Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What’s one makeup trend you wish you could rock? Or can you rock ’em all?

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23 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s one makeup trend you wish you could rock?

  1. The red/dark lips! – The fall trend.. x

  2. I’m with Shortiee on this one. I look scarily vampy with overly dark eyes and/lips.

  3. SnickerDoodle

    Me too mee too! I’m pretty much willing to at least TRY any eye look (or at least any that I like ๐Ÿ˜› ) but I’m pretty scared of red or dark lips. Not a good look for me, to my great disappointment.

  4. Sexy Sadie

    I adored the fuchsia lipstick look that Rihanna did some months ago. I am a bit too pale for that shade.

  5. Tekoa

    I can rock them all….except sculpting. Haven’t quite mastered that one.

  6. Theresa

    I’ve always loved that dewy/luminous look with lip gloss and black liner.
    Its like you have make up now but yet look like you don’t..know what i mean?
    I am not sure if i can rock that look. Havent tried it yet.
    Guess i’m insecure about my complexion.

  7. bright blue-red lips, it just doesn’t suit my skin tone. boo hoo :(

  8. S.

    For me, it’s the full-on Marilyn Monroe eyeliner (winged with a thick center)…I have small lids below the crease, and if I go too thick, all you see is the liner …it’s all good, I just have to modify it some :)

    One thing I have found though, is that there are alot of trends/looks I THINK I can’t pull off, but if I give them a try, alot of times I find it was just my head/brain getting in the way.

    For example, I wore a bright red lip (Ruby Woo) once to a dinner party I was going to (with good friends, so I knew they’d be honest), even though i wasn’t sure about it (I am PALE…NC15/N4). All night, all I got were compliments. Now I wear red lips frequently! Basically, now I try to gauge whether or not I dislike something because I THINK it looks unflattering, or because it truly IS unflattering. Getting outside one’s own box can be hard sometimes :)

  9. Hillary

    Yea bright lips…I wear them around my house, but I dont dare go out with them. >.<

    i have no problem with ANY color on the eyes, but on the lips, its a no go. i have look for reasons to wear them.

    • LOL! Why does that remind me of me!… I been sporting MAC’s Girl About Town inside the house but never been with it outsite haha!..
      I like bright eyes but lips, it’s pretty light! x

  10. i can pretty much rock anything as well…my issue is when it comes to technique. but im workin on it! i want to be the eye shadow blending queen! lol

  11. sharon

    the dark goth, vampy lips, mine are thin so this look is nasty nasty!! on me also the black eyeliner cats eye look my eyes are small so again this looks nasty nasty!!!!!!!! on me and i do so get tired of quieter softer lippies and eyes that i wear.

  12. Chica

    Really dark lips, I’m not scared of red & I usually wear plums but anything darker I think makes me look like a vampire queen, not so good :) It’s probably just my brain overthinking it – I think anyone can rock ANY look as long as they wear it with confidence ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Heather

    I can do the red lips, but the dark purple or dark brown lips are a trend I don’t think I can pull off.

  14. Inky

    red lips I can do – it’s cat eye make up that looks absurd on me. liner I can do, but that little tail thing, ugh, I just look silly! Love the look tho’

  15. Carrie

    I wear my brows pretty natural, but I wish I could rock strong eyebrows. I think they look interesting when I see them on models (subtle makeup but strong brows), but it makes me look manly, not even in a cool, androgynous rock star way, just in kind of a weird dumpy masculine way.

  16. glamqueen

    Red lips and smoky eyes, that just looks so heavy on me! Maybe my features are strong enough anyway.. Luckily Iยดm not afraid of wearing colours, anything that lights up my face!

  17. Kellie

    It’s the “natural” look I can’t pull off. lol. How sad is that? I’m so used to seeing myself with heavily lined eyes, I feel weird when I try to tone things down.

  18. LocaLoli

    I agree with S. – I think its smart if you wanna try a look modify it to fit you like she did. A lot of times it is all in your head and sometimes you have to get used to lets say a certain color first. I was scared of red lips for a long time. I remember the first red I bought was Receive by Lorac(i thinks its a nice toned browny red) I started by blotting it on my lips n making it sheer with gloss it made me fall in love with the color and started wearing it w out gloss. Now i wear all kinds of reds. The only thing I cant or wont rock now is Purple eyeshadow. I dont know what but apart from not liking the color much I guess it makes my under eye circles stand out (even if i conceal)

  19. viv

    hahahah I WISH I COULD!

    i don’t think i can do a neutral eye look… (like Kellie up there) it makes me look too young! as in kiddish type of young ๐Ÿ˜› i can’t pull off bright red, i guess it doesn’t look good with my complexion?

    as long as there’s SOME colour (whether they be pastel or bold colours) around my eyes. i’ll be fine. :) though i think i can rock any eye colour (probably not reds though)! i can do nude to neutral lips. which is why i stick to pale lip colours or brown/bronzy ones.

  20. steph

    i wish i could rock the red and dark lippys! =(

  21. Cristina

    Red lips – Can’t seem to pull it off & with my yellow skintone, it looks fuschia.