Friday, September 11th, 2009

The Best of Guerlain

Guerlain is a brand that always steals my heart. It has that combination of luxe and quality that I find hard to resist! These are a few of their can’t-be-missed products…

  • Guerlain Eyeshadow Palette ($58.00) are well-pigmented palettes that feature four eyeshadows that work well together. I love Bronze Dore! So pretty!
  • Guerlain Meteorites Powder ($53.00) is a soft shimmery highlighter that is fun to use and works really well to add a subtle glow to cheeks and face without highlighting imperfections because the shimmer is so fine.
  • Guerlain KissKiss Gloss ($29.00) is one of my favorite gloss formulas! (It’s pretty much tied with YSL’s Golden Gloss.) Soft, shimmer makes every color have the appearance of shimmering water. I love shades like Fraise a Croquer and Rose Florida. They’re a great non-sticky gloss that doesn’t dry out your lips and lets your lips shine.
  • Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick ($30.00) comes in a large variety of shades, so you’re bound to find at least one (if not far too many) that suit your tastes. They’re creamy, long-wearing lipsticks that feel hydrating and luxe on lips. One of my favorite lipstick formulas — Rouge G and YSL’s Rouge Volupte top it, but only slightly.
  • Guerlain Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl Liner ($34.00) are long-wearing loose kohls that can be worn on the water line without causing aggravation. I only wish they made more colors!
  • Guerlain ‘Blush 4 Eclats’ Sculpting Blush ($48.00) are silky smooth powder blush compacts with four different shades designed to be used together with one sweep from left to right and then applied to cheeks. Whether you use that method or swirl them together, you’ll come up with something gorgeous. I love every single one they have out (I believe it’s six), but my favorites are Soleil Couchant and Rose Plein Vent.
  • Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder ($46.00) is a silky smooth bronzing powder that applies easily and nearly effortlessly. It is just a sheer shade that works well to give you a natural looking sunkissed glow. No orange here!

What are some of your favorite Guerlain products?

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34 thoughts on “The Best of Guerlain

  1. As much as I love makeuop, i would never purchase things so pricey. Geezums. Not even if I had all the money in the world.

  2. Tracey

    Love Guerlain, probably my favourite line

  3. Chiara

    OOOH! Guerlain .. I only wish i had more guerlain stuff .. Love their terracotta loose khols! Apply your regular black liner on the waterline, then finish of with loose kohl and OOMPH! BAM! Intense eyes straight of a magazine’s cover.

  4. Alexis

    How does Guerlains blush compare to Diors? I dont have either but Im considering a good high quality blush.

  5. Almost black.

    I adore their eyeshadow palettes although I dont own any (just because I have so many similar shades and I struggle with myself not to buy any more 😀 ) and their lipsticks are amazing! :) Love the one youve added on this photo! :)

  6. Christy

    So pretty, but I think I want some more Chanel.

  7. LP

    I own a lot of Guerlain. Def my fav line. I want to buy a Rouge G lipstick but can’t decide on a color!!! I don’t want to pick the wrong color, especially at $45. Any advice? I want an everyday color with a little extra oomph. But not too red, and not too coraly. I’d prefer a plum or wine. Or Rose color would be nice. Something that will go with a lot…I have brown eyes/hair.

    • Valerie

      I love guerlain rouge G lipstick. I personnaly have #66 Gracia and #67 giovannia (Limited Edition fall 2009) Gracia is more plum as for giovannia is pinker and have more shimmer. I love them both, they both are versatile (office or a night out)

      Brown haire, hazel eyes and medium skin tone
      Hope this will help you make a choice!

    • Unfortunately I’m about as clueless as you on Rouge G :( Really wish I could see them in person!

  8. Ruth

    Guerlain is my favorite brand of makeup, period. The most outstanding product in their lineup is the Rouge G lipstick, it’s the most amazing lippie I’ve ever used, perfection personified. I only have 5 right noe but I’m shooting for the stars and want nearly every color. They’re all so wearable and the texture is unlike anything else out there, just perfect. I also love the KissKiss lipsticks,the KissKiss Stick Gloss and the KissKiss Laques. Guerlain is my obsession ! I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the Hoiday Collection, although I was quite disappointed with last years Butterfly Collection, it was boring and too much like a spring collection.

  9. frini

    All of those that you have described are fabulus. I own one at least product of each category (including Rouge G)except the gloss and the blush. That i am going to buy soon as have tested them and are gorgeous too.
    Mascara le 2 is also very good but i have to admit i prefer YSL faux cils but Guerlains colours are fabulus…
    Have to admit guerlain is my top favourite brand( then goes chanel) but not a brand that catch your eyes immediately.Eyeshadows are the best on market IMO. They dont crease even without primer…Very good article.

  10. Anitacska

    I only discovered Guerlain about 18 months ago, but it’s quickly grown into one of my favourite make up lines. I adore (and collect) the Meteorites powders (balls as well as Voyage powders), eyeshadow quads (need to get Corail Ambre, but unfortunately it’s been discontinued – so I’m keeping an eye on eBay and MUA), and I’m a huge fan of Le 2 Mascaras. They are possibly the best mascaras I’ve ever used, and believe me, I have tried many as I have really short, nothing little lashes. :) I only have a couple of lipsticks (not Rouge G) and the lipglosses I own didn’t manage blow me away, I much prefer Chanel and Mac glosses, but all in all I love Guerlain to bits.

  11. Faheema

    I only have one Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipgloss (I think its an extreme one :S) and one Kiss Kiss lipstick which I brought in like a sale hahha. Honestly, i realllyyy like em but I would still only buy them if they were cheaper 😉

  12. Janelle

    Looooove the packaging on the loose kohl eyeliner, and the meterorites highlighter is so much fun to play with!

  13. Valerie

    I love Guerlain, one of my collegue at work got me addicted. And yes the loose powder khol was THE item that impressed me the most I have black, brown and aqua (LE Summer 2009) and I used them all the time. Even if I have a lot of Guerlain product (see below) I cant wait to have enough money to purchase more stuff (I’m seriously looking forward to add Grenadine Shine to my lipstick collection and to purchase meteorite powder but I will wait for this Christmas collection to go out for a shimmery\gold one!)
    I love their quads (I have Violet du soir, perle d’argent, rose des bois, and the quad for summer 2009)
    l’heure brun (Duo & liner ) I prefer their liner compare to Dior Pink and Amber design!
    As for Lipstick I have Rouge G #66 gracia and #67 Giovannia,
    I have Rose Malicieux, cuivre fusion and folie de Grenat in the kisskiss lipstick collection. I only have KissKiss lipgloss in Jelly Red. I have both the the Tan booster and the bronzer. Three months ago I purchased Parure Extreme in beige clair 02 and their primer Or, (so long Lancome fondation!) with the blush 4 eclats in pink. And of course Meteorites Illuminating Pressed Powder. I know Guerlain is known mostly for their makeup line but I like their cleansing milk, i’m on my second bottle and I will purchased it again when it would be empty.

  14. Guerlain is definitely a wishlist brand for me. Its so pretty to look at…

  15. Michelle

    I love the guerlain eye primer.

  16. Guerlain is probably my favorite brand — I am excited to see you did a spotlight on them! I’m a lipstick person, and their lipsticks are the absolute *best* that I have ever used. Nothing else compares! I also love their eyeshadows, blushes, Meteorites, and of course, their perfumes! Oh, and I have a sample of Orchidee Imperiale cream, which is really lovely though I could never afford to actually buy it unless I won the lottery!

    • They’re one of my favorites, too! They rarely disappoint me :)

      Orchidee Imperiale is SO SO LUXE. It feels fabulous, but I didn’t notice any long-term results really :( If I was like Scrooge McDuck with a money bin to swim in, I’d get it. I do love it, but I could never justify the price without some actual results!

  17. Lara

    For the accompanying blurb on the ‘Guerlain Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl Liner’ do you mean “without” causing aggravation? :p