Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What feature or “look” do you really covet? For example, flawless skin, pale skin, dimples, etc.

Thanks to Tanya for the question!

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24 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What feature or “look” do you really covet?

  1. Porcelain

    I really crave flawless skin. Mine is very thin, so even when I keep it totally spot-free, there are always apparent dark circles under my eyes etc, which take a lot of effort to conceal. I’d love to be able to skip foundation and concealer on lazy days.

  2. I’d love to have flawless skin. I have a lot of scratch marks, pimples, redness, blackheads… they are not huge but big enough to bother me to hell…

  3. inuchan

    almond-shaped eyes! :)

    My hubby is Asian, I just crave for his eyes hehe :)

  4. claudine

    flawless skin too
    i have to fight pimples and blackheads all the time plus my skin is super oily i wish i had nice even skin with normal sized pores lol

  5. Emma

    flawless skin, my skin is very fair and dry so i would like for it to be smooth. i would also like normal pores

  6. Katherine

    Maybe not really makeup related – but perfect vision (so I don’t have to mess with glasses or contacts – scared of laser correction) and perfect glossy straight hair.

  7. lisa

    flawless skin for sure and with normal sized pores!

  8. Carrie

    Skin for me too! I like my pores but have issues with cycles of redness and bumpiness, and have never been able to find a gentle yet effective exfoliator…it’s like I either have one or the other happening.

  9. Dee

    Love to have flawless skin or even just smaller pores. The pores on my cheek are huge, and I hate it.

  10. Kella

    I was going to say flawless skin, which has been my obsession since I was little… but really, I’d love to have skin that was a bit darker. I am SO FAIR that my skin is whiiite, it shows everything I don’t want it to show, everything scars. I envy people who have skin like say, Jessica Alba, that has that natural tan look and looks so even.

  11. Shayla

    I’m with Katherina on the better vision thing. Glasses and contacts are such a pain, and it’s tough to do my makeup when I’m so blind that I need to almost be against the mirror to see.

    I will be getting some kind of vision correction one day, though.

  12. Cody

    Do freckles count? I’ve always wanted freckles. Other than that, I have naturally really clear skin so I’m very grateful, but I’ve developed very dark circles under my eyes in the last few years. I wish I could get rid of those!

  13. Tee

    My eyelashes are super super straight and short that nothing makes them look pretty except false lashes. So I would kill for some long curled luscious lashes. Oh well.

  14. Rio

    I wish I had smaller pores, and a more even skin tone. I’d love to be more pale. I love how Dita Von Teese looks.

  15. Lottie

    Eyebrows like Christine! I have sorry, sparse, almost invisible brows.

  16. Kathleen

    Getting rid of my blackheads on my nose would be nice…otherwise I have nothing to complain about. After all, perfection is an illusion and a marketing strategy.

  17. Selene

    doe eyes!
    i love big, wide eyes.

  18. Flawless skin, obviously. With a good canvas, anything is possible!

  19. hana

    flawless pale skin, higher arched more defined eyebrows and bigger eyes.

  20. Jenny

    I love dewy skin and large eyelashes. Mine are stick straight and even with my Shu Uemera curler they stay curled for maybe 10 minutes.

  21. Carrie

    Cheekbones! I have the roundest face, at least in my eyes. If I want any cheekbones I have to contour. Also, amazing thick eyelashes. And perfect skin. Mine’s pale, so finding a good foundation isn’t easy.