Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What would you wear to the beach (makeup-wise!)? Would dare to go bare-faced? Still go with your normal routine? What?!

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62 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What would you wear to the beach (makeup-wise)?

  1. glamqueen

    lipgloss, concealer where itΒ΄s needed, and a soft wash of bare study pp over the eyelids!

  2. Lipglass,a nice moisturizer,face wash,thats it all.


  3. SPF 9000 and a tshirt. i burn like nobodys business. stupid irish skin :(

    • LOL, 9000! I wish :)

      I feel for you! My boyfriend burns pretty quick, too. I’m always checking to make sure he re-applies (OK, I re-apply it for him) throughout the day.

      • LOL that’s sweet of you to be the sunscreen police! you’re only helping him be safe. i tend to miss spots — 2 years ago i missed the backs of my knees and tops of my feet and wound up with 2nd degree sunburn. the backs of my knees are now perpetually a deeper shade than the rest of my legs :( so now just stay out of the sun all together. i kinda dig my pale look!

  4. Sunblock, eyeliner, that’s about it! I spend most of my time in the sea so there isn’t too much point wearing too much make up!

  5. ayat

    Lipgloss, waterproof mascara, kohl, tinted moisturizer with an SPF!

  6. Sal

    lip and cheek stain!

    • What are your choices for stains, Sal? I’ve yet to find any I love!

      • Sal

        Either Benefit’s Benetint or Revlon’s Just Bitten in any of the colours they have. Although the Revlon one is pretty pigmented so it might be a bit much for the fairer babes. And the price for a drugstore brand is a bit of off-putting, but I got it for half off, and it’s really quite good.

  7. Cish

    probably just lipstick/lipgloss and a blush, i really don’t need a mascara.
    I discovered the world of blushes about half a year ago and now can’t live without it! i don’t know what I was thinking before.. :)

  8. MEG

    the beach is my time to take a breather from make up.
    I go all natural.
    SPF and chap stick is all I wear

  9. Thalia

    Sunscreen, lipbalm with SPF, concealer, blot powder (my face gets really shiny), and a cheek stain.

  10. Rabi

    For beach days, just sunblock and a SPF lipbalm, and some leave-in conditioner for the hair. All that tends to make me a little waxy and shiny, so I leave the makeup at home.

  11. Carolina

    Going to the beach overrides all my usual beauty routine. No need to worry about my face, when I’m showing my bum and belly. Those are enough worry. lol I just slather myself in sunscreen, lotion SPF for body and a higher SPF cream for the face, and that’s it. The after-beach care is more complex though.

  12. Shelby

    Moisturizer, sunscreen, Burt’s Bees, and my aviators. :)

  13. lala

    moisturizer, prep& prime spf 50 tendertone lip balm

  14. Shefali

    I go with Smashbox – O-Gloss and O-Glow. And, of course, lots of sunscreen!!

  15. AmyLou

    Honestly, I skip it all except for a good SPF. Maybe curl my eyelashes and that’s about it.

    I sweat like there’s no tomorrow, so it’s kind of pointless. My cheeks are ruddy all ready, so no need for blush!

    If it was some sort of evening beach event (ie, bonfire or party), I’d probably do my usual makeup, with a little extra bronzer.

  16. Melanie

    Waterproof mascara, Neutrogena SPF 45 and Nars The Multiple in Orgasm or South Beach

  17. Sanayhs

    Sunscreen. πŸ˜€

  18. I’ll tell you what I just wore on my trip to Palm Desert- I had a spa treatment and then lay around the pool, that’s about the same thing as the beach!
    Major sunscreen, whatever the highest I’ve got is. A dab of select cover wherever needed, probably just undereye and blemishes, powder because sunscreen makes you look SWEATY!
    On my eyes I wore Baselight paint with Bountiful Brown liner and a little Paradisco. It stayed even through half an hour in a hammam/steam room!

  19. peeweerocks2002

    Normally I put on just a bit of powder foundation. Just so my skin looks even other than that it’s just sun block.

  20. Tonee

    Sunblock or tinted moisturizer with SPF 30, Clarins under eye cream with SPF30, lip balm with SPF30 and waterproof mascara

  21. I always apply a sheer and gilded gloss over my lips and a gold shimmering powder.

  22. I try to go barefaced but I can’t live without my mascara!

  23. Teresa

    I put on my brave face and only wear sunscreen & lipgloss. I figure that any makeup I attempted to put on would melt off in the sun or wash off in the ocean anyway!

  24. Sonia

    Id go bare faced but take a pair of sunglasses to wear to hide what i feel needs to be covered most which is my dark circles.

  25. Pia

    i’d put on sunscreen/block and do eyebrows and some color lipglass.

  26. Marnie

    The highest SPF I can find (UVA/UVB), Mac Blot to cut out the sunblock shine, a bit of concealer over any red splotches from past pimples (Vichy Dermablend Quick-Fix)… maybe some waterproof eyeliner or mascara… and maybe a wash of colour over the eyes (natural shades). Oh, and BIG sunglasses and a BIG hat! :)

  27. Geeta

    Hey Christine, I usually wear sunscreen and a bit of waterproof eyeliner and mascara. But I was actually looking for a post on this topic because Im going to Jamaica next month. Id love to to hear what you do makeup wise for a day at the beach! Oh and your hair!! My hair gets so frizzy, and I hate having it in a bun…do you have any suggestions?

    • To be honest, I wore eyeshadow, blush, normal foundation, etc. and was fine, LOL. I had my hair up in a pony tail, but otherwise I’d put a headband on and go for it. If it’s windy, I usually wear it up because I hateee hair in my eyes!

  28. sunscreen & MAC Tendertone, that’s all i need!
    i dont really care about makeup when i’m at the beach but that’s just me!