Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

What beauty brand can’t you get enough of? What brand always makes you want more?

Temptalia's Answer.

Probably Chanel or Guerlain.  I’m always intrigued by the new products they put out!

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150 thoughts on “What beauty brand can’t you get enough of?

  1. Amy

    I’d have to say MAC. I’m kind of new to makeup, but MAC is on the cheaper side and they seem to always have fun collections.

  2. Kim C.

    urban decay!

    • Rosie

      I’m with you Kim! I love Urban Decay and am always excited for new products. Their vegan palette look so cute and environmentally friendly!

  3. olivia

    LOL my boyfriend said you came to pink berry today i was like OMGEEEEEEE. hehehe :))

  4. Ember

    Definitely MAC. And Chanel Nail Enamel when I can afford it.

  5. Jess

    NARS!!! So gorgeous!!!!

  6. Vickie

    MAC i love all the collections that they come out with

  7. NIKKI

    i would have said MAC a few weeks ago because it is higher end, but still very affordable
    but i’ve recently developed an addiction to chanel
    i feel like everything they have is so luxurious and well/chic-ly packaged

    for nail polish, it’s been essie
    i love their color range because i’m not into crazy colors like neons or metallics
    i like more subtle colors

  8. Mel

    MAC! Quality yet affordable.

  9. Lilly

    MAC of course

  10. Anna

    For now NARS and MAC. I’m afraid to try anything from Chanel since I won’t be able to stop myself if I fall in love with it.

    • nicci

      good idea! I got into Chanel a couple yrs ago and I’m always excited for their collections. But I just got into MAC – more affordable and more color selection.

  11. MAC. It’s affordable & I definitely get excited for all of the collections!! =)

  12. Michelle

    NARS! MAC comes in a close second.

  13. jo-anne

    MAC. They were my first love.

  14. Ameera


  15. tg

    MAC, but for lip products, blushes and eye liners mainly. I want to like their shadows, but so many of them seem to require multiple layers to get them to show up, even with primer. And the sad thing is they have the best color selection and no parabens in them.

    NARS shadows are probably the nicest I’ve used, but the colors aren’t always my favorite. Urban Decay has a great selection, but I try not to give them my business after I found out their customer service was pathetic. Plus they put heaps of parabens in the Deluxe shadows, which are my favorites.

  16. BLANCA

    I would say MAC its afordable and there always comming out with new collections..Nars is also one of my fave but its pricey.

  17. Anya

    Guerlain, Armani and Dolce&Gabbana. Is it possible to resist?

  18. Kelly C.

    I wish I could afford Chanel! I’m head over heels for the Rouge Coco lipsticks. : (

    Otherwise, I don’t have one brand I’m head over heels for. I own equal amounts of MAC and Clinique, but I have a VERY small makeup collection.

    • Kenzy

      Same here! MAC and Clinique are both owned by Estee Lauder (I doubt I spelled that right lol)!

  19. rei

    Definitely MAC and Chanel!

  20. AlyxVeee

    Urban Decay and Tarte! Those two brands just fascinate me!

  21. Lizz M.

    Currently, Nars! I can’t even pass thier isle in a Sephora without thinking I need it all. And I always cave in and walk away with something, ha.

  22. Dawn

    MAC – so many lovely colours to choose from! Until I discovered MAC last year I only ever had cheap stuff.

  23. Kaylabella

    Urban Decay and MAC! Lovelovelove!

  24. Kacey

    Illamasqua! Such great quality and so creative and bold!

  25. Stacey

    Chanel and NARS!

  26. Lana A

    M.A.C. and Benefit Cosmetics!

  27. balqisms

    MAC!!! They just grew on me after my first Raquel Welch for MAC purchase in 2007…before this I just pass by and didnt think of it…I was right on time!!! :-)

  28. Lo

    Definately MAC

  29. Tawny

    I’ll have to agree with many of you: NArs & MAc. Each product from them has something unique, quite different; IDk…. from the packaging to scent, quality, and the NAMES, they just always have me hooked. Mac products have simple yet cute names that gives me an idea about their color, while Nars’s ridiculous names like Orgasm & Deep Throat make me laugh, but curious, lol.

  30. MAC! I would buy things from other brands too, but deep in my heart, it’s MAC! :-)

  31. Jenn

    Well, for starters, you got me hooked on Guerlain! The packaging and products are exquisite!

  32. penelope

    Chanel and Dior, with their interesting and elegance packages.

  33. kasiaj85

    It used to be Clinique but now it is definitely MAC!

  34. Annika

    MAC and LUSH :)

  35. Mar

    MAC, without a doubt.
    And for nail colors I turn to O.P.I

  36. Guerlain, Dior and Mac. :)

  37. Margot

    OPI and Essie (I’m completely obsessed with nail lacquers these days … I blame you and your amazing reviews LOL). And NARS for makeup :)

  38. livnzoe

    MAC and Bobbi Brown!!

  39. alex


  40. Dior, Guerlain and Chanel. Love my high end makeup =P

  41. vanessa

    makeupforever!!!! I want everything!!!

  42. Make-up forever and M.A.C.

  43. sofia

    mac and chanel!! i want them all!!!!!!

  44. Sarah

    Definitely MAC :)

  45. LORAC.. I just love them. I know they don’t have new products and collections often like other brands, but I’ve never had a “miss” with them (knocks on wood.) I just love everything I’ve ever tried from them. The glosses are moisturizing, the eyeshadows are smooth like butter, and blushes wear all day ..and so on!

  46. MAC and NARS. I want to try out MUFE too (HD was a disappointment though).

    MAC is coming out with so many collections (I’m really excited for their Fall liquid liners), I kind of keep my eyes on them a lot more (marketing scheme! >_>). I love NARS for their blushes and eyeshadows duos but they are expensive (duos are $38 CDN O_O)!

  47. Scientific Housewife

    Definitely MAC, I just started buying MAC products less than a year ago and I am addicted!

  48. Amanda

    Guerlain. Everything they make is of the highest quality and the packaging is so elegant.

  49. happybadfish

    MAC, Nars

  50. Andrea

    Oh definitely Guerlain!!!

  51. Pam

    MAC :) lately i’ve been craving for NARS….

  52. Emily

    Mac, Nars comes in next!

  53. Maleida

    this one is new.. but i LOVE bare escentuals!!! =)

  54. Kim L

    NARS because its so luxurious but not too expensive.

  55. Casey

    MAC all the way! Guerlain is one I REALLY want to try! I love their ads and photos…the models always look so lovely and the collections are amazing.

  56. LNU

    MAC gets a bit boring, but I feel Make Up Forever has so many interesting products.

  57. Azaza

    Right now its MAC cause I am still new to collecting make up

  58. reena

    sadly, everything. but if i had to choose, i would say MAC… it’s probably because they release 2 collections per month and i really can’t help myself.

  59. Ashley


  60. Refinement

    MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC….did I mention MAC, lol? :-)

  61. Lynniekae

    I would have to say obviously MAC first. But I also love love love Mally, Stila (glosses and shadow pots), Too Faced, and Urban Decay. These are high quality w/o breaking the bank.

  62. Valerie

    I feel like every other day I have a MAC ATTACK!

  63. Wendy M.

    MAC and Chanel :)

  64. Katie

    I’ll love MAC forever, but I feel like I should give an answer that’s not really expected of me. I’ll say Benefit and Guerlain. Benefit is so fun but their products are high quality. I like the fun names and the cute packaging. Is that just me? I also love Guerlain because they’re edgy and classy all at the same time. I feel like their range of products differ from the rest and that makes them all the more captivating.

  65. Macaddict

    Always MAC, then NARS (which has collections only 4 times/year (seasonal). CHANEL which, unfortunately and despite the higher end pricing and chic packaging, does not have consistency in quality products so it depends what it is and I definitely have to swatch them first.

  66. Charlene

    NYX. They always have fun colors and out do themselves once a year when they bring out the new stuff

  67. Nicole

    Make Up For Ever, Illamasqua, and Chanel. <3

  68. serene

    MAC. So many choices, great quality and so professional. They seldom have a “fail” product.

    Cle De Pau… they are expensive but really quite high quality. I do feel quite stingy when I think of their prices! Unfortunately colours can be duplicated but not quality. Normally when other brands try to solve a beauty problem, the product creates another problem. This one doesn’t.

  69. Reese

    MAC. Urban Decay is a very close second though :)

  70. Kai

    Probably MAC, just because I started out buying other brands, and so now I only have a few MAC products, but I really like them all!

  71. Andie

    MAC. I have been a MAC addict for about 5 or 6 years now. They are my primary source of color products. For some reason I am now getting into Estee Lauder. Never really considered it because it seems targeted at older women, but I like the foundations and skin care.

  72. Michelle

    Chanel — it is so pricey that I have to be selective. But I just love it. Also, MAC — it never disappoints!

  73. Sara

    NARS! and MUFE :)

  74. Sweeda88

    As odd as it seems, it’s Wet & Wild for me. I’m always buying new stuff from them! And it’s cheap!

  75. Jenna

    MAC, Tarte, Urban Decay, NARS and Stila. That’s quite the list.

  76. Pamela

    MAC, MAC and even more MAC! They’re innovative and they push boundaries–truly a fashion makeup brand!

  77. Stacey M

    MAC, because I so rarely get to buy it.

  78. Alexis (SF)

    It use to be MAC but because I get overwhelmed by their multiple launches I have been staying away. Right now it’s Chanel and NARS!

  79. Nina

    MAC – there´s nothing like it 😀

  80. Jen

    And maybe MUFE but mostly MAC.. I could never have enough eyeshadows & lipsticks!

  81. Jind

    Guerlain…m in love…forever…

  82. j e n

    CHANEL & NARS!!!!

  83. Michou

    MAC, Buxom and Nars get me EVERY SINGLE TIME. 😀

  84. sophie

    i know its steryotypical, but MAC keeps louring me in

  85. Rayn

    Definitely MAC and Dior!

  86. Skarlet


  87. Meesh

    I’d say MAC since they come out with new stuff so often and for their quality, the price really isn’t bad. However, there are other brands I stick exclusively too for certain products, like Clinique for their facial 3 step system or NARS for their liquid foundation and so forth