Monday, June 15th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What’s on your list for MAC’s Friends & Family sale? It’s tomorrow — is your list ready?

Temptalia's Answer.

Gonna pick up some stuff to giveaway on the blog :) Probably a few brushes, maybe some stuff that’s being discontinued, too!


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71 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s on your list for MAC’s Friends & Family sale?

  1. sammmie

    i think im gonna pick up some lipsticks….
    maybe creme cup
    creme d nude
    stars and rockets
    paint pot…
    and who nos wht else!

  2. Oh la la!
    On the Canadian site they have empty palettes (maybe on the American too..I can’t access it !!) So I will be getting some of those!
    I also am looking for perhaps a cream color base…a nude lippy…and and….AND *passes out*

    PS. Christine, you have helped me out so much because I am able to see what all the products look like, loves ittt…thankyou!!

    • Jennifer

      Hi – a bit urelated – I bought the (empty) 15 pan e/s palette only I have no idea how to get the pans out of their flip-top cases! I’ve tried poking the back with an unfolfed paper clip, but there doesn’t appear to be one of those little holes to push the pan out. I tried grabbing the edge of the pan with a pair of tweezers, but I just end up gouging the e/s.
      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

      • daphne

        It’s not designed to come out of the black plastic pot; that’s why they sell pro pans that come w/o the pot. However if you already have eyeshadows in the pot, there is a method. Search on youtube for “depotting” and you will find some great videos on how to do this!

        • Jennifer

          I was afrid of that – that they weren’t meant to comeout of the pot.
          THANK YOU EVERYBOY who answered my post, I am most appreciative!

      • hey jennifer!
        In terms of getting out the single eye shadows:
        1) you have to wedge a tiny metal screwdriver in between the plastic part *where it clips shut at the front*
        2) once you get that out, you need to melt the bottom of the plastic with a lighter or candle or whatever you prefer
        3) Once it is slightly melted take the screwdriver and poke through the bottom to loosen the pan
        4) let it cool before putting it in the palette

        ALSO– I know Makeupgeek has a video on her youtube channel, to help :)

        • Danielle

          Its easier to sit the pot on a flat iron. I tried the lighter technique at first, but putting it on a flat iron for a couple of seconds was so much easier.

          • Jollie

            just make sure to use a pressing cloth between the iron and the pot. Otherwise, you going to end with plastic on your iron.

  3. Dee

    So I decided to take advantage and stock up some of my mac staples and a few extras:)

    Prep and Prime lash
    Mac wipes
    Brush cleaner
    Fix +
    Penultimate Eyeliner
    15 Shadow pro palette
    224 brush

    Embark eyeshadow pan
    Vibrant grape eyeshadow
    Queen Bee lipglass
    Love and Friendship Nail laquer

  4. Wilcoa

    Mostly my daily use items like foundation, concealer, Cream color base, melon piggie. I don’t think I’m going to be going all out time around since I just made a nice haul from Sephora ;P

  5. xiaomin

    just the studio fix concealer in nc20!

  6. sprut

    a blush palette and some blushes, lip liners, lustreglass and prep and prime mascara.

  7. Ali

    I’m going to take this opportunity to get some of the brushes I don’t have. I’m probably going to get the 187 Duo Fibre Brush, the 191 Square Foundation Brush, the 194 Concealer Brush, and few cosmetics. I’m definitely the Steamy and Pink Venus eyeshadows and one of the Naked Honey high-lighters. I haven’t decided which one yet, but I think I’m leaning more towards Honey Light. I’ll probably get a few other things as well.

  8. JO

    can people in the uk take advantage of the sale?

    • Nathalie

      No, JO you can’t. It is available to only the U.S. and Canadian MAC websites. Which sucks because I’m also in Europe. Oh well.

  9. Natalie

    I am getting many shadows in pans & pots
    Soft Ochre paint pot
    Line filler (back up)
    Peachtwist blush
    Naked Honey stuff
    Eversun BPB
    222 Brush

  10. elle

    concealer, eyeliner, 2 e/s pans, 1 empty es pan, brush cleanser, 2 lipglosses. I am going to try very hard not to go over 200.00.

  11. Sabrina

    Im getting a lot because I’m a MAC beginner. Well it’s a lot to me. Eye shadow refill pans in orange, woodwinked, stars and rockets, and bronze. Mineralize skin finish natural, pro pallet X 4, 182 brush, 217 brush, studio finish concealer, and tinted lip conditioner in petting pink. I may also get a paint pot in rubeneque or a pigment in vanilla. Any suggestions? Is there anything MAC that is a must buy?

    • hi

      In my opinion, Dazzle Lash mascara in Black Dazzle (rich black lengthening/curling mascara), Soft Ochre paint pot (neutral beige shadow base), any of the Powerpoint pencils (smooth, rich color water-resistant crayon liners), clear Brow Set (color-free brow gel to hold hairs in place), Margin blush (universally flattering shimmery pink-peach). Enjoy! :)

    • definitely get a paint pot! :) bare study is nice it has some shimmer, rubenseque is what i have, and i have painterly. :)

      i want to try the paint!

    • Jollie

      instead of the paletteX4 get the x15, eventually you will need it.

  12. raquel

    oh dear… here we go!
    188 brush
    shale e/s in pan
    ricepaper e/s in pan
    shroom e/s in pan
    fix + rose
    bulk wipes
    maybe soft and gentle msf….
    maybe prep+prime finishing powder…
    and there goes a good chunk of my paycheck :(

    • raquel

      oh, and Christine, you are amazing!!! Thank you sooooo so much for everything! Your dedication to this amazing website is above and beyond! I love temptalia!

  13. MC

    Peaches blush pan
    Springsheen blush pan
    She’s a Star lg (unless I find out beforehand that it’s comparable to Liberated lg from Style Warriors, which I already have)
    Queen Bee lg

    And I trying to pick just two eyeshadows…
    Deep Truth

    There’s more I want but I want to save fro Graphic Gardens, 3 different palettes from Coastal Scents, and some new brushes from Sigma… So broke =[

  14. well…I ended up ordering a few blush refills and the blush palette.
    Yes and I mean I have ordered! I saw on the other post that someone had ordered and was successful in ordering with the discount…so I gave it a try as well and it went through and got my confirmation as well.
    (if it helps, this is the Canadian website.)

  15. daphne

    I’m trying to keep it *fairly* reasonable, but there are a couple brushes I really want. Still, this is well under $200 before the discount:

    168 brush
    217 brush
    Craving lipstick
    Buzz lipglass
    Kid e/s pan
    Rich Ground fluidline
    Golden Nectar highlight powder
    Dollymix blush pan
    2 empty quads

    I’m thinking maybe adding one or more of: bulk wipes, Painterly paint pot, 15-pan palette. But probably not. I need to keep it sane…!

  16. Yulia

    My list is too long lol

    Plushlash plushblack
    Blacktrack fluidline
    Freshwater, Paradisco,Georgous Gold and Amber lights e/s pans
    15 e/s palette
    Peaches and Well Dressed blushes
    Way to Love l/s
    Milk & Mutiny pigments
    Perfect Topping MSF
    Honey Light high-light powder

  17. Monica

    Way too much-like $300 worth *oy*

    Eyeshadow Pans: Typographic, Nehru, Freshwater, Shimmermoss, Beauty Marked, Plumage, Bold & Brazen, Contrast.
    Pigments: Vanilla, Pink Opal, Blue Brown, Golden Olive, Pink Bronze, Mutiny
    Ruebenesque PP.
    Studio Fix Powder
    Earth to Earth Mineralize Blush Duo
    Perfect Topping MSF
    Dazzleglass in Extra Amps, Steppin Out, Funtabulous, Love Alert, Baby Sparks, Rags to Riches
    On A Mission BPB.

    To be fair, I haven’t bought a massive quantity of MAC since HK a few months ago. No more for a long time for me, lol!

    Does anyone know if the sale starts at Midnight tonight EST?

  18. MC

    Does anyone know if that “Free Shipping for Orders over $60″ applies on the sale? Does it apply to the amount before or after discount?

    • pretty sure it’s after discount, I played around a lot on there before finally placing my order (PS I placed my order last tuesday and got my shipment friday, the code works if your in Canada for sure)

    • Yes! I believe it is after, but I’m not sure.

  19. maddy

    i cannot believe it! i had no idea about the f&f sale and i made a huge mac haul a couple days ago, why didnt i wait!!!!! :( haha oh well

  20. Justine

    shroom e/s pan
    trax e/s pan

    And I am in canada, and the code already works!!! I just placed an order.

  21. Joanna

    To all Canadians, the code works right now!!!
    I just placed my order :)
    cork e/s pan
    copperplate e/s pan
    266 brush
    187 brush
    engraved powerpoint pencil
    select spf foundation
    Total with tax and discount was $139, very happy!

  22. Nat

    Whoooo to the canadian code working!

    I got
    Vibrant grape
    Some travel bottles
    the 187 brush
    Double Dazzle mascara
    Wipes (the bulk were out of stock =(
    Penny Shadestick
    Antiquity technikohl
    and both 4 and 15 eyeshadow palettes

    Just under 160 Canadian SWEET!

  23. I’m getting::
    All three Naked Honey Lipglasses,
    All three Naked Honey Eye Shadows,
    Maybe the GoldenHoney Highlight Powder,
    And perhaps GoldyRocks DazzleGlass,
    With the other Black Dazzle Dazzle Lash.

    Not too sure on the last three yet.
    I have to see how much money I’ve got in the bank right now.

  24. Vanessa

    US code works! Just placed my order :)

    4 Lipglass
    2 Lustreglass
    4 Lipstick
    Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder
    187 Duo Fibre Brush
    Fix+ Rose
    3 Dazzleglass

    My wallet’s hurting but I feel oh so good (prolly in shock)!

  25. Yaya

    Are the discounts available in stores? Do you need a coupon?

    • Yaya

      Nevermind, I answered my own question. I’ll probably be skipping this sale because I only want one or two things and the sale cost will not be worth it for the shipping cost.

  26. Kate

    The 239 brush for sure.

  27. Just placed my order – I got a few brushes (194, 272, 242), a Cremesheen lipstick, Naked Honey eye shadows, pro palettes, Lightful moisturiser and staples like Blot Powder, Brow Set, Studio Finish concealer in a few shades and Prep + Prime stuff. Yay for saving on staples!

  28. I got:

    Antiqued es
    Bronze es
    Expensive Pink es
    Da Bling es
    Stars n Rockets es
    Retrospeck es
    All That Glitters es
    Rice Paper es
    Soba es
    Fix + Rose
    Naked Honey perfume
    Buzz lg
    Syrup ls
    Bombshell ls

    Phew–my first FF haul was a success. Thanks Vanessa, for pointing out that the code works already.

  29. Aramis

    im trying to budget.
    $100 for macs F&f sale.
    $100 for Victoria’s secret semi annual sale
    for cosmetics and bras.
    $150 for the imats.

    so far i have
    queen bee lg
    buzz lg
    painterly pp
    eversun bbp
    blush cleanser

    and i have 2 questions which is better
    .rice paper or shroom?
    .which natural msf would you recomend for an nc40?

    • Elyse

      I am an nc40…sometimes nc42, i LOVE ricepaper. I have olice undertones and use MSF medium deep. My sister is an nc40…sometimes nc42 also, but her skin has more of a yellowish undertone, she uses medium dark.

    • Elyse

      I am an nc40…sometimes nc42, i LOVE ricepaper. I have olive undertones and use MSF medium deep. My sister is an nc40…sometimes nc42 also, but her skin has more of a yellowish undertone, she uses medium dark.

    • Nicole15

      I’m NC20 & use MSF in Medium Plus. My go-to highlighter is Shroom & Femme Fi (LE)

      • aramis

        thanks elyse and nicole 15. i passed by my local mac and forgot which one she said lol i think she said meduim deep. thanks =)

  30. tremorviolet

    I’m getting way too much stuff:

    2xPrep&Prime SPF 50
    2×15 pan pallette
    2xempty quad
    Duplicate 239 & 217
    Dolly Mix blush
    GAT l/s
    Blanc Type e/s
    Motif e/s
    Arena e/s
    Antiqued e/s
    Silver Ring e/s
    Buckwheat e/s
    Pollinator e/s
    Funshine, Grenadine, Rock Out slimshine
    Spring Bean l/g

  31. Brandi

    I just placed my order and I got:
    She’s a Star lipglass
    Engaging Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo
    Old Gold Pigment
    Brush Cleanser
    210 Brush
    15 Eye shadow Palette
    Femme Fi e/s
    Flip e/s
    Creme de Miel e/s
    Goldmine e/s pan
    Brule e/s pan
    Bamboo e/s pan
    Motif e/s pan

  32. Mikki

    Christine it’s so sweet of you, that you buy MAC stuff to give away… really that is just so awesome and you have a very good heart!

  33. Artifact Paintpot
    15 pro palette
    msf medium plus
    Studio sculpt foundation


    Eyeshadows in pan
    Blanc Type
    Plum Dressing
    Parfait Amour

    SO far!!! Its my birthday this week too so this comes at a good time :)

  34. Kristin

    Wow!!! I thought I bought a lot. I have no lip glasses, so I ordered 4, a couple of the shadesticks that are goodbyes, a lipstick, pigment, paint, and lip pencil.

    I didn’t get any eye shadows – I am going to have to go play at the MAC counter and then maybe place a second order!!

  35. Tattoo Girl

    I ordered 16 e/s, 2 shadesticks from Sugarsweet, two lipglasses, and 3 brushes that I deperately needed duplicates of!

  36. SarahT

    Too much stuff! I will need to pare down my shopping cart so there’s not actually $500 in my order 😉

  37. Jen

    Wow, awesome stuff everyone! I placed my order but after reading this post I realized I left a few things off my list. Crikey…Getting TWO orders past the husband could be trickey. Especially with the next few collections looming ahead! Must resist the temptation of brush cleaner, wipes, dupe MSF, etc.

  38. I got:

    Brush Cleanser
    3x Pro Palettes
    1 Blush – Melba
    Naked Honey Body Wash
    13 e/s
    Naked Honey Skin Salve
    2 l/g – Queen Bee and Pink Poodle

    😀 I’m a happy girl right now. I got a bunch of stuff I’d eventually buy anyway, but on sale. YAAAY.

  39. just placed my order. i didn’t want to go too crazy. although if you’re going to, now seems to be the best time! hehe. i got shroom eyeshadow, prep + prime transparent finishing powder, the 217 brush, and the 109 brush.

  40. Diamonds

    I’m somewhat new to makeup (pretty much just new to MAC) so I got most of the what I would call “basics” just to get an across the board view of MAC’s products:

    182 Brush (42)
    187 Brush (42)
    222 Brush (28)
    239 Brush (24.5)
    263 Brush (20. Not a necessity, I just sorta wanted it….)

    MSF Natural in Medium (25)
    MSF Soft and Gentle (27)
    Mineralize Blush Duo in Moon River (22.5)

    Bare Slimshine (14.5)
    Lipstick in Plink! (14)
    Lipglass in Viva Glam V (14)
    Baby Sparks Dazzleglass (18)
    Money Honey Dazzleglass (18)

    Shroom (14.5)
    Brule (14.5)
    All That Glitters (14.5)
    Swimming (14.5)
    Henna (14.5)
    Painterly Paint Pot (16.5)

    Multiple Uses:
    Pearl Cream Color Base (16.5)
    Vanilla Pigment (19.5)
    Melon Pigment (19.5)

    I wanted Pink Rebel Lustre Drops, but no luck :(

    It all adds up to…..a lot. heheh.

    • Diamonds

      Sorry I just have a quick question. I ordered my melon pigment on monday and now when you click on pigments, the site says that Melon is sold out-will ship soon. does this mean that I was a contributor to it being sold out or that mine has yet to be shipped because I got it too late?

      • Tattoo Girl

        Did you get an email that says your stuff shipped yet?

        • Diamonds

          Nope…and I think this might be because I do not have a MAC account….so I have NOOO idea what’s going on as far as shipping. I guess I should’ve thought about that before I ordered….heheh

          • Tattoo Girl

            You can always call them. They can only look up orders at certain times though. I think between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. they don’t look up orders. Call them in the morning though!

  41. Jollie

    I already placed my order, but after reading this, I realized I forgot something. I guess that is a excuse for a second order.

    I ordered:
    5 eyeshadows: freshwater,coopering,plumage,blackberry,and aquadisiac
    1 lipstick: moreorange
    1 15xpalette

    Total about $67 after the coupon. Now I want to go and order light honey highlighter. :)

  42. I had to restrain myself so much:

    Angel l/s
    Hue l/s
    Underage l/g

    I wanted so much more but I’m happy with my purchase :) (and it’s already been shipped!)

  43. Torrie

    Brush Cleanser
    217 Brush
    Rectangle Tiger Makeup Bag :)
    Pink Rebel Luster Drops