Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

What are your tricks & tips to keeping your makeup lasting all day long? Share!

Temptalia's Answer.

Primers, bases, and setting powder. The three… must-haves! It’s all about building on things – layers, whether it’s on the skin (primer, foundation, powder) or the lips (liner, lipstick, gloss)!

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36 thoughts on “What are your tricks & tips to keeping your makeup lasting all day long?

  1. UDPP and Loreal Studio Secrets color corrector/primer!! i’d die without these items.

  2. Sonia

    Urban Decay all nighter spray


    What are your favorite primers, bases and setting powders, Temptalia? Can you make some recommendations for various skin types? Thanks!

  4. ivette

    definitely udpp for eyes and paintpots under e/s, waterproof mascara too

  5. Alisha in WI

    Primer and using the right foundation. Set the foundation with powder & keep a pressed one for touchups if needed. Also, blot tissues.

  6. Zara

    Primer, of course! Smashbox Photofinish Light is great for oily skin. It lives up to the hype, ladies, I swear! Then foundation: Chanel Mat Lumiere, my latest love affair. Lastly, MAC Blot Powder to soak up the rest of those stubborn that try to seep through. My makeup lasts about 6-8 hours, I think that’s as good as it gets. For me, at least. I have such a hard time getting my lipstick to last, though! I just slap it on (bad idea, I know) and I’m reapplying an hour later. Do I need to fill in my lips with pencil first? Christine, do you know a good lip pencil (from MAC prefferably) that matches or comes close to Freckletone? Thanks!

  7. Amy

    Blotting papers, which I “make” from toilet seat liners, are essential! I also spritz on a mix of toner and water throughout the day, especially if I reapply powder. My makeup has a tendency to get cakey and slippery, so almost all my summer makeup tips involve controlling and preventing an oil slick. I can’t wait to read the rest of the tips, though.

  8. Amy

    All-rounded skin care routine! Without a good canvas (i.e. good skin), nothing will stay on and nothing will look nice

  9. Cactus Flower

    I’ve been loving Urban Decay’s new setting spray in all-nighter for making my makeup last longer. Have you tried any of them?

  10. Sass

    I wear (at most) eye makeup, blush and bronzer. Because I have long days, I usually slap on soome UDPP and I’m all good. If I really need everything to stay, I’ll put some of MAC’s blot powder on before and after I apply the blush/bronzer and some shelaq after i’ve finished applying my eye makeup.

  11. kasiaj85

    Well,whenever I want flawless eye makeup I use eyeshadow primer (UDDP or Art Deco) with Bisque eyeshadow on top. Sometimes I add Paint Pot in Painterly in between to even up the skin on my my lids.
    I rarely use face primers though, I somehow feel as if my skin couldn’t breathe under something more than a foundation. :/

  12. Ness

    Hi there,

    Do you ever use setting spray?

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  13. Dea

    for the combination skin of my face: “Smashbox photo finish foundation primer light”
    A total WOW-product for me! My make-up lasts for so many hours with that and my T-zone is much less oily! Pricey, but the best one for me!
    (For my eyes, I like MAC paint pots.)

  14. Josi

    mac fix+ before and after i put on my make up

  15. Charlene

    Tinted moisturizer or colored(neutralizer) b4 applying foundation powder then setting it with HD powder seems to work well for me.

  16. Definitely a primer, good foundation (I love Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk) and MAC Blot Powder. Don’t apply foundation on too thick as it will just slide off

  17. Quennie

    Same as you, Christine. Primers and bases, and lip balm on the lips before lipsticks.

  18. Katie

    My answer is the same as yours! In an ironic lucky way, I have dry skin so I never really have to use blotting powder during the day — even if it’s really hot. My makeup stays in place and I swear by paint pots for the eyes. I use NARS primer for my face =)

  19. Mirna

    For me it starts w/primer, setting powder, & then MAC Fix+ spray

  20. Dianna

    I only do setting powder (Laura Mercier translucent or Bare Essentials mineral veil). I do not use foundations or primers as they tend to clog my pores and I have pretty decent skin w/out them. But I am ok with powder only. If I do go out at night I usually do re-do my make-up fresh.

  21. Thincspot

    A spritz of Caudalie Beauty elixir. Kind of like Fix + by MAC.

  22. Nina

    UDDP and fixing sprays from Skindinavia

  23. Tawny

    No matter how good a primer and setting powder are, I think you need to prep your skin really well in order for your makeup to stay on and look good all day. I always have to moisturize my skin first. A dime size amount of Cetaphil moisturizer for all skintype ( Super cheap, but somehow works better than any of the higher end products that I own. Then top it off with an even smaller amount of MONISTAT chaffing gel; I think it’s a great product to smooth over little bumps and pores on your face; concealer application is much more effortless, too. And ofcourse, UDPP for eyeshadow,and I alternate between La MER loose powder and MUFE HD powder ( is that what it’s called? lol)

  24. Angie

    Recently, I used UD de-slick mattifying gel and smashbox photo finish (original) as a base. Then I apply my foundation (MUFE Mat Velvet) or Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (the oil-free one) then set with Laura Mercier translucent powder. For eyes, I use UDPP. After I’m done with everything, I’ll set it with UD all nighter setting spray. It works great. Of course, I have my blotting sheet around.
    I’m looking to try Smashbox photo finish light tho.

  25. PeachBellini

    I start with clean and moisturized skin – I have really dry skin so if I don’t do this, foundation will flake. Prepped skin is essential so I’d say the first thing is a great skin routine. I LOVE L’Oreal Studio Secrets primer, it works really well on me. Then it’s concealer, foundation and a light dusting of powder. Still looking for a good eye primer though.

  26. Isabella Rabello

    Primer (Prime Time) and Artdeco Fixing Powder

  27. If you have oily eyelids and just wanna wear some eye pencil, I have a tip from preventing it from smudging (if you don’t have primer)
    Use powder to set it! It will be a liittle bit less intense, but last way better :)
    Atleast it works with Make Up Store’s eye pencil in Sparkling Beach

  28. Jessi

    I’m pretty minimal – just making sure my skin is as smooth and even as possible, with a mask or an exfoliator once or twice a week as needed, then giving my moisturizer and eye serum plenty of time to absorb before I apply makeup (10 or 15 minutes). I’d like to eventually try Fix+, since I’m in love with MAC Mineral Blushes lately.

    Also trying not to rub my face a lot – which is tricky sometimes :)

  29. Heidi

    Benefit’s Dr.Feelgood, primer, and then setting powder after foundation. than its Becca pressed powder that i use to touch up my makeup during the day. I find that if i use blotting paper my skin tends to dry out and later produce more oil. I’m oily skin by the way

  30. I moisturize rite after a shower..after it dries i apply a primer…let it dry apply my make up.and i mist fix+ or evian spray on my face throughout the day.

  31. Setting foundation with a loose powder. Wearing creme or liquid blush under my powder blushes. Spraying everything with a setting spray (I love Jurlique Citrus Spray because it controls oil) so it all looks blended and natural.

    For eyes, I like to use inexpensive eyeshadow most of the time so a primer is a must. I have dry lids so I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

    This will take me from morning to night on a normal day. If dancing or any other sweat-inducing activity is involved, I throw in a face primer (Tarte Clean Slate), waterproof mascara and set my eye liner with a bit of black eye shadow.

  32. Definitely setting powder– before foundation AND after!!

  33. LNU

    Definitely layering stuff on. Moisturizer, Primer, then Foundation, and I can’t live without my Fix+! As far as eyes, I use UDPP as a base, and I also use an eyeliner sealer over my liner. My lips, lip liner does help and so does gloss, but I am too lazy to put on lipliner, and I don’t like the heavy feeling glosses give me over my lipstick no matter how sheer or thin they are. I just use MAC Lip Conditioner underneath so my lipstick applies nice and evenly.

  34. Rosie

    For the eyes it’s all about UDPP for me. For my face it’s as simple as De Slick Makeup setting spray, before I apply foundation and to set it all after I do my setting powder (also important). It makes such a difference with my oily skin. I love it. I wish Sephora carried it, it’s really like the miracle product for my oil slick skin!

  35. viv

    I think my only trick would be to magically get rid of summer weather and humidity. 😀 I’m so shiny!