Monday, January 5th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What’s the most important beauty lesson you’ve learned thus far? Share it with us!

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36 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s the most important beauty lesson you’ve learned thus far?

  1. Wash off all your makeup at night!!

  2. sssolene

    Blend, blend, blend!!

  3. Less is more….don’t over do ur makeup!!!

  4. Andreanikki09

    Start taking care of your skin while your still young, it’s going to be with you your entire life.

  5. lisa

    Looking at how two of my aunts who have always used creams don’t even have wrinkles and two of their younger sisters who don’t use creams do for sure it is to use creams and take care of my skin while i am young.

  6. cloudburst

    Take good care of your skin & wear sunscreen everyday.

  7. Reesa

    1. That’s is all about the proper skincare routine. And 2. Less is more.

  8. platinum

    Q-Tips are your best friend. They help with all of the boo-boos and uh-ohs! ;D

  9. nikki

    how imporant eyebrows are, contouring, highlighting, and how your foundation is supposed to match the color of your skin!

  10. Chynna

    Wear a base under eyeshadow to prevent creasing. I should know, I have at least three on each eyelid.

  11. Tekoa

    I can wear any colour of eyeshadow that strikes my fancy. I’m not bound to purples/browns because my eyes are hazel.

  12. It comes from within!!!!

  13. Your face will always be your first and lasting impression on others. Take good care of it and make it beautiful!

  14. Re-evaluate your foundation from time to time (especially in summer and winter) what used to be a perfect match, may no longer be fabulous.

  15. Nicky

    Blend, baby, blend!

  16. ANYTHING GOES!! (if applied/blended well and worn with confidence). I swear it’s so completely liberating to know that I CAN pull off any look or color combo I want (even if i have to modify it a bit) as long as I use tones flattering to my complexion and know what works for my features and skin type. There are no rules :)

  17. Janet

    That it’s worth it to invest in good quality brushes.

  18. IZzySA


  19. Kellie

    To use an eyeshadow base. Before I really got into makeup, I never used a base. But now I know! :)


  21. Aimee

    You can always add more but it’s harder to tone stuff down. Also, remove remove remove at night!

  22. Kathleen

    That I don’t have to follow conservative rules about what colors I SHOULD wear and what NOT to wear. I can wear whatever the hack I feel like. I learned to experiment, to take risks and to do it with confidence.

  23. Sunscreen every single day, no matter the weather. Also never, ever overpluck your brows!

  24. Satine

    Blot powder anyone? Otherwise, eye shadow primer and good brushes.

  25. DaniMae

    Drink plenty of water and be militant about your skincare routine.

  26. maddie

    moisturize your face and neck especially…day and night! i have been doing it for over 30 years. i always get comments on how my skin looks

  27. Jenny

    Take care of your face. It’s never too early to start using an eye cream and don’t dare go out without sunscreen on. And as for sunscreen, if it’s less than spf 15 don’t even bother.

    • an SPF 2 blocks about 50% of UVB rays;
      an SPF 10 filters out about 85% of UVB rays;
      an SPF 15 stops about 95%;
      an SPF 30 stops about 97%.

      Hmmmm. I’d say go ahead and bother :)

  28. pia

    line my whole eyes to make them bigger

  29. you can pull off anything as long as you have confidence to do so! =)

  30. Stina

    Staying out of the sun and religious use of a good sunblock.

  31. Rio

    Use a brush for eyeshadow! I always used those little sponges that came in the eyeshadow. I never knew to use a brush until I visited this blog, in fact. I feel stupid about it now, but it made all the difference in the world.

  32. CeeBee

    If your makeup looks really good close up, it’ll look amazing from a distance. (Says she who is so short sighted she literally has to be three inches away from the mirrror to apply eye makeup without her glasses on!).

  33. Burlesque Doll

    Make up is fun and not as scary as it can look, although i still can’t find away not to have creasing