Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Next Week: Urban Decay on Sale @ HauteLook!

We’re excited to tell you about Urban Decay coming to HauteLook next Monday (November 23rd) at 8AM PST. HauteLook holds beauty sample sales periodically, and often you can pick up some of your favorites for 50% off (sometimes more, sometimes less).

Psst… and we’ve arranged free shipping for Temptalia readers for the Urban Decay sale!  We’ll reveal the code when the sale goes live next week! :)

HauteLook and Temptalia have partnered together to create a co-branded shopping experience and to highlight certain sales that I really think are worthwhile for readers. We’re taking it slow and seeing how the experience works for both you and us, and we’re going to feature one sale this month and another in December.

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45 thoughts on “Urban Decay on Sale @ HauteLook Next Week!

  1. Jasmine

    Love it!! Thanks Temptalia

  2. Annie

    Nooo! Not an Urban Decay sale RIGHT before the Baroque Boudour collection , I’ve been saving >< xP

  3. Heidi

    I’ll take my chances and wait for this sale. I’m passing up on UD’s 30% sale going on right now. Stayin’ strong!

  4. amy

    I would be interested in picking up a few items, but is the free shipping applicable to Canadian residents as well? Or would it be just for US temptalia readers?

  5. Siledhel

    They don’t ship to PO boxes….. and I’m broke =(

  6. that sounds awesome; I’ll be checking that out for sure!

  7. daphne

    Christine, I think this is a lovely idea! Im sure HauteLook has gotten some extra attention from your blog so Im glad theyre teaming up with you. Hopefully I find some nice UD things at the sale as I decided to hold off on this FF (hauled generously in the last two this year!).

  8. Nadine

    My advice to fellow readers is that if you want newer Urban Decay items, you should shop FF 30% before it ends on Nov. 20. If youre looking to stock up on older items as pictured above, then HauteLook would be a good value for you. I wouldnt count on seeing newer items at HauteLook. Of course, I would love to be pleasantly surprised.

  9. Anja

    Yay! Thank you Christine! Shipping costs is usually the thing that stops me from purchasing beauty products on the sample sale sites. Sometimes when you add in the shipping it almost cancels out the discount.

  10. Tracy S

    Christine you are the best for getting that free shipping to apply to Canadians as well! So often we are left out of a lot of discounts. I applaud you!

  11. Bea

    Awesome!! I love urban decay!! Thanks so much for this AND free shipping?! OMG Im there!!

  12. Audrey D

    OMG! First Sephora FF sale. Then Urban Decay FF sale. Now HauteLook? I am just buyin up urban decay!

  13. Lulee

    YES! This is awesome! i shopped the korres and urban decay sales on hautelook in the past but i skipped a couple of time (like shu uemura) because of the shipping cost! i would LOVE to see this more often!

  14. liz

    OMG CHRISTINE. you are killing me!

    i just bought from ud f&f but depending on the selection on hautelook (i ordered last time, in august lol) and your free ship code; i might be tempted to order again!

  15. Patti

    Hooray for the free shipping, here’s my chance to get more UD products esp the 24/7 liners!! Boohoo for my wallet though!

  16. cinthya

    Thank you!

  17. Michelin

    I’m ridiculously excited! Two of favorite things? Urban Decay and free shipping.

  18. Michelle

    To those of you wanting to shop the F&F sale — the sale at Hautelook for Urban Decay last time was a great sale (I got quite a few things), but they don’t have everything for sale. There was a limited selection of products at Hautelook. So if there are specific items you want — you may want to get some of them during the F&F sale. Just a thought!!

  19. Alison

    …I swear I have such bad timing when it comes to HauteLook sales. I was broke for the Shu Uemura sale *weeps* and now Urban Decay? They always run a few days before I get my paycheck.

  20. Shayla

    thanks so much for the free canadian shipping! shipping fees to canada are always ridiculous which stop me from purchasing online

  21. Yay for the announcement! Thanks so much for arranging the shipping deal…especially since it’s not region-specific. Shipping to Canada always kills me!

  22. Missy

    Yayyy thanx soo much temptalia!!! I am going to order sooo much stuff!!!

  23. tofupoo

    awesome! i love sales and free shipping! cant wait!

  24. Anna

    i had a terrible experience with hautelook. i bought items from their rock and republic sale and i had to pay duties and taxes 3 times for my order (1 for men, women, and makeup). i ended up paying retail because of the shipping. they knew it was a problem for canadian customers, but they are sneaky and dont tell you until its too late.

    canadians buyer beware, make sure you know what you have to pay beyond the checkout. cuz i got totally ripped off by hautelook

    • Anna,

      I’m sorry you ended up paying retail by the end of the day, but I know when I buy things from overseas, I make sure I read over all of their international shipping policies and rates to make sure I know how much I’m going to be paying. If you look under their help section, it explains about their international shipping, additional charges (18%), and the shipping rate.

      This is exactly what is stated on their site:

      “For all orders shipped to Canada, we simply charge a flat $10.95 shipping rate (which includes brokerage fees) and an international surcharge of 18%, which covers GST, PST and duties. These charges will be displayed when you check out, and what you see is what you pay – there are no additional charges upon receipt. Please note: all prices and charges on the site are in US dollars.”

      I’m not sure when you purchased or if the policy was as clearly stated then as it is today. Have you contacted them? If you have any dissatisfaction with a company, I’d definitely recommend contacting their customer service to see if they can help make it better.

  25. Rosie

    OOo if they have glitter liners and liquid liners I am so there!

  26. How awesome! Very much looking forward to this. 😀

  27. Maddy

    Hi Christine,

    Do they ship internationally?


  28. Roxanne

    They don’t ship internationally, do they? :(

  29. Lyndsay

    WHOOHOO!! I’m so excited. I got stuff from them the last time (granted, they sent me two of one liner and failed to include another….and an eyeshadow was shattered..and they wouldn’t do a return seeing as its their policy not to on makeup…grumble) But, it still excites me… I’m kind of glad I didn’t pick up a ton from the F&F sale because I’m hoping the remaining items will be included on hautelook! (just a couple individual liners)

  30. June

    I personally wouldn’t wait for Haute Look.. because 30% off new products from is much better than 50% off old products.. I guess it’s just another way to boost your readers.. good for you.

    • I haven’t had any problems with the products I’ve received (I actually bought several UD liners from the last sale). Products, as long as they’re not opened, tend to have a long shelf life. Unless there’s something wrong with the product (e.g. it’s dried out), I’d still rather save 50% myself…

  31. Christie

    Just did a MAJOR haul during their F&F but the ONE thing I really wanted (De-Slick powder) was out of stock for the entire sale :( So I’m hoping it will be included in this!

  32. reyika

    love UD, cant wait :)

  33. Do you know what’s going to be sold?