Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

Where do you go for inspiration for your makeup? Share!

Temptalia's Answer.

I look at clothes, LOL!


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42 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Where do you go for inspiration for your makeup?

  1. Kim ofcourse!
    Nature has so many colorcombinations, the greens/yellows/browns/blues. Very inspiring for me.

  2. cece

    mac facecharts.

  3. Diabla

    Cats. They’re the most beautiful little creatures.

  4. Roxanne

    Temptalia – duh! :)

  5. Michelle

    same here: clothes or shoes/bags

  6. The time of year.What I’m watching on tv(Gossip Girl obsessed!).Anything I’m really into really. :)

  7. World around me!
    Inspiration for me comes from the weather/nature/social things that I see!!
    For example a sunset or cloudy sky, the way the sun reflects off my friend’s fiery red hair; even cloudy skies and rainy days give me great ideas to create a look that matches how I feel on that particular day.

  8. Natalie

    Tutorials, Blogs, FOTD, clothes

  9. Mainly what I’m wearing decides the colours of my make up, but sometimes it’s inspired by Temptalia or Pursebuzz, and I will adjust my clothes/accessories to match my make up. :)

  10. aradhana

    fashion mags (especially allure) & face charts by mac or nars or whoever…

  11. I usually check out videos on youtube, or blog posts, by yourself, Petrilude, Xsparkage or Risa. I never manage to follow them exactly, they are always slightly adapted to make it more ME.

  12. aramis

    clothes. when im uninspired i chose a color and go from there or chose a color and its complimentary color.

  13. aramis

    ooops! choose lol omg late night partying & early meeting equal no good lol

  14. fiaspice

    here! I also look a Youtube tutorial.

  15. Katya

    i look at clothes and my makeup – for the colorsthat stand out the most to me!

  16. badfish

    Here, youtube (tiffanyd and makeupgeek), the girls that work at sephora, my friends, and past makeup applications that got me lots of compliments!

  17. gio

    fashion mags, blogs and youtube videos

  18. Rosie

    I love butterflies as inspiration because they can be so incredibly bright and beautiful. Also paintings and cartoons. And like fantasy stuff. All the bright stuff.

  19. f

    Here, of course! I don’t wear makeup (only during special occasions), but I’m trying to start and this place is an amazing learning resource.

  20. Redhead (hi)

    My clothes, Christine’s looks and tuts, and newly bought cosmetics. Once I’ve decided on the principle shades, I’ll coordinate that to the season and where I’m going. Obviously, I wouldn’t wear dramatic makeup to the mall or a five-minute look to a party. 😉
    Here’s my makeup key for seasons:
    Winter – Sheer or pale and sparkly eye/face makeup, focus on the lips
    Spring – Toned-down hues of bright shades in all makeup, focus on the skin, mix of matte and shimmer
    Summer – Bright shades on eyes or lips, less focus on the cheeks, mix of matte and shimmer
    Fall – Smokey and sultry shades on the eyes, no focus on the lips, more matte than shimmer

    That’s not to say that you could do sheer makeup in the summer and smokey makeup in spring – this is just my key for what normally goes with the seasons :)

  21. Veronica

    Youtube & of course clothes! I usually do my make-up to whatever clothes I’m going to wear.

  22. Tasha

    i have a few YouTube channels that i like to look to for inspiration. Many times, i’ve gotten dressed and went to my subscriptions to see what people had uploaded. Lots of times I go with a variation of that.

    Then of course, i’m inspired by what i’m wearing or the mood i’m going for. Sometimes this backfires, but most of the time its a win.

  23. Hinahon

    A bit from everywhere… first i must say i have a sort of goth/punk look, so it tends to be dramatic and kinda “look at me” make up.
    Then, it depends on my mood, or the clothes i’m wearing… Then, I also take examples… Like i recreated and tried a look that Brian Molko (singer from the English rock band Placebo) was wearing on a pic.
    That’s mainly about it.

  24. DevilishDoll

    Usually either this site, random ideas pop into my head, or I get ideas from World of Warcraft (hey some of the skies and stuff have some awesome color combinations).

  25. Jody

    Temptalia. End of story. :)

  26. Lili

    Clothes also!

  27. Angela

    MUA, YouTube, beauty/fashion magazines.

  28. Christy

    Everywhere! Temptalia, flowers, magazines, MAC face charts, Youtube, and lots of other blogs. =)

  29. Ashley

    Generally, I can get inspired by something random that I see around the house (such as.. a purse, or a pair of shoes) or when I am out and about (such as a dress that a stranger is wearing, or a billboard). Either the colours inspire me to create a look with them, or a design inspires me (generally it’s the first thing).
    Also, seeing pictures of other looks inspires me, either the colour combos, the style, or someone’s overall style. I rarely am able to follow a tutorial – I can’t do things step by step based on what someone else did! So when I look at picture tutorials (I can’t for the life of me follow video tutorials, I’d rather see the finished product), I just look at all the pictures and either create something similar but to match my own style, or create something completely different with the same colours. I usually hate recreating someone’s look exactly as is, but instead I prefer drawing inspiration from them. When I was starting out with makeup, I more or less copied it exactly as is, but now that I have grown into my style, I’m a lot more skilled at doing my own thing with things.

  30. MichelleB

    I definately draw inspiration from this site as well as tutorials from youtube. I also try and recreate looks I like from magazines, ads, etc. Ever since I started looking at makeup blogs, my makeup collection has grown exponentially! :)

  31. Brandi

    Usually youtube or temptalia!

  32. AndreaMarie

    Right here!!!

  33. jenny

    the weather and my mood.

  34. Sass

    I go by my overall style and I get inspiration from my favorite colors.

  35. Saira

    I get inspiration from what I’m wearing, make-up blogs like Temptalia, magazines or when I buy new products.

  36. Adam

    Music, Fashion, other makeup looks of coarse, colours, emotions, and mac face charts!!

  37. Stephanie

    magazines, and here of course:)

  38. Cassykins

    The ocean. I love ocean life and they have so many great colors for inspiration!

  39. Hannah

    Clothes, flowers or whatever mood im in that day :)

  40. Miss_M

    Magazines and checking out different blogs and beauty websites :)