Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

The Hit List

Best Lip Balm? What product wins this category?

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135 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Lip Balm

  1. Marta

    Carmex of course 😉

    • jodie

      I lurvee Carmex Cherry :)

      • Yaya

        CHERRY CARMEX! But the solid one in the twist-up tube, I find the liquid-y one isn’t as moisturizing.

    • Ellene

      Definitely Carmex! I’m sad they don’t have the mint flavor anymore, which was my fave. So I settle on regular and strawberry (either in jar or stick form… not so much a fan of the squeeze tube). Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm is a close second.

    • laceyk

      i have heard that since it contains salicylic acid (the acne medication) it is not a good product to use on your lips. something about it being overall more drying and addictive. this has been a family staple for years, but now im trying to find an awesome alternative

  2. suzana

    For me, its La mer and Vichy thermal water lip balm. I bought my la mer one 2 yrs ago and i use it everyday but i think i will be able use it foe another year or so. Therefore the price is alright as i did waste on other lip balms without positive result. The vichy one is amazing too and my hubby is in love with it. I layer it on top of my la mer at night. I have the most dehydrated lips ever so these two are my holygrails.

  3. Janella

    mine is rosebud strawberry lipbalm

  4. bluematilda

    i really like mac’s tendertones, and the l’oreal jelly something or others that look pretty much exactly like the tendertones…also, lancome’s baume baiser- unfortunately most of these are no longer available!! argghh! my hubby only wears anthony’s…they have a nice citrus and also vanilla..yum!

  5. Nathalie

    I use large amounts of lipbalm for years! I couldn’t be without. My favorite is Bariéderm by Uriage.

  6. Parfumerìa Gal (Madrid) in Violetta <3

    • IZzySA

      Me encanta el Violetta! and Papaya (Agatha Ruiz de la Prada tin) .. I also use in random order: Carmex, Rose Bud Salve, Kiehl’s, LaMer, as well as the Tarte lip balms.. I love lip so many lip balms they are like a mini addiction:D

  7. jodie

    Definatley Carmex cherry
    Vasiline’s rosey lips is AMAZING too

  8. The Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, by far!

  9. JennXOXO

    Burt’s Bees & Labello (only sold in Europe sadly – I like to stock up when I get the chance) are my fav’s.

  10. Nicole13

    Say Yes to Carrots Citrus lip balm and Carmex (only in the winter though)

    • Mary

      oh my gosh I just bought the Yes To Carrots Citrus at my local sephora and i’m loving it :)

      • Jenny

        How much is the Yes to Carrots lip balm? I didn’t know it was available at Sephora… i thought it was only available at drugstores.

        • No ma’am. It is not sold on Sephora. I’ve seen it sold at Walgreens and CVS.

          As for my fave lip balm, it’s definitely Smith’s Rosebud Salve. If it’s good for Beyonce, it’s good for me, too. lol. I also just tried the Hello Kitty Apple Balm (purchased at Sephora). I love the smell but the consistency is too thick :/ It’s something to get used to…

  11. My favorite lip balm is Aromaleigh’s Minty Cocoa Chip lip balm. This stuff is fantastic!

  12. Good old chapstick!

  13. Gina

    Dr. Dobb’s Peppermint tingle. Ahhhh mazing!

  14. Stephanie

    Lypsyl Original Lip Moisturizer. It’s the only thing that works for me, and I’ve tried TONS of lip balms.

  15. mLacey464

    Burts Bees — the regular one though.. I tried the Burt’s Bee’s pomegranite and it is horrible!!

  16. Vness_12

    I absolutley love MAC Lipconditioner (not ot sound like a total MAC FREAK). Other than that I have to say that snog works well and this rose bud salve I find at Sephora.

  17. Nicole15

    I’m a Lipsmackers girl. I have used them on my lips for years now & never is there a day where I have chapped lips.

  18. Arika BH

    I avoid any balm with menthol because that actually dries out your lips so you have to keep reapplying creating that lip balm addiction. I love Kiehl’s balm in the tube, Weleda lip balm, and Smith’s Rosebud Salve. I have lip balm in every purse and every room of my house.

  19. Nadine

    I love Burts Bees. The honey one is great for everyday use. The lip shimmers are super moisturizing and super pretty!

  20. Aimee

    I can’t believe no one else uses The Body Shop’s Hemp lip balm. Nothing else has ever worked for me.

  21. Virginia

    I like Kiehl’s

  22. make up junkie


  23. mlou

    Blistex in blue pot is my overall fav. Tendertones, which I’m hoping re-release this yr, are terrific – love the deeper shades for great pigmentation!

  24. Dawn

    It’s Just a Cocoa Butter lip balm, in a yellow stick. I LIVE by this stuff; either used alone or under lipsticks. It’s by Coco-care. It’s so cheap, about a dollar a pop from wlamart, walgreens and beauty supply stores and the conditioning effects are amazing. My lips stay soft and it keeps me free from cold sore outbreaks when it’s too hot or too cold. I seriously haven’t had one in over a year. A+ in my book.

  25. BEST LIP BALM EVER..NIVEA A Kiss of Moisture – Hydrating Lip Care SPF 4

    • Simply

      I totally agree! I love the way the Nivea one feels. I used to use Burt’s Bees, the normal one, but I can’t go back to using this (though I still have some hanging around for emergencies).

  26. Lisa

    Lush makes the best, I use it every night before I go to sleep.

    • Ellene

      wait which one? i was considering getting a lip product from lush.

      • Lisa

        Any of the Lush lip balms are good. The scents are different, but they have pretty much the same feel to me.

  27. nihan

    nivea cherry, strawberry, passion fruit, pink grapefruit and the regular one. haven’t seen in us yet, so i always buy a bunch when i go to europe.

  28. nihan

    and mac hello kitty lip conditioners of course :))

  29. cloudburst

    Chapstick w/ spf, the vanilla mint scent is especially nice.

  30. CARMEX!!
    I’m also starting to like L`Oreal HiP’s JELLY BALM.

  31. Connie

    Neutrogena with SPF 15.

  32. I’ve tried my share of lip balms and definitely what I have one of in all my purses, backpacks, makeup stash, is Burt’s Bees lip balm! You know, the pepperminty one… you can just FEEL the hydration on your lips. It’s the best!!! 😀

  33. CeeBee

    Blistex for stick ones, for anything else I use Lucas Papaw ointment.

  34. kat

    Burt’s Bees! I love it 😀

  35. Vaseline all the way.. Anything else dosen’t do my lips avy favours after like 2/3 days!

  36. Regina

    bobbi brown lip balm.so waxy, and really gets the job done.

  37. Molton Brown lipbalm is amazing but the only way i got hold of it was on British Airways flights in first class, but now theyve stopped for some reason! so im looking for an equally amazing replacement

  38. jasmine.W

    any rosebud product!! (i dont like the stawberry one too much). Blistex or aquaphor for the winter..burts bees if i don’t have the rosebud..

  39. sshortiix33


  40. Justine

    rosebud is awesome… i love CO Bigelow too… and every night, i use bonne bell lip smackers :) because it reminds me of being little, and it’s moisturizing without being sticky so it doens’t matter that it gets on the pillow.

    • mithi

      yes! i love bonne bell lipsmackers! my favorite is Dr. Pepper. it tastes like Dr. Pepper and it makes my lips a plump, natural red.

  41. Mara

    I use Bigelow’s My Favorite Lip Balm every night before bed.

    • Mariana

      CO Bigelow also has one for the night! It’s called My Favorite Night Balm and it’s AMAZING… That stuff stays in your lips the whole night and even when you wake up in the morning it’s still on! And it’s the perfect combination of waxy and creamy… Divine. I bought mine at Bath & Body Works for 7.50$ which was pricey for me but sooo worth it

  42. Heather

    Aquafina Lipbalm!! for some reason I hated it at first I guess cause it had a mint feeling to it but I love what it does to my lips!!

  43. Andrea

    Cherry Chapstick hands down!!!

  44. Sarah

    Labello!!! Have been addicted to it for years. Didn’t realize it was so good until I tried other brands only to always return to it 😉

  45. Carol L

    My fave is Yu-Be.

  46. Noel

    My favorite lip balm is by Nivea and is called, A Kiss of Moisturizer. It makes your lips look and feel so incredibly soft, it’s my HG lip balm! :)

  47. *neena*

    My favorite is the traditional MAC Lip Conditioner in the pot. For some reason I find the pot formula to be better then the others.

  48. Golden

    Carmex in Cherry. I’ve tried lot of lip balms but this one is the BEST! Hands down!

  49. Naz

    I didn’t think there was anything better than Carmex until I came across Tantalizing Lip Butter from The Body Shop!

  50. Danielle

    MAC tendertones, Vaseline, and MAC Hello Kitty TLC. Christine, I’m in desperate need to know whether or not MAC is bringing back tendertones this summer! PLEASE let me know! :(

  51. Fresh, Korres, By Terry’s, and Burt’s Bees!!!

  52. Megan

    I like several. 1. Vasaline..I love this stuff been using it since I was a teenager 2. Loreal Jelly Balms I have three..their great and they smell awesome 3. MAC tinted lip conditioner…Got my first one from Hello Kitty…really pretty color and mositurizing

  53. Kathleen

    Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment from Sephora, hands down! I know it is $28CAN, but it really is wonderful.

  54. Shweta

    Rosebud salve is the best!! Love it!!

  55. Burts bees and blistex DCT…i like rosebud lip salve aswell. but it melts quickly….n due to tin it comes out of the jar in summer….

  56. AT

    John Masters Lip Calm because it smells like vanilla and citrus. The bonus is that it has no petroleum and is made from all natural ingredients.

  57. Chelsea

    Burt’s Bees of course.

  58. Paula’s Choice lip and body balm

  59. Kelly

    I have tried so many, and none has beaten Vaseline yet. Burt’s Bees with Pomegranate is really nice too, but not for super chapped lips.

  60. Jannie

    Usana lipbalm

  61. lina

    jack black lip balm
    and biotherm nutrisource

  62. Contessa

    I’ve been a loyal Chapstick user for years… until I discovered MAC’s lip conditioners. I have really dry lips and NOTHING has ever moisturized my lips as well as the lip conditioners. Plus, the beige one gives my lips the perfect natural tint.

  63. MAC’s lip conditioner in the TUBE.. NOT the tub..

  64. Lana

    Original Burt’s Bees, it’s all I use!

  65. Brenda

    Smith’s Rosebud Salve or C.O.Bigelow Rose Salve (this smells AMAZING). Both go everywhere with me and get applied everywhere, lips, dry cuticles, etc.. On my third tin.

  66. Dana

    Carmex, totally. But if I don’t have that I love Skindecent Luscious Lips balm. Marliss makes an awesome balm. :)

  67. niknik

    Burt’s Bees Pomegranate! And Carmex! <3333 Love

  68. Liana

    CARMEX all the flavours!

  69. nancybridget

    Aveda Lip Saver! Love it!!!

  70. Nicole

    Either my homemade lip balm (it is so pretty and smooth!) or softlips <3

    i made a tutorial of it on youtube if you want to learn how to make it!

  71. Marlena

    Karite Lips is AMAZING! It’s pretty hard to find but you can get it at Whole Foods. The search is definitely worth it though.

  72. Summer

    Burt’s Bees

    I heard Carmex can be addicting because it actually dries out your lips, so you’ll have to constantly re-apply it to keep any moisture in your lips.

  73. Burt’s Bees for SURE! Love it! Love it!

  74. Nic

    Strawberry ChapStick!

  75. Karen

    Tube = Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1
    Pot = Everyday Minerals Lemon Spice with Murumuru

    (Everyday Minerals can only be ordered online and they are an eco friendly company, with vegan products and other stuff like that. I’m not vegan or anything, but I am against animal testing, as are most cosmetic companies. Give their website a peek – they always give free stuff with purchase and shipping is based on weight, so shipping – cheap. And their products are super cheap but really good – I discovered them in the MAC_Cosmetics LJ community, some debate over something, a long time ago).

  76. Rachel

    Carmex rocks! I’ve yet to try the Cherry flavoured one though.

  77. Maxine

    LUSH’s Let Them Eat Cake! My lips are soooooo soft when I use this gunk!

  78. le

    My favs:
    burts bees
    dr pepper by Bonnie Bell –i think.

  79. Christine

    I’ve been searching for a good one for years as my lips tend to get very dry and flaky no matter what i do. I just found Alba!! Not only does it taste yummy but it keeps my lips super soft! no easy feat for my smackers! haha

    ALBA Passionfruit nectar lipbalm!! Try it!

  80. Cheify

    Blistex, Burt Bees and MAC lip conditioner! but among the three, i like Blistex the most..

  81. Linda

    Blistex medicated w/SPF 15! can’t live without it!

  82. Tiffany

    Sephora’s complete lip care or something like that it smells like vanilla and cake batter it is 8 dollars and I am on my second one I use it at night. I also like the rosebud salve it smells like roses.

  83. meagan

    Nivea Kiss of Moisture – so rich and wonderful.

  84. Rosie

    I absolutly love Burt’s Bee (the original one thats all yellow).

  85. Kate

    Classic Burt’s Bees in the tin. Love…

  86. nicole

    Lypsyl Original Lip Moisturizer

  87. Balm Balm Lip Balm (and more) tree tree oil, it is organic and it really does make your lips feel fresher and new! :)

    • kiki

      The best lip conditioners are the all natural ones. I swear by eco tools plant a kiss lip conditioner so silly soft and your lips feel supple and silly and it’s not waxy goes on smooth and lasts forever the best ever!!

  88. i just fell in love with l’oreal HIP jelly balm. it’s sheer, and firm, but not sticky! i use it everyday.

  89. Aleia

    Victoria Secret beauty rush, in mint.

  90. Tiffany

    Burt’s Bees and Soft Lips!

  91. Annette

    Carmex, the one you squeeze, the tube and the tin ones are not that moisturizing. This is the best, and I have tried a LOT of lipbalms, including expensive brands, organis, everything!

  92. pia

    Any lip balm from the body shop, and burt bee’s in honey and pomegranate oh and bigelow.

  93. Linnc

    nivea a kiss of moisture (dark blue cap)

  94. Miss Trendy

    good old blistex in the pink pot nothing else does the job quite as good or fast

  95. Saira

    I love Boots Mediterranean Lip Wonder Balm in mint and sweet almond oil. It smells really nice, fresh and minty and it makes my lips really nice and soft. I usually put on a layer while I am getting ready to go out and then blot it before putting on my lipstick/lipgloss – it makes my lips feel really soft and my lipstick/lipgloss always goes on really smoothly :o) .

  96. Rachel

    I love alma coconut cream lip balm :]

  97. Blistex, in the blue pot. Only balm that makes my lips chap-free.

  98. Ok, in my opinion Carmex stinks. I’ve tried them, its too ‘medicated’ for my tastes.

    Personally, I LOOOOVE Extreme Pout Lip Balm by Isabella Pelle because its double duty – its a plumping lip balm.

    I haven’t seen or heard of any other brand doing this. I think its genius, because I always want plump lips, but I don’t always want to wear plumping lip gloss – especially during the day.

    • RC Kennedy

      I’ve been using Made from Earth’s lip balm for about a decade now and I’ve always loved it. It tastes, smells, and feels great on my lips.

      I’ve tried the other variations of their lip balm such as the blueberry, spearmint, and citrus. the citrus one is a bit too feminine for me. So I’ve come back to the original vanilla flavor and I’ll probably stick with it for awhile. The cooling instantly sooths my dry lips while the beeswax and oils leave my lips feeling soft and moisturized. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should. Bottom line: There’s a reason people swear by this stuff. Give it a shot.