Saturday, September 15th, 2007

What are your top three favorite MAC Cosmetics products? And you can’t just say “eyeshadows” – you gotta pick individual products!

Inquiring minds want to know!

My answer: could not live without Margin blush, Studio Fix Fluid, and the 182 brush.

P.S. – What’s everybody doing/planning to do this weekend? Me? ‘m about to go off and donate 3 vials of blood to my life insurance company, have dim sum with my parents, and then pretty much attempt to do some reading for law school!

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63 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What are your top three favorite MAC Cosmetics products?

  1. 1. Blitz & Glitz Fluidline

    2. Honesty Eyeshadow

    3. Fibre Rich mascara — all black

    i’m all about eyes, can you tell?? :)

  2. Studio Fix FLuid

    239 brush

    Steamy eyeshadow

  3. Vera

    My favorites always change, but at the the moment the top 3 are:

    1. Feline Kohl Power
    2. Off the Radar Pigment
    3. Rosebound Lipglass Pencil

    Weekend wise, I’m going to a party to celebrate my birthday, and then I need to study and do some work for a couple of classes.

  4. 1/2 my weekend has been wasted in the office (i’m still here……), tonight making dinner for my friend Dan and my boyfriend, having some drinks and playing Guitar Hero :) tomorrow will be laundry, house cleaning and the like.

  5. Ashleigh

    like vera, mine change but at the moment:

    1. Mixing Medium (the novelty will prob. wear off soon, I just got it on tuesday)

    2. Grain e/s

    3. X Mascara

    and this weekend I did makeup for a drag show, had some drinks at said show, and now i’m doing criminology homework and getting my senior musical theatre voice recital ready.

    • Ohh, mixing medium is awesome!! It makes the perfect base for me (mixing medium + pigment = 24/hour base).

      I love Grain, too!

      Ohh, how awesome. What a great time you must have had :)

  6. 1. 266 brush along with…
    2. Concrete shadow

    otherwise, I’d have no brows =(

    3. Select Moisturecover concealer for dark undereye circles. Otherwise I look like a zombie!

    My internet is back up, so today I’m doing work (BOO!) and then going with my hub to watch 310 to Yuma. Christian Bale is in it, *SIGH*. I told my hub on our wedding day that he better be at the alter on time otherwise I’d marry Christian Bale. As you can tell, the boy wasn’t late!

    Have fun reading…I’m sending good studying vibes your way.

    • LOL! I know, I feel weird without my brows filled in. I can’t even remember how I survived without brow filler.

      You find Select Moisturecover to take are of dark undereye circles? I don’t know WTF happened, but I have them and can’t get rid of them (I spent 20 years avoiding them like the plague, and then they crop up randomly).

      Yay for internet! Let me know how 310 to Yuma was 😉

  7. Allison

    I am definitely a M.A.C aholic….
    Starting wearing it back in 1998….
    I know of all launches and what came out when..Actually I should be working for them but my schedule is not so accomodating…

    I will have to say…

    1. Strobe Cream~~ Give you just enough moisture and a beautiful soft glow.

    2. Sunday best~~eyeshadow

    3. courting rose lipglass ~~ Sparklize launch May 2003…

    As for the weekend spend it with my daughters and go to her softball game.

  8. mahima

    hard to pick three but for the moment:

    1. wonderstruck lustreglass, my go-to lipgloss
    2. swish eyeshadow for a quick, cute look
    3. 266 brush- love to turn any eyeshadow into a liner!

  9. Tiffany

    1 oh baby lip glass
    2 chestnut liner
    3 my new burning lipstick

  10. Carrie

    1. Brule eyeshadow
    2. Mystery eyeshadow (new for me…totally in love)
    3. Earthline technakohl

    Tomorrow I’m going to be trading in some Back-2-Mac empties (yay!), climbing around a waterfall, and doing housework.

  11. Amy

    Mine are all eye shadows because you can do more with them!
    1. Carbon
    2. Nylon
    3. Club

  12. joy

    1. 224 brush
    2. Shroom ES
    3. Cubic Blush

  13. chuarmk

    My list are all eyeshadows:

    (1)Mercurial mineralize eyeshadow

    (2)Ether mineralize eyeshadow

    (3)Painterly Paint Pot (great as a base)

  14. Hmmm. That’s actually pretty hard.

    1. Jest eyeshadow
    2. Sunbasque blush
    3. Fresco lipstick

    …I think? Goodness, it’s hard to narrow it down!

  15. lili

    1) Mascara X
    2) Love nectar
    3) 252 Brush

  16. Melissa

    Currently my faves are:

    1. My 187 brush. I LOVE this brush for applying my foundation, powder, skin finish, whatever!

    2. Rubenesque Paint Pot. I love all the paint pots, but I have been getting tons of use out of this one. I wear it under my everyday colors like mythology and all that glitters. I can also wear it under my darker oranges like firespot and off the radar pigment. Beautiful!

    3. Margin Blush. So pretty, I love the light shimmer. Works when eyes are purples, nuetrals, blues…..anything!

    Here are my honorable mentions:
    Zoom Lash
    Strobe Cream
    Hyper Real Foundation
    Swiss Chocolate Eyeshadow
    Ether mineralized eyeshadow
    Deep Truth Eyeshadow
    Delft Paint Pot
    Fix+ – Love, love, love
    Viva Glam 5 with cream o’ spice liner and instant gold lustreglass
    Gold Spill Mineralized Skin Finish

    Really……….I can’t live without any of them:)

  17. Kim

    I would say my Top 3 are:
    1) Graphblack eyeliner

    2) Shale e/s

    3) Sparks Can Fly is my new can’t live without. I love it. It’s just a little darker than my lips.

  18. Brooke

    My top 3 MAC Products are (that I use every day):

    1. Grain E/s
    2. Porcelain Pink MSF
    3. Teddy Eye Kohl

    My top 3 MAC Products (that I don’t use every day):

    1. Thunder e/s
    2. Rosemary & Thyme e/l
    3. Golden Olive Pigment

    (obviously not all together lol)

  19. My Top 3:
    (1) Feline pencil
    (2) Blitz & Glitz Fluidline
    (3) Indianwood paint pot
    ….although like everyone else, it changes. And I don’t wear anything on my face. Just jojoba oil! Gorgeous eyes…blah face. LOL, I love it.

  20. jennifer

    in no particular order:

    – nymphette lipglass
    – blitz ‘n’ glitz fluidline
    – espresso eyeshadow (for my brows)

  21. Chyla

    I can’t believe you’re asking us to name only 3!!! J/K… I guess if I can only pick 3, they would be (in no particular order):

    *Studio Mist Foundation in Medium Dark (excellent light & even coverage)
    *Paint in Bare Canvas (nice neutral that I can use w/just eyeliner & mascara)
    *217 Blending Brush (so soft!!!)

  22. Miss_M

    I would say:

    – Studio Fix powder foundation
    – Viva Glam V lipstick
    – #239 e/s brush

    I also love their sheertone blushes.

  23. Anna

    1. Jest e/s
    2. Fluidline in blacktrack
    3. It’s a tie between wonderstruck lustreglass and babied lip lacquer

  24. sheila

    My 3 faves are:

    187 Brush
    Sunbasque Blush
    Bare Study Paint pot

  25. Ashlee

    Mine is

    1.Blacktrack fluidline

    2.Northern Lights msf.

    3.Soft lust lipstick.

  26. IxLovexMAC

    MAC Natural MSF
    MAC Blacktrack f/l

  27. Audrey

    Satin Taupe e/s, Stereo Rose MSF, Viva Glam V lipstick. Cant live without those 3 as I use them almost daily.

  28. Zsofi

    MAC has some very unique,high quality produtcs,here is my top 3:

    1.Pigment in Old Gold,and all other pigments 😀
    2. Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC35
    3:Liquidlast Liner in Aqualine,and all other colors

  29. emily

    1) smoulder eye kohl

    2) studio fix fluid foundation nw20

    3) lillicent creme blush which goes on lovely on lips and cheeks.

  30. Laura

    1. Mineralize Nuance Blush
    2. VGV Lipstick
    3. Mineralize Loose Foundation

  31. Emma

    Mineralize silkfinish natural in “Medium”
    Eyeshadow “Shroom”
    Blush “Well-Dressed”
    Lipstick “Cream d

  32. Julie

    I’d have to say:
    1) studio fix fluid
    2) refined golden bronzing powder
    3) vanilla pigment

  33. Adele

    1. MSF Natural
    2. Sheertone Blush in Peaches
    3. Viva Glam Gaga