Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

The Beauty Social 2011: Blogging as a Business

Whew! I’m back home and trying to get into the swing of things again (it’s amazing how just a few days break can make that difficult), but I definitely wanted to recap the panel I was speaking on during The Beauty Social, which was held October 22nd and 23rd at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, presented by Beautylish. There was a full schedule of panels and speakers as well as brand booths for Benefit, CND, Cover FX, Fresh, Makeup Mandy, Sugarpill, Temptu, Urban Decay, and Wella.

It’s a lot of fun to meet and hang out with friends (shout outs to Leesha, Suzy, Lauren, Jasmine, Julie, Marissa, and the Sugarpill crew for being my cheerleaders at the panel) and readers, as well as meet experts and brand founders (like Marissa Shipman from theBalm, Jenny Frankel from Cover FX, makeup artist Billy B.) Even though we live in a world where we are so connected digitally, it’s refreshing to see people in person, hug readers, and get to know more about the people within the beauty industry, from the vloggers to bloggers to editors to the readers that give us the opportunity to have these platforms.  If we took photos, please send it to me! :)

I was invited to be one of the speakers on the Blogging as a Business panel (along with Karen Monterichard, Erika Valente, and Romy Schorr).  It was such a whirlwind panel, but here are a few of the meatier questions asked and my answers (as best as I could remember and elaborated on)!

How do you stay inspired?

I don’t feel like there is ever a shortage of things to write about, because the beauty industry is rather prolific in new products. There are certainly more new products than I can write about! If there’s ever a moment where I’m not sure what to write about next, I look to an ongoing file I have with readers’ requests (which stands at over 6,000). I really look towards my readers to direct the content featured on Temptalia.

How do you balance a full-time job, family, and blogging?

My boyfriend (who is also Temptalia’s web developer) says I don’t have much of a “suck it up” mentality when it comes to many things–except blogging. For example, if I stub my toe, I’ll spend the next hour whining about it, but when it comes to plugging away for twelve hours for blog-related reasons, I’m so there! We all have things we have to do each day, and a lot of those things can’t be minimized. If you work a full-time job, you know you have at least forty hours you can’t get back. You have to figure out how to stay motivated and, well, suck it up. This is why it’s imperative to get the support of friends and family, because they’re often the ones that can lighten your load (at least a little!) or be understanding when you have to cancel plans because a new collection just came out and you need to review it ASAP! Everyone knows that on one of those days, it’s a do-not-talk-to-me-or-I’ll-bite-your-head-off kind of day.

What advice do you have for newer bloggers?

Work hard. I don’t think I or Temptalia would be anywhere close to where it is today without just plain ol’ hard work. There wasn’t a secret recipe, because it’s working hard on every aspect of the blog; from improving photo quality and color accuracy to the user experience to helpful features to discovering the posts readers want to see. It’s about not giving up or focusing on “getting big” but doing it right and with pride. If you take pride in your work, it will show, and that goes for any field, even ones you do not necessarily enjoy at present. I firmly believe that the cream always rises to the top, and if you put in the effort and energy consistently (and have a little patience), you’ll be rewarded.

This past July, I wrote an exceedingly long and in-depth post on beauty blogging, which is the best advice I have to give when it comes to blogging seriously.

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14 thoughts on “The Beauty Social 2011: Blogging as a Business

  1. Jasmine

    You’re such an amazing person Christine. 😀

  2. Val

    You’re such an inspiration. Thanks for all the hard work you do. It’s kind of hard to remember back in the day when we didn’t have the ease of checking out your blog. Now THAT is a legacy!

  3. A piece of advice I’ve learned is, don’t put too much of one’s personal life (esp. negative things) in one’s blog posts. When I go to a blog for swatches or looks, I don’t want to read about how the poster had a crappy day, or had a fight with her friend. I visit blogs to get away from my misery, so I’m not willing to deal with someone else’s misery.

    I understand that some folks are sensitive and have to announce to the world every bad thing that happens to them, but nothing makes me leave a blog faster than a self-pitying post. It just brings down the readers, and deviates from the whole point of a beauty blog.

  4. Coco

    This event sounded so amazing and inspirational at the same time! I really appreciate you spending so much time and effort into your blog! Temptalia is amazing <333! I especially love the advice you gave about "sucking it up" (sometimes it can be so hard)! Thanks Christine :]]

  5. Christina


    you just work so hard for us :)

    hopefully you'll have future events in NYC!
    i didn't get to see you during fashion week :/

  6. elyse

    it was awesome seeing you. i actually took a photo with you guys but the quality is quite horrible. eeek!
    you are even more gorgeous in person. We love what you do Christine! Thank you so much