Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Who would you love to see collaborate with MAC for a collection? Tell us why!

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52 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Who would you love to see collaborate with MAC for a collection?

  1. Fabiola

    Ahhh, great question! I’d love to see MAC for Tokidoki, an italian graphic designer with japanese inspiration. He has some “models” that would look just awesome in MAC. But I guess Stilla already did a collection with him, so, it is not very likely that MAC will go for it.


  2. I just made a video question on this last night but haven’t put it up yet.. Wooow.. That’s pretty freaky =P
    As I have already mentioned in the vid.
    Cadbury & Swarovski!

  3. Nicole

    This is a tough question. I would like to see an actress collection with simple natural colors. I think about Sandra Bullock, Meg Ryan or Julia Roberts.
    Or something pretty freaky like Christina Aguliera, we know that she loves MAC and uses the make-up on stage, why not her own collection?

    • Amy

      I agree with you totally, but foremost a Christina Aguilera collection would just be amazing. She’s never been shy to rock the vamped up make-up, and she’s done alot of promos with MAC in the past… this would be a great collection in my opinion! That way I could support my favorite singer and make-up in one purchase lol.

  4. Teagan

    Tinkerbell :)

  5. Beyonce.
    I love her style.

  6. Ann

    I would love to see MAC’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton :)

  7. cloudburst

    Oliver Theyskens!

  8. retrofox


    • Macaddict

      For sure!!! That’s exactly what I wanted to say! Gwen Stefani is a big fan of them and she has a great sense of style and fashion!

  9. kacie

    I’ve said it before and I won’t rest until it’s a reality…

    MAC and betsey Johnson are made for each other.

    • MACPixie55

      This is exactly what I was going to say! I’d also love to see a Strawberry Shortcake collection, if you remember the scented dolls from the early 80s, so many bright colour possibilities and I can imagine everything smelling amazing!

    • Courtney

      Oh my gosh, that would be fantabulous. I definitely agree.

  10. I totally second kacie, Betsey Johnson would be amazing with MAC

  11. Eva

    I would love to see a collaboration with Gwen Stefani/l.a.m.b.
    As I said before ( I think it was discussed on here not too long ago??), I could see a collection of red lipsticks and neutral/pink glosses, light neutral and golden eyeshadows, dramatic lashes…

  12. Tekoa

    I stick with my call for MAC to do a collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund. Saving the planet aside, can you just imagine the packaging? Animal prints left, right and center!

    I’d love to see an uber pigmented green called Rain Forest.

    • Eva

      Yes!! That is THE best idea ever!!
      I would be all over that collection..spending money on makeup and doing good with it (assuming that they would give a large chunk to the WWF)… :o)

    • Ann

      I would buy everything! Can you imagine all the deep, pigments jewel tines you could get from a rain forest inspired collection?

    • Kristine

      Yes, I love it too!

    • Claudia m

      Best idea EVAH! I’m not too crazy about celebrities endorsing or collaborating with designers because they all have stylists anyway, so it’s not really “their” style. But the rainforest idea is freaking genius, not just animal print, but like leaf-print too, I would hope (I’m a bit of a hippie underneath all this make up)
      You got me with the rain forest pigment, I’m a sucker for green!!!

  13. Sheila

    Betsey Johnson, as someone mentioned above, would be HOT! I’d love to see that collab

  14. zoila

    Betsey Johnson and I know it’s weird but Gossip Girl hahha! You never know!

  15. Heather

    Alice in Wonderland

  16. Miss T

    I’d like to see a collaboration with Mary J. Blige. She’s already a VIVA GLAM icon, so I’d like to see MAC take it one step further.

  17. Lisa from Dallas

    I have a couple of collabo ideas….

    Betsey Johnson (I agree with everyone above who listed this one!)
    Keisha Cole
    Monique Lhuillier (just think of the classy & elegant colors!)
    Marc Jacobs
    The Pussycat Dolls

  18. I would laaahhhhv to see a Sailor Moon collection.

    And a Britney collection!

    I’d be all over that!

  19. classic

    Perhaps Valentino

  20. Miss Dee Canada

    1. Madonna
    2. Paris Hilton
    3. Betsy Johnson
    4. Tina Turner
    5. Cher
    6. Victoria Beckham

  21. Lehea

    Tokidoki or Harajuku Lovers. Love them both!

  22. Rio

    Patrick Wolf! He has WONDERFUL make-up choices.

  23. Josie

    No one gives MAC more publicity than Kim Kardashian…I would love to see them team up…DASH for MAC

  24. Frances

    Oooh, this is awesome!

    I second (third, fourth, fifth, sixth?) that WWF idea, I’m dying to see that Rain Forest, and a multi-colour shadow palette called Birds of Paradise and a leopard-printed highlighter and God, I’d just buy everything…

    For celebrities, I’d really love to see a collaboration with Eva Green, she’s just such a beautiful nut-ball and I admire how daring she is with her hair and makeup. Think of the smokey-eye palettes and the ruby red lipsticks and the generally insane promotional pictures….

    But most most MOST of all, I’d love to see MAC collaborate with Temptalia herself. Christine’s so gorgeous and talented, she’d be the best spokesperson they could ever have!

  25. Kim

    I think it would be fun to see a MAC collaboration with:

    1. Louis Vuitton
    2. How about a Legally Blonde line?
    3. An 80’s movie classic theme – something like The Breakfast Club.
    4. Jimmy Choo or Manolo for MAC? That would be cool.
    5. Madonna is a great idea – and I do love Britney too.

    Just some ideas, take them for what they are worth!

  26. PAOLA


  27. Morgue

    i’d love to see a collaboration with h.NAOTO or SOMARTA.
    i generally think japanese designers are more outstanding than others, it’s like with their comics, it’s a unique style and i can imagine all the freaky colors and the design of the pots, it would be very arty.

    or a collection with galliano or gaultier. i can picture the galliano collection – i mean, just look at his new perfume, the flacon is amazing, he’s such a creative genius! plus, i adore the make-up the models wear in his runway shows – i think it would be perfect for MAC! :)


    AND i think a gustav klimt collection would be awesome – couldn’t be a collaboration, but it could be a theme – and it would make a gorgeous theme! lots of golds and a bunch of rich colors :)



  28. emma

    i totally agree. Betsey Johnson would be awesome. i also agree with paris hilton, that would be hilarious. the lipsticks would be called, “thats hot” or something like that. lol

  29. msjlh

    Maybe Lindsey Lohan


  30. msjlh

    I forgot to say why.

    Angelina Jolie because she is so hot, sultry and sexy and she has a raw edge to her personality.
    Maybe the line could be Wildflower or something like that.

  31. I don’t have any of my own ideas, but have seen great ones here! I love the idea of Betsey Johnson or the WWF ones sounds so beautiful. I bet MAC is reading this and taking the ideas and developing products as we type!

  32. Samantha

    I would love to see Mac for Christian Louboutin.
    The black and red packaging ugh, amazing.

  33. nancy

    I dont like Ed Hardy clothes, but could you imagine what kind of crazy colors they would come up with if they collabed?!

  34. Emma

    Juicy Couture!!!!!! but it might look too much like heatherette. o well

  35. valerie

    BOB MACKIE (aka the “Sultan of Sequins”)…He’s designed beautiful costumes for Cher, Diana Ross, Tina Turner, and too many others to name. Gotta see Cher in Vegas in these get-ups! Talk about a collection with Bling! And even though he’s got fragrance and even furniture designed, I don’t think he’s ever collaborated with any cosmetic labels.

  36. I would love to see some kind of hip hop collabo