Thursday, June 4th, 2009

The Hit List

Best Hair Spray? What product wins this category?

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61 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Hair Spray

  1. L’Oreal Elnett for sure. It actually does what it says it does, which is rare. It gives my hair strong hold but I can’t feel the hairspray.

    • Melanie

      Where is L’Oreal Elnett carried? I’ve tried to find it on numerous occaisions and haven’t had any luck…. but this could be because I live in Canada. Not too sure if it’s available here.

      • Unfortunately it’s not available in Canada. I usually pick it up when I go to the states.

        • Ms Trendy

          GOOD NEWS TO SHARE LADIES. Elnett will be available in Canada Aug 2009 and sold exclusively through Shoppers Drug Mart. This is official printed information from a Loreal product guide I picked up at the Loreal Red Carpet event tent today at the Luminato Festival in Toronto! A month and a bit and it will be easy to get a hold of. They didnt mention the price point. Two kinds Strong and Extra Strong. I am excited to try it now.

    • jessica

      is it available in UAE Dubai

  2. Mikki

    Really, I ALWAYS read L’Oreal Elnette hairspray. I never used it before (YEAH YEAH I know…. Don’t shoot me) so I think I’m gonna buy it soon and try it out.

    • Stephanie D

      I tried it, but I can’t use it because the smell is awful!

    • Jennifer

      I tried it and although it’s OK, I certainly don’t think it’s the HG that all the top hair stylists sy it is. This could be because the formulation may be different in Europe than it is in the US – I don’t know. But for 15$ a pop, I expected a little more.

  3. Meg

    i’ve always loved the pantene touchable hold because it really smells good and my hair feels soft, not crunchy

  4. Azure

    I love Aveda Air Control! It has the perfect flexible hold, and never feels crunchy. I can’t live without it!

  5. Luda

    Nick Chavez Flexible Hair Spray – I love everything of his but it’a a little pricey.

  6. Brittnie

    Jonathan Product Finish Control. I got a bottle in the recent BeautyFix, and it is AMAZING. Flexible hold, no lasting scent, never crunchy. Plus, it’s vegan.

  7. Tam

    Sebastian Shaper or Shaper Plus for sure! Great flexible hold that doesn’t make your hair flat or look hair sprayed and it doesn’t flake!

  8. Sebastian Shaper Plus, Bedhead Masterpiece

  9. Catherine

    Got2Be Glued freeze spray. It’s my savior.

  10. MC

    I like Matrix’s Biolage Freeze Fix Hairspray. I won it free from Allure and have been using it every since.

  11. L’Oreal Elnette!!

  12. Valerie

    Jonathan is the best I’ve tried. I’m out right now and my hair doesn’t look as good. I love that hairspray :o)

  13. lina

    rusk w8less is pretty good

  14. Kenra is definitely the best! Smells amazing, and gives tons of volume and hold!

  15. Cherie

    Federick Fekkai! It’s not sticky or doesn’t get crunchy and it leaves the curls soft but keeps it curled all day long and it smells really good too.

  16. Yolanda

    Vo5 is it for me! I love the fruity smell, it’s less offensive than a few brands I’ve tried. But I only buy if it comes in travel size cos I stay overnight once a week

  17. Susie

    Elnett. I just hold my breath, then perfume!

  18. msifp

    Sebastian Shaper! I’ve tried tons of others but always come back to this one.

  19. Lauren

    Ellnet for sure! I have a big bottle and the little travel one as well-I love it!

  20. lisa

    L’oreal Elnett!

  21. Kewal

    L’Oreal Elnett is da best! Hair looks gorgeous all day long even in blistering heat & humidity.

  22. Ms Trendy

    I know this one wont win this category but I use OJON Tunu Elastik Flexible Finishing Hairspray. It gives moderate hold, shine, bounce n body, shape with flexibility, does not crunch or flake – its just does the job right. Its available through the home shopping network in Canada and Sephora. $22 I think. Lasts long. Try it!

    I think there should be two winners – firm hold and flexible hold since they are very different results all depends what style you are going for and what hair type you have.

    • Ms Trendy

      oh yeah the fragrance is pleasant too and not overwhelming!

    • Jennifer

      Ms Trendy, I’m with you! I love love love this hairspray! The smell is a little odd, but not bad. I use the firm hold, and it really does keep my medium-to-thick hair in place ALL day, whether I wear it straight or with a curl – doesn’t matter. The only gripe I have is the shape of the can. It kind of tapers at the top, and this makes it slightly difficult to grip while spraying. This doesn’t stop me from using it though, it’s that good!

      • Ms Trendy

        glad u like it… u should see me at sephora when i see people checking it out i start endorsing it with rave reviews like i work there. nothing like word of mouth from repeat customers i figure. the rest of the ojon line is so-so IMO and i would not repurchase but i am on my third can of the tunu spray and its a large size so it lasts long.

  23. stephanie

    Suave hairspray is the worst shampoo ever it leaves a disgusting fard as rick and white flake finish

  24. MiSSxMiNNiE


  25. Rachel

    I like to kick it old skool with Paul Mitchell Freeze n Shine.

  26. m

    Aveda Air Control Hair Spray

  27. Jody

    Sebastian Shaper plus gives the best hold ever but I think they have changed the formula because I cant work with my hair anymore after spraying it in. I have to try this L’Oreal Elnett now because it was mentioned a zillion times! :)

  28. Meg

    Kenra!!! It smells so good and it doesn’t get sticky. I love it!

  29. Cassykins

    Sammy Skyscraper hairspray is by far the best thing I have used in my life. I have wavy hair that I am growing out, but it gets kind of heavy and weighed down. This stuff gives me great lift without being TOO crispy (because face it, all hairspray creates a -little- crisp) That said, I hate hate hate everything else I have tried in the Sammy line.

  30. John Frieda Firm Hold Moisture Barrier Hairspray with SPF. I live in the hot, humid south, so frizz is all but inevitable. This helps so much.

  31. Sadie

    ELNETT for sure!

  32. Whitney


  33. Rani

    Elnett…so perfect and so old school…I agree with others about Kenra smelling yum..true!!

  34. Emily

    Loreal Infinium 2,3

  35. CIBU Pho Finish is the most amazing hairspray ever! It’s way better than L’oreal Elnett. If you’re on the East Coast Pho Finish is available in all Bubbles Salons and Salon Cielo’s. If not you can order online And I saw that someone asked where you can buy Elnett…Target carries Elnett.

    Get on the band wagon and invest in some Pho Finish!

    Also, I saw the Alterna has a working spray with the Caviar line and it looks very tempting. =)

  36. Ms Trendy

    GOOD NEWS TO SHARE LADIES. Elnett will be available in Canada Aug 2009 and sold exclusively through Shoppers Drug Mart. This is official printed information from a Loreal product guide I picked up at the Loreal Red Carpet event tent today at the Luminato Festival in Toronto! A month and a bit and it will be easy to get a hold of. They didnt mention the price point. Two kinds Strong and Extra Strong. I am excited to try it now.

  37. Rose

    love treseme’s hair sprays. they are awesome

    • Jenny

      actually, tresemme has water in the formulas which is bad.
      but they use it because its so cheap.

  38. Crystal

    Hmm I like the IDEA of a hairspray- but really don’t know what to do with them. My hair just kind of hangs out on my head really- and if I hairspray my fringe it gets on my skin and uggh– any tips?

  39. Brian

    The best hairspray out there is Tigi Bedhead Hard head!! IT the only hairspray i will ever use

  40. Ameka

    The best hairspray in my opinion is Matrix Proforma and any of the Redken hairsprays. Joice I.C.E is not bad either.

  41. Sony

    The BEST hairspray has to be the FREEZE IT MEGA hairspray!!! It comes in a gold can. I have compared it to other salon products and this HS has the best performance. My hair stays in place all day, does not feel sticky and it gives an extra shine to it. This product has, as stated on the label, “optical brighteners” that help bring out the shine in hair. Highly reccommend this product!!! I buy mine at the local Food 4 Less and they also sell it at drugstores.

  42. Mary L

    The Shielo Volume Hairspray is my favorite volumizing hair spray. I have very fine straight hair, and I’ve tried all sorts of products. With this, I spray all over my hair first. Then I can curl it with a curling iron(which is rare, my straight hair never wants to curl). Then I flip my head upside down and spray all over. My curls and volume last all day.

  43. Sam865

    I have thin, fly away hair that can’t handle a lot of product. What works for me is the Shielo Flexible Hair Spray. This hairspray is perfect – it’s super light and smells great. You can still work with your hair afterwards. If you are looking for a stiffer hairspray, I would not recommend this. This one is great for curls that you don’t want to douse in nasty stick hairspray or weigh down.

  44. jazmine

    whats the bessst hair spray

  45. jessica

    L’Oreal Elnett is it available in UAE Dubai ?????????????? pls tell me
    :) O:)

  46. jacob gilbert

    I reallyyyy love this make up and my bf kevins likes it too!! and ohhh yeahh im gayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!