Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

This is a tutorial I did last November that I finally wrote up (I know, I know!), so you may or may not remember this look!


  • Gold Stroke pigment (Coppery brown)
  • Trophy Pink eyeshadow (bright medium pink)
  • Queen’s Jewel eyeshadow (dark blue-purple)
  • Silverwear eyeshadow (silvery)
  • Modern Heir eyeshadow (dark purple)
  • Ricepaper eyeshadow (neutral highlighter)
  • Feline kohl power (black liner)


  • Don’t Be Shy blush (cool light pink)
  • Micro Pink beauty powder (neutral pink highlighter)


  • Snob Appeal lipstick (frosty dark pink)
  • Contessa lipglass (shimmery pastel pink-mauve)


  • Gold Stroke = Copper (metal)
  • Trophy Pink = Da Bling
  • Queen’s Jewel = Parfait Amour
  • Modern Heir = Contrast
  • Silverwear = Electra
  • Feline = Graphblack
  • Don’t Be Shy = Well Dressed
  • Snob Appeal = Bombshell
  • Contessa = Nico

We are using the Cool Eyes Palette from Holiday ’07.

See the step-by-step process!

1. Start with a clean, bare eye. (This has a little makeup on it, because I had done a look previously–but you get the idea!)

2. Apply one or two drops of water-based mixing medium onto a medium-sized eyeshadow brush (like the 239), then pick up Gold Stroke pigment. You want to begin applying it to the middle of your eye lid.

3. Spread the color outwards from the middle to cover the entire lid.

4. This is what you should have.

5. Apply Trophy Pink eyeshadow to the inner third of the lid using the 239. Pack it on to intensify the color.

6. This is how the color looks overlayed with the base.

7. Apply Queen’s Jewel eyeshadow to the middle of the lid using the same 239 brush.

8. Pull the brush downwards to evenly distribute the color.

9. This is what it looks like now.

10. Apply Modern Heir eyeshadow to the outer lid using the 239.

11. This is what it looks like.

12. Apply Silverwear eyeshadow over the middle area of the lid to lighten.

13. Pull it downwards to distribute color.

14. This is what you should have.

15. Apply Silverwear eyeshadow above the crease to diffuse the colors.

16. Pull outwards towards the outer portion of the eye.

17. Highlight brow with Ricepaper eyeshadow, starting underneath the inside area of the brow.

18. Pull outwards towards the tail of the brow.

19. This is what you should have now.

20. Add black liner to the lower lash line and coat lashes with mascara to finish.

Finished look…

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40 thoughts on “Tutorial – Dramatic Fuchsia & Purple Eye for the Holidays

  1. this look is really pretty :) better late than never! 😉

  2. Angel

    Agreed with Livia. Great tut and gorgeous results!

  3. It’s so helpful to see the step by step pics of how you create you looks. I am loving it!

  4. Eniana

    You look gorgeous. Thanks for the step by step.

  5. Eva

    You make me regret not buying that palette last year even more!! *sigh*

  6. Dee

    What a difference a year makes for eyebrows. Do you remember why you decided to try a brown base?

  7. Anitacska

    This is gorgeous. Can you do a similar look for the 2008 cool palette (I just bought that)?

  8. Morgan

    Ow..:( Queen’s Jewels must have been limited, right? Damn & blast. That looks like the perfect bluish purple I’ve been looking for.

  9. So pretty! I can’t believe I skipped out on that palette last year :(

  10. danielle

    so pretty! i love that palette! i’m using the makeup that i hardly ever use just to use them and i always go back to this palette. =)
    you look gorgeous!

  11. Anitacska

    Can I just ask why you’re using a brown base? I would have never thought of doing that (I don’t know much about applying make up incidentally).

  12. I hated my cool eyes pallete from 07 so much that I swapped it away. The colors were all hard! Pretty look though!

  13. is that you on youtube video about tutorial makeup? the title was how to make smokey eye makeup?
    i like that video so much..

  14. Kat

    I really like this look!

    Do you know of any mascara that works for someone with short and thin eyelashes? I can’t seem to find one that works well enough.


    and keep these coming :)


  15. Kat,
    I have short and thin eyelashes too.. I just recently bought kiss me heroine mascara
    it works well for me.. only 15$usd but i’m very satisfied.
    it’s a japanese product that i bought online from an online beauty store in multiply..

  16. Renata

    Hi, Christine.
    I’m new to your site, but I love what I’ve been seing! You do such good job in here!

    I noticed you don’t use a eyeshadow primer — you do use wet pigment as a base. But you apply it just in the lid… Since my problems occur mostly in crease area, I wonder: does your eyeshadow last for a long time with this technique? I’ve watched a video of yours and you say that it does, but in my case, I do have to use a primer all over the eye, from the lashes to brow…

    May you have a gorgeous 2009, plenty of love, health and prosperity.

    • Hey Renata! :)

      Thanks so much! I do use primers, actually! Basically, when I use the pigment wet, I use it with mixing medium, which is glycerin-based–glycerin is tacky/sticky, which is why it works so well. I also often use Soft Ochre paint pot as a base :)

      Using pigments as a base NEVER creases on me whatsoever!

  17. Brittany

    Hi Christine, i am new to your site as well and i was just wondering what primer you do use? nothing keeps my eye shadows on:( at least from mac. I also was wondering what you mean by a water base medium? Where do you get that from… and one more (sorry, im really trying to get better at makeup because i really enjoy it) thing, I know you use mac eye shadow and urban decay, but some i couldn’t figure out where they were from. Anyways! love your make up! u are gorgeous and im really glad i found this website!!!!

    • Hi Brittany! I use pigments as my primers for the most part, to be honest. I like Soft Ochre paint pot as well, but you said you don’t like MAC primers 😛

      You can make it by putting 1 part glycerin and 3 parts water together, or you can purchase it from MAC PRO :)

      You could try Urban Decay Primer Potion!

      • Brittany

        Thank you so much for your response! This might sound like a stupid question, but is there a difference between MAC and MAC PRO, because there are MACs here in Sacramento, but i dont know if they are pro. I really need to get that stuff from mac, when i go there do i ask for a water based medium or is there a name for it??? Thanks again and you are gorgeous! i tried doing this tutorial ( you did a great job) but it turned out horrible on me lol i think its because my eyes sag a little. but ill keep trying! have a great day.

        • MAC PRO carries PRO products, whereas MAC counters or freestanding stores don’t carry them. There are just special products designed for use in the industry (like for photoshoots) rather than consumer use. Mixing medium (water-based) is PRO only!

  18. Nice nice. wow, i didnt expect the brown base. im gonna try it. 😀