Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What product should you not be allowed to buy anymore? Is it pink lipstick because you already have 100? Is it red lipstick because you never wear it? Green eyeshadow because you have two palettes full of them?

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80 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What product should you not be allowed to buy anymore?

  1. Kristen Elisabeth

    Pink eyeshadow. I have WAY too many!

  2. Lipglosses, lipsticks, lipbalms, anything that has to do with lips. Oh, and blushes too. I have too many of them and yet I still want more :(

  3. Blushes. I have so many and I only use two or three out of the bunch. Lipgloss too. I have way too many. I suppose eyeshadoww, as well. Do I really need another shadow or pigment? Makeup, Christine. All of it. I should not buy another piece of makeup because I have enough. But, I will…most likely today. 😉

  4. Tayma

    Green eyeshadows,blush period(have WAY too many and usually just use the same 3), gloss…sigh! Let me not start on gloss.. I have WAY too much makeup period. I need to control myself and stop..yet i cant.


    1. blushers
    2. eye shadows
    3. finishing powders stuff (like my maybelline loose powder, mineral veil, etc etc)
    4. black eye shadows
    5. nude lipsticks

    I just have way tooo much make up, the good thing is that I am super selective about my colors, so I have various brands or shades of the same color. Was at the MAC store just now, and I didnt find anything that screamed out BUY ME. Phew! I am looking forward to Parrot coming my way online though.

  6. gracee

    hmm well i have the most e/s. and bronzer i loveeeee bronzer.

  7. Mine would be…any type of bronze/gold eyeshadow, bronze/gold lipstick and pink lip gloss.

    Just too much…as I set my eyes on 3 more pink lip glasses. LOL

  8. Sharonda

    Brown colors!Uhhhhhhh I starting to not like them!I’m buying more lighter colors now because I wore the natural brown out lol.

  9. dawn

    definitely lipstick/lipglosses. I have way too many, but I just can’t get enough.


    Liggloss, lipstick and blush! Well, and maybe eyeshadow, too, but that would be a hard addiction to overcome!

  11. Kristy

    ANy golds/browns eyeshadows!! I have way too many. Also i think i could probbly quit buying lipgloses for YEARS and not go through all of mine..but there is n way Im stopping now! LOL

  12. Carrie

    brown eyeliner. I have like 10 brown eyeliner pencils. I wear it almost every day, but still…it’s bad b/c since they are pencils, I just tell myself “oh, it stays good forever, just sharpen it to a fresh point and it’s fine until it runs out…”

    Also dark, vamp lipcolors. I have 3, but it’s still all i need…yet i want more.

  13. Brown/metallic lipsticks, I adore them and want more.

  14. Melanie

    New makeup in general. I wear the same look pretty much every day but have a collection that is out of control.

    It’s just so pretty!!

  15. gio

    pink lipsticks/lipglosses, I have too many of them!

  16. Shefali

    Lipsticks. I have about 60.

  17. DaniMae

    I would have to say shadows in general. I have so many of them. Most from MAC but a few from other brands. My shadow collections spans across the color spectrum pretty well but I have sooooooooo many!

  18. DaniMae

    I’m going to add lip glosses as well.

    How many do I REALLY need? LOL I have so many. Some that I’ve had since high school.

  19. chuarmk

    Actually I should stop buying eyeshadows,I have more than 178pcs now (including palettes,pigments) but I still feel that it is not enough and there are so many new colors coming out,I just can’t stop buying.Plus it doesn’t expire so fast esp. those mineralize eye shadows which lasts forever… :)

    But right now,I want to stop myself from buying more lipgloss & lipsticks.I have around 30 lipsticks & 20 lipgloss but I don’t use them that often.Moreover,they expire quite fast compare to other powder forms products.I don’t want to throw un-use into the bin,without finishing them all.

  20. Vee

    Nude lipsticks!!! Serious……. why do I KEEP buying them?!?!?!

  21. Maybe just eye shadow. I have so much and so many duplicates of every color. I can’t help it! I love shadow!

  22. Maybe eyeshadows….I mean really, how many different shades of each color are there? When I got my pigment samples a couple of days ago, my hubby asked me if I had enough make up yet! I told him, makeup is like shoes, you can NEVER have too much! Oh, and lipglosses…

  23. I am always lacking the one shade of colour that I never find. When I have, i will stop shopping.

    So I tell my self…

  24. Tanya

    LOL since my SO once in a great while will look at Temptalia (when I leave the window open on my computer) I am going to say – I SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO BUY ANY AND ALL MAKEUP THAT I WANT!!! LOL

  25. Sanayhs

    Black eyeliner. How many versions does one girl need? (In my case, apparently about a dozen) And yet… when feline is rereleased… I’m going to be picking up at least one. I missed it last time because I didn’t have the money.

  26. Erin/SlipnSlide

    I shouldn’t be allowed to buy any more highlighting shadows or taupes and browns. Really. I have Antiqued, Romp, Patina, Satin Taupe, Soba, Rich Flesh, Charcoal Brown, the Antiquitease smoky eyes pallette browns… I think that covers the entire spectrum, really- gold, copper, taupe-y, neutral… I should be done! But no, I still have my eye on a couple. I think that’s wrong.

  27. Pquanda

    BRONZE and GOLD metallicy eyeshadows. I need to stop! I have over 60 (JUST bronze/gold, and who knows with neo sci-fi..) ! I better wear them while I can.. I got this obsession from my mom, and the metallicy-frostiness is crepey on her lids now :(

  28. Hi Christine!
    I shouldn’t be allowed to buy pink lip glosses- I have around 15 or 20 of them! And I’ve just bought another one: Glam Shine L’oreal 271 Pearly Rose! It should be quite similar to Prrr by Mac!

  29. AHHHHHHHH…YES definitely PINK LIPSTIIIIIIICKKKS,my god i have HGE COLLECTION OF THEM.I think i shud seriously stop even looking at ’em.

  30. Kella

    #1. Skin care products
    #2. Foundations!

  31. Lipgloss. I feel like I have so many.. yet I just can’t stop myself!!!!

  32. lala

    pink lippies…peach blushes..bronze e/s lol

  33. Emily

    Facial Cleansers. It’s so hard for me to find one that doesn’t break me out so I move on to another and another…

  34. Hillary

    Green eyeshadows. I don’t have a favorite color in gerneral, but when it comes to eye shadow I go nuts and feel that I need to buy ever shade of green i can, even if there is only a slight difference in the colors.

  35. kat

    Bright pink lipstick (have too many, not going through them fast enough though I do adore them)

    and eyeshadows which are blue or green, because I have a palette of four I created and I so very very rarely use them! Which is tough because the blues and teals in Cool Heat look AMAZING! But I must resist D:!!!

  36. Emm

    Purple e/s I have so many but they are so pretty and unique! Probably Shampoo Conditioners, I have at least 10 sets. I like to give my hair variety :)