Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Urban Decay Rollergirl Palette Look

LOVE! this palette.  The three neutrals look amazing together, but due to popular request, I had to incorporate Woodstock somehow! :)

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Greed as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249.  Apply Verve eyeshadow to the inner third of the eye with the 239.  Next, apply Suspect eyeshadow to the middle third of the eye, going above the crease.  Apply Darkhorse eyeshadow just above the crease and into the outer corner with the 222.  With the edge of the 239, apply Woodstock eyeshadow to the outer two-thirds of the crease.  Use Trench eyeshadow to highlight the brow bone and diffuse the crease color with the 217.  Apply Whiskey liner on the lower lash line.  Finish by sweeping lashes with Inimitable Intense mascara.

For cheeks, apply Giggly blush on the apples of the cheeks and pat towards the temple with fingers.

For lips, apply Cherry Blossom for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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212 thoughts on “Urban Decay Rollergirl Palette Look

  1. Wauw!! Super mooi!

  2. That’s a gorgeous look, Christine! :)

  3. condesa

    truly beautiful & refined ! love this polished looks! bravo Christine!

  4. tantan

    Soo pretty Christine !!
    what skin care line do u use ?

  5. Wow Christine, I really love this look! Thank you!
    Can’t wait to get my hands on this palette. :)

  6. Mickee

    Can I just say how much I love this look on you!
    It looks even more stunning than any chartreuse or coral, which I didn’t think was possible :)

  7. Holy smokes, you look stunning Christine! Giggly just makes you glow! And the eye look is really stunning, I totally want this palette now! Would you say this palette would fit warm and cool toned skin?

  8. OMG, this is such a pretty look. I’m in love with the choice of blush with the eye; it’s SO flattering on you!

  9. Roberta

    Great look! I was wondering how the Greed primer potion could be used. I mean, how it would turn out in a look because I was considering buying it. Thanks Christine!

  10. Faerie

    Lovely look!

  11. mandy

    Hi christine, what do you use to fill in your brows? I really like them! Thanks in advance :)

  12. Nina

    i love this!

  13. Thank you so much Christine! I was hoping you would do a look with this palette. It’s so gorgeous; it’s the first thing I feel like I really need in a long time.

  14. Jennifer


  15. This looks great on you!

  16. Charlotte

    Love the eyes and lips but not a fan of the blush, it’s a bit too pink for me.

    I’m definitely going to check out the new Guerlain lipsticks, I’ve wanted to get a Rouge G for so long but couldn’t justify the price tag!

  17. stephanie

    love this. totally getting this palette! thanks!

  18. Julie

    Oh my gosh, this is my favorite eye looks ever. Now I have to get that palette!

  19. baby in a corner

    So do you think the pink eyeshadow doesn’t really work? I like it but I’m not sure if it would look just as good without the pink. I love verve but not sure if the palette is worth buying for that colour either!

    Can’t wait for your review of cherry blossom!! :)

  20. Sara

    so pretty!

  21. Roxanne

    Ahhh I love this look so much! I really want Darkhorse but the other colours in the palette are fairly similar to things I already own… *sigh* I hope they make a single of it!!

  22. Annie

    absolutely gorgeous!! One of my favourite looks you’ve done lately. Now I’m off to go buy this palette…

  23. Oh, Christine! This is one of my favorite looks you’ve ever done. You look lovely!!! Now I’m going to have to buy this palette, even though I wasn’t planning on it :)

  24. Steph

    Very pretty, and nice way to use that hot pink.

  25. Svetlana

    Wow gorgeous.

  26. Jane

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! This look is beautiful!!

  27. Valerie Brower

    So pretty!! I love how Woodstock looks in there!! This will b going on my long wishlist lol

  28. Joyce

    Wow, this look is gorgeous. I may have to get this palette now. Thanks for sharing Christine!

  29. Jamie

    This is GORGEOUS and looks beautiful on you!

  30. Perfect! Wonderful look!

  31. Nathalie

    Love. And the new MAC blush looks amazing on you.

  32. What a pretty look…I’m sold on this palette because of you 😉

  33. This is really pretty :) What would be a good dupe for Woodstock?

  34. Amanda Dubs

    this is quite stunning, is it so shimmery because of the primer?

  35. Alison

    I love how you were able to use such a bright color in such a subtle way. I love bright shadows, but I feel a little conspicuous wearing them sometimes (like to school or the grocery store!), so I’ll have to try something like this on days when I want a color fix!

  36. Chloevien

    Maybe it’s just me, but the color combination between fuchsia and dark bronze is just extraordinary and genius. I haven’t seen such a color combi. And you look gorgeous too:) Thank you.

  37. Rae

    I love this – it’s gorgeous! Terrific work, Christine :)

  38. Ariel

    Looks awesome!

  39. angela

    awesomeness, is this a new palette? i better google it before i go to ulta today! love the color combo-its’ not something you see often, but it goes together so well.

  40. kfm

    This looks unbelievably gorgeous on you. Everything just comes together perfectly. You look radiant.

  41. badmakeupgril

    This is my favourite look of all time! Love it! I wish I could buy the palette, but it contains animal ingredients. Le sad.

  42. Sue

    OMG You look amazing Christine!!! Gorgeous lip color too! I want the Guerlain now, yikes for my wallet!

  43. Pretty! I was thinking the hot pink would just not mesh with the neutrals, but this looks amazing. I really want to go home and see if I can do something similar with colors I have now!

  44. beautiful look, one of my favorites!

  45. Lisa

    Omgosh, you look gorgeous in the pics!! :)

  46. Rosie

    I miss your looks and I love this pinky springy one. I am debating getting this palette as Suspect and Verve catch my eye and I don’t have Woodstock but with so many UD palettes I don’t know if more fit in my drawers…

  47. Do you think ‘Last Call’ would be a good alternative for Woodstock? In this specific look, I mean. :)

  48. The blush goes really well with the look! lovely ^^

  49. fallynn

    i just bought the Fun and Feminine palettes today – and of those I wanted Woodstock the most. it looks really Pretty Pretty Pretty on you!

  50. Nikki

    Gorgeous look, Christine!! You made hot pink look classy and sophisticated!! LOVE it! Can’t wait to get the pallette and try this out!

  51. Rachel Lauren

    I have to say this is my favorite look that I’ve ever seen done on here. It’s gorgeous!!!

  52. A.Ozair

    Wow!! Super gorgeous!! LOVE the Look..the last pic has convinced me to get this palette!!! :)

  53. Deb

    Super pretty!

  54. Jocelyn

    Very pretty :)

  55. Michelle

    Ooh, I love this look – so pretty! I can’t wait to get this palette!

  56. Michelle

    Looks so pretty on you Christine. This has to be one of my favorite looks you have done

  57. I love when you do looks for recently reviewed items! It makes it so easy for me to decide whether or not I love something!
    I thought that Woodstock would be crazy bright, but I love how you toned it down a bit. So pretty!

  58. Ruth

    This is beautiful :)

  59. cloudburst

    Great look. Well, that settles it, I’ll be picking this palette up!

  60. AnGeLwInGz

    You totally rock that palette! Now I can see why they incleded Woodstock. BTW I challenge you to do a look without Burberry Trench. Seems it’s been a while!

  61. chelsea


  62. Sarah

    I really like this look :)
    I think it is nice with the pink blush on cheeks combined with the hint of woodstock – really cool.
    I dont use blush myself, but you really inspire me to try new stuff.
    Thanks for your work best regards

  63. Wendy M.

    Great look, Christine!
    You look glowing. :)
    Will be trying out this look soon. 😀

  64. Ingrid

    BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for showing us this look, I really want this palette now :)

  65. daphne

    I love this palette too! I usually don’t get interested in UD’s smaller palettes (I’ve only purchased one BoS and the deluxe shadow box), but this one is spot-on for me and I don’t have any of the colors.

    Also, I love the heavy blush for this look, and the last photo! You have a slight smirk on your face in the eyes-closed shot that is really adorable 😀

  66. angie

    this is one of the most flattering looks i’ve seen on you!!! gorgeous!

  67. Jessica

    suuuuuper pretty eyes

  68. becky

    Any idea how woodstock is comparable to Too Faced’s Mess in a Dress??

  69. ashley

    love this look, but i didn’t see you mention what eyeshadow is under your lower lash line? (i love it!)

  70. bxboricua

    wow…makes me reconsider getting this palette…

  71. ooo, your look is surprisingly wearable! The hot pink was kinda off putting at first, but now I’m thinking about get this palette~!

  72. Brenda

    Love these colours on you! Blush too:)

  73. Farida

    Oh wow I really love this look. You look beautiful. Can I ask what concealer you are wearing? Your skin looks flawless.

  74. Shilpa

    you look beautiful! blush looks great! did you use whiskey on both the lower lash line and the waterline?

  75. Nina

    I think this make up looks great on you! :)

  76. Dini

    You look STUNNING! The blush really suits you too.

  77. Lady Di.

    I never would have even considered this palette because I wouldn’t know what to do with such a bright pink….but now I really want it, you blended the colors beautifully!

  78. was

    If you can upload a tutorial for this look I will appreciate it coz I really love your eyes

  79. j0o626

    Wow u look amazing nice look so pretty. Do u know when this palette is going to be available to purchase I need it in my life asap lol

  80. Very pretty! I was kind of wondering what the bright pink was doing in there, but it’s very beautiful!

  81. Aamirah

    Wow I love this look! So gorgeous definitely going to try this out :)

  82. Amanda

    Gorgeous!!! I love this

  83. Mallory

    Wow this look is literally breath taking! Now i think i HAVE to get this palette even though i have darkhorse (naked palette) and will probably be getting Suspect (Book of shadow vol III). Just so i can have woodstock and verve! I have a question, don’t you think theres a little bit too much blush applied to your cheeks? It’s just a question i dont mean to offend you in any way.

  84. joanna

    Hi Christine,
    This look is gorgeous! I have a really big question that I don’t think I can find the answer to anywhere. How do you color coordinate makeup? Sometimes I’ll be doing a green smokey eye or a bright yellow and black edgy look on my eyes, but I don’t know what colors to wear on my cheeks and lips. I know that sometimes even dark purples can look good on lips in coordination with a certain kind of eye and cheek color. Could you do a post on color matching with makeup. It would avoid a lot of nasty color combo’s while doing makeup. Thank you so much!

    • joanna

      Sorry I just wanted to clarify a bit more…I was thinking of a like what colors not to wear together EVER. and what colors look best with different colors on eyes. If you do have time, it would be much appreciated!! Thanks again!

    • No such thing as rules like that :) It’s really about finding color combinations you like on you – because it completely depends on what you choose, the tones of your skin, and how/where/much you use.

  85. dani


  86. This is absolutely GORGEOUS! I was very unsure about the palette when I saw the shocking pink, but this looks so pretty the way you’ve applied it! I might end up giving this palette a try! Thanks, Christine! Beautiful work as always!

  87. kathy

    Beautiful !
    Christine, do you know the exact date the palette is being released? Since it is April already and it is not at stores yet

  88. Mariella

    Weird but I thought I’d posted a reply here. Anyway, I may seriously have to consider getting this palette since it contains Suspect (which I chose as the one “LE/palette only” shadow I’d love to be able to buy more of. The fact that Darkhorse is in this palette too makes it an even more appealing purchase for me, as that is another shade I just love from the Naked palette. As always, you look stunning, Christine!

  89. ssnug

    You look absolutely gorgeous!!

  90. Janice

    Woahh that first photo looks like an advertisement! Gorgeous.

  91. Love the colors. Too bad none of the girls on my local rollergirl team wouldn’t wear anything that pale! LOL

  92. Carolina

    Absolutely flawless!

    PS-Love the second photo with your sideways smile. :)

  93. I really love the color of the blush. Perfect for a bride!

  94. Steph

    So I am going to a Britney Spears themed night at a gay club with my friend and was trying to think of fun makeup. This was bookmarked and I will be sporting it tonight :)

  95. rachel

    wore this look to work today…loooooove

  96. Deb

    Wow just placed my sephora order for Roller girl palette and 15 year UD birthday glitter make up bag! Then I got your post! Great make up minds! Lol!!

  97. Queentut

    That is going to be my signature Spring look! Love the combination of the Woodstock with the Rollergirl…thanks for the idea!

  98. Queentut

    I actually a question…This look is amazing with your brown eyes, but do you think I can rock it with green eyes?

  99. Lani

    I just got this palette in the mail and had to try this look as well as look #2. Love them both. I’m so glad I got this palette I know that I’ll get a lot of use of it!