Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Applying your foundation should be an easy, streamlined process. This is a video will show you how I apply my foundation.  Stay tuned for additional videos on blush and highlighting/contouring (for everyday)!

Products Used:

  • MAC Strobe Cream (Not recommended if you are being photographed a lot–it’s better for in-person viewing, ha!)
  • Korres Silicone-Free Primer (Review)
  • Make Up For Ever HD Foundation (Review)
  • MAC 109 Brush (Review)
  • MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder (Review)
  • Water

How do you apply your foundation?

P.S. – Today I learned that it’s not “Korres,” it is “Kor-ess.”  So, pretend like I said it the right way. :)

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53 thoughts on “Video Tutorial: How to Apply Foundation (Using the 109 Brush)

  1. SusyLovesMac

    LOVE the 109 for foundation..even blends better then the 187 which is a must have brush!

  2. I use the 109 for the studio stick – Amazing airbrushed finish!

  3. tehreem

    Ohhh nice….cant wait for more videos..especially for highlighting and contouring!!!

  4. JB

    This was a great tutorial, thanks! I recently started using the 109 for foundation and am absolutely loving it. Quick, effortless and looks so flawless.

  5. Ditto what the other readers said. I have been using the 109 for foundation and powder and I love it more than the 187! It really provides a flawless, natural finish!

  6. Wilcoa

    I’ve never tried the 109, always used the 187, but based on this and the comments here I may have to pick this one up and give it a whirl. Looks like a great brush. Also have never tried the prep and prime powder since most “translucent” powders always give my skin color since I’m so pale – so I gave up trying to find one. The way you used it though, Christine, really makes it look translucent and gives a nice set to the makeup, so I’ll have to check that out too!

    • I’d definitely suggest giving it a shot. I started with the 187, which was nice, I liked it… then fell in love with the 182. Still love the 182. 109 does a great job, like the 182, but it frees up my 182s!

  7. Sheena

    Aaah, yet another brush to buy lol :) Thank you so much for the tutorial! I’ve mostly stuck with using a sponge for foundation application, and will definitely try it out with the 109 once I can get my hands on it!

  8. Carolin

    Hello Christin!thanks a lot for this video!i just have one question: do you aply sunscreen daily under your make up or do you just use sunscreen if you go out for tanning?i don’t use foundation in summer just because i’m a little concerned whether that’s all too much layers and i will get bad skin conditions of it.what do you recommend?can foundation be used on top of sunscreen?

    thank you so much!

  9. Dana

    It’s “kor-eez”?! damn it, I’ve been saying it wrong too, lol

  10. Amanda

    The 109 will be next on my list to pick up. :)

  11. Vitória

    LOL, I love how you always start your vids with a smile!

    You look cute, nice tips 😉

  12. Millie

    Thanks! I really wanted to see how you flawlessly apply your foundation. Beautiful!

  13. I just use a regular flat-topped brush which can work a whole lot more effectively than most ‘foundation’ brushes.

  14. dominica

    i loveee the 109 to apply foundation but i find that my one sheds like crazy! i actually stopped using it and switched to the 187 because after i finished my makeup i used to be left with so many tiny hairs all over my face :(
    i was wondering if you had the same problem with the shedding? idk how to stop it & i’d love to go back to using the 109 bc i swear nothing beats it

    • Nope, no issues with shedding over here… I mean, maybe one or two for an application? I’ve never noticed anything, though. You guys are all making me worried now :(

      • dominica

        ahh i’m so jealous, haha!
        with mine i end up with seriously at least 10. i’ve heard from other people who have the same problem, but then others who are fine so idk what’s up…yours should be fine though, i noticed it more when it was brand new as well

        • I’m gonna have to watch my video, just to double-check, LOL.

        • sera

          my first 109 was shedding like crazy for a damn long while too like when i use it for foundation powder and even when i was washing it. then i read somewhere that somebody said her MA said not to keep tapping the end of the brush on the sink/table cos it’ll like loosen up IDONTKNOWWHAT exactly in the brush and cos shedding. and so i decided to do that – stop tapping it when i’m applylin my powder. and omg, it doesn’t shed like an animal anymore now. but i just bought a new 109 yesterday and i looked at the size of the two and was feeling for the old brush o you poor skinny thing ):

          • Oh yeah, don’t tap your brush against anything hard or do it vigorously. Softly tap it against your arm or something, but nothing major. It may loose the ferrule (the metal part), which is what holds the bristles together.

    • Natalie

      I have the same problem with my #109! It is a shedding machine! I probably am the only one that says this, but I am not really into #109. I use either foundation brush (can’t remember the number lol), #187 or latex sponge. My favorite has to be the sponge, because it covers all my pores well 😀

  15. Oh, thanks so much for this tutorial! The water-tip is great, I must try that. I really like the foundation on you, it makes such a difference.


  16. Lina

    Who told you it’s “Ko-reez”? You actually said the name right, you just need to accent the second syllable more, that is, the E and not the O. There’s a reason it’s spelled with two Rs and not two Es. Anyway, it’s not like it matters. I just thought I’d point it out because I’m greek, and the brand is also greek, and this is the way it’s pronounced.

    And you made me so glad to have purchased the 109! I’m definitely trying this out. Thanks! :)

    • Is it a long E? LOL. Can you type it out phonetically for me? I’d like to say it right :)

      • Lina

        Well, I’ll try. 😀 You pronounced it like “kOrres”, while it’s “korrEs”. The ‘e’ sounds like it does in ‘end’ and there’s no ‘z’ sound at the end. I don’t know if I’ve helped any. Oh well, who cares? Maybe makeup people call it differently there. It’s actually the last name of the man who founded the company here. George Korres.

        I love the fact theproducts are very cheap here, but I don’t love how we don’t have everything. The primer, for example. And ever since you’ve mentioned it, I’ve been meaning to try it out. I’ll have to look for it on-line and on a site that ships to Greece.

  17. Taj

    I want the 109 now! And that Prep and Prime Finishing powder! Thank you so so much for this tutorial. It really helps me as I am new to MAC! :)

  18. Teresa

    Yeah the water tip may be what saves me! :) I feel like my foundation (Revlon ColorStay) starts to dry right away, thus harder to blend. I must try the water :) The 109 is pricey so I will use my QUO foundation precision brush, but the 109 is definitely next on my list!

  19. Sass

    I don’t do liquid foundation, but I’m finding I need more coverage since I’m breaking out (bleh), so this video was helpful. I’ll practice working with liquids. Thanks Christine!

  20. Tee

    I loved this, Christine! Thanks so much for sharing your tips. I’m going to try the water tip. Why do you think that works? I usually spritz my face with a rosewater and glycerin blend (I have eczema and find this helps keep it under control). I wonder if that would have the same effect as the water for a flawless finish?

    • No problem, Tee! I find that it just sheers out the foundation and also makes it more blendable, since it becomes thinner. It helps avoid it becoming too cakey. It also helps hydrate the skin (a lil’ bit) so dry patches aren’t so visible.

  21. Saira

    That was so helpful! I don’t wear foundation that often (just for special occasions), so it’s really good to pick up some tips and tricks. I normally apply my foundation with my fingers and haven’t tried using a brush before. Do you think that a brush helps with applying the foundation and gives a more blended look? I haven’t used a foundation brush before as I’ve not been quite sure how to use it. Do you find it easy to blend the foundation under the eyes with a foundation brush?

    • Thanks, Saira! :) Happy to help!

      I really do feel like a foundation brush gives you a more natural, flawless look. It helps give you even coverage without streaks. The 109 is small enough that it works well around the nose and under the eyes!

  22. Hi Christine! Thats my first comment on your blog, even though i follow it for a while already. I must say that this tutorial has opened my eyes – if you know what i mean )))
    I’m not sure i’ll buy the 109, i’m quite happy with the 187 result, but this water tip!!!! I have recently tried to spray water on my face and on the 187, and i had such a great result, that i could not imagine before. I was a bit unhappy with foundation routine before, but now i feel much better)
    Such an easy healthy-glow effect!
    waiting for yout 187-foundation vidio, just to know how do YOU do it.
    thx again for your tutorial

    • Hi Nina!

      Thank you so much! Congrats on the first comment! I love the 109 — though the 187 is close. I am so happy the water tip has helped you!

  23. Megan19

    You look so pretty in this video.  The water is a nice tip, thanks!