Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What are your favorite unconventional ways to use your makeup? Like lipstick as a blush, eyeliner as a lip liner, etc.

Temptalia's AnswerI like eyeshadow as a blush or as a highlighter!

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45 thoughts on “What are your favorite unconventional ways to use your makeup?

  1. I have a matte taupe Inglot eyeshadow I sometimes use as to contour, and I sometimes use blush as eyeshadow.

  2. Heidi

    I use the top 2 eyeshadows of my CS 88 shimmer as a highlighter.

  3. Azar

    I love mixing heavily pigmented eyeshadow with clear polish to create custom colors.

  4. Ashley

    I use my UDPP as a primer on my nose. I have really oily skin and nothing works, but it seems to delay the oil spill for a few more hours.

  5. I actually use some of my make-up for artwork. 😀

  6. matte orange lipstick or cream cheek color as a color corrector for dark under eye circles! can be cheaper than buying a correcting wheel and works just as well!

  7. Esther

    I used to have a deep pink lip liner that I’d smudge on as eyeshadow. I actually didn’t realize that it was lip liner until many years later when I went to throw it out because it was so old. I thought it was eyeliner the whole time! it was a happy mistake, I suppose.

  8. irem

    i use my red lipliner as a eyeliner eith my black liner

  9. Dinitchka

    I agree with Christine about the eyeshadow as a blush or highlighter.

    I tend to use eyeshadow, blush, highlighter and bronzer for parts of the face for which it may not be intended. For instance, I have a NYX blush which is too dark for my cheeks, so I use it as a bronzer and an eyeshadow. I sometimes use Stila Kitten e/s as a highlighter.

    I have used lipstick as a blush and an eyeshadow in a pinch. It’s not really something I like to do on a daily basis.

    I rarely uses eyeliner but I tend to lush over cream/gel eyeliners. I use them for an eyeshadow base and if it’s a colour I can wear as a lipstick, I’ll even put it on my lips.

    So yeah, basically I will use make-up intended for a specific part of the face, anywhere on the face.

  10. Bronwyn

    I’m not big into the black lip thing – but when I have done it in the past rather than buying a black lipstick at the last minute I go with one of my cheaper black eye-liners – and seriously I have to say lipstick (even with the best lip liners I can find) has never lasted an entire night out as well as that black.

  11. Jennifer

    Bronzer as a crease/countour for the eyes, yellow matte eyeshadow as a corrector, matte pink eyeshadow as blush, and face highlighter as a soft, glowing eyeshadow.

    • Carrie

      I’m totally with you on bronzer as eye contour/crease color! I like to shade my inner browbones with it, up where the bridge of my nose begins.

  12. Krystin

    i love to use mac naked liner on my bottom waterline. i use it everyday and its the first lipliner i’ve actually almost finished!!

  13. Julie

    I most often use lipstick as blush :-)

  14. Charlotte

    I mix waxy stick lip balms with brown eyeshadow to make my own brow wax!

  15. Konconsc

    I like using my creamy lipstick as blush sometimes!

  16. bdncr

    Using eyeshadow was highliter or blush is something I do very regurlarly. This way, eyeshadows can find a way to end a bit faster and money can be saved from avoiding bying many types of highlighters.
    I use blush (Trace Gold) as an all over highlighter because of its fantastic formula and texure.
    I use blush for crease color (not on lid because they are not opthamologically checked).

    It’s very interesting and fun finding unconventional ways to use products.

    For example, retrospect mac eyeshadow gave me a goldish sheen on cheecks I couldn’t find on other highleghters.

    Another example is that I didn’t like shroom eyeshadow. I didn’t trash it. On the contrary, it became a contouring powder I might even rebuy.

  17. Daniela

    Eyeshadow to contour, but also as a highlighter and blush. Sometimes I use blush as eyeshadow and lipstick as blush. And I also mix pigments or even pressed eyeshadows with clear gloss to create my own lipgloss :)

  18. I have used eyeliner to write myself notes in a pinch when I can’t find my pen. That’s kind of extremely unconventional, though. I do also use shadows and blushes and cream blushes as lip colors. So many items are touted as multi-function now that it doesn’t seem all that odd any more.

  19. Natasha Fedderman

    I like to use my eyeshadow as a lipstick, I’ll just pat it on and then top it with some gloss or a lipstick in the same shade. It really helps for the lipstick to stay on longer!

  20. Sharelle

    I like to use eyeshadow on my lips. I’ll put on lip balm and part eyeshadow on top with my finger and add gloss. I do this I don’t have a certain color lipstick in my stash.

  21. Mariella

    Similar to you, Christine. I don’t like pink eyeshadow so those that I’ve got from palettes, I use as blushes. I also use eyeshadows as highlighters and highlighters like The Mary Loumanizer as shadows. And I use MAC’s Wedge as a contour on those rare occasions when I do contouring. In a pinch, I’ve used lipstick as blush.

  22. Kristin Small

    UDPP in Sin or Greed as a highlighter on my Cupid’s Bow

  23. Cara

    I use eyeshadow/blush as lip colors! First I apply a nice balm to my lips, and then pat the eyeshadow or blush on top! I will sometimes apply gloss over it.

  24. Kathy S.

    Anything powder can be used for anything that a powder could do; same with liners, creams and gels. I have a bronzer that makes a pretty, subtle eye shadow. I have used pigments to color clear nail polishes and lip glosses – I have a rose gold lip gloss that’s a personal fave that I made that way. I just bought a clear lip gloss, removed the cover that makes it so that the tube won’t leak and used a perfumers’ funnel to pour in pigment. Once I had the combination right, I put the cover and cap back on. Viola! Custom lip gloss. I’ve also used contour creams as an eye shadow base. Makeup is fun!

  25. Madison

    before i bought an actual blush i would use all the pinks together in this huge palette i have to create a pretty blush. I also would use my cream eyeshadows as lipsticks. and i would use lip tints at blush. now i use my e.l.f concealer all over as a quick every day foundation. i just softly dot it on all around my face and around my nose and under my eyes and i rub it in with my hands. i’ll use bronzers or blushes as eyeshadow. I don’t do this much anymore except for the concealer as foundation because I have more makeup now. This is what I used to do when i wasn’t allowed to have so much makeup. Now i’m a grown up and don’t need to do this much anymore except when a blush is the perfect color i’m looking for a eyeshadow or something like that.

  26. Brenda

    I also like to use e/s as blush, contour or highlighters and a light shadow makes a nice highlight on the lower lip in the centre. I use MUFE blushes as shadows all the time too. (My MAC cream colour base in Tint is my favourite contour/bronzer and looks nice on lips as well). MAC Lilicent blush is nice on lips.

    My Coastal Scents Eyebright is great for the redness around my nose!!

    Vaseline is great for highlighting cheekbones when I am wearing no makeup at all.

  27. Jenn

    Sometimes I use blush as an eyeshadow or eyeshadow as an eyeliner

  28. Christina H.

    I use lightly pigmented brown lip glosses as my “eye brow wax”. Nice was to get those sparse hairs gently filled in and locked into place A pretty sweet “two-fer”!

  29. loulouhex

    A light coat of straight MAC Pink Opal pigment makes an incredible undereye concealer on my NC15 skin. No, really. It’s optical. It kind of blends in especially with a little pressed powder on top. I’m sure some of the other opal/flash/butterfly colors would do the same on various skin tones.

  30. Ana

    Eyeshadow as a blush or highlighter…

  31. Katya

    I couldn’t figure it out on Facebook, but I like to mix my micas with lipgloss to do stuff like this =]

  32. beige1

    I use a tube of old brown mascara to touch up nicks in my wooden coffee table – matches perfect!

  33. I always do both of those! Also blush as an eyeshadow and lipstick as blush. :) I find it easier to wear/apply a lipstick as a cream blush than to actually wear a cream blush for some reason.

  34. Kat

    I will use brow gel to touch up my roots around my face if I end up going a little too long between colorings.

  35. Amanda

    I’m the exact opposite – I love using blush as eyeshadow!

  36. Shana

    Mac shadow in Cork is applied as my daily contour and brow filler. I have used lipstick as a brightner on my lids, never as blush though not sure why thats so obvious! :)

    Back in the day I always used brown eyeliner to line my lips and always coated my lipstick with shadow to stay on all night, thank goodness that’s no longer a trend (frosty lips with brown liner)!

    Oh and I have used eyeliner on my scalp to fill in a part I thought was to light.

    And a non-cosmetic item I have used when desperate is a Sharpie! When my roots started to show I used a sharpie to cover the lighter growth until I could do a dye job!


  37. I’m so excited you used my question! I really don’t have any good tips so that is why I asked :/

  38. Em

    I always use bronzer, blush, and highlighter on my eyes to mimic the way my skin looks…it’s like taking monochomatic to a new level

  39. Courtney

    I’ve used MSFs or blushes on my eyes, sometimes for a quick color wash or a highlight. I’ve also used a shimmery lilac eyeshadow as a purple highlight.

    Oh, I also use liquid eyeliner to color in my tattoo!

  40. I like eyeshadow as a lipstick. I always mix gloss though. It looks cool. More colors to choose from if you like weird lipstick colors like green or black or blue or even white

  41. Micaiah

    If I’m only going out for a few hours, since they don’t really last long on the cheeks, I LOVE using my nyx soft matte lip creams as blushes! And I also love using light, shimmery eyeshadows as highlighters for my cheeks, and I love using foundation and lip gloss as a nice nude lip color!

  42. Amy

    Uh. I think I’ve used all “normal” conventional ways that stays on the face/body but I LOOOOVE using makeup to draw. I’ve drawn and colored a cute little dragon on a card that I made for Lunar’s New Year that I sent to my boyfriend ^-^ he thought it was adorable. And it was super sparkly<3333

  43. Nina Van Jacob

    I will use the Lorac perfectly lit aluminizing powder as an eyeshadow. The effect is very pretty.