Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Video Makeup Tutorial: The Violet Glow

Here’s a video tutorial for the look I did yesterday!  As always, I hope you find something useful out of it, even if it is my poorly pronounced French.  (Which is really sad, and would kill my French teacher, since I took French for five years–much to my dismay, I am not very good at learning new languages!)

You will need the following…

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30 thoughts on “Video Makeup Tutorial: The Violet Glow

  1. Sarah T

    Love this look! Thanks for the video Christine :)

  2. Jennifer

    Love this look, those colors look amazing together. Theres a few I want to pick up now!

  3. Marjan

    This look is really not the thing I’d wear, but I love watching your tutorials anyway because you give so much advice. Thanks a lot. I learn a lot from you =)

  4. Abby

    LOVE IT! I’m such a sucker for vibrant looks like this one…they are so much fun!

  5. Natalie

    Ahh this look was really pretty. And btw when you say clean your brushes right after, do you mean spot clean or deep clean?

  6. Melanie

    I’m just getting in to multi-color looks and I’m still trying to figure it all out. How do you clean your 239 between colors? Mine always seems to transfer the first color into the second, especially with the super-pigmented shades.

    • I have 5 239s :O It’s my fave, fave brush, and I got tired of using the same one, so one became three which became five.

      But you can use MAC’s brush cleanser (or other alcohol-based cleansers) to swipe off colors between. It dries pretty fast if you don’t saturate it too much. You can also use a makeup wipe and run the brush once or twice on that to get some of the color off.

  7. Luisafer

    so vibrant, those colors are great!!! pretty look!!!

  8. Luisafer

    and totally agree with you on wearing mascara, happens to me, totally finishes the look!!!

  9. Sally

    Christine, I love your tutorials! You are so real – when you applied Goldenrod, said you hated how it looked, and started over, I was cracking up! Not many people would include that in their video, and I’m so glad you do :]
    Keep up the great work – this look was gorgeous!

  10. vnssa906

    gasp!!!! i LOVE this look!

  11. AmandaPanda

    Hi Christine – how do you like the new NARS eyeshadow base? I’m looking for an eyeshadow base that does a good job of covering up redness and I wonder if this one fits the bill.

    • I like it, I did a review last week :) I actually went out and bought the full-size when I have a bajillion bases already, so I guess that shows you how much I liked it, lol! However, it’s an invisible base, so it’s really not going to cover up redness, IMO. You might find Benefit Stay Don’t Stray or a MAC Paint Pot or even UDPP Eden would be better. Hate the pump on Stay Don’t Stray, though.

  12. Kelsey

    I love the look! But I’m just so obsessed with the 226 crease brush and really want one! Is there any chance it’s going to be released again?

  13. Linda

    I am so in love with this look. I never had much of an interest in Atlantic Blue but now I want to go buy it just to do this look!

  14. Kalee

    you’re soooo right about the mascara being important. sometimes (actually, most of the time) when im doing my eyes i’ll look at it after im done before i apply mascara and im like “uughh….this looks like crap” or “this doesnt look right” and once i apply mascara it looks soo much better….same for liner too (but ya dont always need that though).