Monday, July 6th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What is the most expensive beauty product/tool you own? Was it worth it?

Temptalia's Answer.

The Clarisonic is one that sticks out in my mind; I’d definitely say it was worth it! That or the T3, which was also WAY worth it.


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52 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What is the most expensive beauty product/tool you own?

  1. My GHD flat iron, or my MAC brushes collection

  2. margot

    a pair of lashed from the Shu Uemura lash bar 2008. They are expensive but so beautiful !!

  3. Rada

    My Clarisonic (which improved the quality of my skin a lot) and my brush collection (all from MAC, Louise Young and Shu Uemura) – I own like 55 brushes, I’m a total brush fiend.

  4. jessaminex

    Definitely my GHD Flat Iron, was a little painful gave all that money but it’s was worth it and I love it!!!

  5. It was a brush from Sephora, an HD Airbrush, I think. But I returned it after I found a cheaper dupe. lol

  6. Andrea

    My flat iron for sure!!!

  7. maclove1

    hk mac bp

  8. Saalinge

    My 187 brush! :)

  9. Sanita

    My brushes (MAC mostly).

  10. I don’t really own any expensive beauty tools, although I have quite a few brushes (mainly GOSH and couple of Mac). However, I do own some expensive beauty products like Chantecaille powders/palettes and Guerlain Meteorite Voyage powders (they cost £100/$150 each).

  11. Sass

    My mirror. It has a few light settings and it was expensive. Not sure why I went there, but I did. The next expensive things are my MAC brushes.

  12. It would probably be my Suesh 16 pc. brush set 2500php (around $53). Next thing would be my MAC lipsticks. I have 10 MAC lipsticks that has a collective price of 9000php (around $191). I’m such a lipstick eater. :)

  13. cloudburst

    My Clarisonic and my Zeno – and they are both worth the expense!

    • Nicole15

      i never knew anyone who owned the zeno but it always intrigued me. had it really helped your skin? can you elaborate a little on it? can’t decide if i should get it or not…thx!

      • Roberta

        I have a zeno and I love it, you just have to start using it as soon as you feel a zit bump coming on.

  14. Natalie

    GHD for me too! And the custom made Vanity 😀

  15. Saira

    La Mer easily

  16. mars

    My Clarisonic is the single most expensive item but so worth it, my only regret is not buying it sooner. $195 is nothing though compared to the combined value of all my products and tools which I’d guess to be in the $30,000 range. I need to take inventory again to update my insurance but I’m waiting for all the fall collections to come out.

  17. Wilcoa

    NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo in Laguna/Orgasm, but it was worth it!

  18. Christy

    My MAC brush sets, Zeno and T3 travel dryer. The dryer broke though and is no longer usable. The Zeno is great for stubborn acne, in tandem I use BP 10% and bam, those suckers are gone. =)

  19. Rachel

    My lumière palette – Ben Nye. But WOW, i love it!
    Oh and my 187.

  20. My Darac TourQuam Luxe powder brush. I LOVE it! Works better than any other brush I’ve used. Just wish it wasn’t $75!

  21. Redhead (hi)

    I’ve only recently gotten into buying MAC and the Body Shop stuff (about a year) so I don’t own that many expensive products. I’d say the most expensive product I own would be my Suite Array duo. Everything I own is under twenty dollars! My fall MAC collection/Colour Craft mini haul will be expensive though (about 50 dollars).

    MAC does allow customers to call and put products on hold that haven’t been released yet right? If so, how long are they allowed to be held? I want to hold Assemblage MES from Colour Craft and Graphblack/Colour Matters technakohls from Makeup Art Cosmetics until early October, which is when I know I’ll have the money to spend.

    • Jay

      My MAC does not, but I have heard of some people being able to set things aside once a collection comes out (but not in advance). Your best bet would be to call your local MAC counter or store and ask one of the managers there.

  22. Leigh

    My Clarisonic and my Thermaclear. I’d say the Thermaclear is probably worth it, but unfortunately for me the Clarisonic isn’t. It’s helped a little with dry patches, although that could just be from the weather since I got it when winter was ending. I do love how clean my skin feels after using it, but it hasn’t helped my breakouts or noticeably changed my skin’s appearance :(

  23. *Kat_Mac*

    My most expensive beauty tool would be my CHI straightener ($85) and my most expensive beauty product would be my Mac Barbie Beauty Powder in Pearl Blossom that I paid $65 for on eBay because I wanted it so bad!!

  24. ice

    My Guerlain Meteorite Voyage which i got here from Saudi for 700 riyals(about US$190) ridiculously expensive right? yes makeup items here are so so so expensive, including MAC of course…next will be my MAC brushes…and oh yeah, i was lemming for clarisonic for ages already but it’s not available here…too bad:((

  25. My Clarisonic and then my Sedu straightener. Both were worth every cent.

  26. Julie

    FLat Iron… and all my NARS blush

  27. christy

    probably my t3 and my natura bisse glyco extreme peel

  28. Leah

    My Chi flat iron and mac brush collection since I have 40 or so.

  29. lovepotion18

    Bobbi Brown’s Intensive Skin Supplement – 1 bottle is 1 fl oz for $65.00. A bottle lasts me for a month and half, but this stuff works, so I don’t mind paying the price. =]

  30. Desiree

    Most expensive I own has to be my MUFE Mat Velvet foundation, which costs $34. I could say one of my MAC brushes but I buy most of them from CCOs at discounted prices and they’re all under $32, even my 150 brush (typo on the website and I got it for $29, WOOT!)

    I love my Mat Velvet, best $34 I’ve ever spent!

  31. aradhana

    ghd = worth it
    brushes = worth it
    la mer = sadly not worth it…didn’t work on my skin type!

  32. Jody

    It is definitely my Tourmaline hairdryer, 200 dollars! I’ve gotten my money’s worth though, I’ve had it for like 6 years now!

  33. Jody

    I just wanted to add that it drys my hair in like 8 mins and I have long hair!

  34. Most expensive hair tool was my CHI flat iron. For makeup, the 187 brush is probably the priciest. I usually don’t spend too much on one thing, but I believe that some products are worth it if used everyday.

  35. daniela

    my 2 msfs and my 188 bush :$

  36. Roberta

    My T3 featherweight blowdryer and flat iron, and clarsonic. They were all almost $200 bucks a piece, but I use them almost everyday.

  37. Jen

    My Chi flat iron and my Clarisonic.

  38. My flat iron and my T3 =) both great editions!

  39. Dana

    My cosmetics are of average price — I have the usual designer stuff, but nothing extravagant as far as makeup goes. My most expensive beauty products are skincare items. I think currently the most expensive thing in my cabinet is the Shiseido Future Solutions cream.

  40. Amber

    My GHD hair straightener. Sheesh they are so overpriced.

  41. jessica

    OMG definitely my clarisonic–but I really love it! My skin looks great! I’m thinking about getting a nice flat iron but I don’t know which one to buy? chi? sedu? I can’t afford ghd…tough decisions!

  42. Kathleen

    First of all, my Clarisonic definitely cost me a fortune. However, I tell ya, it’s the best thing I have done for my skin.

    Second, my monthly supply of Proactiv system. It’s the second best thing. Made such a difference. The cost does add up to a big number by the end of the year.

  43. peyton

    probably my chi straightner or my ysl semi-loose powder

  44. Rio

    Nothing really was too expensive. Probably my Sephora brush set.

  45. GHD ($250 CAD), YSL Perfect Touch Foundation ($70 CAD) and Tarte lash growth stuff ($90 CAD). None were worth the pirce.

  46. marlena

    My Thermaclear and CHI flatiron.

  47. Katey

    My MAC traincase. 250 bucks!! but i won it in a raffle