora in Germany! :(

  71. Rouge Bunny Rouge!

    Also Inglots, Burberry, and more Illamasqua.

  72. Ryou

    Oh my, too many! I am currently in Australia where all make-up is too pricey, but I will return to Indonesia soon.

    I would LOVE to see some Sephora brands over there (Too Faced, Urban Decay, Stila, Philosophy…) We have MAC (pretty recent addition) and MUFE but I’d also love me some Bobbi Brown as well, which we don’t have. Umm…

    Perhaps some Asian drugstore brands would be nice, too (Majolica Majorca, Sana, Palgantong, Kiss Me…). We have quite a few Asian department store brands, but they tend to be cutting quite a few lines and products. We don’t even get Anna Sui’s shampoo! Such heresy! D:

    It’s pretty unfair that our neighbor Singapore seems to have everything, though. >:

    • Ryou

      OH! And NARS. How could I forget NARS?? Doh!!

      Maybe Ellis Faas too, if they don’t jack up the prices too much… I know I’m greedy, don’t judge me! D:

  73. Condesa

    We don’t have Becca nor NARS here in Italy and that’s a pity.
    Also BB that I love so much has very limited distribution (only in two big cities like Rome adn Milan)

  74. Sharon

    Ugh.. Don’t get me started!

    I would love to see Urban Decay, Illamasqua, MUFE, Nars, Benefit, Bobbi Brown, Aveda here in India.

  75. Jennifer

    Stila and Sephora used to be in Hong Kong but they pulled out, sadly :(

    In addition to those, I’d love to have access to UD, Too Faced, Tarte, Milani, NYX, Cargo, Wet ‘n’ Wild, R&R, and UK drugstore brands (Sleek, Barry M).

    Which asian brands would you like to have more access to, Christine?

  76. happybadfish

    I would like it if sephora Canada carried illimasqua in store.

  77. happybadfish

    I also would like to find Armani easier in store in Canada

    • Rosanna

      Giorgio Armani is availiable at Holt Renfrew Department stores in all the major cities in Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, etc).

  78. Hend

    Urban Decay

  79. Mar

    I wish there was a local Sephora.
    We have Sephora stores in The Netherlands but they have quite a small selection. We only have one really good store in Utrecht; wish I didn’t have to travel over there to get my makeup fix…

    I miss Urban Decay. It was sold once by Douglas (our local chain of perfumeries) but they quit selling it :(. It’s sad; I really like the palettes!

  80. JuliaPracz

    Urban Decay, Too Faced, Bobby Brown, Nars and much more OPI!! Hugs from cold Norway :)

  81. Naheeda

    Dubai dont bring Urban Decay and illamasqua :o(

  82. Rachel

    I’m leaving the UK soon and when I get home to Malaysia, I wouldn’t have access to Sleek, Barry M, Nars and Urban Decay. It sucks!

  83. mary_j

    i would love to see a sephora in ireland!!
    i found a huge nyx stant recently so that was handy but i would love to be able to get covergirl because i only want lash blast really should have got more in new york last year :(

    i may start a petition to get sephora over here:)

  84. Althea

    Since we have almost nothing here and if we do, the range is very limited, my list would be very long. Mostly I would love to buy nail polish from brands like Zoya, Misa, Color Club, CND, Catrice, Models Own, American Apparel and cosmetics from Illamasqua, Make up for ever, Burberry, Shu Uemura, Inglot and more.

  85. Valerie

    I’d love to be able to play with OCC Lip Tars in person and not just order them online.

  86. I would love to see Barry M., Inglot, and Sleek.

  87. li en

    NARS TO SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>:9

    • Liyana

      I second this!!!! No use for them putting Chanel or Dior or Lancome in Sephora when there are other counters of these brands in other major departmental stores!

  88. annie

    I would have to agree.. more japanese/korean makeup.. and more access to asia exclusive products… and return of shu uemura to stores..and anna sui to sephora :).. although they are both online

  89. Leigh

    For me it’s not really that there aren’t brands that I want, it’s that I live in the boonies and I don’t have some of the “good” stores close. There is an Ulta and MAC counter (and Clinique, Chanel, Dior counters, etc.) at the closest mall, but the closest Sephora, Bobbi Brown counter, and others are over an hour and a half away for me.

    • Leigh

      I just realized that could sound negative. I feel bad for all the ladies (and guys!) that don’t have stores like MAC and Ulta in their country. I’m definately thankful for what I do have.

  90. zen

    urban decay, edward bess,le metier de beaute, givenchy, ysl. I am from Korea. :) (Actually, I always had been longing for Nars. Fortunately, Nars has launched in Korea this month!)

  91. equustel

    NARS and Illamasqua.

  92. here in Brazil everything is sooooooo expensive! Its like three times de price u get in US! Absurd… anyway we do have access to a lot of things even if it comes more expensive! I´d really like to see Illamasqua, Inglot, some other english brands, maybe Urban Decay and Make Up Forever!!

  93. Rosamaria

    Some UK brands– Barry M, Ruby and Millie, Sleek…. Oh, and I wish I could find Roja Dove fragrances in the US!

  94. Michelle

    Illamasqua, Bobbi Brown (which is available in Holt Renfrew but those are so few and far between) and especially KATE SOMMERVILLE are hard to come by in Canada. They restrict all three from Canadian orders from and it drives me nuts. But when most brands have major sales on their website, they won’t ship to Canada at all (UD, Stila, Philosophy, Tarte…) Whew, I needed to vent!

  95. Lindsay

    Burgeoius …i know i just murdered that spelling. At my local Sephora they stopped carrying it