Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

Where do you apply your makeup? In a bedroom, at a vanity, at work?

Temptalia's Answer.

I do mine in the second bathroom, which is devoted to storing makeup (and thus, isn’t to be used as a bathroom, ha!)!


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64 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Where do you apply your makeup?

  1. I apply my makeup in the masterbathroom in my house. It’s the only place I can lay out all my makeup.

  2. Jenny

    IN my bedroom cause i store everything in a closet in my bedroom

  3. The main bathroom (not the en suite), which gets better natural light.

  4. sandra

    In my bathroom and after doing my make up I check another mirror in my bedroom 😉

  5. Aubree

    my bathroom. 😀 then sometimes i go to the downstairs bathroom [which has sunlight streaming in] to make sure it looks okay because sometimes doing your makeup under incandescent light can look good then you step outside into the daylight and you look like crap. -______-‘

  6. Cat

    In the bathroom, but since its small me and my husband always fights for who gets in there first…lol

  7. Julie

    On the floor in my bedroom. :)

  8. I used to do my makeup in my room, but now its too dark there so I go into my bathroom and leave only necessary brushes and daily things, sicne im going through project 10 pan, so I need to use up my daily things 😛

  9. Anitacska

    Normally in my bedroom as that’s where I keep most of my make up. Sometimes downstairs in the cloakroom/hallway (there’s a big mirror there) if I need to be downstairs to sort out my young children. Very glamourous, lol.

  10. Miss_M

    Don’t laugh, but I apply my make-up in the kitchen. The natural light is great since I have a large window there and I can put all the make-up I need on the kitchen countertop.

    • Anitacska

      Actually I do that sometimes too, as my kicthen has a good big window, so if it’s not very sunny and I’m downstairs, I might head for the kitchen. :)

  11. jess

    In the bathroom if it’s just normal everyday makeup, but if I’m trying to make a really big/important look (or I’m just experimenting), I like to put on my makeup at the dining room table (so I can spread all my makeup out and get a good look at everything available to me).

  12. Jennifer

    LOL… hmmm, I guess I could convert the second bathroom (guest bathroom) to a makeup heaven, but my hubby would probably kill me! I just do my makeup in the master bath – but seriously, it’s getting to the point where I don’t have enough space to store it, so I’m looking at other options. :)

  13. In my bathroom, but as it is so tiny, my storage chest of drawers is outside of it but just near the door, so I can pick anything I need quickly.

  14. dani

    i do my makeup in my room by my desk/vanity i guess you could call it. i just got a simple student looking desk and turned it into the place where i like to put my makeup on. i also do my clients makeup there, too. ^_^

  15. Inky

    I have always applied it sitting on the bed, but dreamed of having a vanity – as luck would have it we recently got a wall-mount TV and the small console table where our old TV resided is now re-purposed as a vanity with lighted mirror and lovely containers and a big drawer organized with dividers. I had a little upholstered stool that I need to recover and then it will be just right 😉 Much more fun to apply make up there than sitting on the bed!

  16. Sarah M

    I put on my makeup in my bedroom. The positioning of my dressing table/mirror is perfect and the lighting is pretty good, so I can really perfect my look. :-)

  17. In my room. It was suppost to be a bonus/rec room but I got my way and it’s my room now. It’s huge so half of it is a makeup/hair corner.

  18. Megan

    I do my makeup in the bedroom. That is where I store it and I don’t feel taking what I need and moving to the bathroom!

  19. Jennifer

    On my bed more times than not. lol

  20. RPatchell

    I do my makeup in my bathroom but, I totally wish I had a vanity in my room to do so.

  21. Vness_12

    I lugg my big art bin full of makeup to my bathroom to apply my makeup. I have been BEGGING my fiance for a nice vanity with good lighting so that I can do my makeup and hair NOT in the bathroom. One thing I notice out here is people doing their makeup on the subway in the mornings which drives me INSANE!!! LoL Not sure why but it just urks me.

  22. Sans

    Im trapped in the corner of my bedroom, in the dark!

  23. I put mine on in a vanity in my room.

  24. Nicole Straka

    I have a makeup “desk” in one of my spare bedrooms. I have too much makeup for the bathroom!

  25. at the bathroom mirror. it has generally flattering light, but also a brighter light i can turn on as needed.

  26. My bedroom usually. I have an 8 ft by 6 ft window on one side of my room and a 2 by 6 ft window adjacent to it, so there’s tons of natural lighting.

  27. Akia

    I do mine mostly in the bathroom…

  28. Dee

    either sitting on the edge of my bed or sitting on the floor beside where i keep all my makeup.

  29. Janella

    I do my makeup in my bedroom at my vanity everything is stored in drawers ot in containers that sit ontop of my vanity/desk

  30. Emily

    In the locker room at the gym – but its a nice gym and there is a marble counter in front of a mirror, so its not bad!

  31. coco72

    In my second bathroom, I only use it for my makeup and hair care

  32. Charlene Daalling

    Bought a desk and use it as my vanity table. Its got drawers and shelves, really cool. I keep it in my bedroom.

  33. Alexis

    Unfortunately in a tiny bathroom of our tiny house. My fantasy is to have my hubby build me a vanity table and his fantasy is to have an actual garage with a workbench to fulfill my fantasy..haha

  34. Jdias1123

    I do it at my vanity, I get lots of natural sunlight that comes in. I used to do it in my master bath before I had a vanity though.

  35. DW

    In a house with only one bathroom, I try not to jam it up by doing make-up LOL. I do mine in my sister’s bedroom, at a desk where I store everything. I have to share the makeup station with my sister though, and while we are good about taking turns, it can cause an argument now and again.

  36. lunatwinkle

    In the bathroom. I store all my makeup in my bathroom drawers, there’s also a big countertop where I can lay out all my items. :)

  37. in my bedroom. i have a window right there for natural sunlight, and 3 makeup storage units ontop of my dresser, with a makeup mirror on top of one of the units. perfect height!

  38. Samantha

    I have a spare bedroom that I converted into my “beauty” room..haha That’s where I keep my makeup, hair products, and jewellery. It’s my fav room! =)

  39. lesleykat

    since i live in NYC, my apt is small (decent though for manhattan standards) and i don’t really have enough room in my bathroom. i have a big mirror in my bedroom where i do my makeup in the AM. it doesn’t have the best lighting though. :(

    i’ve been thinking about getting a pretty lighted vanity mirror and just using my desk/makeup studio/makeup storage area and setting up shop there.

  40. Ashley

    In my bedroom, infront of my dresser which has a HUGE mirror attached and I keep my little plastic drawers filled with my makeup collection. I wish I had a vanity and more room for storage, though.

  41. Missy

    I apply my makeup in my bedroom while sitting on my bed and sometimes in the bathroom for more accuracy and when Im being rushed by my family lol=)xoxoxo

  42. amy

    Mostly I apply my makeup in my bedroom because I like the privacy, I don’t like people looking at me, talking to me or asking me questions when I am doing my makeup. Sometimes, I would go into the bathroom or living room because it has better natural lighting, but only when I am home alone.

  43. Jennifer

    Mostly in the vanity, but sometimes I apply some of my makeup in the bathroom, depends on if my hubby is using the vanity sink or bathroom sink.

  44. I do mine in my bathroom. I have nice natural light bulbs in there, and nice counter space to spread all my stuff out.

  45. Nicci

    Bathroom but most of the time my second bedroom…

  46. Nadine

    I apply my makeup in my bedroom, but i’m unique. I have a big bookcase beside my bedroom door, and a full length mirror on the back of my door, so I do it there. I’ve always done it here, and I’m not sure i could do it sitting down! I get pretty good lighting too.

  47. kpenn

    I do half in my bathroom, half in my bedroom. Everything is stored on a dresser in my bedroom, but the lighting is harsher in the bathroom, so I usually go back and forth. When I’m all done, I do a walk-through of my entire apartment holding a mirror so that I can see how it looks in all lighting…haha…so weird, but I don’t feel confidant unless I do it!

  48. I used to do my makeup standing in front of the bathroom vanity, but I got so fed up with the yellowish light and the humidity from the shower that I finally got myself a cute little vanity off of Craigslist. I put it in the bedroom at the foot of the bed and converted my small bookshelf to a makeup/jewelry/crafts shelf. It’s really nice! I get enough natural light if it’s sunny, but I’m not directly in the sun, so I can see what I’m doing. Unfortunately since my back’s half to the window the lighting is horrible when it’s overcast… so I am plotting some lighting options. I would love to put my vanity right next to the window, but that would take quite a lot of moving around of furniture to accommodate it.

  49. Sass

    In my bedroom and if I’m running late for work I do it at my desk at work. I love my job. <3

  50. Ruth

    In my bedroom

  51. Wilcoa

    Bedroom leaning over a chest of drawers to look into my jewelry box mirror 😛 I have a cramp space, which sucks… one day I hope for a vanity, or at least a nice bathroom to do makeup in lol.

  52. DonnaN

    I do both my hair and makeup at my computer desk in our home office. Not the best lighting, but I have the space to myself, without trying to fight over the bathroom.

    I just recently got a vanity for my bedroom, so I’m in the process of rearranging the furniture in there….I need better lighting and a magnifying mirror… Xmas maybe??

  53. Rosie

    I have my nightstand set up as my makeup area with my vanity mirror and the makeup is stored next to it so I do it in my room.

  54. Bettina

    at my desk with a small mirror so I can sit here at my comnp read through stuff and do my face in the morning..kinda like how most people eat breakfast and read the paper LOL. If nobody is home though I will take over the dining room table because, I can lay out all my make up and watch tv LOL

  55. Bridgette

    Mainly in my bathroom. And sometimes in the dining room with a mirror.

  56. eileen

    In my bedroom because I have huge mirrors on my closet.

  57. I store mine in a vanity/desk in my room. There is wayy too much movement anywhere else.

  58. Tattoo Girl

    I have a vanity with a lighted mirror in my bedroom. Two carts, one on either side, hold all my makeup so its right there at my reach. Too much to move around!!

  59. Carmen

    Since I now get up really early and have to go to work when it’s dark, I do my makeup in my bedroom with decent lighting. Even though the bathroom hs better lighting, I don’t want to wake up my daughter and go back and forth to my bedroom where my m/u is stored anyway. I’ll be looking around for a good storage system, though.

  60. SunShine

    I’m usually running around naked between bedroom, bathroom and living room/kitchen. Bedroom has most of my powder makeup and a vanity but is too hot and lighting is poor even after taking down all curtains. Bathroom has the best light but no counter space and it’s very hot. Living room has the rest of my makeup, a decent light, A/C and lots of kitchen counter space to spread all my stuff. I haven’t figured a way to sit down though. Standing in a lighted spot with a small mirror in one hand seems to speed up the whole process. Hubby loves watching that unless we are running late :)

  61. Chrissy

    My bedroom where all of my makeup is stored. I share my bathroom so there’s definitely not enough room to store anything in there – I don’t like the idea of storing makeup in there anyhow. Although I would like to do my makeup in the bathroom due to the better lighting.

  62. bedroom when I kept all my staff.