Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What was your first lipstick/lipgloss? Brand/shade?

Temptalia's Answer.

I think MAC’s Dejarose lipglass had to be one of the firsts!


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85 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What was your first lipstick/lipgloss?

  1. my first lipgloss was Estee Lauder high gloss in Blush..
    & my first lipstick was MAC Viva Glam V..

  2. Nina

    My first lipgloss was by Bloom Cosmetics in Pout. My first MAC lipglass is Florabundance.

  3. Tamara

    My first was Mac’s Rocker lipstick. I thought I was the hottest chick around with deep burgundy lips that had multi-colored glitter in them!LOL!

  4. Cat

    wow I would have to go yeah back to junior high and it was a cheap brand called brucci. It was 1.99 I think and the shade was a deep red almost like burgundy called Wine-O….lol

  5. Peyton

    uh….hmmmm i dont really remember it was probably like claires or covergirl or something lol but my first mac lipstick was CB96 my grandma gave it to me and i thought it was so pretty that i had to keep on buying it and then my first mac lipglass was from the emanual ungaro collection (just recently started collecting mac lipglass at first i thought they were sticky and i swore i would never buy them but i broke that sware lol) it was pastel emotion and i still have it

  6. DJ

    My first proper lipstick was Clinique’s Mauve Crystal, back in 1986 or something.
    Around the same time, I also wore the Ultima II nakeds (which I also had when they were launched, although at the time I didn’t know who Kevin Aucoin was).

    My first Mac lipstick was around 1990, the colour was Retro.

  7. pia

    I don’t remember the name, but it’s definitely a pink wet n wild lipstick. As for gloss, lancome juicy tube in blackcurrant.

  8. Miss_M

    Hmm, I believe that my first lipstick was a pink Clinique one.

    My first MAC lipglass was Spite and my first MAC lipsticks were Taupe and Twig, colors that I don’t wear anymore.

  9. mischel

    my first gloss was lust which i still wear until now and first lipstick were fetish

  10. Emm

    My fist lipstick was estee lauder, I have no idea the name. My first MAC was a lipgloss in underaged.

  11. Brooke

    My first lippie was High Tea, they gave me Subculture lip liner to go with it. My first gloss was either Prrr or Lychee Luxe. I forget which one came first lol I want to say LL

  12. Brooke

    oh whoops I thought you meant just MAC lol the first lippie Ican remember was Estee Lauder Spiced Cider

  13. AbbyL

    some sort of deep brown/burgundy wet n wild. LOL i was ten…

  14. I don’t remember!!! LOL

  15. Diane

    I am aging myself here- “Kissing Potion” lip gloss popular in the late 1970’s and first lipstick? Probably Cover Girl, I can’t remember!

  16. I don’t remember, it was a LONG time ago, probably some cheapo one like Constance Carroll or something like that. What I remember though is my Mum had this beautiful golden brown lipstick she NEVER used and I kept trying it on, lol,I would have been 9 or 10 at the time.

    My fist Mac lipstick was probably Gladiola and first lipglass was Hot Frost, but I actually got the cool lip palette at Christmas, so I think that was my first lip product. :)

  17. Ali

    I’m not really sure what my first lipstick was. Probably Trucco or Bed Head. I remember when I was young I was really into white lipstick after seeing one of those anime girls wear it on Pokemon, so I went out and bought a white NYC lipstick. I was probably like 8 or 9. What was I thinking!! Haha.

  18. I don’t remember what my very first lipstick and gloss were but my first MAC lipsticks was Creme de la femme and my first MAC gloss was Pink Poodle :)

  19. Cristina

    10 years ago…Creamy Nude by Clinique :) I still use that color, not the same tube hahaha :))

    First lipgloss…I don’t remember!!! My first MAC lipstick & lipgloss was All Revealing (light peachy-nude…part of the black collection 06) & Perfectly Pink (Flashtronic 07). I’ve used up the lipglass already.

  20. vinna

    First lipstick was Viva Glam V.
    First lipgloss was Chanel Glossimer in Magnifique.
    Still LOVE them both!

  21. Jay

    First lipstick was a CoverGirl plumping lipstick in honey something. I still have it, it’s the prettiest pinky-coral. And I’m not even going to count all the lipglosses I had as a little kid, so my first MAC lipglass was Pink Grapefruit from the Neo-Sci Fi collection.

  22. Stephanie

    first lipglass was MAC’s underage, and my first lipstick was MAC’s bombshell

  23. i don’t remember my first l/g or l/s….but frm MAC it was LOVECHILD and lipstick frm MAC was i ges slimshines in scant, mousse and l/s in angel. i had picked all 4 in one day…i ges

  24. Vness_12

    MAC C-Thru and I still use it like crazy. I love it.

  25. Danielle

    MAC Shock-o-late

  26. My first was a Bonnie Bell clear gloss with the roller ball applicator. I still remember it tasting so sweet!

  27. Mary

    Probably some Bonne Bell gloss. My first MAC gloss was Morning Glory.

  28. Nicole15

    My first lipstick was a Wet n’ Wild color from back in high school. Can’t remember the # but I do remember always wearing it with the Wet n’ Wild lipliner in #666. Actually still use that lipliner a lot today. Revlon Rum Raisin lippie was big too during my high school years.

    I didn’t really get into lipglosses a whole lot until I was in college. My first ones were by MAC in Nico, Explicit & Prrr.

  29. I was about ten years old, and it was a Hello Kitty lipstick in a tiny tube. It was a pale peach color, and I loved it- it matched my favorite shade of Tinkerbell Brush On Peel Off nail polish. 😀

  30. boysenberry_girl

    I can’t remember any as a teen since makeup really wasn’t my thing back then but, MAC’s lollipop loving ls is my first since rediscovering makeup this year.

  31. kirsty

    I can’t remember the brand or the name (possibly Constance Carroll), but it was a light silvery blue colour. What can I say? I was 10 and it was the ’90s!

  32. Alannah

    MAC Ebbtide! I think I bought it in 2000-2001. I only wore it for really special occasions too. Ha ha.

    • Alannah

      Oh, I was thinking my first “real” (high-end) gloss–my very first gloss ever was probably Cover Girl or something from Walgreens in like 1982!

  33. hi

    My first gloss ever was a sheer blue Lip Smackers that I bought because it smelled delicious 😀 My first ever lipstick was MAC’s Lady Bug to wear for a bat mitzvah cocktail party, but I exchanged it for Dare You because Lady Bug was WAY too bright. Dare You is too dark for me, so I blot it.

  34. Bobbie C.

    My First lipstick was MAC Deep Love, and my first lipgloss was MAC enchantress.

  35. Marcela

    Hmmm, I really can’t remember. I can retell the first l/s and l/g I got from MAC, Pleasureseeker from Neo Sci Fi and Nico.

  36. Hanna

    I remember my first lipstick. it was from Rimmel back in ’92 or ’94 and it was #5. It had that deep brownish/purple colour. my first lipglass was actually a MAC and it was C-thru.

  37. Stephanie

    my first mac lipstick was Russian Red. Later my first lipglass was Oyster Girl (which I bought with Aloof lipstick).

  38. Cassykins

    My first was something from Tinkerbell when I was just a little little kid. lol. I loves make up early which is funny because my mom isn’t really into make up more than just some foundation and mascara. My first MAC lipstick was High Tea, though, and my first gloss (glass) was Fulfilled. I still have both, though they are in rough shape and aaaaaaaaaaaaaalmost gone.

  39. Teresa

    My first lipstick was Mac’s Myth
    & my first lipliner MAC’s Spice
    this is half way through Grade 9! I still have Myth (bought everytime I was out) but have to find a new way to wear it

  40. kat

    Lipgloss was one of MAC’s holiday gift sets of 5 half size ones… and lipstick was Girl About Town, also MAC :) But I have since stopped wearing bright colours so now I have acouple of bright ones just chilling in my collection collecting dust, sigh!

  41. Vanessa

    Not too sure about my first.. it was probably a Wet N Wild one.. but my first MAC lipglass was Prrr… It’s still a staple in my bag!

  42. SarahT

    My first lipgloss was probably some type of lipsmackers (lemonade?) haha. My first real lipgloss was MAC Nymphette. I bought it with Lollipop Lovin': my first lipstick – they are the perfect pair 😉

  43. Christy

    My first lipstick was some dark brown shade from Maybelline. My first MAC lipstick was Chelsea, way back in 1994. My first lipgloss was some sparkly thing from Bonne Bell. My first MAC lipglass was Oh Baby, which I still love.

  44. Eleanor

    Mine was MAC Icon.

  45. Kathleen

    I got my first lipstick when I was around 15 years old. At the time, I couldn’t wear any makeup at all or my father is going to beat me up really bad (literally). So I had to sneak around wearing lipstick. I think my first was…something from Covergirl, since I didn’t have any money for such things. However, as I left home at the age of 16, my bf (still together, and I am 23) got me the MAC lipstick in Syrup. Thanks for bringing it up Christine, those were good memories. :)

  46. Loverly

    My first lipgloss was Vanilla Birthday Cake by Philosophy. I was at Sephora with a friend who is a makeup fanatic and at the time she was trying to get me into makeup, too. She said, “We’re not leaving this store until you buy some makeup!” I didn’t want anything (at the time, the prices of makeup were shocking to me. I’m more numb to it now) so I just went up to the register and Philosophy lipglosses were sitting there (you know how they put items next to the register to ‘tempt’ you), so I put it on the counter, bought it, and we left. Good times :) hahah

  47. Fabulous

    My first lipstick was from NYX (back when NYX wasn’t even popular!) I ordered it online in Baby Pink thinking that it, of course, would be the color pink. It came and was a frosty, ugly silvery color that made my lips disappear when I stepped into a shadow. Plus, I was really allergic to it but didn’t know people COULD be allergic to makeup (I was oblivious, I guess) so I kept wearing it…yes even though it was ugly. I ended up getting bored of it, cutting the lipstick off the packaging, and using the lipstick to draw like a crayon (then disposed of it). And VIOLA, my hives and itchy eyes went away.

  48. Lauren

    Mine came as an extra in some fashion magazine I got in London!! It was an off-brand…well, no brand at all, and it was a vivid matte fuchsia. Matte. No sparkles. PURE FUCHSIA. I was only seven at the time, but I wore it every single day. I have pictures of myself when I was little with my friends…I looked like I had escaped the circus.

  49. Gina G

    My first was a bright red wet n wild lipstick.

  50. aradhana

    i think i was either 5 or 6 years old…it was a barbie lipstick, in a very red shade…i wasn’t allowed to wear it!!

    after that it was when i was 12 or 13 — revlon ‘toast of new york’…so early 90’s…

    first mac lipticks were dubonnet and fetish.

    • AT

      LOL. My first lipstick was a Barbie lipstick too! It was a fushia colour and my parents didn’t like the fact that I was already interested in makeup. I was only in grade 5 then too.

  51. LadyT

    Awwww…this brings back such sweet memories for me. My mom bought me my first lipstick. (i’d been wearing drugstore glosses longer than i can remember) it was a Max Factor Christmas set that came with a matching polish. She gave it to me somewhere around 11-12 years old. lol. She was a makeup fiend and i suspect she’d been waiting years for me to be old enough to wear lipstick.

    Despite my age it was a rich deep burgandy color. i’m still fairly partial to dark lipsticks.

  52. Michelle

    I never had an interest in lipsticks, I always bought lipglosses and such as a 12 yr old. When I became interested in MAC and their shadows plus blushes is when I decided to try on a lipstick. I tried MAC sweetie, it’s a beautiful berry color. It was my first lipstick ever!!! No yucky lipstick smell. YAY.

    The first real lipgloss was by Clinique, called Air Kiss or something. I later purchased MAC Viva Glam VI SE!! Love MAC glosses more than clinique.

  53. I’m pretty sure the first ones I owned were by Smackers/Bonne Bell. The first nice one I had was Lancome Juicy Tubes in Miracle.

  54. Sandy

    From MAC, Underage. Still loves it.

  55. liz

    gloss was probably some bonne bell thing, but lipstick was a brownish red by jane because i saw it in a magazine and it said it was a universal color and i got it. way to go, eleven year old self.

  56. aramis

    my first mac lipglass was oystergirl and lipstick is cupcake loving from the suagr sweet collection. i used to hate lipstick but now i love it

  57. Andrea

    my first lipgloss was probably some wet n wild clear glitter gloss. my first mac was 2N lipglass & 3N lipstick.

  58. Sam

    of course my first lip products were smackers hahah
    but my first FAVORITE lipgloss was …
    * Bonnebell liplite in cappuccino
    my first FAVORITE lipstick was recent
    * MAC HK cutester

  59. Sarah

    Oh gosh, I can’t even remember that far back! I was probably 7 or 8 (maybe YOUNGER!) when I had my first “real” lipstick. It may have been some sheer, pink, balm-like Covergirl lipstick that must be discontinued now.

    As for MAC lipsticks, I’m pretty damn sure my first lipstick was Ramblin’ Rose. I had a huge thing for corally-peachy-pinky colors back then. (At that point I was 10 or 11?) I think I wanted to prove that my medium-brunette, blue-eyed, fair-skinned coloring could pull off a warmer color, and OMG GOLD SHIMMER!!! xD

  60. Andrea

    Dr Pepper lip smacker by bonne bell LOL!! 1st lipstick was starlit rose by estee lauder.

  61. Meredith

    My first MAC lipstick was Plastique. I even remember that it was $11 at the time.

  62. Steph D

    I believe my first lipgloss was MAC’s Viva Glam VI SE lipglass.

  63. lovepotion18

    MAC’S Freshbrew l/s with Spice lipliner.

  64. Melissa

    my first Mac Lipglass was in Early Bloomer bought it from the CCO.
    & First Lippie was Hue. :)

  65. Hannah

    my first lipstick was from this little kit i got from my aunt when i was like 10 ahah.
    and my first lipgloss was VS beauty rush l/g in strawberry fizz, which is my lovee

  66. Radhika

    I don’t think I remember my first ever lip gloss, that was SOOO long ago! But my first MAC lipglass was the clear one and Chai.

  67. Kathleena

    My first Lipstick was Downtown Brown from Avon when I was 14.

  68. AT

    My first lipstick was the Mattel Barbie brand lipstick. I was in Grade 5, so my parents weren’t too happy about the purchase! I don’t remember the colour name but it was a creamy hot fushia colour and my first lipgloss was Clinque Lipglaze in Blackberry. My first MAC lipstick is Mocha and Mac gloss is Lusterglass Wonderstruck.

  69. Jody

    My first real lipstick purchase was “Dune” at Bath and Body Works, I really miss their make-up line. I bought a ton of them when they discontinued it. I had Three Custom Color duplicate it but it’s just not the same. Why is everything good always discontinued?

  70. livia

    I remember my first lipgloss! my mom got it for me, it was a clear HEMA lipgloss. at first i didn’t like it but after a while i couldn’t leave home without that thing! it was the beginnen of a life long lipgloss addiction! haha

  71. First from mac lippglass was c-thru and lipstick quiet please.

  72. Rio

    No idea. I’ve had a lip licking problem since as long as I can remember, so there was always some sort of lipgloss or lip balm around, because that’s the only thing that makes me stop licking my lips. When I was really little, like 3 or 4, I just had Chapstick, but I know I occasionally got a gloss after that.

  73. My first l/s was MAC – Sophisto
    My first l/g was MAC – Nico


  74. katey

    my first lipglass and lipstick was MAC’s Hey Salor! and Ahoy There! they are the purfect pinks!!

  75. katey

    haha perfect

  76. Clear wet’n’wild lipgloss. :)

  77. Natalie

    First lipstick : Poppy don’t remember the name, but it was a dark brown lol.

    First MAC lipstick : Expose