Monday, February 16th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

Where do you put on your makeup? Bathroom? At a vanity in your bedroom? Desk?

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83 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Where do you put on your makeup?

  1. In my room. But I love in a student house and I have a sink and mirror in my room. All my beauty stuff is stored underneath my sink. In my future home, I will probably need two bathrooms…one for my (not yet existing) husband and one for me 😀

    • Claudia M.

      That’s what I did!!! Upstairs, the master is and the guest bath are connected, so I left him the master and I transformed the guest into my make up closet. I wanted the color scheme to be dusty rose and light brown, but that’s where he drew the line, no pink rooms =(
      I think I’ll do it anyway ;-P

      • Tanya

        GAHHHHHHH!! I want to come live in your house with you Claudia :) and I wont mind if you have a pink and brown make-up bathroom…I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea!!

        I also get ready in my bathroom, which just happens to be pink…the tub is pink as are the double sinks. Its the original 1950s hardware and fixtures…very wacky…but in a totally cheezy funky fun way :)

  2. Marieke

    I hava a vanity in my room 😀

    CiaoOo Marieke

  3. Whitney

    I just do my makeup in my room standing up,haha…no vanity. Sometimes i do my makeup in the bathroom.

  4. I have a big mirror on the back of my door, so I do my makup infront of it, standing up.
    My room is only 2metres wide and 3 meters long, I have no room for a vanity, lol!

  5. Anitacska

    In my bedroom. We have a built in cupboard with big mirror doors, so I can stand in front of that and apply my make up (that is also kept in my bedroom).

  6. Priscilla

    at my desk, right next to my computer.

  7. In my room, i have a huge mirror hanging on my wall with shelves next to it for all my makeup and hair stuff. It’s the only way i can do it cos i hate small mirrors :)

  8. Carrie

    in my bedroom. I have this crappy little Conair lighted makeup mirror that sits on top of my very tall dresser. It’s, like, chin height. Kind of a weird setup, but I’m used to it! Someday I will get a better mirror…

  9. Kristine

    I put my mineral foundation and blusher on standing up in front of the window in my bedroom, and the rest I put on while sitting in the couch in the living room, also in front of the window.

  10. In my “makeup room”. Me and SO bought a hosue with 3 rooms. but we only need ours, plus a spare room for guests, his comp desk etc, so i turned the other psare room into my makeup room.

    I just turned my old comp desk( like the ones from office depot etc) into my vanity! it is perfect, and me and SO added a shelf where i put my nail polish rack and my everyday hair stuff.

    Heres a link to my makeup room:

    • Whitnee


      Where did you get that rack for your nail polish? That room looks awesome. I commend you on your taste!

      I have a lighted medicine cabinet from Ikea that I put on the wall in my room, and a bookshelf type thing with 6 cubby holes (I think it’s for closets) below that where I can set stuff down that I’ve taken out of the cabinet. I’ve also glued a couple of metal pencil cups to the surface for my hair dryer, and for my curling and flat irons.

  11. Natalie

    I have vanity in my room. All my make ups are stored in the office paper tray that has clear drawers.

  12. Shealyn

    I do it in my room; I have a dresser with a big mirror and next to it i have 2 white plastic drawer sets that hold my makeup.

  13. Taylor

    Anywhere I can, at my vanity or in the bathroom, sometimes even in bed or on the bus lol

  14. I put it on at a vanity in my bedroom and as of now my vanity doesn’t have much of a mirror left because of my shelves of makeup.

  15. amy

    In my bedroom I’ve a nice black cabinet with shelves inside and one of those standing mirrors resting sideways on top against the wall but I use a smaller vanity mirror my brother jokes that my room is a complete mess the only organized area is my makeup area

  16. Naz

    I have a vanity area between my bedroom and bathroom, which is where I keep most of my makeup. The rest I keep in my dresser closet, which I hardly use.

  17. ice

    i have a vanity in my room and it has an ample space to accomodate all my makeup thingies and beauty products. I do my makeup there but i never put any of my stuff on it because my two year old son will have a fiesta experimenting and destroying all of them. I keep my things locked up safely somewhere away from his sight and reach.

  18. HoneyBrown1976


  19. Ally

    Downstairs bathroom as it’s one of the rooms I can get natural sunlight in. And huge mirror and counter help :)

  20. Sitting on my bed, in the bathroom, in the car (if I’m getting a ride), at the bus stop, or at work before I start if I’m running very late. 😀

  21. nagiko9

    In my dining room! I have a big mirror in there, and the room itself gets wonderful natural light in the mornings.

  22. bathroom…the lighting there is best. or at least i’m used to it

  23. Tatiana

    Since I’m always on the go (meaning in a rush because I’m always late), I either apply it on the BART train or at my desk! When I wake up early enough, I’ll put make-up on in the bathroom but the dining room is best for lighting.

  24. Kathleen

    I have a vanity table in my bedroom. I do need some big brush holders though…my Ikea vases are too small. 😀

  25. Cassykins

    In the bathroom, though when I’m at my bf’s house sometimes I will sit on his bed and use a hand mirror because I feel bad for hogging the bathroom when we both need to get ready for work

  26. hanhie

    i have a vanity in my closet! LOVES it! i feel like thats my personal private girly area =)

  27. Tami

    Most days sitting on the bed. Some days either in the bathroom or sitting on the couch:-D

  28. rubyg1986

    depends on where i am at, if im at home, then in my room cuz i have a vanity, if im at school then either in my car, or in the bathroom lol. if im out of town, then the bathroom…

  29. We have a “dressing area” where the vanity and sink are separate from the room that houses the toilet and bathtub, so I do my makeup standing at the vanity. I’m trying to keep my stash small enough so that it all fits in the top right drawer (which is my side) and four cups on the vanity (3 for various sized brushes and one for liners and mascara).

  30. msviolet

    Bathroom…just in case my attempt at “cat eye” turns “black eye”.

  31. Stephanie

    in front of the mirror in my bathroom

  32. Sarah

    bathroom mirror

  33. Stefani

    my computer desk lol

  34. Jayded Dreams

    We live in an Apt for now until we can buy a house. Since space is limited I took over the dining room area for my desk, computer and makeup stuff. So that is where the “magic” happens!!!

  35. rena

    desk converted vanity in my room. just had to mount the mirror.

  36. CeeBee

    Bathroom – it gets good natural light in the morning and has a light pretty much directly over the sink for other times, plus it has a huge mirror I can get really close to it, which helps because I am EXTREMELY short sighted and need to be about 3 inches away from the mirror when applying my eye makeup.
    All my makeup is stacked in a plastic drawer tidy right below the mirror and the toilet cistern nearby is very handy for holding my brush roll for easy access.

  37. Lourdes

    I pack what I will use on a big bag and (I know i shouldn’t do this) I apply on my way to work. Blending eyeshadows and everything.
    IF I have time then I might start on my bathroon and finish in the car.

  38. In my room. I wish I have a Vanity Mirror to do my makeup so it would be so much easier for me. Sometimes I take my makeup with me to work and do it there.

  39. jamie

    in my vanity in my bedroom.

    but most comes with me everywhere in a bag in my purse. i usually have very very very big bags!

  40. Evelyn

    I have a gorgeous dressing table with a 3-part mirror and a cute little chair in the bathroom. Hubby bought it for me last year. I lurrrve it!!!

  41. I use my comuter desk it doubles as my vanity. I have more makeup on it than stuff for my computer. I have my lighted mirror and everything all over here.

  42. Shanel

    on my drawer set in my room, & the drawers hold my make up…it’s like my makeup center :)

  43. cangel

    Mainly in my room in front of my vanity. I try to keep a small makeup bag with be with mini versions of the makeup I use, just for touch ups. I like things organized so my vanity has nooks and crannies for each item.

  44. Camellia

    big closet mirror in my bedroom (:

  45. Hellen

    In our bathroom :-) My husband don’t catch so much time in the mirror *hihi*

  46. amanda

    On my desk in my room…right next to my laptop.

  47. Isabel

    i have a vanity in my bedroom right next to a big window so i can have a lot of natural light!

  48. Haley

    Vanity in my room. :] I love it.

  49. In my room, I have those mirrored closet doors.

  50. hi have a vanity in my room so that is where I put my makeup on.

  51. Hanna

    In my bathroom since it has a bigger surface area than my vanity in my bedroom. Plus, its easier to clean my brushes and my hands.

  52. I have a desk in my walk-in closet with a light-up make up mirror. It’s a great setup for me since it can get rather cluttered, so it’s out of sight 😉

  53. Natalia

    In my room. I have a sliding mirror door to my closet and so I stand up while putting on my makeup. But when I move out with my boyfriend I told him im getting a vanity desk haha and he was totally cool with it =)

  54. Jessica

    Bathroom for me. When my husband and I purchase our house in less than two years I will have a vanity.

  55. Heather

    My bathroom cause it has a skylight so its easier to see and I get natural light

  56. katie

    bathroom! i tried it in my room, but the lighting was never good enough.

  57. Diana A

    I have a pretty sweet bathroom setup. I have a three level floor shelving unit from target and got trays with lips on the end to place on top of the shelves which keeps my lipsticks and other stuff that can roll from going all over the place.

    • Diana A

      Oops! Totally read that wrong :).

      Bathroom always. The lighting is never good in my bedroom and I prefer having the sink/q-tips/etc handy. Plus a bathroom cabinet window is always my favorite mirrors (since they swing open).

  58. KaylaK

    I just sit on my bed and just use a big mirror and do it that way lol. I have all my makeup in the tall pull out drawer rubbermaids from Wal-mart. I have the 5 drawer and it is perfect because I can fit everything in it with plenty of room to spare!

  59. In the bathroom usually. Sometimes in my room though if we have a lot of people over getting ready.

  60. L

    bathroom, the stuff i use most on the counter and stuff i rarely use in a drawer.

  61. Flora

    I have my makeup cases (eye shadow has its own case and soon blush will as well) on the work tables where I do my sewing and play at being creative. It’s the first place I turn to in the morning so it’s the right place for me.

    I had a beat up case that I carried in my purse but lost it because I put it somewhere else…I’ll never find it.

    • Flora

      I read this wrong too! I put on moisturizers and primer in the bathroom but on makeup by the light of my Ott light on my sewing table if I have some time. I use the poorly lit powder room downstairs if I time is short.

  62. geri

    Walk In Wardrobe

  63. Juliana

    I put on my bedroom… I think bathroom is too humid, not a good place to keep make up…

  64. Juliana

    in my bedroom*

  65. Dewy_Blueeyes

    wow I need to find some proper space for my makeup- there is no good place anywhere in the house for natural light so I use a Rimmel makeup mirror with built in lights sat at my dining table and as many lights on around me….mostly works ok!

  66. Cat

    Monday thru Friday I get to work soooo early i apply my makeup in my office bathroom. On the weekend usually my dresser in my room.

  67. Sylvia

    i have facial care stuff in the main bathroom and makeup in the half bath. (i’m afraid the moisture from when I shower might ruin my makeup in the long run!) so i often end up moving between the two bathrooms!

  68. Janice

    In my room or in my bathroom depends if the lightning in my room is better than that’s where i do it 😛

  69. Mary Ann

    My bedroom because I have a vanity where I keep the majority of my makeup. I sometimes put it on in my bathroom when I need better lighting

  70. kat

    Bathroom! But it’s so funny because I don’t have ANY counter space so I literally have to walk back and forth a few trips lugging my makeup form my room to the bathroom in order to do it every morning HAHAHA :D!

  71. Mikki

    In the bathroom!

  72. izabela

    depends on where I am. But most of the time in my room on my vanity lol