Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What is your favorite lipgloss of all time? What gloss could you just not live without?

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77 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What is your favorite lipgloss of all time?

  1. Dainty

    MAC Pink Poodle lipglass.
    Its such a nice bright pink and it distracts from my eyes when i don’t have time to do more than mascara!

  2. Karen

    MAC C-Thru. It’s the perfect neutral.

  3. Zoila

    I don’t know if this counts but my Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm and Moisturizer.
    It’s the smell, has to be.. haha.

  4. MAC Budding Lustreglass….I love it to death and I hope that Glamour O.D. will make me forget about it one day! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Macaddict

    I have many favs:

    In MAC; all the Dazzlegalss!!!
    – #109 (Big Bang) for daytime
    – #97 for evening

    Lancome Fever Gloss;
    – Intense
    – Mercury Rising

  6. probably doesn’t count, but i’d have to go with Khiel’s Lip Balm #1 — you don’t even need colored gloss when you use it :) and it makes my lips feel awesome for hours.

  7. Luna


  8. I don’t think I could pick one!

    My faves are:

    Smashbox Lip Gloss in Pixel
    Clinique Glosswear for Lips in Sunshine
    MAC Lipglass in Trifle (I think this was a LE from Antiquitease last year)
    Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss in Glacial Pink and Violetlight (two more LE’s I think)

    • Jill

      Oh my – Trifle is my favorite, too! I’m almost out – so I’m trying not to use it anymore. :(

  9. Nicole

    I don’t have one, but I liked most Prrr.

  10. HoTpiNk ButtErFlY


    I miss your tutorials!!!! I now you are a busy girl and all but I’d love to see new ones!!!

  11. Jools

    Sally Hansen’s lip inflation lip gloss in sheer pink ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Leigh

    My favorite is Lychee Luxe, but I never wear it because I never wear lip gloss. Why I bought a bunch of them, I don’t know ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. Ladybug

    Urban Decay’s Wallflower, it’s beautiful.

  14. kobri

    For texture: Dior Addict or the clear side of Sephora’s Stain n Shine

    For Colour: Stila Lip Glaze in Papaya

  15. Sadie

    MAC Prrr lipglass for sure!

  16. Ashlee

    Nymphette for sure.

  17. Karen

    I also love MAC’s Luminary. It’s like a glamorized C-Thru.

  18. Arness

    For a long time I was hooked on MAC Tsubi lip stain. I was the perfect brown girl neutral. I ran through two tubes of that and now MAC lust is my go to neutral.

  19. Carrie

    I think my favorite formula is Tendertones, with Deep Sigh as my favorite color. Though I guess that’s more of a balm, maybe?

  20. Bridget

    Squeezy Lip Smackers. It’s such a perfect smooth texture while not being too thin, and it’s such a perfect wet looking shine. love ittt.
    And MAC lipglass in lychee luxe. it’s the only coraly color that works for me.

  21. Chrissy

    MAC Prr and Oyster Girl seem to always make their way back into my purse. They look good over any lipstick.

    However, Sonic Vibe is making it’s way up there. LOVE that color!

  22. Jen

    All the dazzleglasses, Madcap, C-Thru, and Florabundance Lipglasses.

  23. Laney

    I’m not a huge lipstick fan, but Funtabulous dazzle glass has quickly become something I can’t live without! It looks perfect over all my favorite lipsticks : D

  24. DevilishDoll

    Ms Fizz Dazzleglass. I already have to buy another.

  25. Nora

    Honest to goodness, Neutrogena Moisture Shine (I think it’s called that) Hydrogel is the BEST for its taste/smell, long-lasting-ness, and feel. Please try it someone!

  26. Nars – Turkish Delight – I would just DIE without it, it goes with every look.

  27. I love Nars ‘Striptease': even if the texture is way too sticky for me, its nude colour is just amazing, absolutely perfect.

  28. orsolina

    I like LoveNectar Mac!

  29. Crystal

    Mac’s explicit and C-Thru

  30. Aim

    Physician’s Formula Plump Potion. It is nonsticky, smooth, adds sheer color and shine, plumps the fine lines right out of my lips, and stays on for about 6 hours. No kidding.

  31. Kristy

    I love MAC Nymphette..and Nars Turkish delight.

  32. Emily

    I would have to say Love Nectar!

  33. Kathleena

    Well my favorite used to be Lustreglass in Beaux, but I recently discovered Plushglass. I am so in love with Big Baby and my next Plushglass purhchase will be Ample Pink.

  34. I love Love Knot lustreglass from the Naughty Nauticals collection. I would say that is my favorite.

  35. tami

    i love chanel sirop. it is utter pink perfection.

  36. I like Urban Decay Ultra Glide gloss in Gash.

  37. Megan

    Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Raspberry and Mac’s Lustreglass in Star Nova – both are GREAT!!

  38. Melissa

    I love MAC Moonstone and Viva Glam V!

  39. MAC Love Nectar lustreglass.

  40. cwhf

    I always return to VGV. One of very few glosses I have finished and repurchased. Great cause as well.

  41. Sanayhs

    MAC In 3D 3Dglass.

  42. Skyler

    MAC Soft & Slow. Which is LE. *sigh* Also, Contessa l/g from the Finery Plum Lip bag. I also love Lipgelees and Tendertones, if those count. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Skyler

      Oh, and MAC Fine China and MAC Elaborate! I use those a loooot too. Damn all of my LE coveting!

  43. Ashley

    Right now NARS in Orgasm, also lovin’ Sonic Vibe and am starting to worry about my supply of Steppin’ Out Dazzleglass!

  44. Kellye

    MAC Desire lipglass has been my favorite for years!

  45. Kirsten Campbell

    of course, everything by MAC, but the ultimate would have to be PRRR by MAC

  46. Alexa

    i love MAC plushglass in oh!-oh!
    it was limited edition last year
    its so pretty, like a coral color with more pink and less orange and a golden shimmer.
    its kinda like pink grapefuit but more sheer and pink

  47. Tammy

    CANNOT live without ‘Underage’ lipglass…the PERFECT neutral!!

  48. Nell

    MAC Explicit and Elaborate
    Chanel Glossimer in Naturel
    Bobbi Brown Lip Tint SPF 15 in Glow

  49. claudine

    MAC Prrr lipglass
    me and Prrr = endless lipgloss love haha

  50. Suzy

    love… love… love … Mac pretty plush…it is so nice to make your teeth look white and looks awesome alone or over any lipstick..its gorgeous!!!!

  51. Lisa

    Hmmmm I’d have to say Pinkocrasy Chromeglass! Haha i’m kicking myself now for not buying *ALL* those Chromeglasses! They were all gorgeous!

  52. Kay

    I love philosophy lip glosses!

  53. Sandy

    Lancome Juicy Tube in Hallucination
    MAC lipglass in Pink Grapefruit and all the dazzleglasses

  54. Sisi

    I own quite a few MAC lipglosses and even though I love the colors of them (ex.: Prr), I can’t bring myself to wear them since the consistency of those products are waaaayyy to sticky.

  55. Dana

    My verrry favorite of all time has to Chanel Astral. I love the sparkles in it and also how it makes my lips appear fuller

  56. leslie

    I love MAC Electrolush! Since it was a LE, i ordered 5 more.

  57. Tasha

    at the moment its pink grapefruit from electroflash! its LE so im trying not to use it also in LOVE with gentle simmer slimshine. i know its not really a gloss but i lovee it since i hate the feel of l/s!

  58. My fave of all time is Viva Glam VI lipglass! Goes with anything you wear, can go over a brighter color if you wish or by itself. Looks gorgeous and makes your lips look luscious!

  59. Candace117

    I can’t ever pick just one………………

    MAC Fashion and Major Minor lipglasses, Love Knot lustreglass, Ms. Fizz dazzleglass

    Chanel gazelle glossimer

  60. DaniMae

    MAC Big Baby plush glass!!!

    I wear it everyday. I often put on a lipstick and/or gloss and then just wipe it off and put that on LOL

    I just love it and it goes with every look.

  61. Manny

    MAC Full on lust, which is LE. Just my luck…

  62. Sara

    Labello’s “Pink Star”!!!

  63. Monica

    Dazzleglass in Bare Necessity!!! LOOOOVE IT!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  64. Brenda

    Dior ultra addict reflect gloss in Beige Moire, it’s a gold tinted beige

  65. jaibee

    Mac’s c-thru

  66. Kate

    I was a bit of a moron and didn’t stock up on it when it was still available, but MAC’s Totally It! is my HG lip gloss. Viva Glam V works for when I don’t want much of anything, but I am going to be seriously, seriously bummed when my Totally It! runs out. I’m rationing it. :)

  67. Diana

    Stila it gloss in Inviting…

    It leaks all over the place unless I wipe around the opening each time but it is the perfect peachy orange color for me and it has a good amount of glitter + shimmer without over doing it so I can get away with it at work & for meetings and such.

    Plus I hate sticky gloss on my lips but love how sticky glosses tend to look and this is about as sticky as I can get without getting irritated.

  68. Martha

    Bobbi Brownยดs NUDE.

  69. Vivien


  70. Anja

    it’s beige from bobbi brown. i love love love it. however, i hardly wear any lipgloss. plus, my husbands hates lipgloss…

  71. gabby

    dior’s lip maximizer

  72. Tiffany

    My favorite for everyday use is instant gold it looks good with everything.