Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your most unusual beauty product that you own? Do you use a common household item as your favorite beauty tool? Do you have a beauty product that cleans your eyelashes or something equally unheard of (or rarely heard of)?

P.S. – What’s everyone doing this weekend?

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33 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s your most unusual beauty product that you own?

  1. Janis

    I sometimes use Preparation H to shrink down my eyebags lol. I have 1 in my fridge coz I like using it when it’s cold. Works even better than any eye depuffing gels out there.

  2. Jenny

    Monistat Anti-Chafing gel. I use it as a foundation primer. I find that it’s very similar to Smashbox’s primer! love it.

  3. Valley

    Sweet Almond Oil. Put a little on a cotton ball and the most stubborn waterproof eye makeup slides right scrubbing is needed at all. The oil also acts as a great moisturizer. :)

  4. Clarins Contour Des Yeux – brill for healing cuts, grazes and burns in record time. I went through a period of experimenting with products and it works a treat.

    Oh, and I’ll mostly be having my nails done :-)

  5. taj

    I use Vaseline to do my eye message.

  6. Lia

    I use a demitasse spoon to curl my eye lashes, my Gramma showed me how to do it when I was little. I totally think it’s odd that I carry a little spoon in my make-up bag.

    • kat

      i’ve always wanted to learn how to do that…but i’m so afraid my lashes would rip out. i think it’s so fascinating.

    • That’s great, Lia! How funny the things our elders can share with us!

    • Claudia M.

      OMG, I use a spoon too! My mom showed me and one day she found it in my bathroom and thought I was cooking crack!! I was like mom, YOU showed me!!!! I love how it curls them, it doesn’t bend them like a normal lash curler does.

    • rosa

      How’s this work? I’m curiousss :O


    I use Neosporin on really bad cuticles.

  8. cristine

    coconut oil to remove eye make-up!
    it’s the best and cheapest stuff around!

  9. Tonee

    I use Milk of Magnesia as a primer. It works so well over a light layer of moisturiszer, I still can’t believe I spent so much money on brands like Laura Mercier, Smashbox and Clarins! I have oily to combination skin and MoM just soaks up all the greasiness and lasts all day.

    • Nice! What are some great natural products to start out with?

      Where can I get MoM?

      • Tonee

        MoM is available at most pharmacies and supermarkets – it’s used as an anti-acid and/or laxative and remember to get the unflavored one. Also apply a VERY light layer over moisturizer/sunscreen and wait until it’s dry. If you see white streaks or spots, you can wipe this off while applying foundation.

  10. Claudia M.

    I use olive oil to remove waterproof mascara. Works really great!

  11. Rabi

    You know all those extra business cards, or little price tags on new clothes? I rip them in half and use them to put on my mascara every morning. I tuck them behind my lashes every time I swipe on my mascara so the excess goes onto the cardboard instead of on my lid. No more clumps, and I get the whole lash covered now, since I don’t have to worry about smearing it all over my finished eye!

  12. Gabby

    i use castor oil after removin’ mascara, it makes lashes grow, curl and get a bit dark. lol

  13. Noelle

    I use Vaseline on my eyelashes and it thickens and lengths them!

  14. Sarah

    Chinagraph pencil – it’s the best eyebrow pencil in the world. You can find it in art shops for pennies.