Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

What are you wearing on your nails right now? Toes and fingernails!

Temptalia's Answer.

Nothing on my fingernails, China Glaze For Audrey on my toes!

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193 thoughts on “What are you wearing on your nails right now?

  1. Lens

    some old old ChG In The Mood with no label… a dijon mustard/orange duochromey thing that looks way cooler than it sounds.

  2. Hayley

    I am wearing OPI “Do you Lilac it” on toes, and Sally Hansen Xtreme wear colour in “Rockstar pink” ….surper sparkly πŸ˜€

  3. Jakara

    I am wearing Sinful rich in heart and I can’t remember which Finger Paint polish I am wearing on my toes. I plan to do a mani and pedi tomorrow.

  4. Christina

    fingernails: “Princess Pink” glitter topcoat over “Pompano Beach Peach” both by No-Miss Nails.. I found it at Whole Foods yesterday so I’m trying it out!

    Zoya Cassi on my toes :]

  5. Revlon’s Ocean Breeze =)

  6. Lisa Mc

    Rescue Beauty Lounge “Scrangie” on tips
    ChG “For Audrey” on piggies

  7. Katie

    Fingers: French Manicure.. So I guess white and a sheer pink? haha I don’t know the color names.
    Toes: China Glaze Tantalize Me and OPI Dazzle Me on top. GORGEOUS combo, this is a must to try out!

    me this and me that… I’m sensing a theme coming on here.

  8. Got CND Shellac in Tutti Frutti on my fingernails and OPI Strawberry Margerita on my toes. :)

  9. karen

    Nothing on fingernails, Rimmel English Rose on toenails.

  10. Melly

    nothing on my fingers, but essie van d’ go on my toes!

  11. China Glaze “Frostbite” (Lightened Navy Blue with Shimmer)

  12. Essie’s Pop Art Pink on my nails and toes.

    Its a very pretty pink

  13. Connie

    China Glaze Strawberry Fields on my fingernails

  14. Fieryization

    For Audrey!!!!!

  15. Candi

    SH Gunmetal (:

  16. Rawrzellers

    Grape Pop – China Glaze

  17. Joy

    Nicole by OPI Peas & Q’s on fingers and Zoya Ivanka on toes.

  18. Ashley

    Hands – Sephora by OPI “I’m With Brad”.
    Feet – Sephora by OPI “Absinthe Makes The Heart”.
    Both with the Rimmel Base Coat Top Coat from the PRO 10-hour line, whatever it’s called! I’m With Brad is way too easy to wear down, ugh.

  19. maluloves

    Sally Hansen: Blue Me Away and MigiNail Art…having so much fun being creative :)

  20. ena

    Essie Lapis of Luxury on my fingernails, Illamasqua Fern on my toes.

  21. Jan

    Opi- charged up cherry

  22. Rita

    I have Essie California Coral on fingernails (and a red dress), and on toes, acrylic French nails plus Opi Fireflies.

  23. Jay

    i have nothing on my finger nails, but i have china glaze’s iv on my toe nails.

  24. Ari

    Essie True Love on fingers. OPI Dancing in the Isles on toes.

  25. Michelle

    I have nothing on my fingers, OPI’s Rumple’s Wiggin’ on my toes.

  26. fingernails: essie “van d’go”
    toenails: OPI “big apple red”

  27. Stacie

    Nail Magic
    Finger Paints – My Art Belongs To You
    Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

  28. Light Mist by Savina Nail Colour!

  29. Julie

    Thick french tips(with MAC’s Vestral NP) with black stripes on fingers, and I don’t recall the name but it’s a really hot coral/pink on the toes :)

  30. nicci

    Chanel Lotus Rogue

  31. April

    fingernails: NARS “purple rain” (i’ve gotten lots of compliments w/ this color)
    toenails: a matte purple from OPI

  32. Jazz

    sally hansen -sun kissed on feet nothing on hands

  33. Vale

    Nouvelle Vague on my hands, nothing on my feet, I don’t like polish on feet nails!

  34. K

    Fingernails: Revlon Orange Pop (smells delicious!)
    Toes: Zoya Anthea

  35. Brenda

    Nothing on my fingernails, Essie Guilty Pleasures on my toes!

  36. OPI; Over the Taupe with SEPHORA BY OPI; Only Gold for Me topcoat. (Super pretty gold glitter topcoat; kinda gives a splatter effect on your nails. Sounds ugly but trust me swatch it on top of anyother color. On it’s own it’s kinda useless. But on top = love)


  37. Brittany

    Essie Ballet Slippers on fingers, and Essie California Coral on toes :)

  38. vinna

    NARS Tokkaido Express on my nails.. my toes are bare.

  39. Katya

    OPI Get Me To The Taj On Time on my fingernails and OPI Dutch Tulips on my toes!

  40. Sarah

    Just got a Pedi today and the polish was in an OPI bottle with no label…but its a sparkly bright pink.

    Zoya Eve on my fingernails. Guess I’m in a bright pink mood today!

  41. Vanessa

    Revlon Gum Drop on fingernails/Revlon Devilish on toes.

  42. China Glaze VII on fingers, nothing on toes πŸ˜‰

  43. bananie

    Just put OPI Prune Danish on tips and Catch Me In Your Net on toes!

  44. Sarah

    fingers = nubar “reclaim”
    toes = opi “shoot out at the o.k. coral”

  45. Chips

    finger- Opi give me a coral sometime.
    toe – Chanel Vendetta (483)

  46. Christina

    Fingernails – China Glaze Towel Boy Toy with a coat of Pure Ice in Mint Dream (Adds a green shimmer, super pretty combo.)

    Toenails – Sally Hansen Hi Definition in Digital

    The China glaze pool side collection is like… my absolute favorite. I need color in my life, and when I feel like there is no color around me, all I have to do is look down at my nails. I bring color where I go. =)

  47. Tatum

    Opi “Lucky, Lucky Lavender.”
    And a Nicole by OPI coral colour on my toes.

  48. Sierra

    Currently I have the french tip and glittery flower decoration design that I wore to prom on my hands and feet. BUT that’s likely to change since prom was in May. lol It still looks nice though!

  49. Ella

    nothing on my finger nails, for once, but OPI Big Lights, Big Color on my toes. It’s so gorgeous!

  50. Katie

    Strapless, Pure Ice

  51. Laura

    You Don’t Know Jacques by OPI

  52. Yoly

    Sally hansen-Grass Slipper and toes just a French ped “)

  53. Mai

    China Glaze For Audrey with a M71 White Konad over it :)

  54. stefania

    just Chanel Le Vernis 217 Splendeur on my toes!

  55. muffingrl

    Rimmel’s Violet Metal on my fingernails, Essie’s Wicked on my toes.

  56. Jessi

    OPI Done Up In Deco on fingers with some silver and black asymmetrical tiger stripes.
    MAC In the Buff on the toes.

    Tomorrow I’m getting a manicure and am thinking In the Buff or something else simple for a change.

  57. helen

    OPI’s Suzi Says Feng Shui! It’s a gorgeous blue color!

  58. Kristen

    MAC (of course)
    Rougemarie Nail Lacquer (2 Coats)

  59. Nic

    Nothing on my fingers, OPI Hot & Spicy on my toes. :)

  60. Lizz M.

    Commander in Chic, a sort of taupe color with cool purple undertones. Gorgeous! It’s a Sally Hansen polish from the Salon Manicure collection. So far, my favorite polishes ever – quality and selection of colors!

  61. Laura

    Hard Candy “Lava”

  62. julia

    i’m wearing ‘ready to be bitten’ by essence, which just came out with the twillight eclipse limited edition : ) nice shimmery polish for sunny days

  63. livnzoe

    i’m wearing opi’s passion (lovely baby pink) on fingernails.. nothing on my toes!

  64. Deb

    On my fingernails I have OPI’s Bubble Bath with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure over it and on my toes I have China Glaze For Audrey.

  65. t_zwiggy

    Nothing on fingernails. China Glaze I Wanna Lei Ya on toes.

  66. Hilana

    Some Revlon nail grow stuff on my nails and just some Vaseline rubbed into my toenails. Its winter here and I want to have my feet in great condition for the pretty summer sandels when the time comes.

  67. Linda

    Nails in maple street on my fingers, nothing on my toes.

  68. pumpkin

    Chanel holographic on fingers, china glaze flip flop fantasy on toes :)

  69. S

    Hands – OPI’S ‘Hot & Spicy’ Toes – Orly’s ‘It’s Up to Blue’! (:

  70. kasiaj85

    China Glaze Strawberry Fields on my fingernails and OPI On Collins Ave on toes. Love both :)

  71. Kerry

    Ooh im glad you asked :) haha i have really short, bitten nails but atm ive got on fake nails and love it! On my fingers ive got on Tropical Temptation by Revlon and on my toes Plum Seduction by Revlon πŸ˜€

  72. picangy

    Mavala – Hong Kong πŸ˜‰

  73. hiromi

    Chanel Gold LamΓ© with Chanel Black Velvet tips

    Chanel Nouvelle Vague on toes.

    I’m liking my Chanel polishes atm!

  74. Belen

    China Glaze High Hopes

  75. Lurique

    Fingers: CG For Audrey
    Toes: OPI Your villa or mine

  76. amelia

    chanel nouvelle vague on fingernails and MAC’s scorcher on toes :) both summery colours. also circulating in my summer polish schedule- OPI’s brights power πŸ˜€

  77. allison

    I am wearing Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure on my fingernails and Zoya Survi (sp?) with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure on top. Hidden Treasure has become my everyday fingernail color. πŸ˜€

  78. Scientific Housewife

    Nothing on my toes, Revlon Oh My Magenta on my nails :)

  79. Rebecca

    Essie Demure Vixen on the digits, Forever 21 Mint on the toesies. :)

  80. Tonya

    Loving orange right now, so I am wearing MAC’s “Firehouse” under OPI’s “Orange you from NY”.

  81. Samantha

    pixi dust by orly!

  82. Kajsa

    Tips: Barille Falling star.
    Toes: The shrek green one from Depend with Astor #82 over.

  83. Alison

    a peachy pink misha polish with a gold china glaze konad print on top

  84. Cinthia

    Fingers: OPI “What’s with the Cattitude?” with Sally Hansen “Hidden treasure” on top, It looks so pretty, I can’t stop staring. =)

    Toes: OPI Funky Dunky, I really need to redo them, but oh well.

  85. Ali

    OMG! I’m wearing For Audrey on my nails!

  86. China Glaze Secret Per-Wink-le… will be putting Chanel Paradoxal on later today.

  87. happy

    only toes
    ChG something sweet

  88. AA

    Essie tart deco

  89. Tessa

    Barry M Mushroom on my fingers, Chanel Rouge Noir on my toes.

  90. Charlene

    Avon color trend ruby, diamond, sapphire beyonce 4th of july style

  91. Thriz

    Toes: OPI Over the Taupe (my new favourite neutral)

  92. Sara

    Revlon’s Gray Suede on Fingernails and that bright purple that came in the Sephora OPI Spring collection mini’s

  93. China Glaze’s Something Sweet in the hands, OPI’s Barefoot in Barcelona on the Feet

  94. Sara

    Revlon’s Gray Suede on Fingernails and that bright purple that came in the Sephora OPI Spring collection mini’s on the toes

  95. Njdancer

    essie punchy pink on my nails and opi whats with the cattitude on my toes

  96. CristinaG

    I’m wearing a Pink-red nail polish. Really beautifull … but it’s a brazilian brand. It reminds me a watermelon color. (Ana Hickmann Nail Polish – called “Rosa Antigo”)

  97. Anne

    Fingers: Pure Ice Celestial
    Toes: MAC Spice Mix

  98. Torrie

    China Glaze Cowardly Lyin….but I’m thinking about changing to Zoya Lauren tonight. Not yet decided lol.