Monday, January 20th, 2014

Temptalia Asks You

What is your most used makeup palette? Share!
Temptalia's AnswerUrban Decay Naked1 or Guerlain Turandot!

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97 thoughts on “What is your most used makeup palette?

  1. Urban Decay Naked (1) palette

  2. Easily Urban Decay Naked 1! Second place goes to my MAC neutrals palette, though.
    Amanda Recently Posted: My Foundation Routine

  3. Most used: Naked Basics. It’s a palette that can get incorporated into every single look and is great to have on hand.

    Least used: Naked 1. I bought into the hype and got it and I have tried and tried again to love it, but the colors are just all wrong for me.
    Audrey Recently Posted: Overview of my College Apartment Bedroom

  4. C

    Sugarpill Heartbreaker :)

  5. Lacey J.

    Lorac Pro easily.

  6. Katherine

    Lorac Unzipped

  7. Aida

    Chanel Charming

  8. Miss J

    It’s probably a tie between Naked 2 and LORAC Pro.

  9. My MAC Quad! Consisting of Woodwinked, Amber Lights, Bronze and Club!

  10. NYX Nude on Nude, the big one :)
    Daniel Recently Posted: 89cats:

    Caturday by Daveybot on Flickr.

  11. zainab

    If we’re going by dents in the shadow Urban Decay Mariposa, but I haven’t reached for that in a while. Otherwise Urban Decay Naked 2, though none of those shades are showing real trenches yet. I try and force myself to use different colours every day though, so as not to get in a beauty rut or ‘waste’ my eyeshadow.

  12. Urban Decay Naked Basics! I’ve used it almost every single day for the last year. Love it.

  13. soren

    Urban Decay Naked 2 and Stila In The Moment :)

  14. Melody

    Well it was Naked 1. But now it’s tied Naked 3 and Vice 2.

  15. Emily

    my MAC eyeshadow palette, since all the colors are custom picked :)

  16. Kanoa

    It used to be Naked 1 but now- Naked 3 4 lyfe.

  17. yosefina

    Urban Decay Naked Basics. I even do my brows with it, sometimes :)

  18. rachel

    Lorac Pro Palette

  19. Francesca

    Urban Decay Naked Basics!!

  20. Urban Decay Naked 2, easily! I even used it to do the makeup for both of my weddings (same dude, two weddings for families on opposite sides of the world :-P)

    But then I only own about 3 palettes, so… ๐Ÿ˜€
    Sylirael Recently Posted: An Ode to Pink: Chanel Rose Insolent, OPI Pink Yet Lavender and Iambic Pentameter

  21. Wendy

    My Inglot neutral 20 well palette, everything I need!

  22. InkyWinky

    Urban Decay Naked 1 and Sleek ‘Au Naturel’.

  23. Clarins Forest or Stila’s In the Light and In the Garden. I’m actually surprised that my Naked palettes don’t get more of a workout!

  24. Chanel Eclosion! But Prelude and Raffinement are catching up.

  25. I don’t own a great deal of them, but I reach for my Laura Mercier Artist palette very often! Even sometimes just to complete looks made with other eyeshadows.

    • Annette

      Ditto! I never thought it would be so versatile on me considering it shouldn’t work on my olive/warmer skin tone as well as it does. I’ve never been able to pull off purples and pinks before and now they’ve become so every day.

    • My favorite too! The colors seem to work on a variety of skin tones. Love the mix of cool & warm shades. Shimmers have no glitter or fall out. Mattes are like butter– none of the usual powdery mess!

  26. Astrild

    Urban Decay Naked 2

  27. Urban Decay Naked Basics.

  28. Right now: Chanel Quadrille

    Overall: my custom MAC palettes

  29. Abs

    Urban Decay’s Smoked Palette – the mattes for highlighting, blending and darkening. Thinking about getting Naked basics for this…

  30. KaseyCannuck

    Naked 2

  31. I mostly switch between Naked 3 and Disney Ariel Look Book.

  32. Morena

    As of lately….
    BH cosmetics Take Me to Brazil palette
    MAC “Call me Bubbles” quad

  33. I thought it was Naked 1, but I remember that the other day I was looking through my palettes – and my most used is actually the Clinique Meadow palette that they don’t even make anymore.

  34. alyssa897

    Probably Stila In The Light, one of my favorite palettes. It definitely LOOKS like the most used because there’s a lot of fallout and you can barely tap your brush in the pan and powder will get everywhere! But it’s one of my favorite palettes of all time. Have you tried it, Christine? So lovely! Other than that Nyx’s Love In Rio trio in “Barefoot in the Sand” which is so lovely. EmilyNoel83 mentioned it in a favorite Nyx products video and she described it best – it’s kind of like you’re not wearing any makeup, but you are. It’s like it contours your eyes and brings out the shape. it’s simply AMAZING. The three colors are not the most pigmented, but that’s perfectly fine if the look you’re going for is soft and subtle. So underrated!

  35. NARS Fairy’s Kiss! It’s my go-to for travel and work.
    Jamie Recently Posted: NCLA Nail Lacquer in Laurel Canyon Lolita

  36. Lauren

    UD Naked Basics or Guerlain Rue de Passy

  37. CatG

    I’ve had other ones much loner, but Too Faced Pretty Rebel!

  38. kurohana

    day life palette by em cosmetics it has everything i need in one convenient place

  39. TrippyPixie

    Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Beethoven. Galeano and Tequila are my favorite eyeshadows of all time.

  40. Miss Ash

    My Urban Decay Naked 1 is my most used. However I often combine it with my custom MAC palette of 15 shadows.

  41. xamyx

    NYX Butt Naked “eyes”; the spectrum is broad, there are various finishes, and it is nearly impossible to make a mistake! It’s perfect for mornings when time is especially limited.

  42. Geneva

    Nars And God Created the Woman eyeshadow palette, use it just about every day.

  43. Either my Naked 1 Palette, Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, or my Nars Pro Prime Smudge Proof Shadow Base.

  44. Naked 1…I’ll rebuy this as long as they keep making it. On my second one!

  45. Amanda R

    Urban Decay Naked 2

  46. My 15 pan custom MAC palette definitely! Second place goes to Naked 1 which I have the longest though!

  47. Urban Decay 2 is probably my all-time most used, but I like to switch it up to use all my products. I definitely don’t need anymore palettes probably ever!

  48. Anat

    not something spacail

  49. Let

    BareMinerals The Happy Place quad. In the summer, though, it’s UD Dangerous palette (old version).

  50. UD’s Naked1 for sure. =]

  51. Mine is Vintage Romance by Sleek, especially I like the gold shades for everyday which is surprising for me.
    Christina Recently Posted: Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar

  52. makeupvixen

    Neither, the Anastasia Lavish Palette, Too Faced Chocolate Bar and the SugarPill Pro Palette

  53. I’d say UD Vice and Vice 2.

  54. Bonnie

    Naked 1, closely followed by Meet Matte Nude!

  55. Is it cheating if I say my custom Inglot 40-palettes? I use custom made palettes and singles a lot more than pre-made palettes. My MAC and/or Inglot palettes are pulled out basically every time I do my makeup.

    Out of my pre-made palettes it’s probably the Chanel Spices quad, bareMinerals The Happy Place or theBalm Nude ‘tude.

  56. Wenz

    Urban Decay Naked 1!

  57. Em

    Naked 2 and Marc Jacobs Lolita

  58. Naked Basics and my Bobbi Brown Smokey Warm Eye Palette :)

  59. UD Naked Palette, but honestly, I use my custom Inglots so much more ๐Ÿ˜€

  60. Kat Von D Sinner! I looooove smokey eyes and I use it constantly!

  61. Nikki

    Wet n Wild Comfort Zone

  62. Most used palettes are naked and naked3 .least used naked2;-)

  63. Jamie

    Lorac Pro for sure.

  64. Urban Decay Naked Basics or Urban Decay Naked 3. I use the mattes in that with a lot of my favorite brights.
    Phyrra Recently Posted: Makeup Wars Best Lip Savers

  65. Joy

    Smashbox Master Class II

  66. Kristen

    LORAC Pro. Or Naked Basics.

  67. Kim

    Urban Decay Naked 1 and MAC spiced chocolate quad

  68. carol

    Edward Bess “Back to Basics”

  69. AudreyNZ

    the Balm Nude Tude, my only real palette. Prior to this, i was using a custom palette from Art Deco.

  70. Over all UD Naked 1 because I’ve had it since it came out, but the second Laura Mercier Artist Palette is definitely in the lead now. I’ve hardly touched my other palettes since I got it.
    Kenzie Recently Posted: colorful eyeshadow: it doesnโ€™t have to be scary

  71. Karen

    I try to spread the love evenly but lately probably Naked 3.

  72. Naked 2, Naked basics, Lorac PRO

  73. I try to rotate my palettes as best as I can so they can all get some love. I haven’t been reaching for my Naked 1 as much since I got Naked 2, Naked 3 and the Lorac Pro though :(

  74. Lisa

    Naked 2 hands down. I have sooooo many palettes but this one was my first substantial palette purchase. I am also in love w Naked 3, but time will tell if it’s lust or something more lasting…

  75. Jenn

    TheBalm Nude Tude

  76. Kat

    Right now, it’s a tie between Naked 3 and Vice 2.

  77. Quinctia

    The Wet n Wild Lust 6-pan!

  78. Urban Decay Naked 2 and Shattered Face Case. And, though it’s technically not a palette, lately I cannot put down Bare Minerals Ready 2.0 in The Inspiration.

  79. right now UD vice 2 and naked 3!

  80. The OCD in me has me cycle through all of my palettes and singles equally. It challenges me to come up with a look for a certain product when I have to use that one. If that makes any sense :)

  81. Lori G

    Naked Basics. I always come back to it and use it EVERY Sunday. [works well on camera] :)

  82. Allyson

    Naked 3 and Tom Ford Burnished Amber Quad

  83. My Blush Professional 28 Color Neutral Eyeshadow Palette.