Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What makeup do you reapply throughout the day? Powder? Lipstick? Eyeshadow?

Temptalia's Answer.

I am pretty lazy! At most… just the gloss!


Thanks to reader MC for today’s question!

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59 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What makeup do you reapply throughout the day?

  1. valentina

    Powder, blush and lipstick/lipgloss

  2. Lipgloss/lipstick only!

  3. coco72

    Pressed Blot and lipgloss/lipbalm

  4. Kajsa

    Nothing, lip balm at most.

  5. I definitely reapply lipgloss or lipstick. I wear it with me in my bag all the time.

  6. Diabla

    Whatever lip stuff I wear. Sometimes, khôl.

  7. Jenny

    Lip products

  8. Pamelajayne


  9. geri~

    Lipstick and eyeliner!

  10. Usually just lip products, occasionally powder, but usually only if I’m going out at night again. I only carry lip products with me.

  11. Rita

    Lipstick and/or lipgloss, and plot powder.

  12. Natalie

    Powder my nose (grr I am oily!) and lip gloss

  13. Alexa

    Lip balm, blotting powder

  14. EmiiLouu

    I normally reapply Lipstick and Powder (:

  15. Ali

    Typically just lip gloss. Ever since I discovered the fabulousness that is primer, my eyeshadow doesn’t come off and my face doesn’t really get that oily.

  16. Lipgloss. Nothing else…;)

  17. Alla

    Corrector, Blot paper, lipbalm.

  18. Roxanne

    I use mineralize skinfinish natural to remove any excess oil during the day.

  19. Vlcatko

    Powder, gloss/balm, sometimes eyepencil. Blush if I am heading out in the afternoon.

  20. margot

    lip stuff. Sometimes I use blot paper, but that’s when I think about it.

  21. Catherine

    Lip products, sometimes powders

  22. Nic

    Powder (because I get super shiny), lip balm, and occasionally I’ll reapply lip color.

  23. Mikki

    Lipbalm… and if I go out in the night, I apply some extra mascara and blush! (because I’m paler than pale *sigh*)

  24. Rosie

    Lip products, powder, sometimes blush, and occasionally the water line pencil.

  25. Melissa

    eyeliner on the waterline,gloss, and sometimes blush/bronzer.

  26. Michelle

    I have to use blot powder because I get so shiny. I’ll also touch up lipgloss throughout the day.

  27. Jaclyn

    powder a couple times throughout the day because my skin is so oily, and whatever lipstick/lipgloss i’m wearing that day.

  28. Redhead (hi)

    Lip balm, liner on my waterline, and I carry my brow comb with me in case they’re all scraggly and out of place. Blotting powder, too, in case it’s a hot/gross sweat-and-oil day 😉

  29. Cindy

    Even if I wore lipgloss when I first got ready, I usually just reapply chapstick when it wears off. Sometimes for special occasions, I’ll reapply the lipgloss/lipstick. I also have a clinique sample powder that I use to powder my nose on the go, it’s so cute!

  30. Anitacska

    Powder (maybe blush too, depending where I am) and lipstick/lipgloss. Eyes never need reapplying, unless I go out at night and I put my make up on in the morning, but if I stay in (most nights), I won’t bother.

  31. Shelley

    Lipstick and/or gloss and black liner to my waterline.

  32. I totally don’t reapply throughout the day. Mainly because I forget to. The only time I do freshen up is if I’m going out after work, otherwise I just leave it. I do blot my face though! I just don’t reapply the powder. If anything I reapply my lip balm.

  33. Constance


  34. I use oil blotting sheets sometimes and I reapply chapstick like a zillion times a day, but other than that no real makeup.

  35. Isis

    I always blot, powder and reapply lipstick, and gloss.

  36. I used to use blot powder until I started using the new Prep and Prime products so now I no longer need to blot at all during the day. So, for three months, I only reapply my lipliner, lipstick and gloss. Sometimes only gloss.

  37. Rio

    I usually have to reapply my eyeliner a couple times on my lower lid. I never have to reapply the top lid liner because I use Liquidlast, but the Liquidlast flakes into my eyes if I wear it on the bottom lid. Other than that, I am putting on Chapstick all day. I don’t tend to wear gloss or lipstick very often.

  38. Meg

    While I’m constantly reapplying lipstick or gloss, my most important touch up during the day is mascara. I find that mascara loses it’s punch throughout the day from picking up dust or flaking off. A quick extra coat of mascara after lunch really brightens my eyes back up and keeps me from looking washed out, even if my other makeup has faded.

  39. Angela

    Lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner and I blot my face with blot sheets.

  40. Chris

    Powder, lipstick and lipgloss.

  41. Carmen

    Lipstick, gloss, concealer if needed, and occasionally blush!

  42. emyers100

    Lipstick and powder on face

  43. ashlee

    blot powder
    lipstick and gloss

  44. Sass

    Lip gloss and beauty powder.

  45. i only touch up my lips. most of the time i’ll start out with a gloss, and just apply chapstick when it wears off. i am a chapstick addict! i apply it all day every day!

  46. Iya

    tinted moisturiser, eye liner and lipstick/lipgloss

  47. inuchan

    lipbalm, lipstick, lip gloss :)

    sometimes a dab of powder, when the weather is very hot

  48. karen

    lipstick + blotting tissues

  49. Proximity

    lipbalm, always.
    sometimes lipstick or gloss.
    sometimes sunscreen.
    If I get oily I blot, but I rarely bother with powder.
    On rare occasion, I carry eyeliner and cotton buds for touch-ups, mainly if I’m wearing black on my waterline, and I really want to make sure my makeup is perfect.
    if I’m really breaking out, I sometimes carry a little stick concealer.

  50. Cat

    Mostly lipglass or balm. Sometimes face powder but most of the time i use those little blotting sheets to remove the shine.

  51. jessica

    definitely my studio fix! Lipstick or gloss the most. If I’m doing something at night I reapply bronzer, add more undereye concealer and touch up my eyes or make them more dramatic.

    I’m surprised more people don’t use powder?

  52. Vanessa

    I reapply eyeliner and lipgloss/lipstick.. I also use powder to touch up my face.

  53. Nicci

    Lip gloss/Lipstick & sometimes powder.

  54. Kate

    i would say blot powder and lipgloss!!

  55. Joanna

    usually eyeliner or gloss