Friday, November 25th, 2011

By Amanda, Traveling Contributor

While earning her degree at university, Amanda traveled around the world to a plethora of countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. She currently lives on New York City’s Upper East Side where is pursuing a graduate degree and working in education. Amanda has studied the histories of beauty around the world and is herself, an avid admirer and practitioner of the beauty techniques she studies.

To track her travels, thoughts, and techniques follow her at As a world traveler (and with more travel plans on the horizon), she’ll be offering a unique perspective of the amazing local brands and products she’s discovered and still discovering.

Traveling Must-Haves by a World Traveler

I’d like to share with you what I take with me whenever I go traveling. From the High-Atlas Berber villages in Morocco, to the Pyramids in Cairo, to Red Sea just off the coast of Saudi Arabia, to Diocletian’s palace in Croatia, and through Nottingham’s rainy days, these products have proven their metaphorical “valor” for their resilient consistency and inherent capacity to work well across varying climate conditions.

I’ve found that my MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Power ($23.00) works for me in all whether conditions. Whether it be the 125 degree weather in Egypt or -30s in New Hampshire, this product provides the same consistent coverage and staying power across temperatures. I’d find that my bronzer and highlighter (listed below) are best suited for all temperatures below 85 degrees. If the temperature is higher, I risk looking shiny all day long. Finally Benefit’s One Hot Minute ($30.00) adds the perfect amount of matte color to my face to prevent me from looking washed-out in any climate.

Now, the eyes are almost a free-for-all. I tend to keep in neutral when I am traveling so as to not stand out as a foreigner too much.  (Below is a more detailed list of eye products that I’ve found to last underwater in Jamaica and Croatia, as well as after a long day of work.)  To the complete the visage, my must-have lip product is my Burt’s Bees Sun Protect Lip Balm ($3.99). This lip balm neutralizes the color of my lips and allows me to then apply pigmented lip product that is appropriate for the given situation. More often than not, I find myself using MAC Snob ($14.50) or Revlon’s Nude Attitude ($7.99).

Just remember: When traveling, less is more!

Check out Amanda’s list of must-have products for travel!




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8 thoughts on “Traveling Must-Haves by a World Traveler

  1. NARS Lola Lola is the perfect shade of brown. :)

  2. Liz

    Hm, as someone who travels a LOT and has dry skin, I found I really can’t wear powder in most drier climates, let alone on an airplane. I like to rely on a small amount of multi-purpose products, such as a good BB cream that’ll provide spf, moisturization and as much coverage as I build it up to, as well as either a lipstick that I can use as blush as well, or a cream blush I can wear on my lips.

    Lipgloss is nearly always a terrible idea because of wind and the fact that it intensifies the UVA and UVB rays that’ll hit your lips like a lense.

    For eyes I’d use a creamy pencil over liquid, gel or cream any day because it’s less of a fuss and less to package, and a simple mascara.

    I do agree that less is more, but I also think traveling gives one the opportunity to check out local brands. I always just bring bare minimum and buy local things or duty free if I feel like adding certain colours.

    • Maggie

      Thank you for your input! I have combination skin that breaks out and gets dry whenever I travel between different climates and temperatures. I especially like how you mentioned what you used or didn’t use and why. A BB cream is a great idea!

  3. I’m impressed by how little you travel with…inspired actually. I usually cart around way too much and buy too much at duty free when travelling. 😉

  4. Lianne

    The paint pot and gel eyeliner don’t seem like such a splendid idea, the glass packaging is HEAVY. Not to mention it would be a huge pain if they bumped into each other and broke. My travel go-tos are pressed powder, benefit pocket pal, waterproof mascara and maybe an eyeshadow quad. Oh and SUNSCREEN.

    • Jasmine

      When I travel, I wrap my paint pots and gel eyeliner in a tissue and pack them snuggly into a small makeup bag. I haven’t had any break and I fly really often. They are heavy though which makes me sad if anyone can recommend some matte cream eyeshadows that would be great :)

  5. Janey

    This is so perfect i am going on a trip to cuba for a week in 2 weeks and i really dont want to over pack this will help me not overpack thanks!!!!

  6. If you’re looking to pare down to just a few traveling containers, I find that a good thing to do is to pack backwards – that is, grab the size bag that you’ll be using, and only pack what will fit in there. Then go through and take half out. Re-pack, then take half out again. Remember that as far as makeup goes, you only use about 1/3 of what you get out on a daily basis, if that. In my experience, the best bare bones makeup travel kit contains a tinted moisturizer with SPF, a setting powder, blush/bronzer/highlighter (depending on what you like and need to use), mascara, and multi-function products such as a cream color that can be used for eyes/lips/cheeks, an eyeshadow color that also works for filling in your brows, pigment for cheeks/eyes/lips, etc. And I also think that palettes are absolutely your friend as far as having color variety without having to carry 10 tiny makeup pots and compacts.. the Z palette/Unii palette/other similar containers are great, because you can depot and load it up with what you need. So, for example, you could take the larger Z palette and, with everything depotted and pared down to the bare minimum, still have in there a setting powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter, powder concealer, and eyeshadow shades. Heck, you could even put in lipcolor! Any travel bag that includes multifunction products and is as condensed as possible will be not only easier on your back, weight-wise, but is less risky – think about it, as much as you love your MAC, I’m sure you’d rather do without your *absolute favorite* 30 shades, because if they got lost? You’d likely lose it.

    Just a few thoughts. Happy travels!