Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Tutorial for this look! :)

You will need the following…

  • Eyes: True Chartreuse pigment (chartreuse base), Sharp eyeshadow (chartreuse), Tempting eyeshadow (bronzy brown), Dark Edge eyeshadow (matte dark brown), Next To Nothing eyeshadow (neutral highlighter), Rich Gruond fluidline (brown) Graphblack technakohl (black), Plushlash mascara (black)
  • Cheeks: Other Worldly blush (bronze)
  • Lips: Creme Cerise lipstick (dirty peach-nude), Jampacked lipglass (dark vampy berry)
  • Brushes: 266 (firm, angled brush), 249 (flat, firm brush), 239 (fluffy shadow brush), 129 (dense blush brush)
  • Substitutes: Sharp = Sour Lemon; Dark Edge = Brun; Next To Nothing = Shroom; Other Worldly = Raizin; Creme Cerise = Peachstock; Jampacked = Desire

Get step-by-step directions!

This is the quad of eyeshadows we are using. It is a quad from MAC’s Cult of Cherry collection.

Here are swatches of the colors we will be using. The first three greens are comparisons between several similar chartreuse-colored shadows.

1. Start with a clean, bare eye.

2. Dampen brush with water-based mixing medium (1 part liquid glycerin, 3 parts water or available at MAC PRO), then pick up a small amount of True Chartreuse pigment and apply all over lid.

3. This is the approximate shape you should have.

4. Apply Sharp eyeshadow with the 239 brush to the entire lid area.

5. This is what it should look like — it pretty much just sets the base, since they’re so similar in actual color.

6. Apply Tempting eyeshadow to the outer lid and outermost crease using the 239 brush held horizontally.

7. Sweep it outwards to blend out the color.

8. This is what it should look like.

9. Darken the outer crease by applying Dark Edge eyeshadow applied just slightly above and overlaid with Tempting with the 239 brush.

10. Pull the brush outwards to blend it out.

11. This is what it should look like.

12. You can go back and swish your brush horizontally or held at a diagonal angle to help blend the colors together further.

13. Sweep Next to Nothing underneath the brow bone to highlight.

14. This is what it looks like.

15. Pick up more Sharp eyeshadow and apply it from the inner most part of your lid and bring it upwards above the crease.

16. This helps to create a better gradient and fade between the crease color and the highlight color.

17. This is what it looks like. Apply Rich Ground fluidline along the upper lash line using the 208 or 266 brush. Add your choice in black eyeliner and mascara to finish eyes. Complement eyes with Other Worldly blush on cheeks, then Creme Cerise lipstick and Jampacked lipglass on the lips.

(Cheeks don’t look this shimmery/orange in real life; Other Worldly photographs terribly!)

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42 thoughts on “Tutorial – Cult of Cherry Chartreuse Greens & Browns

  1. Tanya from Oz

    wow! this is a great tutorial – the pics are very helpful! It must have taken you a long time to stop and take photos at every step. lol these sort of tutorials definately make up for the lack of youtube vids!!! 😀

  2. Zoffe

    I thought I could pass on the tempting quad… But you’re making me want it!! 😛

  3. Eva

    Christine, this looks so pretty!
    I really like that you match your makeup to your clothes so often..I know that you “shouldn´t” (according to certain “makeup rules” or whatever), but I like doing that, too, so: yay! :o)
    Can´t wait for the Tempting quad to arrive. I originally wanted the Spiced Chocolate quad until I found swatches online that showed how similar the colours are to the Lace Eyes holiday palette from 2006..lemming effectively killed.:o)

  4. danielle

    i love this look! it’s vibrant. you look gorgeous!

  5. Katie

    Gorgeous! The steps are *very* useful! :)

  6. Theresa

    Other Worldly is a beautiful blush colour but alas, I have to agree with you on this Christine, it photographs terribly :(

    That said, I’m so happy I got my hands on this quad.

  7. Ms. K

    You look gorgeous! Love the combination! ….:)

  8. Calico

    I really love the way you swatched the colours before doing the tutorial. Its SUPER helpful.
    Would you be able to this for your ‘looks’ as well?
    It helps us find dupes… :)
    Thanks Christine!

    • Hi Calico! Unfortunately, I’m often pressed for time, and I never plan out what I’m going to do, so it’s very hard for me to get swatches beforehand (especially because I use my hand to wipe off my brushes) :( Sorry!

  9. I think Otherworldly is a light blue shade ya?

  10. Oh… I thought Otherworldy as in the Macqueen Paintpot…

    but it is a blusher. Heh, sorry, my bad.

  11. Carolina

    This is great Christine! I finally broke down, after seeing your look with the Spiced Chocolate quad, and ran to the nearest MAC to buy it. :) My first MAC purchase ever! And it was all because the look you did was so damn irresistible! :)
    As I was buying it, my sis was looking at the blue and the green quads and she asked if you had also done a look of those. With perfect timing you posted this one, which I’ll show her, but what about the blue one? Are you going to do a look with that one in the future?

  12. dee

    Hey the makeup artist used this quad on me Saturday. Your version is much greener. I love it though.

  13. People always say green looks good on Asians, but for some reason – I can’t get it to look good on me!

  14. regreta

    woman you make this shit look soo easy.
    love the colors! great tutorial…i want to run out and get that pallette..

  15. Amber

    I gotta say…I love this look! I hate sharp e/s but for some reason…I want it now!

  16. jenny

    Let me start by saying that I love your tutorials. I always want to put (pencil)eyeliner in my waterline but when I do it only last for like ten minutes before it fades away. Should I use an specific eyeliner or is there a technique no make it last?

  17. jenny

    Do you think you can do a tutorial with the other pallete form mac. The one that has purple and blue. I bought it becuase I love the colors but I do not know how to use them together.

  18. Mercedes

    I was looking for the M.A.C website and i stumbled on ur page, let me say THANK GOD!!!! I love all of the looks that u have on ur page and thanx for breaking it down the way u do…ur awesome girl…god bless!!!!!

  19. Rebecca

    Reviewing some of your older looks Christine… Just had to say, love this one! I love the lip combo and couldn’t believe it was those LS/LG! You must have lightly smooshed some Jampacked over the LS no? And the eye looks crazy and colorful until you have the full face shot, and it just suits you so well (especially with your hair pulled back)!