Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Wet 'n' Wild I Dream of Greenie Eyeshadow Trio
Wet ‘n’ Wild I Dream of Greenie Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio

Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio: I Dream of Greenie

Wet ‘n’ Wild I Dream of Greenie Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio ($2.99 for 0.12 oz.) is a new green-hued trio for spring. It contains a pale, silvery green-tinged white with a frosted finish, medium grass green with a softly shimmered finish, and a bright yellowed chartreuse with an overlay of pale gold shimmer-glitter.

my thoughts on the formula: Color Icon Eyeshadows are definitely some of the best eyeshadows you’ll find in the drugstore, and this trio is on par with high-end eyeshadows. There’s a reason why they won an Editor’s Choice Award (or three!). The new I Dream of Greenie trio is one of the best of the six new spring trios, too. The texture is soft and smooth without being powdery or chalky, and the colors are true-to-pan and apply nicely.

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  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 10/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

final thoughts: It’s not often enough that you find richly pigmented brights in the aisles of the drugstore, but Wet ‘n’ Wild has definitely raised the bar with their Color Icon formula, and I Dream of Greenie exemplifies the quality of the new formula.

where to buy: CVS, Target, Walgreens

See more photos & swatches!

Wet 'n' Wild I Dream of Greenie Eyeshadow Trio
Wet ‘n’ Wild I Dream of Greenie Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio

Wet 'n' Wild I Dream of Greenie Eyeshadow Trio
Wet ‘n’ Wild I Dream of Greenie Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio

Wet 'n' Wild I Dream of Greenie Eyeshadow Trio
Wet ‘n’ Wild I Dream of Greenie Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio

Wet 'n' Wild I Dream of Greenie Eyeshadow Trio
Wet ‘n’ Wild I Dream of Greenie Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio

Wet 'n' Wild I Dream of Greenie Eyeshadow Trio
Wet ‘n’ Wild I Dream of Greenie Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio

Wet 'n' Wild I Dream of Greenie Eyeshadow Trio
Wet ‘n’ Wild I Dream of Greenie Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio

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Where can I purchase I Dream of Greenie? How much is it?

Local drugstores, $2.99.

Is it limited edition?


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82 thoughts on “Wet ‘n’ Wild I Dream of Greenie Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio Swatches, Review, Photos

  1. TonTeezy

    I love the drugstore brand reviews. Please keep them coming.

  2. Diana B

    Thank you so much for doing a review on this..the other day you posted a question about what was the first thing we learned about beauty and I said “for the most part you get what you pay for” but as a Wet and Wild fan these are definitely the exception. The blushes are my favorite just so you know πŸ˜‰

  3. I’ve been waiting so patiently for your WnW reviews! I’ll be religiously stalking your blog for more πŸ˜‰

    I have this palette and I definitely like it. I’m scared of bright greens (I’m more into mossy greens like Mildew) but this trio is a great green palette for me to try different shades :))

  4. Renata

    I love Wet n Wild color icon shadows! Great Review!

  5. Christine shen

    You know that makes me wonder. Besides the packaging, if the drug store makeup can have high quality products, what does that mean for the higher and more expensive brands? They are over charging BIG TIME!

    • Tish

      I totally get what you mean. It sucks how we have to pay extra bucks for the packaging and the [brand] name. Although lovely packaging always catches my eyes, I refuse to pay extra bucks for that unless the quality of the product blows me away. Then again, it’s not just the packaging. Sometimes we pay even more just because something’s a luxury brand item.

    • With the higher end brands, a lot seems to be packaging and advertising. There are a few products that are just incredible and seem to be worth the money, but a lot of other times I’ll be looking at a review here for a $20 eyeliner that gets a terrible rating, or a $60 palette with next to no pigment to the shadows- and I’ll wonder how they can get off charging that much for something that you’d expect to pay $5 in a drugstore.

      • I’ve had a pretty different experience myself – I’ve found a lot more quality and value out of high end brands than I have out of drugstore ones. There are always products that miss, no matter the price point, but for me, I’ve had far more failed drugstore products than high-end products. You may also be paying for a whole host of things – better ethical, environmental, employment, harvesting, etc. policies, higher grade ingredients, and the like which can go into a product.

        • beautyaddict

          I’ve tended to have the opposite experience, the higher the markup often results in a push to make quick bucks churning out more products. I’m willing to pay for legitimate costs like better ingredients, ethical practices but I’ve had 20+ years in buying beauty products and I can assure you that unless a product lists those benefits, you shouldn’t get your hopes up. Some of the most prestigious brands have the lowest ethics and churn out products full of low quality ingredients with superficial temporary effects– and of course when the user switches their face goes crazy and gets better only with resuming the use of the pricier products.

          • I don’t think I said that that was the case all the time. I believe I only pointed out that sometimes you are paying not just for packaging or marketing – that there are other factors that could be coming into play.

  6. I don’t usually buy drugstore makeup. With that packaging I could see myself shattering those eyeshadows lol

  7. Wow! Really good quality and really thΓ‘t cheap!

  8. AnGeLwInGz

    I will be purchasing this today. Thanks for the review and swatches!

  9. I may be one of the few people that really dislikes these palettes. They just don’t really work for me… I had two and both were very powdery/chalky and didn’t last on my eyes at all.

    • Which palettes do you find didn’t work?

    • April

      Me too! I bought several including the one I Dream of Greenie…while I do agree that the shadows were soft, pigmented, and smooth, I found that after I applied them, they didn’t want to stay on when I started blending…even with UDPP and a paint pot. Maybe I was doing something wrong…..

  10. Martina

    fine. but, seriously, how can you rate the packaging 4/5? it’s ugly even for the drugstore makeup standard

    • It’s easy to see what shades are inside, each pan is large enough to use, and it clicks shut. It’s thin and compact, so it’s travel-friendly. I don’t think it’s ugly, personally, which is why those things are easily a matter of personal preference/taste. I focus my review on packaging to practicality, functionality, etc. It is far too subjective to simply rate based on how “pretty” I think it is, so I prefer more objective measures such as layout, whether it’s something you can travel with, did they go the extra mile, etc.

      • Elizabeth

        The packaging looks easy to break, though, especially when you compare to a cardboard palette like Urban Decay. Do you think the packaging would hold up in your purse?

        • It seems like it should hold up if you put it in your makeup bag. I don’t see it being any less prone to breaking/scratching as say a MAC quad.

        • Quinctia

          Actually, I grabbed the one trio of these I own just to look at the packaging, and I think it’s actually fairly well designed, with the construction materials in mind. The actual hinge is a small piece of metal embedded into the black plastic…where the clear part attaches the metal is completely encased and the lid is thicker and reinforced all the way back to the top surface. The lid itself is quite thick. The weakest point is probably the little bit that closes on front.

          I think it would hold up in your purse, though it’s hard for me to say as I usually don’t carry around much makeup. I didn’t hesitate just throwing it into a makeup bag.

      • Rengirl

        Well said!

  11. Daniel

    I love drugstore reviews since I’m a student and don’t have much income but I have a lot of obsession about makeup πŸ˜€ keep them coming!

  12. Christine it would be awesome (and deeply appreciated) if you could do a look with these eye shadows!!

  13. jenniet2002

    thanks for the “more affordable” product reviews! =) i don’t understand how just as many people who like it, also don’t like it. i mean you gave it an A- which is fantastic!!! and the price is crazy good. hmmm….

  14. daphne

    It’s a nice review to see here! I bought a bunch of WNW Color Icon shadows and indeed, the pigmentation was surprisingly lovely. However, they didn’t work as well on the eye as they did swatched…mostly, the colors were a little hard to blend, and faded very very quickly when applied with the same methods as I do my MAC and UD eyeshadows. So I’m not sure I’d call their quality equal. But certainly, they are by far by FAR the best drugstore eyeshadows I’ve ever used, probably better even than NYX.

    • With other variations, I’ve had some fading issues – but not with this one, which is what this review is for – only this trio :)

      • daphne

        Heh, yeah, fair enough, I should have thought for a second about the fact that…oh wait…I don’t have this particular trio. Whoops :) Good to know that this one works better.

  15. Janet

    I loooove WNW makeup! I own 4 of their lipsticks, a few of their eyeshadow palettes, trios and singles and blush. It is one of the few drugstore brands where “you get what you pay for” doesn’t apply. Highly recommend their products. My fave Color Icon Trio at the moment is Silent Treatment.

  16. I have been really impressed with WnW lately. I own some of their eyeshadows, and they work really well for me. Christine, if you don’t own the Lust and Vanity palettes, you should get them. They are amazing!

  17. I finally got a hold of the new 8 palette’s as well as the new color icon colors. Gorgeous colors!! Do you find that the colors fade a lot faster? Or it is just me? I apply primer and though it doesn’t crease, I still have to reapply the color miday if I want it to look fresh.

    • I didn’t have that problem with this particular trio, but some of the other variations, I have noticed some fading – though not enough to need a re-do. (This review is only for this particular trio.)

  18. For $2.99, I can’t hate. It’s definitely worth a try and if it doesn’t work for me I can happily pass it along to my 15yr old cousin, that uses stage makeup when she has to perform.

    • Yasmin

      Get it for LESS than $2.99 during Walgreens or Rite Aid 50% off sales. In January I picked all the trios up for $1.50 each PLUS was able to use a $5 off coupon ($5 off $10). That’s something you can’t do with MAC cosmetics! LOL

  19. Annabelle

    I’m excited to see you do more drugstore product reviews!

  20. Solangel

    How does this compare to, say, Coastal Scents shadows?

  21. Trish

    Anyone know if the ingredients in this palette are mineral oil or petroleum/paraffin? I’m allergic to that and most drugstore shadows I’ve seen have this in them. :-( This palette is so pretty–I hope it doesn’t have these chemicals. Would save me some bucks from buying MAC or MUFE.

  22. Kate

    please review more wet n wild trio’s and hopefully some other drugstore goodies :) (I have this and the walking on eggshells..which seems to be a little bit better in terms of quality.) Both are awesome though and i must say I’m enjoying these shadows more than some of my high end ones.

  23. Eleanor

    This looks like a fun palette. It is good to know about the lack of fading for this particular palette. If they made some more like that, it sure would be great. With the price of gas going up, everything will be getting more expensive. So, it is nice that there is an inexpensive e/s palette that I will be able to afford.

  24. ZOMG, love. I hope this is somewhere I can find it!

  25. Yasmin

    I own all the new 3 pan Color Icon palettes except the new 8 pans. I just LOVE the colors. Can’t wait for the new Color Icon Eye & Lip Quartet to come out along with the Bloom nail polish. One thing is for sure Wet and Wild has been coming out with some excellent stuff the last few months.

  26. Bridget

    When I was younger I said”I would never wear Wet N Wild again…This used to be the makeup that you would buy in high school if you had a few extra dollars. I now find myself waiting for the Wet n Wild sales…I reach for this brand more than my MAC, MUFE, and Urban Decay. Hmmmm

  27. Mariella

    I am amazed by the quality and colours in the WnW Color Icon trios and quads, and I’ve purchased a few. But the colours in this one just aren’t for me.

  28. baby1black

    My fav WNW palette are the new 8 palette. The comfort zone is a must have. It is like the urban decay naked palette. Amazing HOWEVER I have been liking the petal pusher lately. I am not a fan of purples but I really like the colors in this one. Ofcourse I never go with putting the colors the same way they have them on the eyes and make sure u use a little at a time cause some are so so so pigmented. 2nd on silent treatment as a fave trio.

  29. Gavi

    Are you going to be reviewing the other WNW trios? I’d love to see your thoughts on them – esp. walking on eggshells

  30. I have this trio and I really love the lid shade. That green is gorgeous.

  31. Bethy

    I have this and it is FAB. Quite a steal for a mere $3.00 (I actually got 2 palettes for $4.50). Certainly better than paying Stila $20 for their little trio which has two very similar colors!

    • Bethy

      Hmmm….I think I take back the statement that the Stila trio has two similar colors now that I am comparing them.

  32. Alexis

    I am a major wet n wild fan. I never would have thought to say that two years back, but now I am glad I can. You need to get your hands on the new 8 pan palettes. They are even better quality than these trios!

  33. anonymous

    quality seems good and I love the DS brands and the proof that dept store are OP but uggh, I wouldn’t be caught dead in lime, chartreuse, yellow etc on my lids. very few can pull off those colors well

  34. Cherokee

    Christine you do the best unbiased reviews ever!!!! Love you. I have two limited editions in I Got Good Jeans and I’m Getting Sunburned. I actually swatched these on my lid with my fingers, no base or prime and they were the bomb. Beauty is definitely in the eye of he beholder. The packaging seem pretty sturdy and as someone else commented, I don’t put eyeshadow in my makeup bag either. And if it did, it wouldn’t crack cause there is so much crap in there. MAC packaging can be flimsy too. Keep on coming with the drug store reviews.

  35. Bernice

    Thanks for the review, Christine! I’ve been stalking your site more than usual for these Wet ‘n’ Wild reviews =$

  36. I just bought the last one at my walgreens today

  37. Ariel

    I could never wear those colors but I bet on some people they will be very pretty for St Patricks Day!

  38. Mela

    The eyeshadows seem great, I’m just not a fan of those colours, I prefer my crease colours a bit darker and my highlight not as frosty but that’s just my opinion, I wish I could buy this brand in Australia.

  39. Is this from Canada, the writing is in French?

  40. Anna

    I have all of the 6 palettes, including the Holiday ones, 3 of the new trios (Silent treatment, I got good jeans and I’m getting sunburned) and the 8 pan palettes and really like them! The quality of the eyeshadows is great and they last for me a pretty decent time! I have oily lids and these hold up 6-7 hours, which is really good! For the price I think it’s a real bargain! Also the matte eyeshadows in the 6 pan palettes are AMAZING! One of the best matte eyeshadows I have ever tried, including MAC…

  41. Robin

    I absolutely adore these shadow trios. I have three or four of them so far. I bought Greenie because I didn’t really have anything like it in my vast collection of shadows. The only reason I haven’t purchased more of them is because I have so many shadows in similar colours.

    I get compliments on these shades every time I wear them. Same goes for when I wear On Cloud Nine and Don’t Steal My Thunder. I doubly lucked out because they were half price at Walgreens.

    I have no issues with the packaging or the formula. The pigmentation is amazing on them as well.

  42. Wendy

    Where did you get yours? Werey they a sample? I cannot find them here but they were rumored to only be available at Walgreens and WalMart here in NorCal, near Sacramento. Any help would be appreciated.

  43. Hannah

    Thanks for the review! I love green on my eyes and that bright one would be fun to try!

  44. Trisha Mae!

    Ooh wonderful! I hope you can do more drug store product reviews, Christine. It would be much appreciated. [:

    & May I request you do a look using this or at least some shades from this trio? Please & thank you!♥

  45. Kaylee

    The bright green color (“eyelid”) reminds me of MUFE Iridescent Acid Green 171. But a little bit more yellow… & I doubt the texture is the same. (MUFE has that unique texture in a lot of their shadows)

    I’m going to try & find this palette! As a green-fiend, I can never have too many greens. And even the slightest difference gives me plenty reason to purchase!

  46. Carol

    Love these! Try Don’t Steal My Thunder. It’s the perfect trio for a smokey eye!

  47. pamela S.

    the lightest lime green color does not appear that pigmented. looks much brighter in the container but i do think its still good enough to buy.

  48. bory

    guess i will buy one!!!

  49. julie

    Can this be bought somewhere in Europe ???

  50. makeupmichel

    Amazing colors for spring and for less than $3 dollars u cant go wrong

  51. Betsy

    I bought this for St. Patrick’s day and wow…were these colors pigmented!!! i had the brightest eyes and would definately go back for more colors!

  52. Jayleen

    I just picked this up yesterday at walgreens! It was only 50 CENTS with a one dollar off coupon and a buy one get one half of sale ( I got “Walking on Eggshells” as well ). I can’t wait to try this out!