Thursday, November 15th, 2007

What’s the best way to resist temptation [of the beauty variety]? How do you manage to pass up products that tempt you?

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27 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s the best way to resist temptation [of the beauty variety]?

  1. Zsofi

    if i knew that ,i would not have a collection i have :-DDDD

  2. Anna

    i cant. Bought some eye shadow today that I dont need, but its just too pretty. Though I did manage to stop myself buying 2 more things just because there was an offer on.

    But usually realising just how little money I have is enough to put me off! Unless its something really special…


  3. Tekoa

    Leave the wallet at home whenever traveling within 20km of ANY Sephora or MAC store!

  4. Vy

    I think of my CC bills…haha!

  5. hannika

    woooo.. that’s hard. i can never leave my wallet. and yes the MAC products are just sooo pretty that its so hard to resist. but i just think of my visa bill and the interest accumulating because of the unnecessary things i buy.. i think of that .. and i just stop.. but of course. when my paycheck arrives, i can’t hesitate but buy a small thing here and there. lol.

  6. Kate

    I resist temptation by repeating over and over, “MAC will have a new collection out next month.” Also, I keep track of all my beauty purchases using the Diary function on Seeing the amount of money I spend each month can quickly change my mind!

  7. Ashlee

    I resist by making up a list of what i really want. I stick to my list when i got to mac too. Im getting my 1st CC soon so then I dont know what ill do.

  8. ProfessorPeteZa

    I shop my stash when im on a no buy.
    if i see something i like i recreate w. what i have. i have over 130 e/s but still find ones i NEED

  9. Madeleine

    Sometimes simply lack of knowledge (meaning “what am I supposed to do with this?”) and most of the times pure love for MAC – lol,lol,lol, and some love for Chanel.And I’m safe!
    Another words if to choose between salmon and steak I am choosing always fish and always MAC above the rest.
    I feel soooo safe…as long as I am NOT around MAC, lol.

  10. Kelly

    You’re asking the girl who went to the MAC Counter today to buy the two pigment sets & softsparkle set and walked out with those three things plus two beauty powders and 2 metal-x creme shadows.

  11. Naomi

    Gosh thats a hard one. Well I always look up reviews on the products (on blogs ) of people who bought or already have/saw the item. Basically, I am trying to find the negative aspects of those products and convince myself that, thats why I dont need it. Ex: too chunky, oily, creases, not that great.

  12. renie

    I’ll get a sample, take it home and see how it compares to other colors in my collection or get someone else online to swatch the color with others I think are like it.

  13. Skyler

    Whenever I want to buy something, I always ask myself, ‘Am I REALLY going to use this?’ With make-up, it’s silly to buy for the sake of collecting. Make-up isn’t something to save (like collector’s edition Barbies or something); it’s something to use. I’ve used pretty much everything I own, so my collection gets good use and I rarely regret purchases. That’s good.

    What’s bad is that there’s still the issue of saying no to things I really do think I will use, which is a lot. 😛 There has to be a limit somewhere, right? I wish there wasn’t though. Heh.

    • I know some people who’d argue about collecting makeup, though!

      My limit is how much I want to hurt my bank account. I try to be good, but sometimes I can’t resist and have to splurge :) (Cough, Stylistics, cough.)

  14. Athena

    i tell mom and dad about how much i want it.
    Then they’ll tell me “how much i dont need it”

    it works!