Monday, October 6th, 2008

The Hit List

Best Eyeshadow Primer/Base? What product wins this category?

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58 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Eyeshadow Primer/Base

  1. Heather

    Urban Decay Primer Potion!!!!

    • Sandra

      I have the one by two faced. It works really well! I was never able to wear eyeshadow w/out it fading or creasing until now!

  2. Jen

    OOoOOoh MAC paint pots or Urban Decary Primer Potion.

  3. Inky

    Urban Decay Primer Potion! That stuff makes your shadows stick like glue and no creasing (even on my over 40 eyelids!)

  4. UDPP with a paint pot or pigment on top.

  5. sandy

    L’oreal color extender..

    let me explain, I tried at sephora Urban decay primer potion, and it indeed extends the wear of eyeshadow 6 hours or more! But I didn’t buy it though. I saw on youtube that in order to get all our money’s worth, we should cut up the bottle and get the product out.. err, so I thought this was a hassel so the product I don’t want to buy .. for now.

    Then I bought this l’oreal color extender for 10 bucks, I thought that’s not bad and it did hold me shadow up to 6 hours, so I’m content with this. If I have the guts to shell out $18 for a UDPP, I would buy it.. or until I find a kniwfe and an empty box so no product is wasted..

  6. L A S

    I did a test once of all my bases with shadow on top to test which one gave the most color intensity, and MAC shadesticks won hands down. Most other bases, including UDPP and MAC paints dulled down the instensity of my shadows, but not shadesticks! :)

    For really long lasting shadow I do UDPP with a shadestick on TOP, since UDPP works as glue to keep my e/s on forever, and the shadestick makes the color and finish pop!

  7. Elle

    I like Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance (love the little squeeze tube) coupled with MAC Paint Pots. I like UDPP as well, but I find it to be a bit too drying sometimes, and the elbow grease that goes into cracking open that genie bottle when you *think* you’re out of it is too much for me to bear. (Although, you really do get a crazy amount of extra product that way).

  8. neepoh

    have tried udpp, mac paint pots/sahdesticks/paints & too faced shadow insurance. shiseido’s hydropowder surpasses them all. the other were overly drying or too creamy. shiseido’s wears like iron. love it.

  9. Tayma

    Urban Decay Primer Potion hands down!

  10. Mac Paint Pot in either Soft Ochre or Painterly. No creasing, no fading, it just sticks there until you take it off.

  11. julianna

    I like UDPP, but i think they must change the container

  12. Jennifer

    Primer Potion. Not only does it make shadows last forever, if you do go to the trouble of chopping up the tube, you definitely get so much more out of it. I’m still on the contents of my first bottle, more than a year later.

  13. Kate

    MAC paints (NOT paint pots) and Shiseido cream shadows…

  14. Urban Decay Primer Potion!

    I love that stuff!!

  15. Chica

    UDPP is the most awesome thing on the planet…except for Starbucks Mango & Passionfruit fraps 😀

  16. I’ve been obsessed with Benefit’s F.Y.Eye for six years. It was one of the first beauty products I was ever hooked on. I can’t get enough of it. See more about it here: Prime and Proper.

  17. Siri

    UDPP!!! And I don’t go through the trouble of opening it. You’re not supposed to keep a tube af mascare for more than a couple of months, primers cant be THAT different. Besides, i got something that reminded me of an allergic reaction about 8 months into my first bottle, but since I bought a new one I’ve been fine.

  18. Urban Decay Primer Potion..
    Now I tried the sample size, I need to get the real deal!

  19. L

    UDPP hands down. I did try Mac cream color base before that, creased like crazy.

  20. bec

    Without a doubt, Urban Decay Primer Potion!! It’s foolproof :)

  21. Heather

    Mary Kay primer for sure

  22. slick

    Between UDPP and TFSI I cannot tell the difference in terms of performance. But TFSI wins because of the squeeze tube 😉

  23. victoria

    i’m quite contented with l’oreal decrease, it works the same for me as using mac painterly. i like it more than mac because it’s thinner so it feels lighter in the summer and it’s a lot cheaper. i don’t always wear colorful eyeshadows so this works just fine for me.

  24. inani

    UD Primer Potion for sure! Although, I agree with people above who say they should change the packaging…it would be soooooo much practical!

  25. shyan

    Mac paintpots in soft ochre and painterly! They never come off and make my shadows POP like crazy!

  26. Paola


  27. Ashley

    MAC Paints, hands down. Last a lot longer than UDPP.

  28. Madeleine

    UDPP – lasts forever.
    Sometimes MAC Paint Pots – sometimes….because it doesn’t last.

  29. UDPP without a doubt. :)

    It’s my lover.

  30. LocaLoli

    mac paints and paint pots

  31. lina

    shadow insurance (lets colors blend better than UDPP) and UDPP

  32. Art

    hey girls, i was just wondering, is too face shadow insurance available in the UK?

  33. Silk

    UDPP with a MAC paint pot blended overtop.

  34. Cat

    I tried paints and paint pots but the only thing that seems to work for 12hrs+ is UDPP. Being that I had oily skin the paints and paint pots only work for so long before everything starts shifting to my crease. I never tried Too Face Shadow Insurance, but i’m interested.

  35. Nicole

    Macs Painterly Paint Pot

  36. S.

    For me, Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I’ve never tried UDPP, because the packaging discouraged me (much prefer the squeeze tube), but when my TFSI runs out, I may give it a try

    I like MAC paint pots as well, but have to be sure I don’t overapply, or they crease…same with regular MAC paints

    On a side note, I did read on one beauty blog that someone had written a letter to Urban Decay about the UDPP packaging, and they wrote back saying they were in the proces of testing out new packaging, so we’ll see :)

  37. For me, UDPP or Two Faced Shadow Insurance with MAC paintpot/cream eyeshadow over. I normally use Painterly, or when I am using blues/greens shadows, I use Otherworldy.

  38. viv

    i don’t have urban decay where i live… or any other american brand i hear people rave about all the time here, or on youtube, or specktra or make up alley! so i haven’t had the chance to try them just yet. but so far, i’m really pleased with the mac paint pots. there’s something about unscrewing a jar i really like. it makes me feel like it’s something really special! haha i guess i’m just a bit strange like that 😛

  39. gabby

    Dior eye show in 622!!!!

  40. Ana

    Geez!!Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Mac paints!!

  41. classic

    The purple w/ cute bottle : UDPP

  42. Liz

    Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It has now replaced my MAC paints and paint pots as a primer.

  43. maxiene

    I’ve only tried one primer before and that’s Too Faced and I really love it! But it seems like everyone here really likes Urban Decay and MAC. Those are next on my list when this runs out!

  44. Sarah Charolette

    You know what, you don’t even really need a base. I just use my foundation to disguise the veins and such and its great. I save money for good products that i really like/want/need. Such as foundation(either MAC liquid foundation or bare minerals) or my all star concealer(amazing concealer by amazing cosmetics. I know my friend likes a product called Too Faced Shadow Insurance but everyone has their favorites :)

  45. Xela

    LEMON AID BY BENEFIT!! i don’t know how it isn’t on here yet, is benefit just a british thing?!?!

    i’ve tried mac, UDPP, clinique and No7, but benefit has been the best, especially if you have darker or olive skin.

    haven’t tried shiseido ot too faced yet though…

  46. Samantha

    Urban Decay hands down

  47. Haylie

    Cliche Cosmetics Eye Primer and Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I find that UPDD is overrated and Too Faced is exactly the same or even better because you don’t have to cut open the bottle to get your money’s worth.

  48. Delicious

    Stay Don’t Stray by Benefit because not only does it extend the wear of your shadow but it also extends the wear of your concealer , but the Urban Decay Primer Potion is good too.

  49. Emma

    If you are like me and were born with hooded eyes or developed them with age and ontop of that have super oily eyelids than what you need is too faced shadow insurance + mary kays new waterproof cream eyeshadows. You can wear them alone or apply your own powder eyeshadows over. Result= 12hr+ crease proof long lasting eyeshadow. Used to use UDPP but wasnt enough,i still had to use mk primer underneath

  50. AngelDearest

    I used to be a HUGE UDPP geek. It used to work wonders for me but after maybe 2 years of using it religiously, it lost its effectiveness! Has anyone else had this happen? The lady at Sephora so graciously gave me two more primer samples by NARS and Too Faced. The NARS was garbage, and was $24 to boot! I’ll be trying the Too Faced tomorrow, and maybe MAC in the future.

  51. Nikki

    I am currently using Mary Kay and have been for the last 6 months or more. It doesn’t work for me. I get creases everytime I use. I am in search of something that works better.