Friday, June 4th, 2010

Video Makeup Tutorial: MAC Dare to Wear Blues

Here’s a video tutorial of this blue look I did yesterday! :)  I hope you enjoy it!

I keep forgetting to mention in a video as a fun fact, so I’m at least going to write it here since I am remembering…

FUN FACT: I don’t plan the look!  I usually have an idea of what I want (e.g. I want to do a blue look, or use X product, or do green and blue or brown and gold), but I don’t have anything picked out yet.  What you see in the video is me doing the look for the first time – I don’t even do one eye before the other. I do them both simultaneously (but we edit out when I do the other eye, since I’m out of the frame anyway). This is why you’ll often see me give suggestions or modifications, based on how it turns out :)

You will need the following…

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40 thoughts on “Video Makeup Tutorial: MAC Dare to Wear Blues

  1. It’s a great trick use a eyepencil to apply gel liner! Thank you!

  2. Tabi

    ROFL! Christine, you’re so awesome! I find if I wait for the mascara oopsie to dry and then very gently rub it with a dry cotton swab, it tends to come right off and not mess anything up. I can then go back and touch up, if needed.

    Love the look and can’t wait for the colors. I bought Winkle and Atlantic Blue just because I see you use them so often and they truly are gorgeous colors. I’ve been lusting after Sky Blue, so I’m happy I can get it when Dare to Wear comes out! (Though technically I could get it anytime by calling the Pro store in Dallas, but I really dislike ordering makeup in the mail for some reason. ;))

  3. I love this look omg !! But i dont have so much make up(blue eyeliner and blue fluidline). ops. okay. ill save the look in my desktop looks! wonderful job and thanks christine ^^

  4. Diana G

    I am loving these videos Christine! I will usually write down the products you use and the how to but I prefer to see it. Great Look.

  5. Crystal

    Thank you for doing the video tutorials. I love love love when you do them. It gives me a better understanding of how you apply your makeup, even though your “looks” are very detailed. Ps. I hate when I poke myself in the eye w/ my mascara. :((

  6. shontay

    Aww, Christine I know it’s no fun stabbing yourself in the eye with a mascara wand. I’ve done it once or twice (thankfully not in a very long time!). It wasn’t funny, but the *&$*%& and all that made me laugh. Great tutorial as always.

  7. Diana

    I love . . . this look Christine how does Shroom compare to Vanilla eyeshadow, Vanilla pigment, Ricepaper and Nylon do I really need to get it if I have all of the above?

    • Shroom is a little more beige and softly shimmered compared to Vanilla — it’s nude, unlike Nylon (which is also frostier). It’s not quite as shimmery as Ricepaper. But no, I don’t think you need it between the other highlighters you have!

  8. LNU

    Christine you made the cutest face after you stabbed yourself in the eye with that mascara! 😀
    And for me its a real pain because I wear contacts, so when it gets on a contact it doesn’t blink away even with blink and clear drops, I have to remove my contact, rub it off, and then stick it back in without ruining my eye makeup!%@^#&

  9. This was a gorgeous look, and I loved it the first time you posted it too! Beautiful! But I have to say, best part, was learning what you do when you get assaulted by a mascara wand!!! I do that SO MUCH! Even after, (*thinks*) 14(?) years of wearing makeup (I’m 28) I still do that, like, monthly! I SWEAR, it kills me when I jack up a perfect eye look with black smudges from my brush! I loved seeing how you deal with it!!!

  10. Krystal

    new camera?! Quality looks amazing!! What kind is it??

  11. I totally LOL’ED when you stabbed yourself with your mascara!!

    I do that often too, and usually fixing isn’t too big of a deal but I Definitely hate it when your eyeshadow drops onto your newly blackened lashes!!! Grr!

  12. Stabbing yourself in the eye is not exactly funny, especially not when you’re in a hurry xD

  13. Tish

    This look was beautiful!!!

  14. shakx

    this look, looks totally amazing, the colours seem scary at first but when they come together there awesome, you pull blue of really well. it suits you, btw as if u stabbed your self with a mascara lol xoxo

  15. hey christine. im debating between winkle and alantic blue eyeshadow. which is better for my NC35 skintone?

  16. Christine

    Ooooh… I’ve always been a bit at a loss as to how to wear blue eyeshadow. I think I will definitely check these mattes out, they look super pretty. Thank you for the tutorial, I feel all inspired now!

    Super LOL on the stabbing mascara wand. I’ve done that quite a lot, especially during the mornings when I’m still half asleep and I misjudge as to how far I should be moving that wand. And yup, super @#$^$# pain!

  17. Kate

    haha this is hilariously awesome :) beautiful eye makeup!

  18. Mel

    I love that you don’t edit out bloopers! This video is awesome! I laughed out loud and I’m going to try this look today!

  19. shuz4ever

    Great look Christine. Wasn’t planning on getting these colours when i swatched them earlier, but after seeing this look i’ve changed my mind. BTW is Atlantic Blue similar to Climate Blue? Also, i love the music used…can u tell me what CD/artist/compilation?

  20. Kim

    lol don’t be offended but i think it’s hilarious the way you smear your primer on the eyelid. i guess bc everything else is done with such precision, it just looks funny?
    anyway i liked this look a lot it really makes your eyes pop! i may try this one too