Friday, May 11th, 2007

This tutorial is designed to show you how to apply lip liner, lipstick, and lipgloss to create full, plump looking lips.

Skill Level: Beginner

Products used: Pink Treat cremestick liner, Mari-sheeno lipstick, Poetique lipglass

When applying foundation to your face, feel free to buff a little bit of the excess onto your lips. This acts as a primer, if you will, and it will also help intensify the color of sheerer lipsticks and glosses. You could also use products like MAC’s Prep and Prime Lip.

Apply Pink Treat cremestick liner around lips, making sure to stay within the boundries of your lip. My lips are fairly full as is, so the last thing I want to do is line outside of my natural lip line! You can see that I wobbled and got some liner on the bottom lip – not a problem. Liner helps lipstick from bleeding and increases its staying power, but it does not need to be precise necessarily.

Apply Mari-sheeno lipstick over lips, staying inside the lines, and gently going over the lines to help blend the Pink Treat cremestick liner into the lip color. We aim for precision, but if you aren’t perfect, it’s okay – we still have one more layer to go. If you don’t want to top with a gloss, use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to clean up any frayed edges or a lip brush to help fill in remaining portions (like in the picture: the bottom left portion of the lip is a bit sheer compared to the rest of the lip).

Apply Poetique lipglass all over the lips, using the brush/wand to blend all three lip components together for a glossy lip.

This is your finished product.

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31 thoughts on “Tutorial – Lips

  1. Taylor

    ooh this makes me want to buy some lipglass ! i really like the little sparklies in it ! :)

  2. Christina Evans

    That looks perfect! I wish I could hire you.;) Do you ever opt for a darker lip, I’ve noticed you do a lot of pinks? Do you have any color suggestions for a dark lip color, and liner? Thanks, you’re very much appreciated!

    • Hi Christina! I do opt for darker lips, but it depends on what I’m doing. I’m generally doing day time looks as I’m not a bigggg partier, so darker lips can sometimes be too overwhelming. How dark as you looking to go and in what shade? There are deep reds like New York Apple, which is a gorgeous raspberry red. I’ve also done Wild ‘Bout You, which is a deep cranberry color, several times. Capricious lipstick is a great berry that’s a bit dark, without being overpowering. I find that Cranapple l/l or Beet l/l are good for darker lipsticks.

  3. Geri

    thanks so much for this tutorial! I’ve been hoping to see you do one tutorial for lips as all your pictures of your lips looks so gorgeous 😉 Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Hi, I´m a black girl, more NC 50 skintone, kind of brownskin, like mulatas in Brasil (you are able to see at my multiply). Usually I don´t like brown lipsticks or bronze, reddish brown as normally people suggest to black girls. I like some neutral pink like Viva Glam V, so could you please suggest me one color of lip liner that goes well with VGV or similar colours. Thanks,

    • Hi again, Cristiane. For a great liner for neutral pinks, I would recommend Pink Treat cremestick liner. It’s a great multi-purpose liner – I use it almost exclusively with all my light pinks and medium pinks. Beurre and Creme o’ Spice cremestick liners would be two others I’d recommend for those colors. You might find that Caramellow or Gingerroot cremestick liners to be good colors similar to your lip color, as well.

  5. I meant NC45 skintone.

  6. ms_althani

    oh wow ..
    thx christine for doing this !!
    ur lips look sexy and the colors are amazing ..i wanna buy it :)

  7. Thanks, Chris. I ´m sure I am going to buy one of your cremestick liners ‘ suggestions.
    Take care and keep making up yourself , so beautifully.

  8. Meme

    Hiya Christine!

    You have very sexy/full lips =)

    I just had a question about a rec for a MAC softer pink (or rosy pink) lipstick. I’ve never found an HG soft pink lipstick – many are either too pale, too cool, too mauvey, too frosty or too muddy on my mdeium pinky-mauve lips. So far I’ve tried angel (too pale), sweetie (gorgeous actually, but a little on the fuchsia side on me), midimauve (too mauve), brave (too flat) and a couple whose names I forgot, lol. I’m trying to find a slightly deeper (but still neutral or slightly on the warmer side) version of Hug me, which is my favorite nude pink lipstick. Oh yes, I finally found out my MAC skintone shade – NC35.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hey Meme!

      Hmm, Sweetie is the closest I ever got to my perfect pink lip. You might want to check out Politely Pink or Please Me. Skew might also work!

  9. Aimee Wine


    Thank you so much for this. Your makeup looks gorgoeus in all of these. I went to Mac today to get this lip look and they no longer make mar-sheeno lipstick. Can you recommend another Mac lipstick color similar to it to finish off this look? Thanks:) Aimee

  10. Thanks Christine!! You truly are the best!!

    What about the Poetique lipglass? That is discontinued too. Any suggestions for a comparable color to that?


    • Hi Aimee! I can’t think of anything that’s similar to Poetique that’s permanent. :( The closest is Lychee Luxe, but that’s a pink coral, whereas Poetique is a rusty orange kind of color.

  11. Kelly

    First time I see your site and I want to tell you that you simply make magic with make up (when I grow up I want to b like you ha ha),especially with the eyes,I didnt know that it was ok to use all those colors, when i saw different shadow colors I hadthought who can use this? but now I know its possible to use them and look good. Congratulations you have a very good site that helps a lot. Good luck

  12. Janis

    My lips always peels! What product do you use to keep your lips moist all the time?

    • I always carry Chapstick around for days when I’m not wearing lipstick/lipgloss. I also put Vaseline on my lips before I go to bed to help moisturize while I sleep.

  13. Kayla

    wow. that was a REALLY helpful tut. thank you so much! im always looking for things to make my lips look nicer. i have…sort of full lips, and they(other than my eyes) are my only favorite feature on me, so i like to make them look nice. im very excited about getting to work on this one :]
    thanks again!!

  14. jennifer

    Your lip looks are absolutely awesome!! :)

  15. Audrey

    Hey Christine,
    I have read in some magazines that it is best to apply lip liner inside the entire lip. However, this dries out my lips sometimes. What works best for you in your liner application?

    • Hey Audrey!

      It’s not always best to do this – ultimately the reason many do it is because it increases the lasting power of a lipstick, but I don’t find it particularly necessary to do all the time.

      Have you tried MAC’s cremestick liners? Those are creamier, so they’re less drying than traditional pencils.

      I only apply liner along the edges of my lips, might do a little extra to cover any lip flaws (I have one scar on part of my lip), but that’s about it.

  16. nina

    Beautiful combo!