Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What mascara makes you happy? Which mascara is better than all the rest? What makes it so great?

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50 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What mascara makes you happy?

  1. Cat

    I had to see what all the hype was with Dior…I’ve been hooked ever since. Never clumps and it gives sooo much drama.

  2. Sally

    I loved Lancome’s Hypnose mascara… such pretty feathery looking lashes.

    I’m using Covergirl’s Volume Exact right now – Excellent volume and versatile enough to build length… but terrible fallout D=

  3. Parveen

    i have a few favorites

    i like the dior mascara because i mean WOW so much volume

    and guerlains new mascara with the two brushes extends and seperates my lashes ridiciously too bad it does’t give that much volume
    it uses a rubber brush the new thing


    chanel have this new mascara out that uses a rubber brush and a normal britsle brush entwinded .. i have it but not yest used it..i bet it will be good

  4. False lashes make me happy…

  5. SnickerDoodle

    I loooove Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash. Such gorgeous dramatic lashes and no clumping..and I don’t even wait for my coats to dry! I know everyone loooves Diorshow Blackout, but I have had a bad experience with it.The color is to die for, but it clumps so badly that I can’t even get a lash comb through it. Then all day long it feels like the mascara is trying to glue my lashes together, like it doesnt dry or something. Maybe because I got the waterproof kind? It kills me because I love the blackness so much. OK that’s my Diorshow rant.

    • maxiene

      Sounds to me like your Dior was defective. I’d let you borrow mine to see that it really is amazing! :) Give it one more try! Plz? I also don’t have waterproof cause I hear it tends to clump, but both my Diorshow and Diorshow Blackout never give me a problem. Actually, I layer Diorshow Blackout OVER Diorshow for an even fuller look. It’s SO gorg! And they just came out with a plum color that’s to die for. 😉

  6. Kelly

    I have to second the Benefit Bad Gal lash. It’s just absolutely incredible and people ask if I’m wearing false eyelashes a lot. It never ever clumps and I don’t even have to curl my lashes to get that sexy effect.

  7. I LOVE Majorca Majolica Lash Extend mascara from Japan. MJ is a drugstore brand over there…I have to get it via CP but I will not do without…it is my HG!

  8. Diorshow black………best mascara EVER :)

  9. Jenna

    I do want to try Dior or Lancome and all that but right now, my favourite is Dejavu Fibrewig. They give lush and long, natural looking lashes with, amazingly, no clumps at all! 😀 And it washes off with warm water. Perfect for lazy people like me. Oh yes and it rubs off easily when it gets onto your skin so when you poke your face with the wand (like I “cleverly” always do, it gets wiped off easily)

  10. Minty746

    I totally second Tammy M’s MJ Mascara. That is amazing stuff! It gives big, bold lashes with thick definition and volume with a nice black color. That mascara makes my lashes as slutty as slutty lashes can get, LOL! It’s my number one pick for partying. I also second Jenna’s Dejavu Fibrewig. That is another one of my faves; sure, it’s not dramatic, but my lashes are long, pretty, curled, and defined with a feathery volume. It won’t clump on my dense lashes and it has never smeared on my lids. Removal is a dream, too. Unfortch, I really don’t have an HG mascara–I like changing my lash look, so I don’t stick to one mascara all the time.

  11. viv

    I haven’t found a staple yet since I try different stuff every time. Here’s what I don’t quite understand, if new mascara should be bought after every months, then are expensive mascaras really worth their price for such a short usage time? : P

    • The MJ mascara I get from Japan is about 1200 yen, so about $12 USD….I don’t think you need a highpriced mascara to get great lashes, and I have tried a lot!…also, the applicator is a comb, not a bristle brush…

  12. vinna

    I’m with Tammy on Shiseido MM Lash Extend. AWESOME mascara that is my ultimate HG because it does its job and doesn’t smudge! Woohoo!

    I think i’ve tried all other mascaras known to female-kind, from Diorshow to Chanel Inimitable … all does not compare to Shiseido MM.

  13. Saira Reid

    I love Loreal Lash Architect in Carbon Black – gives really black, curly, voluminous long lashes! I recently bought Estee Lauder Sumptuous mascara and it is amazing – gives well-defined, voluminous curled eyelashes. Really tempted to try Benefit Bad Gal mascara as heard a lot of good things about it.

  14. shayna

    -Lorac’s Publicity Stunt Long Wearing Mascara
    -Vincent Longo’s Curling Mascara
    -And not gonna lie…CoverGirl’s LashBlast

  15. Kathleena

    My Mac Plushlash!

  16. Vee

    CG’s Lash Blast works well for me. I’m not gonna stop looking, though!

  17. Kimberly

    I love Chantecaille mascara, if I have to use it. I get scared when I put mascara on or if someone tries to apply mascara on my eyelashes.

  18. Lisa

    Kiss Me – doesn’t smudge or flake and it’s waterproof. Comes off in tubes without makeup remover – just water and rubbing with your hands/fingers. LOVE IT!!

  19. Lingping

    Kanebo 38+, the little tube. I love it! gives me all the black I need, gives silky shiny lashes, and washes off with water.

  20. Brenda

    Dior show blackout, I’m waiting for the iconic I heard it’s going to be better then the regular dior show and unlimited.

  21. Kristine

    Lumene Blueberry Curl rocks my world!

  22. Imju Fiberwig is my lover!! It adds so much length to my lashes and it curls them too.

    I’m also loving Rimmel’s Extra Super Lash. A friend told me to get it, and I’m glad she did. :)

    • lizzii

      i so did not tell you to get it. you played with it and decided to get it for yourself. :p

      rimmel’s underrated. <3

      my lovah is l’oreal voluminous full definition formula. 😀 closely followed by rimmel’s volume flash.

      boo lashblast.

  23. Chica

    I loved Maxfactor Masterpiece until I tried Benefit Badgal Lash – I’ll never change my mascara (unless they change badgal and then I’ll be forced too) – it is AMAZING.

  24. christy

    i think the best mascara ever is Fresh Supernova. It gives amazing length and volume and is glossy, and it has vitamins that condition your lashes as you wear it. i feel like its made my natural lashes healtier. To me i think that the diorshow is good the first month, but dries up too quickly and doesn’t perform as well afterwards

  25. Asta


    I have a sample of the Kiss Me tubing mascara, and I hear Clinique is coming out with a similar formula, so I want to try those.

    I didn’t love Bad Gal when I tried it, but maybe I’ll give it another shot.

    And when I’m just looking for darker, defined lashes I go for the Maybelline in the pink and green tube.

  26. Tekoa

    Right now I’m loving Plushlash from MAC. It makes me happy because it doesn’t clump my lashes together. The fat brush is a tad unwieldy for me though.

  27. M1st4eva

    Maybelline’s Define-A-Lash Volume Mascara (the magenta tube). It is the BEST mascara I’ve ever used. It really lives up to its name as well, especially if you combine it with the lengthening Define-A-Lash (green tube).

  28. cloudburst

    Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof, it’s my standby & keeps my lashes curled.

  29. Eva

    Maybelline Great Lash waterproof.
    It´s the only mascara that holds the curl in my long, straight lashes.. :o( Well, most days at least..
    If anyone can recommend another one I´d be grateful.

  30. ayat

    I absolutely adore my DiorShow mascara and my Cynthia Rowley for Avon Mascara!!!

  31. Haydee

    Hmmm I only have one Mac X and a few drug store brands. Sometimes I forget to apply and just walk out the door. I am looking at everyone comments and I think Im gonna try Dior next time. Christine I’ll flip the question on you lol Which one do you think is the best :)

    • Haydee

      Oh crap I mean which one makes you happy, makes you want to hug at night instead of your teddy bear lol ok in Im in a car later!

  32. Sara

    I LOVED Maybellines Lash Discovery, the brush was smaller than some of the huge, fluffy caterpillars out there…however it looks like it’s been discontinued and I’m hunting for a new HG! I have very long lashes and don’t like to build them up at all, just give them cover.

  33. jess

    I hated DiorShow – it was very unimpressive to me.

    My favorites right now are Fiberwig (makes my lashes EXTRA super long) and CG LashExact (cheap and good!).

  34. Paola

    maybelline define-a-lash all the way…the brush is bendable and it seperates every eye lash i love it

  35. Chloe

    DIORSHOW BLACKOUT!!! It’s amazing!!!! I also like MAC Plushlash and Zoomlash but Diorshow is my first pick! =D

  36. Jennifer

    Plushlash, without a doubt. It’s fantastic.

  37. lina

    l’oreal voluminous

  38. claudine

    MACs Zoomlash
    I like that its really black no crumbling
    and i love the brush
    for extra drama i wear falsies

  39. Annie

    DiorShow for the overall lashes, and this new Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes for the inner and outer corners.. I have never seen my lashes open up so much ever before! and i ALWAYS get compliments!!

  40. manda

    I just tried MAX FACTOR’S VOLUME COUTURE MASCARA.. and I kid you not, it beats any MAC mascara I’ve used and any expensive brand I’ve tried.. I swear by MAC PLUSH LASH and I got this mascara and last week and haven’t picked up my MAC mascara since then. It’s amazing! It volumizes at the base of your lash and lifts and curls and lengthens the ends. I have BEFORE AND AFTER pics if anybody wants to check it out. I love it!!!!

  41. Manda

    Not sure if you have to be a member to see this but I posted my pics on my sugar page…



  42. Candace117

    Chanel Exceptionnel! It’s awesome!!!!!

  43. Macaddict

    Have always been keen on trying out the new mascaras out there. All kinds. All colors. All price ranges. Never yet found “the perfect one”.:-(
    Not even Dior’s Blackout or Lancome (which is famous for its mascaras), can impress me that much. Like Kiss Me tubing mascara but not much volume. Like falsies but am not good at applying so, for almost a year now, have been getting lash extensions. Love it! Expensive but my lashes always look perfect – darker and longer than my natural ones – and I do nothing! :-) To me, it’s the best “mascara” out there.