Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What was/is the first eyeshadow you’ve hit pan on? Which one did you lovingly use over and over again?

I think it was Espresso eyeshadow, which I used to fill in my eyebrows for quite awhile, so I don’t really count that… I think it would be Goldmine otherwise!

P.S. – Happy April Fool’s Day! I almost thought to play a joke on you, but I decided not to be so cruel (harhar!) ;P

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157 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What was/is the first eyeshadow you’ve hit pan on?

  1. Melanie

    I think mine was Ricepaper… many moons ago.

  2. Katherine

    MAC’s Retrospeck – I bought this when it first came out many years ago and used it almost every day.

  3. Neesh

    I’ve used up patina twice and have hit pan on the third, and a dip in the fourth.
    I’ve almost finished a large pot of grain – bought in 1999 for my wedding.
    I’ve also finished a ricepaper and arena – again bought for my wedding

  4. dee

    It was Bobbi Brown in Bone. This was back when my mom would buy my make-up and she was heavy into Bobbi Brown. It did make for a very neutral eye and I used it just about every day.

  5. Nell

    That has yet to happen, although I doubt it ever will…
    I donΒ΄t use eyeshadow every day and have way to many to use one regularly.

    • Hey Nell! You know, I didn’t think it would ever happen to me, but I have maybe 4-5 that do have pan showing, and probably a handful more that have dips.

  6. Hey Cristine,

    Mine was Ricepaper,which i am wearing every now and then,but not every day.


  7. Lingping

    strawberry fudge by clinique. and I went straight to the store for a new one when it was out. love it :)

  8. MEG

    Still waiting for that moment!! : ) I have only been into MAC for about a year and a half. I keep getting new colors all of the time. So I just keep dabbling in all of them.

  9. Natasha

    i’ve hit pan with All That Glitters and Retrospeck. i’ve re-purchased the latter and bought Gleam over ATG. i’ve also hit pan with Rose Blanc and am deciding between Ricepaper or Nylon to replace it.

    I’ve been thinking abt buying Patina and Neesh’s comment has just pushed me into the purchase : )

  10. black tied and beauty marked both started showing pan around the same time. i think i used those two every day for a 2 year period. must have gone through 2 or 3 pots of each, and those are the only eyeshadow colors i’ve ever repurchased.

  11. Stephanie D

    MAC Jest is my favorite highlighter/blender. I use it almost everyday and with any color from orange to teal to hot pink. Love it!!!!

    • I really like this color, though I don’t actually own it. Too many LE colors coming out, and no money left for permanent purchases, lol.

  12. Liz

    I hit pan with Patina, Shroom and Juxt all about the same time. I will definatly buy these three shades again. I think Nanogold from the N collection will be next; its wearing a little thin. Since this was LE (and I only bought one), what is another shade that’s similar?

  13. Erin

    Patina, then Retrospeck, then Shroom.
    Ha! Sounds like there are some good old standbys we have in common. I’m about to hit pan on Charcoal Brown, and Shroom is once again half gone.

    Nanogold is a little like Shroom but with gold, so I’d go with that or Ricepaper.

  14. Kimberly

    I’ve used Espresso for my eyebrows, but I’ve hit pan several times with Retrospeck. <3


    Shroom – it’s the only one I’ve ever had to replace.

  16. Millie

    Senna eyeshadow in Goddess

  17. Vex! I just love this color!

  18. francesca

    Strangely enough, mine is Expensive Pink. I seldom use it! :-)

  19. Amy

    Shroom and Mink Pink – they are my standby colors for everyday. Nanogold will probably be next.

    • Nice! I never thought Mink Pink would be someone’s favorite!

      • Amy

        Great in the crease/bone w shroom all over & smut in outer corners and then black liner. It is for those days that I got out of bed late and don’t have time to play.

  20. Chica

    Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, I LOVE this eyeshadow colour, its pretty for the office or can be vamped up with heavy eyeliner for night.
    If I’m only wearing one eyeshadow(unsual) I go straight for this one.

  21. Chica

    *unusual even, sawree

  22. Briodmun

    Both MAC-yogurt and a Revlon quad made up of forest green, mid green, wooden pink and a bark brown colour. How sad i remember that, i think i was 13 when it happened, i just remember looking at those one day and thinking ‘oh dear, need to go shopping!’

  23. Lindsay

    Vex!! It was the one of the first e/s I had from MAC..got it in one of the holiday sets and then have repurchased since. It is my go to color!

  24. Tanya

    wow I dont think I have ever even gotten close to hitting pan. I guess in order to keep MAC in business I better start wearing more shadow :) LOL

    • What’s the closest you’ve gotten, Tanya? Surely some of yours have dips started, lol!

      • Tanya

        hehehe actually I am kinda weird about dips….I dont like them so I tend to use my brush all over the top so that no visible dip appears. Weird? totally…thats me. But no I wouldn’t say that any of my shadows have been used more than 10% each.

  25. Shefali

    MAC’s Seedy Pearl. I adore that color. I’ve also hit the pan on my Weather Girl palette shadows from Benefit.

  26. Marisol Nieves

    One of my 1st purchases were Vanilla and Mythology which was back in 03′ I have since replaced Vanilla!!!

    Can anyone tell me if the heatherette trio #1 color “mood ring” is like Shroom? Or is there another color I can use to dup? I bought trio #2 but have SO MANY teals/blues/greens didn’t feel the need to shell out $32.00!! Thanks peeps I really appreciate it! πŸ˜€

    • Ohh, nice! Vanilla is definitely a fave :)

      Hoppin’ is similar to Shroom… I think it has a little bit of a pink undertone to it, but yeah, I don’t think you need to have it.

  27. Sanayhs

    I’ve hit the pan of Thunder the other night when I took a quad with me to my boyfriend’s for the night and Thunder somehow broke. :( Since it was still in the palette, though, I could salvage it and repress it! (which I did) πŸ˜€

    I wore Thunder with the Mi’Lady colours and it was lovely.

  28. Erin

    Mood Ring is the tealy color in trio 1, nothing like Shroom.

    • Erin

      If you mean the pinky color, sure, it’s like the pinkish coral version of shroom!

    • Marisol Nieves

      So sorry! I meant “hoppin'” The teal one reminds me of “shimmermoss”, and “aquadisiac”.Which I alraedy have! Thanks for all your help Erin! πŸ˜€

  29. Victoria

    Naked Lunch! One of my essentials!

  30. Simone

    I have gone through three amber lights and I have replaced gleam a few times as well. I think for awhile I was using amber lights everyday.

    Christine, I recently found this site and I LOVE IT! You provide such great information.

  31. Teresa

    Shroom, love it.

  32. Josie

    What’s the canadian MAC website?

  33. Anna

    wow, i have yet to hit pan on anything…i’ve gone through one lipglass so far and i’ve been into mac for about a year now…how long does it take you guys to hit pan on an eyeshadow? Do you use it frequently?

    • Which lipglass was it? I’ve NEVER finished a lipglass/lipstick or gotten that close to finishing either!

      • Anna

        prrr….lipglasses go really quickly for me, even though they have amazing staying power. Actually I think it’s because they have amazing staying power that I use them more frequently over lipgloss from other brands

  34. Haven’t hit pan yet after 5 years of collecting. Probably because over that time I went through phases of wearing just mascara and gloss.. None of my shadows look much like running out anytime soon! I’ve only ever completely finished a Love Nectar lustreglass… Maybe I buy way too much MAC???? lol :)

  35. Tekoa

    Errrmmm…that hasn’t happened to me yet and none are even close. And I still collect more.(LOL)

  36. Brooke

    I’ve never hit pan on anything, I just have too damn much lol I’m pretty close to hitting pan on grain tho, which is my HG highlight shade

  37. chicalola

    I hit pan on: Jest (3x) shroom (2X) vex(2x) rice paper, Sable, dazzlelight,

  38. stephanie

    mine is ricepaper. i bought it 2 months ago and i hit pan last week. it was exciting!

    • Oh, wow!! Do you use it everday, Stephanie?

      • stephanie

        i do! i use it as a highlight and sometimes i will do it all over my lid, and then do a smokey effect along my lashline with espresso. and i use swiss chocolate on my browbone and a little in the crease. it always makes my eyes stand out without looking like i have a ton of makeup on.

  39. Barbie

    Amberlights and mostly because I cracked the shadow and lost half of the product!

  40. Denise

    The first one I bought was Honey Lust and it’s still my favorite!!!

  41. sarah

    hmmm mine would have to be bamboo for my brows and crystal avalanche for my brow highlight! Yes I am pale enough for crystal avalanche to not look like a clown lol

  42. Kharina

    I recently decided to finally try MAC and first bought CHARCOAL BROWN and use it a lot on my crease lid area. I really liked the staying power of this shadow without creasing, and went back for KID (lid), BISQUE (brow bone highlighter), and CONCRETE to fill my brows. Now I have the four in a quad pro pallete compact and will call this one my FIRST LOVE. AHHHHH. It’s like heaven.

  43. Nothing yet, but I know Phloof! will be my first! I always use it for my highlight. It is nearly the same shade as my skin, but frosty! πŸ˜›

  44. Amy

    Oooh I can’t remember my first… it would’ve had to be Motif, Tilt, or Swish, since they were my first MAC shadows and have since been re-bought! But SO many of my current shadows are down to the pan now and it’s kind of sad. Especially since Waternymph is one of them, and it was LE.

  45. Pquanda

    ROMP! I’ve used it at least twice a week for 2 years. It looks so gorgeous on my colouring! Most of the time when I have a crazy purple or green, i put it in the crease with romp on the lid!

  46. claudia

    my first and only: stila launey! it happened a few months ago, but i’ve had that color for at least 3 years and i really want to just use it up! =)

  47. Skyler

    I’ve almost hit the pan on Nylon and Humid, two of my faves! I use such a variety of products every single day that it’s going to be a long time before I have to start replacing shadows! :)

  48. I’ve only used up all of Bare Minerals all over face colors in the really light pink pearly shade… I use it for eyeshadow all the time.

  49. xbrookecorex

    I hit pan on phloof first because I use it everyyyy day as a highlight.

    The first real color I ever hit pan on was Nocturnelle, I used it in the crease of every look before I was brave enough for Carbon. I still loveeee Nocturnelle!

    • Gosh, that goes on SO frosty for me, I find I can’t use it too often.

      LOL, now do you use Carbon for all your crease work? <333 Carbon.

  50. Heather

    I’ve gone through Silver Ring, Pink Venus, and Rite of Spring (great highlight color).

  51. Jen

    I have hit pan with Shroom and am getting close with Sumptuous Olive, love them both.

  52. Tatiana

    NONE lol.. i recently broke my rice paper which was a funny story.. i’ll tell in a short form lol

    i was using uhm, soba, swish choc, rice paper and woodwinked and i was in my boyfriends room then i left rice paper on his desk and went to the bathroom i came back to touch up rice paper and it was broken.. and i thought wtf? i didnt even drop it or slam it on the desk :( but while i was in the bath room i saw my bf in and out of his room.. so i told him my stupid e/s broke.. and he didnt say anything! so i kept naging and naging about it… so then we were in his car and i told him to fess up i got nothing! so its weird how it just shatterd and everytime i bring it up he just stays quiet! ahahah its okay tho!

    because i ended up putting it in a loose form!

  53. Ceci

    Bare Escentuals eye shadow in Nude Beach.

  54. Ashlee

    I hit pan with Amber lights & Shroom around the same time.

  55. Ashveena

    I’m on my second Patina and Amber Lights, Vex, Goldbit and Retrospeck all have significant parts where the pan is showing right now. Goldbit was LE!! =(

    I have a beautiful empty pan where my Carbon used to be, only because it shattered en route to NYC from Oakland!!! So sad

  56. lina

    all that glitters – it was my first eyeshadow…i got it almost 2 yrs ago though lol

    i actually finished my clair de lune eyeshadow last week!

  57. Susanne

    MAC Satin Taupe :)

  58. kat

    i’m actually getting through my first pan…and i love it! i’ll definitely buy another: SWISS CHOCOLATE.

    also, sumptuous olive, trax and soba have equal dents…they look amazing as a trio!!

  59. Julia

    Satin Taupe for me too! It’s only a slight dip, to be honest… But I use it more than anything. That and goldmine and phloof! are probably the most gone of all my eyeshadows.

  60. Even being a mu artist and personally, I can’t believe I’ve never hit the pan on any eyeshadows. Probably because I change my mind so much.

  61. carriespooner

    Brule. Before I had very many shadows. It would never happen now.

  62. Amanda

    Mine was Vanilla. It was my highlight color every day!

  63. Allysha

    Shroom…my first highlight colour :)

  64. Stephanie

    Juxt. I managed to incorporate it in my makeup everyday for about six monthes straight.

  65. tatiana

    well i actually like it much better in loose form! :p

  66. Marina

    Β I hit pan on my first eyeshadow yesterday! So now, I’m obsessed with hitting pan and I’m looking it up on blogs… =P
    The shadow I hit pan on is MAC’s Once Upon A Time which is LE and came in the Dashing Lassie eyeshadow palette from the Tartan Tales Christmas collection. It’s my inner corner highlight of choice (I’ve yet to find a good brow highlight – I think I’m gonna pick up MAC Blanc Type pretty soon) and once in a while I’ll use it on the lid. I’m so happy! Also a bit worried – though I don’t see myself finishing the whole pan anytime soon I should probably find a permanent inner corner highlight fave. Any reccomendations?
    I don’t have any significant and large dips in any of my other eyeshadows, but you can see a smaller dip in All That Glitters and maybe even Soba. There’s even a tiny dip in A Dashing Lassie, from the same palette as Once Upon A Time. I’m really desparate for dips here…Β