Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your favorite scent for lipgloss? Vanilla? Cherry? Unscented?

Temptalia's Answer.

I like vanilla or strawberry! :)


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68 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s your favorite scent for lipgloss?

  1. I love candy and fruity scents. Yum!

  2. Michelle

    I love the lychee scent of my dior kiss.

  3. Diabla

    Mac’s Vanilla is my favorite so far. Light and pleasant without being too present.

  4. Crissy

    vanilla or watermelon :)

  5. im partial to mac’s vanilla scented products. as a kid, i remember liking strawberry and cherry lipglosses.

  6. Giorgia

    Vanilla and cherry maybe!

  7. BrownEyes

    Unscented for me. Sometimes the ones with a slight vanilla scent are okay.

  8. Fruity scents are my favourite although I have to admit I love the MAC vanilla scent too :)

  9. DevilishDoll

    Vanilla, Banana, Pineapple or Coconut.

  10. Heather

    either lemon lime or strawberry

  11. I’m with you, Christine – vanilla or strawberry! Cranberry is also one of my favorites. But by far the worst gloss scent I have *ever* worn (thus far, anyway) is the creme brulée scent of UD’s Pocket Rocket gloss. It is awful!

    • Helene

      I also hate that scent. Actually I don´t really like scented gloss at all, but few of the scents: vanilla, strawbarry, apple :hmm: maybe others are ok.

  12. Natalie

    Anything fruity. The worst one was Benefit Her glossy. It was free with Vogue magazine and gosh. It tasted and smelt like wet kitchen cloth lol

  13. Adam

    strawberry and kiwi like macs tendertones!! YUUUUUM!!!

  14. Marissa

    Mint! Yum!!

  15. AbbyL

    i love the way guerlain’s lipgloss smell… something like violet and fruit maybe?

  16. Chiara

    Ooh, i love all the scents from the Lancome Juicy tubes =)

    And my alltime favourite is the scent from Rituals lipglosses. Apart from the fact that these lipglosses are so creamy, pigmented and totally yummy, they also smell like fresh picked strawberries and other red fruits. Actually, those are my favourite lipglosses.

  17. Nina

    Almond. I used to own one, but can’t find it anymore :(

  18. Balqis

    Fruity flowery smells gives me headache…prefer vanilla…dats y i like MAC’s lippies

  19. Virginia

    Vanilla or unscented

  20. I like Vanille and anything Coffee-ish! mmmhhh

  21. Carrie

    I really like Korres’s cherry, but my favorite by far is the chocolate-mint (or whatever it is…I can’t pin it down) of Lorac’s lip polish.

  22. Sasha B

    victoria’s secret beauty rush glosses have a scent called slice of heaven- it’s not exactly vanilla, but like a baked cake :) and they also have i believe a discontinued product called pink lemonade- smells like pink lemonade and grape bubbalicious :DD

  23. Stephanie

    Unscented, light vanilla, or mint. I really hate fruit scents/flavors :/

  24. Linda

    I’m really loving the smell of illamasquas glosses right now, a strange fruity smell, lovely.

  25. kobri

    straawberry, strawberry-kiwi or mint

  26. Nic

    Vanilla for lipgloss and lipstick, strawberry for lip balm. I love the smell of MAC lip products (except for the Cremesheen Glasses – they smell a bit…odd). Unscented is fine, too.

  27. Carly

    I prefer them unscented.

  28. saba

    does mint count!

  29. Jay

    Vanilla, or any fruit except watermelon or grape.

  30. abi

    Minty. or Spicy (like in Buxom Lips & Lip Venom, respectively)

    do those count as flavors? lol

  31. Sam

    VANILLA !!!!!!!! it is sweet but not an overwhelming scent and almost everyone loves it
    i find fruits can be to potent and smelly… and alot of people have different prefrences of fruity smells

  32. Redhead (hi)

    I love “cherry” scent – I put cherry in quotes because it never really smells like real cherries! – as lon as it doesn’t smell/taste like cough syrup. MAC’s vanilla scent is nice. The Bath and Body Works Liplicious glosses taste and smell like their color; I have Strawberry Daiquiri which is a sheer medium pink with silver glitter that tastes and smells like bubble gum. The Frozen Blackberry shade is a semi-opaque red with plum undertones that looks like a blackish purple in the tube, and it tastes and smells like cranberries! So yummy..

  33. Nicole15

    I’m pretty easy to please. Anything sweet smelling is right up my alley. Vanilla, Berries, Citrus, Candy..I like them all!

  34. GucciGirl1229

    Strawberry or cake batter!

  35. Rebecca

    MAC’s are all vanilla scented? Even the Lipgass? I only noticed it in my Plushglass and usually I am very sensitive to fragrances. I love a real coconut scent too though!

  36. Kaylabella

    fruity stuff, especially strawberry, but my favorite lipgloss is lemon and mint, it makes soo much sense.

  37. Sass

    I’d rather no scent, but I can deal with the fruity smells like cherry, strawberry or any berry.

  38. aramis

    i like vanilla like macs and mint ones. i hate how mac laquers smell

  39. tabby

    Mocha coconut. My favorite scented/flavored lipgloss of all time was UD Shifty. It smelled like mocha coconut. So sad they discontinued it.

  40. Arianna

    For me, candy and fruity scents are the best!!! My faves are cherry, strawberry, and bubblegum!!!

  41. Marina

    None, please. I can tolerate faint scents but i haaaaaaaate strong ones like the one of YSL Golden Gloss.

  42. CeeBee

    I love Juicy Tubes and the DiorKiss glosses – my favorites would have to be Dior’s Strawberry Tartlet and Snow Cherry (now discontinued) and the new Mango Soda. Yummmmm! Lancome’s Groseille smells like donut jam too, which I like and Tahuata smells like cola, and… Oh I give up! They’re all yum!

  43. Tattoo Girl

    I love this Dr. pepper lip thingy I got for x-mas. My mom always gives the best stocking stuffers. it’s like chapstick but tastes and smells like Dr. Pepper. And Vanilla or grapefruit

  44. Liz W

    Too Faced glamour glosses have an orange scent, which I love!

  45. OMG FIG!! I would totally buy any makeup item that truly smelled like freshly picked figs!

  46. MC

    Just not cherry…I hate it!

  47. Melissa

    Mac’s Vanilla.
    C.O Bigelo’s Mint Scents..
    Fruityy Smells; but NOT overpowering.
    Anythingg Vanilla Reallyyy. Or Anything that smells like cupcakes! :]

  48. Reese

    Vanilla, Coconut or Mint.

  49. Kitson

    I really like the vinilla flavor that MAC uses for their tinted moisterizer.

  50. THE MAC SCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 the smell of a new mac lipstick/lipglass is the most amazing smell everrrrrrrr

  51. jenny

    frosting or cake batter

  52. chuarmk


  53. Megan

    mint or orange

  54. Mint, vanilla, sweetish sugary smells. But not too overpowering.

  55. Steph D

    Vanilla and anything related to sweets!

  56. kim

    i love vanilla and citrus-y scents! especially grapefruit! idk im just weird…lol

  57. Karli

    Vanilla is my favorite. Or anything fruity. Mint is nice, too.

  58. Rio

    I tend to prefer unscented, but I do like a light cake-like vanilla.

  59. Jen

    I’m with the strawberry-kiwi fans or the Tendertone smell. Whenever I open the jar to apply one, my little boy will ask “What’s that smell?” because it fills the car with yumminess! My husband always answers “That smell is selfishness” because I try to be secretive about using them because I don’t want to ever be asked to share these long gone treasures. :]

  60. Maheen

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee MINT!