Saturday, November 24th, 2007

What traveling tips do you have when it comes to makeup? Any tips or tricks you’ve found to make sure everything has a safe voyage? How do you deal with any airport restrictions (like liquids)?

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11 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What traveling tips do you have when it comes to makeup?

  1. Tanya

    Last year when we visited China and the airport restrictions were at their peak, I had to make a plan for my make-up. First, I did NOT take any of my make-up in my carry-on…this was the peak of security so lipbalm was not even allowed. Second consideration was the weight of my suitcase, if too heavy you have to pay a pretty hefty charge.

    So minimal make-up packing was needed.

    1. Foundation, in a zippy bag in case of airpressure leakage (happens often).
    2. Loose powder also in a zippy. I would not recommend pressed as the likelyhood of it breaking is quite high.
    3. A nice pink’ish lipstick that could double as blush.
    4. Mascara.
    5. One or two nice natural eyeshowdows that can be done heavy handed for dinner’s out or very nice and light for day trips.(most days I skipped this step)
    6. Eyeliner that can double as eye shadow and/or eyebrow pencil. Can be used heavily during evening’s out etc.
    7. optional – a dark lipstick for dinner or clubbing.

    Super minimal make-up for travel. In a conservative country like China I found myself wearing foundation, a tiny bit of the blush/lipstick combo and mascara. Honestly, I was so busy enjoying my vacation that I didn’t miss my full make-up supplies. Better to pack an extra pair of good walking shoes than too many lipsticks :)

    Almost the same when traveling to really warm climates – Mexico, Hawaii etc. Your in the pool, ocean so much that a bit of waterproof mascara, a nude’ish/pink’ish lipgloss, some shimmer powder for evening is really enough make-up. The glow of a little sun and being relaxed is all the make-up needed.

  2. zoe

    Im planning to go away to south africa next year for three, months i dont know what im going to do with my makeup :( Ill only have like 23 kilos. And ill have to rake 3 months worth of clothes, its making me sad already

  3. Lindsay

    Most of my makeup is powder, and the liquids that I have are all small enough to take in carry on in Canada ( Im not too sure about everywhere else). I just have to be careful in choosing my lip gloss because that always ends up taking up my whole bag!

    Tonight I pressed all of my Curiositease pigments into containers that screw together so that will make traveling with them much easier.

  4. Kelly

    I mainly travel with powders so that I can bring everything on-board and only need to put mascara, gloss, moisturizer, concealer, and hand sanitizer in the clear plastic baggie that they require.

    If you have to check your luggage and you’ve got pressed powder eyeshadows or blushes, what I do to keep them ‘safe’ is put a cotton ball inside the compact. You’ll sometimes need to use two depending on the amount of empty space between the lid and the product. Anyway, I haven’t had any breakage issues with pressed products since doing this.

  5. mich

    I try to carry loose powder or cream versions of everything rather than pressed powder. I had two Blot powder compacts and two Bobbi Brown eyeshadows shatter on me in-flight before I learned my lesson :(