Monday, January 12th, 2009

Live video tutorial for the bright look featured earlier today… And yay, it showed up in HD :) Which is just a little scary, LOL.

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42 thoughts on “Video Tutorial – Bright Tropical Eye

  1. Really great job! I’m so impressed! Thanks so much for doing it.

    You asked for any requests: Could you do one for a look you did a while ago with Black Ore Solar Bits and you made it golden and another with some color (there were two)? Anything you could do with that! Those were my favorite looks :-)

  2. maria

    thanks darling for listening to my suggestion…the videos are getting better every time! you are beautiful and a great explainer…i have a special request and it would be a great opportunity to do something a little different….could you pleaseeeeeeeeee do a tutorial of jennifer lopez’s makeup in “all i have” with the nude eye with black in the crease and as a liner and super nude glossy lips…you can see it here:

    I’D REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!!!!!!!! Love you miss christine! Thank you!!

  3. AWESOME job!!! Seriously, this is really great! Very thorough with the steps but never slow or boring! I loved it!

    The only critique I can think of is maybe a little better lighting? But that’s it!

    Very cool!

  4. Huong

    Great tutorial and awesome quality. I’m just wondering what camera did you use?

  5. Manda

    I love this one! I’m a huge fan of bright bright colors.. and you show the perfect way to pull them off :) Random question, what song is that at the end of the video? I love it and need to download ASAP haha

  6. Saira

    Fantastic! The video was great – know it must take time to put it together but it was really helpful. I really love this look and it was great to see it all put together. Really liked your technique for using the inner lid colour just below the highlight colour – will need to try that. Are there any Mac shades which are good dupes for True Charteuse pigment? I haven’t seen that shade in the Mac store I go to but would love to try it, as it looks so lovely on. Thanks :o)

  7. Anitacska

    The colours are a little too bright for my liking, but excellent tutorial, and nice to see what you look like in the “flesh” rather than just pictures. :)
    Could you do a look with one of the trios of the Red she said collection? It would help a lot as I’m having trouble to figure out how to use them properly.

  8. kleri

    Great video. Thanks so much for this.

  9. haydee

    Your making videos yay! Before when I wrote you have a pretty clear voice I meant I like your voice, you spoke clear and was easy to follow. I love both your blog and videos. Every lil bits helps me along the way, so a BIG Thanks for taking your time. I know it takes a lot sharing yourself on film and some get such a BIG head or stare into the mirror but yours was straight to the point with lots of great tips :)Would love to see amazing purple look? Of course when you have time…..

  10. Angela

    I love your tutorials. They’re very quick and to the point which is great. I was a little shocked when you said you were partially blind. I had no idea. It’s inspiring to know that you don’t let it take over and you still shine through with your wonderful eye looks!

    • Oh, Angela! I’m really sorry for the misunderstanding, but I was mostly exaggerating about being partially blind. I am nearsighted a bit (I think that’s the one where you can see things close-up, but not far away), and I wear glasses while driving and at school–but I’m not actually blind! I wanted to clear this up right away!

  11. Tanya

    wow that was super duper cool :) Knowing me, you should know that I have a few suggestions though!! LOL

    First, I would highly suggest that you use music without lyrics. I personally found the music/lyrics super distracting. Also, if the music is more versitile, you will have more people of various age groups and musical tastes who want to listen.

    Secondly, I think it would be super helpful if you explained what type of brush your using and why. Not everyone knows what a 139 brush means.

    Lastly, I would suggest doing a closeup of your eye after each thing you do.

    I didnt think I would like a video tutorial BUT I think this was really super helpful :)

    • Thanks, Tanya!

      I appreciate the suggestions! One thing I can’t do is the close-ups, just because the equipment I use isn’t able to focus in if I move my eye close up and then out so much. I have an idea I will try to try and show close-ups, but I might be out of luck!

  12. It’s so great that you make videos now!! LOVE it :) Just one suggestion about the video itself (not about the make-up): when you talk to ‘us’, just look at the lens! I make videos myself and I hate looking at the lens but then it looks like you are really talking to your audience.

    Love your vids :)

  13. aradhana

    hi christine

    that was a great video! i probably won’t try out that particular colour combo myself, but it did look really good, and you explain how to do everything really well.

    i really like your focus on eyes, but i also really liked the tutorial you did a long time ago for face (foundation etc)–would you consider doing that kind of thing in video format? your complexion looked flawless and radiant in this video, and i would love to see how you achieve that!! (probably a lot of it is genetic!)

    • Thanks, Aradhana!

      I’ll try to get that sometime 😀 I was trying today, but I just did not have the time. I’m trying to squeeze in comment replies before I head off to class!

  14. kira

    wow great tutorial! an aside, but your eyebrows are gorgeous!

  15. Helen

    Hey. I love your tutorials, in some of them you say LE what does this stand for???

    Thanks Helen

  16. celina

    thats hella pretty you know any ones for purple and black or pink and black

  17. ingrid

    that is really pretty,nice.Where did you learned how to put make up? I’m dying to learn to apply make up like that.I live in Fremont Ca, any tips?

  18. jamie

    not something i would wear but you look great!

    thanks for doing the video! You are the best!

  19. Jelena

    I like the video .. but I kinda like more when you take pictures step by step.. so I can see every single detail .. or if you’re ok with it, you can take pictures and make a video too. Greets from Macedonia

  20. nadine90212

    Ty very much for this look – i love make up – and i’m always looking for new looks – so thanks