Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What holy grail products are you still searching for? What are you desperately seeking? The perfect foundation? The no-fuss cleanser?

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70 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What holy grail products are you still searching for?

  1. Tanya

    the perfect foundation, the perfect mascara, OHHH and the perfect lid primer.

  2. becki

    i will be honest and say I have actually found my HG of everything now LOL

    • Ohh, lucky you! What are they?!

      • becki

        OK here goes:
        Mascara – benefit bad gal
        mascara primer – cliniqu lash primer
        foundation – mac studio fix
        foundation primer – clarins instant smooth perfecting
        powder – ben nye loose translucent
        moisturiser – clinique dramatically different
        toner – clinique clarifying lotion
        makeup remover – dior cleansing gelee
        exfoliator – 24/7 ice crystals
        eye makeup remover – mary kay
        eyeshadows, lipsticks & blushers – all mac
        eye liners – gosh velvet (UK brand)

        a brief list LOL I have spent a fortune over the years and im finally 100% happy now but still buy the odd new think out of curiosity LOL

  3. lisa

    The perfect foundation for sure.

  4. Tekoa

    Oh, foundation for sure. NC15 Studio Fix powder and Fluid are 90% there, but my darn skin keeps changing! And mascara.

  5. xbrookecorex

    A lipstick that actually looks good on me!
    The closest I’ve come is Mac Viva Glam V but that doesn’t look ‘right’ with all eye looks because of it’s brown-ness… it doesn’t go with the pastel colors I tend to wear a lot.

  6. Zena

    Skin stuff, for sure :( I have really sensitive, acne and blackhead prone skin and NOTHING works when it comes to cleansers, moisturizers etc. Right now I’m using Shiseido matifying oil free-moisturizer which is SO light and lovely, it may actually be my HG.

    As for a cleansing/toning routine- no such luck. I’ve tried Neutrogena (gave me a rash all over my cheeks), YSL, Guinot, Clarins, Clinique, Proactiv… nothing has worked. I was thinking of trying NARS or Murad as I have heard rave reviews about both. I’ve also tried medicated stuff with no luck at all, herbal and ayurvedic medicine lol..

    I just discovered NARS oil free foundation which I’m in love with. The shade I got is a teensy bit too light for me, but it doesnt make me look all greasy and feel heavy like I did with MAC Studio Fix Fluid.

    And since everyone seems to be looking for mascara- I know different things work for different people but I really recommend DiorShow mascara and Helena Rubenstein Lash Queen mascara. I got a free Lash Queen sample and I loooved it, so I’m just throwing it out there for you guys to try :)

  7. Lara

    Foundation…. I’ve been trying a lot of different kinds lately, and they all work wonderfully the first couple of weeks and then I feel like it’s not the same and I need a better one. Right now I’m using Bobbi Brown compact creamy foundation, which is great, but now I’m starting to think that it doesn’t last long enough…
    So here I go look for another one again…
    Mascara, I’ve always been a fan of Lancome mascaras and Diorshow. BUT I have been using Chanel Inimitable and I’m so totally in love with it! It’s really one of the best I have ever tried!

  8. mascara definately and perhaps foundation.. even though the one i’m using now is pretty good.

  9. Nell

    I agree with the majority – foundation. I´m happy with one for a time, then something irks me, and I´m on the hunt again…
    Some that I´ve tried and found pretty good:

    Bobbi Brown Luminizing Foundation
    Bobbi Brown Moisturizing Foundation SPF 15
    Yves Saint Laurent Perfect Touch
    Paula´s Choice All Bases Covered SPF 15
    Clinique Perfectly Real
    Sephora Balancing Foundation

    Also the perfect lipstick eludes me, although I´m not sure if that is a bad thing, because it is just so nice to be exited over a new one once in a while (read: every week).

  10. Amanda

    I’m still looking for a HG foundation that won’t leave me orangey or yellow, will leave me with a matte finish and won’t leave me oily or greasy hours after application.

    • Aww, foundation quests are SO difficult! Good luck Amanda!

    • Shefali

      Holy cow Amanda…you read my mind. I’m looking for the same exact thing and I can’t believe how it eludes me. The ONLY foundation I have EVER been hooked on was the Lightful powder foundation that came out in Asia last year. AWESOME for olive toned skin (like mine), it has SPF, it gives coverage, it’s light, and I’m NEVER oily or greasy after application. The catch? It’s not available here and I didn’t buy a refill for my compact. Luckily I met a Temptalia reader who found it for me in Singapore and she’s going to send it to me. I’m so excited…but there’s got to better foundation out there for us!

  11. Thalia

    Foundation, because everything I’ve tried just isn’t yellow enough for my asian skin.

  12. Kendall


    hopefully you’ll come back and read this comment, because Jeni at Savvy Skin’s article on how to cure acne has totally worked for me! I’d tried everything too, even going to doctors, but my skin is finally clearly up and looking amazing based on these recommendations–I got rid of products with ingredients off her list and started using Peter Thomas Roth 10% glycolic acid clarifying lotion, the retinol stuff she recommends, and the Paula Begoun Benzoyl Peroxide

    hope it helps!!

  13. Michelle

    A concealer that will ACTUALLY cover the dark circles under my eyes and still look natural. Oh, and won’t settle into those stupid fine lines that are steadily encroaching. :(

    • Erin

      Have you tried Select Cover? I have the same problem, and it works for me and stays put without crinkling!

    • Nora

      You know what I’ve actually been doing? I found a highlighter does a better job of concealing dark under-eye circles than a yellow-based concealer. So I’ve been dabbing a couple small drops of Benefit’s High Beam highlighter under my eyes then covering it with Every Day mineral makeup brushed lightly over it. It works like a charm! Particularly for me, since I’m so pale almost *anything* looks yellow on me. Hope this helps!

    • Aww :( I’m looking for a good concealer, too. I have heard good things about YSL’s, MAC’s, and Dior’s – though I’ve yet to try any of those three.

  14. Leah

    My HG eyeshadow primer is Mary Kay – the only product of theirs I will use but I have liked their eye makeup remover too.

    My HG concealer is Estee Lauder Double Wear. I have very dark circles (since I was in 4th grade) and I have dry skin. I love this! I have also heard that people love Bobbi Brown concealer.

  15. mithi

    i have yet to find my HG CHAPSTICK/LG! i have thick lips that i love, but they’re very hard to maintain. i can’t use lipstick because after a few hours it chaps and gets grainy… and i’ve tried every chapstick/LG out there! 2-3 times a day, i have to go to the bathroom to slough off dry skin from my lips and re-apply chapstick. does anyone else have this problem? solutions?

    • Cosine

      Have u tried Carmex? Carmex works like heaven for me. I actually sleep with a thick layer slathered on my lips at night then I slough off the layer of dead skin cells in the morning and my lips will be divine even without any lip balm throughout the day! Its great!

      • mithi

        even carmex doesn’t work…. i have to slough off all the dead skin cells and re-apply every few hours. it must be me. :(

        • Pia

          hi Mithi, have you tried natural coconut oil? It’s my hg when my lips get super dry after wearing MAC matte lipstick. I just apply generously before going to bed, and I wake up with super smooth lips. It’s very cheap, too.

    • Zena

      I don’t know if this is what your looking for, but maybe give Smashbox’s lipscrub a try? It scrubs off all the dead skin (I used to have a huuge problem with dry lips, they made any lip products I used look gross), then you just keep it on for 5 minuites so it can moisturize and take it off. It leaves my lips sooo soft and dead-skin free, any lip stuff I wear just glides on. The one bad thing about it is that it leaves some sugary residue which is kind of hard to get off- but a swipe with a kleenex works for me :) I’ve heard of homemade scrubs with brown sugar that people say work just as well… hope this helps :)

    • jennifer

      Have you tried Elizabeth Arden’s 8-hour Lipcare? You can even get it in tinted shades. This is my HG for chapped lips and I live in Canada, (dry air, freezing cold winters!) Its not cheap, but it’s the only thing I’ve used for years b/c it doesn’t feel like it just sits on the lips, it actually goes in and heals. FYI-you can use an old toothbrush to exfoliate lips instead of buying a product. I also like Lise Watier’s new lip exfoliant but I don’t know it’s availability outside of Canada.

    • Hey Mithi! Do you have a lip care regimen outside of just applying chapstick? You might want to exfoliate a couple times a week and using an ultra moisturizing lip treatment at night.

  16. Michelle

    Thank you, ladies! I will try both those products. :)

    • Carrie

      Philosophy You Are My Sunshine. It doesn’t matter how dry my lips get, this stuff works in 10 minutes and lasts all night. Try it :)

  17. Stacey

    Definitely foundation. I want to use liquid because my skin is quite dry. I currently use Select Tint regularly but want something with more coverage. I’ve tried Fix Fluid, Select and Mineralize Satinfinish but none of them seem quite right. I tend to get dry skin on my nose and in random places so select and fix fluid make this really obvious, and satinfinish isn’t enough coverage.. so frustrating!!

  18. Janis

    One that I have yet to find is the perfect mascara!! I’m liking Plushlash a lot but I still don’t consider it my HG mascara lol. Another would be the perfect foundation–I need one that’s flash friendly and wouldn’t turn orange on me after a while. All the foundations I’ve tried end up like this in the long run (probably coz they oxidize or something) even when I use primers.

    But I have found the perfect brow shade/color for me though and would be sticking with this perhaps forever lol and it’s MAC e/s in Concrete.

  19. Cosine

    I think I am searching for almost everything.

    1) Anti-blemish cleansing kit – I’m using Clinique’s anti-blemish 3-step kit at the moment which isn’t working because I usually have clear skin except during my monthly “red tide” when the hormones wreck havoc on my skin.
    2) Concealer – Bobbi-brown and MAC are great but still not there yet… I need something more than great because concealer is my staple (I usually use just concealer and loose powder) and my dark eye circles are a serious affair.
    3) Foundation – Nothing has given me anything to consider a second purchase.
    4) Loose powder – I love my MAC loose powder BUT it does not offer any sun protection so I need to use a sunblock which is pretty much of a chore to me.
    5) Mascara – I’ve used lots of lovely mascaras before but more often than not, the best effects are created either with falsies or 2 different mascaras must be layered. I need one mascara that will truly lengthen and volumise without me having to resort to using 2 different wands.

  20. Skyler

    CONCEALER. Ugh. I cannot even begin to imagine how much money I have wasted trying different ones…

    I’m not entirely happy with my foundation either. The shade took me forever to find (because I am so pale), but I want something lighter (I use liquid).

  21. Erin

    I think I’m not in search of the HG anything. I’m interested in a million different ways to get to point b. :)
    I rarely use foundation, because I find that it just looks unnatural for me. So I just use concealer over the red or dark spots, brush Studio Fix over it (or sponge it if need be) and go!

  22. Pia

    I’m still searching for nude lipstick or lipstick/lipglass combo that looks good on me without making me look like a ghost. I have partially pigmented lips. Nude lipstick mega post will be great! *hint hint*

    • Hey Pia!

      I honestly don’t even own that many nudes, LOL! I find that if I go for a warm nude, it’s better for me, though, especially with a peach undertone.

  23. ginny

    looking for one that is long-lasting, lightweight, does not leave skin feeling greasy or sticky, yet does not contain alcohol, non-pore clogging, sweat-proof, and of course good UVA and UVB protection :)

  24. Tonee

    1) Concealer with acne treatment – so that I don’t have to layer concealer over a treatment gel/cream and then find it caked up an hour later!

    2) Non-sticky, non-tacky lip gloss with decent pigmentation. I don’t wear much gloss because I hate how it looks once it starts to wear off. The ones that do last are too shiny/shimmery – no bling-bling when it comes to gloss for me, thank you.

    3) Sunscreen that doesn’t turn white/ash in photographs.

  25. I am ALWAYS looking for new mascara and foundation! It’s SO hard to find stuff that works well…I’m also often looking for eyeliner. :p :)

  26. Marjorie

    This post is a little old, but I will say that I am searching for the HG of liquid eyeliners, and in fact, smudgeable black pencil eyeliner that doesnt have too much wax in it (leadin g to fading/disappearing). Eyeliners!

    As for the mascara HG, I am a diorshow fanatic.

  27. Linda

    I’m still looking for that perfect face cream that mattifyes oily skin, reduces pores and has a sunscreen and doesn’t cost an arm and a a leg.

    Is that too much to ask for? 😀

  28. Carrie

    I’m looking for the perfect blush brush that doesn’t leave too much behind. I’m very very VERY pale, so NARS Orgasm looks great, but I have to blend and blend until it works without looking clownish.

  29. Julie

    Probably mascara.
    I have short, tiny lashes, so no mascara really makes a difference.
    any suggestions?