Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

What was in your last makeup haul? Tell us about the goodies!  We haven’t asked in awhile so tell us what’s up!

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61 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What was in your last makeup haul?

  1. i’m trying to control myself untill after Christmas (Macy’s gift cards galore!), so the last thing i bought was the MAC holiday lips in coral. such cute packaging, i couldn’t resist.

    wait, no, i lie. i bought a lipglass lip pencil in Coral Craze, too :)

    • Good luck, Courtney! You can do it!

    • victoria

      i agree, this year’s packaging was so pretty, so much better than last years, i just kept staring at it when i got it. i got the lip palette and the lipstick set because they are sooo beautiful. i don’t think i can do the back to mac thing.

  2. Tekoa

    Not exactly a “haul.” To reward myself for finishing two labs, I picked up Canton Candy paint. Such a pretty color, but I’m not sure what to wear it with. *lol*

  3. Got my online MAC order in the mail on Monday – finally!! They screwed it up, so it tooks over 2 weeks to receive :( Anyway, it came with:
    Finery: Coral Lips
    Metalblu Metal-X e/s
    6th Sin Metal-X e/s
    Plum Electric Metal-X e/s
    Pink Ingot Metal-X e/s
    Sunspill Beauty Powder
    183 brush

    Last Thursday, because I was antsy waiting for my package, I made a trip to my freestanding &purchased:
    Fusion Gold Metal-X e/s
    Constructivist p/p
    The Scene l/s
    Red Romp l/g
    Fabby l/s
    Star Violet e/s pro pan

  4. Alisha

    I went a little crazy lately
    studio tech foundation
    190 Foundation brush
    you ladyship pigment
    sweet sienna pigment
    dollymix blush
    earthly riches e/s
    engaging e/s
    mi lady e/s
    stylistics sheer mystery powder
    metal x pure ore
    metal x 6th sin
    metal x metal blue
    corsette lipglass

  5. Barbie

    Mally Beauty 5 piece discovery kit-coming Friday
    Today- I am picking up MAC 129 brush
    Essence of Beauty-foundation brush
    Covergirl-lash blast

  6. Adina

    Got the perfekt skin perfecting gel, a chanel liquid lipstick/gloss pen, Mac’s air of style and a trish mcevoy gold eye shadow

    • Tekoa

      Air of style? Lucky! I doubt I’ll get even a token wiff of the stuff. Heard the bottle shape is a tad odd though.

  7. Dollymix blush
    138 brush
    Industry PP
    Majesty lipglass

  8. Ashlee

    Mac Warm eye palette.
    Mac cool lipglass/lusreglass set.
    Mac Warm pigment set.
    Mac warm viva glam palette.
    Mac 5 basic brush set.
    Jordana lipliner.
    Maybelline XXl curl mascara x2.
    2 Nyc lipglosses sungold pink & pink sand.
    Nyc brow filler.
    And Victorias secreat beauty rush lipgloss set.

  9. Tonee

    I’m taking a break from MAC, Clarins and Urban Decay and focusing on other brands. Here’s what I got:

    Softlights in Smashing Lens, Tint and Shimmer (highlighters that work very well for cheeks and eyes)
    Powder brush #1 (one more isn’t going to kill me – and it’s by far the best powder brush I have ever used!)
    Lipstick in Resolution (brownish red)

    Convertible Color in Rose, Petunia and Peony (brilliant stuff)
    Smudge Pot in Jade (I prefer this to MAC f/l – seriously)

    Bobbi Brown:
    Gel Liner in Bronze Shimmer (I don’t really need this but couldn’t stop myself)
    Blush Spice (lovely shade for tan skin)

    Age Rewind Cream Foundation (Holy Grail material btw – the “Age Rewind” part is nonsense)
    Superstay lipstick in Cabernet (dark wine – long lasting, non drying)

    That’s going to be it for December. Unless there’s yet another sale……

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  11. hannika

    the last make up haul? the antiquitease mineralized eyeshadows. i had to stop after their holiday collection because i am soo broke and im saving up for the upcoming collections….. gosh.. im soooo broke heheh

  12. Lindsay

    New Vegas MSF

    Mellow Flame l/s…I bought one and liked it so much I went and got a back up the next day.

    Metal X Metalblue


    Mac of Beauty in Tenderdusk

    Steamy e/s

    I got steamy and one Mellow Flame as my B2M free things and Im so glad I did, they were not something I would have bought for myself normally but because they were free I went for it. I think they are now two of my favorite products! And my store was all sold out of the Metal X stuff so I was only able to get one, which was sad and good all at the same time!

  13. Kristen

    I’ve asked for several gift cards for Christmas to get some makeup, but I went ahead and got two of the Royal Assetts eyeshadow compacts. I got the Cool Eyes and Metallic Eyes. I also got SPF 15 Tinted Lip Conditioner in Gentle Coral to wear to class.

  14. victoria

    viva glam holiday palette(i just love the packaging)
    metallic eyes holiday palette
    engaging e/s duo
    uppity fluidline
    dancinglight beautypowder
    concealer nc35
    crystal avalanche e/s
    finery plum lipstick set
    stylistics mystery powder
    rougette mattene lipstick
    still waiting for dewy jube to come back in stock.
    i think i’m the only one here that still doesn’t know how to use the pigments. i’m so worried i might get the colors everywhere then on my lid. i wanted to try the holiday pigments for a start but they were all sold out. yes obviously i’m the only one that doesn’t know how to use them. but that’s okay, looking forward to the next collection.

    • Try asking for a small pigment sample next time you go in to purchase items. Some MA’s will oblige this request. Its a great way to try it out to see if you like it. I used to despise any kind of loose e/s until I figured out how to apply it properly! :)

      • victoria

        i have never purchased pigments before. please tell me what’s so great about pigments compared to normal e/s. i noticed a lot of makeup artist love pigments more than regular e/s. i mean they aren’t cheap and they’re willing to buy a whole jar, a whole lot of jars, must be really great. if they are really great to try, what color would you recommend to try first?

        • victoria

          oh i forgot, how rude of me. thank you so much for the tip. i hadn’t thought of asking for a sample before.

        • Pigments are more versatile, and the pay off of them are pretty much great all around. You can’t go wrong with any of them, so pick a color you’d wear a lot :)

    • Hey Victoria! How are you liking Uppity?

      I agree with Ariele — ask for a sample next time you’re in the store!

      • victoria

        oh i looove uppity. actually i wish they would come up with more bright metallic fluidlines. i love the colors from liquidlast like the blue herizon but taking them off was a bit of a hassle. i love uppity because it’s multi purpose and it’s just a great collection. i love limited ed. i feel so lucky.

  15. Anna

    I am waiting on dollymix blush, silversmith eyeshadow, and the face brush set in the mail… i need something to distract me through finals!

  16. Metal-X e/s – 6th Sin, Metalblu, Fusion Gold
    Glitter eyeliner – Blitzed, Wonderwhite
    Holiday Curiositease – Warm Pigments, Softsparkle Pencils
    Lipglass – Trifle
    Mineralize e/s – Silversmith, Family Silver
    Pigments – Sweet Sienna, Gold Stroke, Your Ladyship
    Fluidline – Uppity
    Beauty Powder – Drizzlegold, Dancing Light, Natural Flare, Sunspill, Tenderdusk

    Broke now!!

  17. Carrie

    I haven’t had a “haul” in a while, but the last things I bought were Sweet Sienna pigment and the Viva Glam Warm lip palette.

  18. kat

    Unfortunately, the holiday stuff did not wow me this year. I only picked up the holiday plushglass set.

    But I did buy a lot of ebay that has Saddle, Barbie whistle, corduroy, pink venus (I already own this one though), naked lunch, nocturnelle, and full flame eyeshadow, Pastorale pigment, naked tip nail polish, sophisticated brow set (I have red hair so I think it’ll be too light…), and a buncha full size eye brushes. But I can’t comment on them because I haven’t received them yet D:

  19. Kelly

    Let’s see… since December 1st, I’ve bought:

    Uppity f/l
    Coral Finery
    Viva Glam warm palette lips
    2 4-slot pro palettes
    Amber Lights
    Silver Ring
    Plum Dressing
    Satellite Dreams
    Star Violet

    Then I went to a CCO and got:
    Jadeye f/l
    Don’t Be Shy blush
    Subculture l/l
    Viz-a-Violet pig
    Nightlight pig
    Pinked Mauve pig (loving this on lips!!!!)
    Magic Dust e/s
    Stars n Rockets e/s
    Jete e/s
    Falling Star e/s
    Well-Plumed Quad

    I’m going to blame holiday and work stress on my serious hauling issues. Retail therapy all the way!!!

  20. Ivy

    i just got back from the mall. i only picked up Chopper and YDK e/s from UD and Laura Gellar Blush n Brighten in Berry.

  21. Kathleena

    Let’s See:
    Mac Matte Blush in Fever
    Mac Matte Blush in Raizin
    Mac Eyeshadow in Expresso
    Mac Select Moisturecover Concealer NW45
    Maybelline Volume Express Mascara
    Flirt Liquid Lip Color in Mama Mia and After Hours