Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

The Hit List

Best Everyday Blush? What product wins this category?

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174 thoughts on “The Hit List: Best Everyday Blush

  1. Anita

    Mine all time favorite is Strada by MAC. I’m NC20 and it suits just perfectly. Im so sad it’s discontinued, I have one back up but I feel like buying more of them.. What do you think Christine? Is it worth having 2 backups? Knowing Mac they can come up with something pretty soon.. but again.. that is my perfect shade!

    • karie

      Strada is discontinued-no!!!!!!!!!!! I gotta say I love a really cheap blush- Boots NAtural Collection Rosey Glow, only about 3 euro!

  2. Kristine

    I’m loving my Dainty Mineralize blush right now :)

  3. MC


    NC, NW, N, C. They stand for…?

    • Anita

      They stand for two types of MAC foundation/powder shades – Neutral Cool and Neutral Warm, depends on your undertone, pinkish ones would be NW and more olive/cool shades – NC.

      • MC

        What about just N or just C, though?

        • mars

          N & C refer to Neutral and Cool shades that are available exclusively in MAC Studio Fix. MAC uses the color wheel to determine these so C & NC colors run olive to gold undertone, N’s are neutral beige and NW is more peachy/pink undertones. You can go with your skin tone or opposite to correct skintones, ex. NW to warm up a complexion or NC to counteract excessive redness.

    • Jewels

      an easy way to remember what NC and NW stand for is basically that NC= not cool and NW= not warm. just a tip :)

  4. Christina

    Sandalwood Matte blush by Vincent Longo.

  5. Emm

    Everday blush I love are, Clinique’s Blushing Blush in Cupid and Benefit Dandelion.

  6. Miss_M

    L’Oreal Blush Delice in Old Rose. It gives the perfect soft pink glow to my cheeks.

  7. Zoila

    Peaches + Cubic = Beautiful Everyday Blush for me!

  8. daniela

    i love for everyday hipness blush from the fafi collection with refined msf on top :] and/or petticoat msf :]

  9. Nicole15

    Smashbox Blush in “Proof Sheet” and NARS Blush in “Amour”. These two blushes I cannot live without.

  10. Kaylabella

    I love Eversun, or True Blush from CoastalScents.

  11. Rachel

    Fun ‘N Games from Hello Kitty!

  12. Chocobon

    Mac’s Springsheen!

  13. Nakita

    Right now I love Hot Planet and Eversun by Mac. Nars’ Dolce Vita is my all time fav!

  14. Anne

    MAC’s Mocha!

  15. Nathalie

    Mac Peaches in general
    But in summer I don’t wear blush

  16. Ilaria

    Mac Just a pinch, I love it!

  17. Chellz423

    NARS Taj Mahal, MAC X-Rocks and Breezy

  18. Chica

    I’ve been using the Redhead MSF almost every day since it came out!

  19. daphne

    My (MAC) Joyous beauty powder blush is my staple. It’s a perfect balance between pink and coral, soft and not too bright, glowy without being garish.

  20. Paulien

    I think this would be dainty and gentle

  21. Karen

    i’ve been using orgasm by nars everyday! i think it’s my favorite for now. :)

  22. aramis

    on a mission or fun n games bpb..lately its been both combined

  23. Smashing Sugar Spice from Smashbox…one of the only non-MAC products I use!

  24. Kelsi

    nars orgasam gives me a very healthy glow & isn’t too pigmented. great for everyday & when you’re in a rush.

  25. Crystal

    I’ve been rocking LOVE JOY by MAC the past two months. Beautiful color.

  26. Mikki

    I own 2 blushes lol… MAC Fun&Games and NYX Angel and I love both :)

  27. MAC Eversun or MAC Ladyblush or Bobbi Brown Apricot – perfect for NC40-42 skintone

  28. Fairy

    Mac’s Blushbaby or Hot Planet (from the Grand Duo’s collection).

  29. Silk

    Mac’s Sweet as Cocoa

  30. mediterraneanX

    MAC’s Pink Swoon for summer, Sweet William for winter :)

  31. rayne

    margin, hands down.

  32. Viv

    hands down mac blushbaby!

  33. mac blushbaby and margin are usually what i reach for.

  34. sammie

    i use stilas cheek duo in pink glow … i think thats what its called lol

  35. Cindyrella

    I would have to say Chanel Narcisse or Reflex.
    For a cream blush Becca

  36. kitty

    i am LOVING mac’s just a pinch gel right now, but my all-time favorite is bobbi brown’s pot rouge in pink raspberry (18). it gives >such< a bright and pretty pop (i’m NC 25) but if you use a light hand (or brush) it is subtle enough for everyday wear. plus it’s a fantastic lip colour.

  37. DJ

    Mac blushbaby or Uncommon cream colour
    Nars Madly or Luster

  38. Shontay

    Nars lovejoy. I am a 173 in MUFE hd foundation and somewhere around nc50 for mac. This blush goes with everything, so I use it when I want to play up the lips or eyes.

  39. cloudburst

    I like Gentle mineral blush.

  40. Adriana

    Mac’s Well Dressed i absolutley love this blush

  41. Amber

    I mostly use MAC Blushbaby, but I also like MAC Dame because it gives that blush of youth.

  42. SarahT

    MAC blushbaby for sure!

  43. Katherine

    BB Pink Coral – perfect pop of pinkish coral for my NC 35 skintone.

  44. MAC’s Sunbasque. I’ve hit pan twice.

  45. m

    M.A.C. Grand Duo in Earth to Earth <3

  46. I really love Stark Naked and Gentle, such lovely shades.

  47. aradhana

    stark naked, hipness & emote

  48. hi

    The Body Shop Sparkle and Shimmer Puff in Sunset Peach. I got it on sale during a holiday clearance along with two other shadows (their Chocolate (shimmer) and Soft Black (matte) so I could get the 3 for $10 deal. It’s a shimmery/frosty peachy pink with gold shimmer when layered lightly dry, and is a great dupe for NARS Orgasm applied this way! Layered medium to heavily dry, it becomes more of a coral with a touch of orange, and get this: GREEN shimmer! It’s SO pretty. If even you use it wet for a bold look or packed on the lids as an eyeshadow, in becomes an intense orange-coral with noticeable green, gold, and orange shimmer with pink frost – very versatile!

  49. sarah

    I’m NC25/30 fves are: springsheen by MAC and benetint by benefit.

  50. Michelle

    I alternate between MAC Peaches, Mocha, and Blushbaby

  51. LB

    Nars Deep Throat annnnd Bobbi Brown Apricot

  52. niknik

    MAC’s Peachykeen!

  53. Annette

    MAC Cheek!!! My absolute favorite right now.

  54. Megan

    I love Feeling beauty powder blush and LoveJoy mineralize blush

  55. Geezy

    Earth to earth!!! i looooove this blush

  56. Marieke

    MAC Prism or Peachykeen depending on my mood haha 😀

    CiaoOo Marieke

  57. Michelle

    Well Dressed and Peachykeen. Tenderling and Cubic, plus Fun and Games!

  58. mars

    MAC Blushbaby & Mocha are my go to colors for a natural blush on most skintones-I find myself using them for almost every wedding. I also love Benetint for a stain and Lancome’s Miel Glace for a shimmery blush

  59. Samantha

    EDM’s Snuggle or MAC’s Peachykeen!

  60. Hana

    Lately I’m constantly wearing Milani’s Mai Tai blush.

    • Nic15

      I’m really wanting to try this Milani Mai Tai. Both emilynoel83 & makeupbyrisa have been raving about this drugstore gem of a blush as well. Might be time to give it a go!

  61. i.d. Bare Minerals Allover Color in Clear Radiance. Perfect pink glow for fair skintones!

  62. Andrea

    MAC Well Dressed, Dainty or Fun & Games :)

  63. ReenyLu

    I have 2: SHY BEAUTY (HG!!!!) & PLUM FOOLERY <3 <3 <3

  64. Ali

    Benefit Thrrrob or Chanel Tweed Pink

  65. Alison

    chanel rose bronze JC, i’ve nearly used mine up.
    also mac ambering rose, lightly applied to apples.

  66. Alicia

    Mac Pink Swoon, MAC Perfect Topping MSF, and NARS Deep Throat! 😀

  67. Sangeeta

    WOW so many MAC lovers, I want to encourage everyone to try Laura Geller Blush-N-Brighten blushes, they beat MAC in every way, with color payoff compared to the MSF’s to the staying power over the other blushes.

    • Megan

      I love the Laura Geller Blush and Brighten too!! I have one in Golden Apricot and its gorgeous. I still have a soft spot for MAC though. I also think that they are more finely milled then the MSF’s and their not as glittery as the MSF’s tend to be

  68. Aimee

    There are a lot of good ones for me. Pinch O’ Peach, Peachtwist, NARS Orgasm…

    Currently I’ve been using the new Dior harmonie blushes and Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzer in Maui a lot.

  69. Mary

    MAC Well Dressed!

  70. yourshar0na

    Mac’s Ambering Rose is my staple, winter or summer. =)

  71. Aimee

    Not peachtwist, Peachykeen. Whew. What was I thinking? I don’t even have anything that sounds like Peachtwist.

  72. Natalie

    MAC pro Cantaloupe! I could wear it everyday.

  73. paola

    i love my loreal hip cream blush in elated…so sad they discontinued them…and i just recently bought a maybelline mineral blush (forgot the name) that i really like

    • Nic15

      I have 2 of the Maybelline mineral blushes. Gentle Pink & True Peach. They are incredibly nice blushes for sure :)

  74. Jenny

    I use MAC’s Sunbasque and Margin a lot in the summer.

  75. Eversun bpb for everyday! Love that color a lot!

  76. Christina

    My all time fave is Blushbaby!

  77. Joanna

    MAC’s Dainty and Earth to Earth are the ones I wear most :)

  78. Anna

    I cant believe no one has said fleur power!! i love that one!

  79. neil

    Mac plum foolery is perfect for my shade nw40. I also love margin it looks good on any skin tone!

  80. DevilishDoll

    Lately, I’ve been using MAC’s Tippy Beauty Powder Blush with a little bit of Perfect Topping MSF on top. Perfect pink cheeks.

  81. lexsie

    MAC peachykeen!

  82. jennifer

    NW25, loving Dior Bronze de Harmonie blush in Coral Riviera

  83. Sandy

    Blushcreme in Lilicent. It gives you color but not too much.

  84. Vee

    MAC Cantaloupe is a fave of mine, and Redhead MSF.

  85. abby

    tippy and enough said for me :)

  86. angie

    MACs Stark Naked and Breezy!!

  87. Melissa

    i LOVE Mac’s Margin or Nars Orgasm..
    they match with everything..
    & i use Solar Riche Bronzer alone sometimes & it’s really great toooo..

  88. Christy

    MAC Eversun and Fab.

  89. I use Mac well dressed when I want to look cute and innocent and Benefit Dallas when I’m going for a dramatic sexy look.

  90. francesca

    Mac’s Prism! It goes with everything.

  91. Rachel

    My go-to is Hipness from the Fafi collection! :)

  92. Aleia

    Mac’s Dollymix (surprised no one has mentioned this)

  93. diana

    margin on top of enough said.
    i lovelovelove peachy/bronzey cheeks!

  94. zahara

    The Jordana sandy peach blusher, is lovely.

  95. inuchan

    Just simple blush by Bourjois in “Lune d’or 35″ this gives of a sheer pink/gold color, perfect for me for everyday at work :)

  96. Torrie

    MAC’s Mineralized Blush Duo in Moon River! :)

  97. MAC blush in Angel. :)

  98. mahalia

    Nw45 I use sweet as cocoa, breezy, or peach twist.
    Lately I’ve been loving peach twist, blunt for contour, and gold deposit msf for highlight

  99. Siri

    I love MAC Well Dressed, Bobbi Brown Coral and Sin by NARS

  100. Siri

    I love:
    MAC: well dressed
    BB: Coral and Sand Pink