Monday, November 12th, 2007

What hair products can you not live without? Are you a hair product junkie or are you a quick comb-through and you’re out the door kind of gal? What products are essential to giving you a great ‘do?

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25 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What hair products can you not live without?

  1. Zsofi

    i love the Redken dry hair line…
    in the gold packaging….
    my hair is waist length,so moisturization is key..

    • Tiffany

      I agree! I just got the Redken All Soft Shampoo/Conditioner/Heavy Cream set for $18 at my salon and it is FANASTIC for moisturizing my permed, dry hair..especially with the winter months coming up. And I totally dig the gold too 😉

      • Zsofi

        i am glad it works for You,too 😀
        the heavy cream is my personal favourite,and i sometimes leave it on my hair all day long,so it can penetrate deep in the hair shaft. i read once,that if Yoo put conditoner on dry hair,instead of wet,it soaks it up more. it ried it,it worked.
        i also love the dark blue extreme line,especially the Deep Fuel. have You tried this?

  2. Biosilk or Kerastase oleo relax serum — conditioner makes my hair too fluffy, so i use a 2-in-1 and one of those two serums to keep my head from looking like a dandelion (and not the yellow version, i mean the foofy one!)

    • Zsofi

      i also love Kerastase… it has a really wide range here in Europe,i once filled a whole exercise book with the pics of the products just to make it easier to choose 😀
      i also love Phyto products for ultra-dry hair.
      the Phytojoba shampoo,phytonectar,phytokarité, phyto7 and phyto9 are all gorgeous for dried out tresses. they also make a dietary supplement,i believe in supplements for better hair.Do You?

  3. Athina

    i couldn’t live without frederick fekkai’s hair mask with shea makes my hair sooo soft!!i also use a straightening serum and a spray for shiny hair from the marlies moller line,but the fekkai products are way my favorite!!
    ps.I love(like LOVE) your blog!!i am obsessed with mac too and your smokey eye tutorial helped me SO much!!you’re doing a great job here!!

    • lisa

      Love frederick fekkai products they have been the ones that have worked the absolute best in my hair.

    • Ivy

      i love fekkai too! i found that the protein rx line has saved my hair from my daily flat iron abuse. and it smells absolutely divine

      • Zsofi

        i alwys wanted to try the Protein Rx AM/PM treatment,i read sooooooooooo much good about it… unfortunately,it is hard to get Feklkai here,in Hungary,but if i will get my hands on a bottle,i will leave it on a whole night long…

  4. Lauren

    Anything made by Ojon. Although it is way too expensive in i buy it in QVC…i had extremely damaged dry hair from coloring and chemicals and it wouldnt went from ear length to almost bra strap length in a year and a half.

    • tanya

      WOW Lauren thats amazing :) which products by Ojon do you use? and uhmmm excuse my stupidity but what is QVC? I would love to check out these products as I made the mistake of getting layers a while back and once the mistake was realized I had my new and wonderful stylist even me out to one length…only problem was there went all the length I had worked sooooo hard to grow. I soooo covet long hair and feel like its going to take a lifetime to achive it.

      Oh and another vote for Biosilk, use it before straightning my hair…I was cursed with wavy hair that looks like some type of bad perm from the 80’s if I let it air dry…bad bad hair!

  5. Valerie

    I absolutely love quick slip by paul mitchell. its the only thing that smooths my frizzy hair without making it look extra greasy.

  6. Amy

    Bed Head’s Dumb Blonde reconstructor is amazing! I also love Big Sexy Hair and Straight Sexy Hair products. Can’t leave without them!

  7. Carrie

    Jonathan Product Silky Dirt!

  8. bev! simple. for soft and healthy hair.though it’s stinky, the smell will be gone after a day. it’s natural and it works! i just apply it on weekends. the best weekly hot oil ever!

  9. Zsofi

    Has someone tried J.F. Lazartigue? i love that range. it has the most special and valuable ingredients in it on the market… like salmon protein, milk protein….
    they are very professional,almost too good to use.
    thier moisture line is the best of it’s kind,that i ever tried.

  10. Skyler

    Nothing high end but: got2b Spiking Glue. 😀 I have tried a ton of promenades, texture creams and other goops. I have a bed-head style and nothing gives me hold like that stuff. It’s amazing. It doesn’t flake off, leave residue or leave my hair a wreck either (despite its name!). It’s awesome. :)

  11. Lindsay

    Joico ICE Finisher hairspray – smells good with the best hold I have found yet.

    Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hairtherapy Moisture Kick – its a leave in that works amazing! I bought this a couple years ago and have never needed to look for anything else. I straighten my hair daily and sometimes I only use shampoo and then this and my hair is super soft and shiny.

    Schwarzkopf Osis Sherbert Wax – it works awesome for texturizing and I love the smell!

    (I am a huge product junkie so this list could get really big but I will stop at these three)

  12. Audrey

    I am convinced that the bobby pin is one of the greatest inventions. I use them when I’m playing sports but I also like making designs with 8 or more pins.

    But I still love my Hot Tools 1-inch curling iron! There is no other way to change my limp straight hair’s texture. I’ve tried curling cremes with little success – any recommendations on curling my hair without heat?

    • tanya

      Depending on what type of curls your trying to get and how long your hair is there are a few different methods you can try.

      Obviously braiding the hair while its damp works well for waves. Spray some leave in conditionar at the same time for extra hair help. You can even do this style on dry hair, just braid, spray leave in cond. and dry for 30min to an hour and voila wavy hair.

      Second, if you want cute twisty curls there are a few different ways you can try. While hair is damp (don’t do this on really wet hair it will get too tight a curl) twist a few sections (the smaller the section the smaller/tighter the curl) in one direction, at the same time rolling it around itself, to create a knot looking bun. Put a soft hair band around it and let it dry…this will take quite a while to dry. You can also do something similar with bobby pins. Its called pin curls…google it (not the kind for short hair but the longer hair style that they used back in the 40’s not the 20’s).

      Velcro curlers are great, they just take a bit of practice to get the hang of using.

      For a way way ol’ skool you can do fabric curls, I am sure they have a proper name but I don’t know what it is. Think “Little House on the Praire”. They took torn up sheets/fabric and wrapped the hair aound it for a beautiful ringlet type curl. I believe you can comfortably sleep with these in. I would say this is the hardest curl of all the mentioned, but also the cutest….total Shirly Temple/Laura Ingles curls :) Thinking more about it I think they might be called rag curls. Again try google.

  13. Burlesque Doll

    Potion no 9 for bleached blonde bombs god sent love the stuff hair never been healthier

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