Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Episode #5 of Be-YOU-tified is up featuring yours truly!! This episode’s focus was on how to cover up/minimize the appearance of dry skin and breakouts. I’m pleased to report my skin is back to normal and back to behaving :) Thanks to Koren for filming and editing!

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97 thoughts on “Temptalia Gets Made Over By Eve Pearl!

  1. Wow, Eve Pearl is amazing! She makes my makeup techniques look very amateurish… lol! You look beautiful Christine! The look was excellent for you. 😀

  2. Wendy

    What a wonderful look Christine!
    They were the lucky ones, because you are a super model!


  3. Shanel

    loveeee the look christine :)

  4. Luv J

    This lady is a genius!! Love her work.. and you look gorgeous!!!

  5. oh goo goo gaa gaa….wow thanks so much for posting. She did an absolutely amazing job on you! did u pick up any tips? lol cuz u already have it down pat…so how was it to see your makeup thru someone else’s eyes…if u kno what i mean

  6. Patty

    This comes at a perfect time! I woke up this morning with a Mt. Vesuvius pimple on my face… naturally, I have a first date tonight. :)

  7. Jen

    Very nice! I love the eye the most, very soft and pretty.

  8. Kristin

    Awww….you’re so cute Christine!! Lookin’ supa dupa hot girlie!!

  9. Yaya

    sorry if i missed this, but what brand of makeup is eve pearl using on christine?

  10. vicki

    oh my god I have been doing my make up all wrong! She did an amazing job! Christine you are so beautiful also.

  11. Adinda

    That was so great to watch, and you look stunning! I’m also very curious, what brand did Eve use?

    • Thanks, Adinda! She used her own brand called Eve Pearl :)

      • Adinda

        Thank you! I’m checking out her site right now – is her line of products available in any US stores? I should be visiting the US in April and would love to check these out, but Sephora and Macy’s don’t sell these products, right?

        • I’m not sure what her shipping policies are, but I know they ship in the U.S., and I think they’re only physically available in her studio store in NYC.

  12. Sasha

    Omg, can I have Eve Pearl?

    Christine, you and Elessa both look stunning!

    I’d love to find out what brand Eve is using as well.

    • Sheena

      I think she’s using her own brand (Eve Pearl)…at least based on what I saw at! :)

      Question: Eve uses a crease brush towards the beginning of the eye stuff to do the “V,” but on her site, I’m only seeing a blending crease brush (I think similar to MAC 217), and in the video, it didn’t quite look like that…seemed more “flat,” if that makes sense. Any ideas on what brush that was, or on a similar one to it?

      • LR

        Sheena..I believe the brush Eve used in her crease was this:

        Professional Eyeliner / Eyebrow Brush
        Item #: ER-BR3
        A small very thin and firm, narrow brush used to line the eyes. Also ideal to fill in the brows.

        • Sheena

          oooo, thanks! :)

          • LR

            Sheena..I found a cheaper alternative to the crease brush that Eve’s by Sonya Kashuk called Angled Crease brush(white handle) found at Target for $4.99..makes an awesome defined crease and can be used for brows as’s a bit wider than MAC’s 266.. I prefer the 266 for lining..hth!

      • Yes, she was using all her own products :)

        Hmm, I think it was just her crease brush – the BR6!

    • LOL! I wish I could have a mini Eve Pearl to do my makeup all the time, too.

      She used her own line :)

  13. Kat

    That’s a beautiful look on you! I really love the eye… crazy catty 😀

  14. Isabel

    omg you look absolutely gorgeous!! your skin looks flawless and what she did with your eyes was amazing! learned show much from the video, thanks for posting it!!

  15. Lesley

    Christine, how did the foundation feel on your skin after a few hours? Did you have any adverse reactions, etc in the following days?? I guess I’m just asking for a review of the Eve Pearl Foundation :)

  16. Susie

    You look the best Ive ever seen you.. amazing!

  17. You were so cute on the video Christine! And the makeup was *amazing*. I totally agree with Eve when she said the sexiest eye look is when a girl’s eyes are so pretty and defined but you can’t figure out what she’s wearing and she did such an amazing job of it on you! I also agree with her – you have *awesome* cat eyes. *is jealous, lol*

  18. IZzySA

    You look beautiful Christine — although you do a great job of your own makeup too! BTW what products (base/concealer) does she use?

  19. Kella

    ^Eve Pearl has her own line of makeup.

    Christine you remind me SO much of one of my friends.. completely.. your mannerisms, etc.

    You look super pretty! GREAT eyes! How did you find the makeup wore after several hours? How did it feel on your skin? Did it irritate the breakout or anything?

    • LOL, I don’t know if that’s a good thing ;P

      Thank you! It’s actually my go-to foundation right now. It covers INSANELY well, feels like you have nothing on, and it lasts all day. I do find you need to set it well or be sure not to lean on anyone’s shoulder, because it is a cream so without powder to set it, it won’t really set perfectly. I do wear it a lot sheerer than in the video (which was designed to show you maximum coverage).

  20. Hollie

    You look so pretty, she did a great job! =] I’m glad your skin is back to normal. =]

  21. Catherine

    That’s such a pretty look! Btw, not too sure i would wear my make up when i’m sleeping! I love how eve pearl does make up but there is no creativity at all… I prefer when you do your make up!!! lol

    • Thanks, Catherine! LOL, I wouldn’t either 😉

      I think what she does is quite different than what I do, but I wouldn’t say she doesn’t have creativity. I think she has her method down and knows how it works! If it ain’t broke… 😉

  22. reesa

    what fun, christine. you look amazing!

    glad your skin is back to normal 😉

  23. SN

    You look so cuute!!And beautiful too after the makeover.
    It’s much less dramatic than your regular looks but still enhances your best features…Did the makeup irritate the breakout area at all?

  24. Ruth

    You look so gorgeous Christine, I love the slight change to your brows, it makes a huge impact on the finished look. What a wonderful job she did on you. I’m glad to hear that your skin is back to normal !!!!

  25. lala

    Your so beautiful Xtine!! <333..Eve made your eyes POP!! Yay!! for your skin being back to norm.

  26. nancy s

    The false eyelashes made your eyes 6xs gorgeous!!

  27. Cassie

    OMG! YOU LOOK GORGEOUS CHRISTINE! You photograph beautifully on camera. Eve makes it look soooo easy doesn’t she?! If only it was….

  28. Jess

    Christine, you look amazing! I would love to see what Eve could do with my eyebrows, I have so many problems with them.

    Thanks so much for posting the video, I definitely learned a few things.

  29. PRETTY!!!! I liked the way eve pearl had those ‘feather light’ hand movements…at least they appeared feather light…also, the foundation n stuff application wth sponge was flawless….
    i liked the brushes she used….
    Could u gve a little information about products/brushes etc eve pearl used??

    • Thanks, Samaya!! Oh, they definitely were :)

      She used all her own products. She has a very small range, so she used her foundation, concealer, and medium blush on me. I believe she used The Ultimate and the Au Natural Palettes on me :)

  30. Shorty.

    A Big WOW!
    Christine My man was like ” why are you smiling at the screen” I was like..” Shut up, Its Christine, the girl that runs my favorite Beauty Blog” ” I never really get see her a lot Like I see the others :)
    Christine you are so pretty with or without makeup!
    And Miss Eve OMYGOD, I have so much respect for her. So many great tips that I never thought about.
    Now Christine as Miss Eve was going your makeup, she has transform you in SOPHIA LOREN! Yes, you wear that Cat Eye well. You looked AMAZING! Do you think you will be able to recreate the look for us by photo? It was that Hot! xoxox

  31. Amelia

    wow christine, you look so good! i am used to seeing just a close up of your eye, and your lips, and one or two full face pictures. it’s nice to see you in a video, you have stunning features! amazing.

  32. Alison

    Chris, you seems to be camera shy… ;p but it was still an amazing look done for u….

    Thanks for all the updates!! U had been a darling!! Muak!!

  33. kim

    christina you are gorgeous! you should show your face more often

  34. Saira

    That’s so cool! Thanks for posting the video. I love your look, it’s gorgeous! I love the way she did your eyes, they look so sophisticated. I always define my eye crease and put on eyeliner after putting colour on the lid – I hadn’t thought of doing crease/eyeliner first – it looks great. What was it like getting the makeover done and being filmed? It must have been a lot of fun!

  35. MissTiss

    Christine, thank you for sharing the video with us. You always look amazing, and your face is beautiful even without make up. I loved what Eve did with the lighter and darker toned foundation…interesting…

  36. Jennifer

    You looked great Christine, but I still think you do a better job when you do your own eye makeup:)

  37. Eva

    Christine, thank you so much for posting this!
    It is really interesting to see someone else do your make up. I love your looks, but this one turned out amazing as well. It makes you look different somehow. Loving this!
    I just wish there were more close ups. :o)

  38. jc

    Christine, you’re very pretty before the makeup application, but after, well, wow! Your eyes were absolutely stunning!

  39. Heather

    I love the way the false eye lashes makes your eyes come out…..

  40. Jen

    nice. but honestly that haircut doesn’t suit you at all.

  41. Daria

    you look so beautiful Christine! thanks for the recommendation- I just got her foundation and its my new HG!! My skin has never looked better and I thank you for that!:)

  42. Maggie

    Do you think that the foundation will hold up in the summer heat and humidity on combo/oily skin? I also should ask them for shade recommendation…I’m NC25/30. Thanks!

  43. Jennifer

    Honestly i think the look is kinda mature and “for the office”. Yes you look great but you look even better when you do your own makeup.

  44. Jodi

    Christine – are you still using and liking the Eve Pearl products? I tried the light foundation, the medium concealer, the primer and the moisturizer. I ended up returning everything and went back to Prescriptives foundation sticks. I have oily skin and these products did nothing to help that. Plus, even using a damp sponge, the products were way too heavy.

    • Hi Jodi,

      I still like them, though I’m not currently using them. I’m actually out of the primer moisturizer, which I really liked, just because my skin is on the drier side, so it helped me out a lot. I do think that the creamy foundation can be heavy for some, and if you have oily skin, I can see it being particularly heavy! When I set it with her pressed powder, I had better results. I really like her foundation for photography — really makes skin look fab.

  45. Amy

    I just met Eve Pearl at the Miami Makeup Summit. She taught some very useful techniques and all the ladies whose makeup she did came out beautiful. She’s so nice too! I was asking about the cost of her blush. It was 22, but she said for 20 I could have the blush and a lip liner!

    • Awww, yay!! I love Eve Pearl, she is SUCH a sweetheart, yeah? Sounds like you had a great time at the Summit. So glad you were able to grab the blush and lip liner!

  46. I would never let someone cut my eyebrows! 😮